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NISSAN SENTRA V 2000 G20 overheated cracked radiator wont start

Ok heres the deal my wife was driving me to work I had a job at a hotel up a steep mountain. The car overheated and when I realized it it was too late the gauge was tacked out. She wasnt paying attention to it nonetheless not her fault. Here is what has happened since then I let it cool down and drove it home that night I did not add any coolant to it it still showed some in the overfill resy. However

Ok well it appears that it is a blown headgasket which I am going to attempt to do myself. I found a kit on ebay for pretty cheap so I am thinking about getting it. While I have the head off should I go ahead and remove the pistons and replace the rings my compression is bad which I guess could be because of the gasket but I would hate to do the gasket and then find out my rings are bad. My other question is is there more than one kitrings that I could get I have done alot of work on mitsubishi motors and know that some parts are not interchangeable with the same car. Thanks

KIA SORENTO I JC Looking to buy 2003 Sorento EX - some qeustions

Hi Guys I know maybe not the right forum to ask for unbiased options but I am sure you can give me the best insights I am looking to get a 2003 Sorento EX with 120k miles for around 4000. Looks like a decent price to m based on KBB or what do you guys think Reviews seem to be mixed and I am kind of concerned if this will be a decent car without pumping in more than the actual purchase price. Dont have

go you are looking at a top end rebuild at best a new engine at worst. I wouldnt risk it if you dont know how to get someone who does to see if the belt looks fairly new or 10 years old. If it doesnt look changed recently then factor a change into your costs. If you are changing the TB make sure that they use a new crank bolt or you may find out about the tendancy to snap the crank bolt. The mitsubishi

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KIA MAGENTIS I GD Blown Head Gasket 2004 Optima EX 2.4

I am about to lose my mind with this car Its a 2004 Kia Optima EX 2.4 I just installed a 2005 motor and trans in this car after learning the original motor was bad - we bought the car in 2006 with 15k miles on it and it NEVER ran right at all. At 58k I found out it had a blown head gasket between 2 cylinders after taking it to a shop that did a chemical test on the oil. Kia along with several shops

Why would you bypass the throttle body What gain was that supposed to get you That coolant flow if for the idle control system - it heats up the wax in the idle control valve - this is an old mitsubishi design You have AIR TRAPPED somewhere Reinstall the hoses to the throttle body Remove the heater hoses at the engine and flush thru the core with a garden hose - start off at minimal flow then slowly

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Radiator fan not spinning Replacing fan relay

Long time viewer first time poster. I have a 2001 JGC Laredo 4.0 I6. Recently the radiator fan stopped spinning checked the fuse which was fine and figured it was the relay. I couldnt find the relay either by looking or checking the owners manual so I checked here. This by the way is the first problem Ive had with this Jeep in a year of ownership. Turns out they placed the fan relay underneath a series

has gone close to the red. The fan does kick on immediately when the Air conditioning is turned on and in this way i am able to keep the car from exceeding the normal temperature range. Ive already replaced the temperature sensor (located on the thermostat housing). What could it be that is causing it to turn on late Could a failing PWM relay cause this to happen Incidentally I also have a 2001 mitsubishi

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 What should i look out for when buying a 2002 c230 kompressor coupe

Hey guys Im thinking of getting a 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor Coupe. From a friend that has had the car since brand new with all service records and regular oil changes the car has around 78000 Miles. What do i need to be aware of.. or problems that happen that i should look out for I hear some stories about these cars like the electronic ignitions stops working and then your stranded. Timing chain

Be sure to have the radiator checked. I recently replaced my transmission (4K) because the radiator had an internal crack. The transmission fluid is cooled thru the radiator (mitsubishi design) and the crack caused water from the radiator to enter the transmission. The water delaminated the plates and shorted the circuit board which is in the transmission (nice design). It is an extremely common issue

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 2007 E90 335i AC Evaporator Replacement

My car currently has 42000 miles on it and is used only a few times a week... hence the low mileage. My AC recently stopped blowing cold air last week and I took it to a reputable indy shop near Atlanta for a diagnoses. He charged the system and performed several pressure tests while also using dye to find any leaks. A week went by and once again the air was hot coming out of my vents. I took it back

Quote Originally Posted by Manybrews The evaporators in the e90 are primarily made by a company named Valeo. They are prone to leakage. I dont know if its due to aluminum thats too thin a poor design or just bad metallurgy. Valeo produces evaporators for many many companies... And it is NOT just an issue with e90s. Right off the top of my head the last generation galantendeavoreclipse from mitsubishi

KIA CARNIVAL 2005 Sedona Transmission Filter

Does the 05 have a replaceable transmission filter I have replaced filters on cars where you drop the pan and there it is no big deal. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

topsider oilfluid pump from which I evacuate the AT fluid from the dipstick tube. The topsider tubing goes in to the tube all the way to the bottom of the pan. I then suction it out. I did this the first time around 30K miles. It is easy enough that I do about every 6 mos. now. This is why I have procrastinated with adding the filter. The Sedona uses the Kia AT fluid which is the same as the mitsubishi

HONDA S2000 AP Im sorry mods... I think we need a rambling thread.

I think there are a lot of people browsing this forum but none really post because this is mainly a tech forum. This also is really the only S2000 on forum on this board so Id like this to be some sort of chat room just to take the heat off all this technical debate. INTRODUCE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU RAMBLE. THANK YOU. Intro My names Dang. Im a contractor I do insurance contracted home repairs. I like

KIA SPORTAGE I K00 Overheating While Running Ac...

Hi guys. First post. I&39ve got a 2000 Sportage that I am having problems with. About a month ago I took it in to have the AC repaired. Turned out they needed to replace the blower motor. At the same time the check engine light started coming on as well. We found out we needed to replace the O2 sensors and exhaust manifold. Anyway got all that replaced the AC worked beautifully and off we went for

it did when I didnt use the AC before but when I got tied up in traffic the temperature started rising again with the AC on. Since you can&8217t get just the motor from the dealer or aftermarket you are stuck with buying the whole assembly. I&8217d suggest a salvage yard for a used one also check the cooling fins in your radiator. A friend of mine gave me an electric radiator fan from a junk mitsubishi

BMW SERIES 3 E30 anti freeze

Im replacing my radiator tomorrow and i was wondering how much anti freeze i need to put in it. Is one bottle enough or do i need more I dont have a manual so i dont know if it says it in there

will take up to several thousand miles to develop full corrosion protection it should be emphasized that there is protection available immediately though not to full layer depth. But the OAT layering in straight DEX-COOL (or any of the dexclones) are rapidly degraded in areas allowed to remain dry. Finally the Japanese approach (at least as practiced by Honda Nissan and Toyota - dunno about mitsubishi

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Looking to buy a Merc Diesel for a first car

Hello Im looking at possibly getting a Mercedes Diesel as a first car. Ive found a mix of some 300sds 300ds and even a 300cd I was wanting to know how reliable are these cars Would they make a good first car How about gas mileage Here are some links 1984 Mercedes 300CD (300cd) 1985 Mercedes 300SD Turbo-Diesel (Zombie Apocalypse Ready) (300sd) Nice Mercedes Benz 300d turbo diesel (300d) How many miles can I expect these vehicles to go without any major repairs Any infoguidence is helpful.

working. Next year Ill probably get around to the cosmetic issues. The drivers seat has somewhat collapsed on the bottom part. If I dont find a good used one Ill spring to get new upholstery. Im also going to powdercoat the bundt hubs and replace the floor mats (the back ones were missing when I bought the car) put some chrome wheel wells and some other various things. My last non-W123 car was a mitsubishi

JEEP CHEROKEE 4.0 rebuild. A few questions please...

So Ive decided to have the engine in my 2000 Sport rebuilt (daily driver). I know I could probably get by with just a new head or gasket maybe but I know Ive been fighting the loosing water lowno oil pressure low rpm issue for a couple of years now. Certainly it has not been good on the bottom end. Therefor a long block rebuild is coming my way. My first question is in regards to locating the right

Quote Originally Posted by 2000dd He told me out was new. I intend on inspecting it Monday when I drop her off. If it doesnt have the TUPY casted inside the valve cover area I will start her up and drive away before they ever touch her with a wrench. I was at the dealership picking up ordering sensors and such today. The counter man is familiar w the shop I ask going to from when he worked at a mitsubishi

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Extreme Makeover E39 Edition For Enthusiast Only

Before you scroll below and look at the pictures take a moment to read and appreciate some of the work Ive put into this vehicle. This 1999 540i Sports has been my 3rd BMW to date. My first was an E36 1994 325ic followed by a 1994 525 and just recently about 4 months ago I purchased this 540i my first E39. As stupid as this might sounds. I was too excited to get myself back in a BMW after driving a

KIA RIO II Is replacing the timing belt at 60000 miles...

Hi I have a kia rio 2006 with about 65000 milesso far its been the best car i ever had not one problem so far since i got it new in 2006except replacing the radiator cap.I was wondering is it really necessary to change the timing belt around 60000 milesi am asking that because my last car when i changed it it had 110000 miles and i never replaced the timing belt and my father since i am a kid the 5

NISSAN HEV Inverter Coolant

My 08 V SL with CVT is at 83000 miles and Im just starting to get my ducks in a row for my 100k mile services that I need to do. I was browsing through my maintenance book and noticed an entry for HEV Inverter Coolant Change. I havent been able to find anything on this online. Do Vs even have this I thought the coolant system for the CVT was linked with the normal engine coolant and radiator. Some

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Performance Hi Flow Water pumps - yea or nay

I have little or no experience with water pumps fans fan clutches flex fans electric fans and auxiliary fans but I am beginning to look into them to install in my 95 ZJ V8- so if any of you care to add your advice on any of these as far as doing it or not brands to use cautions etc. I would be grateful I am currently installing hood vents to lower compartment and cabin heat and am looking for any

deep water). with all of these steps my motor stays at 185 degrees all day wether wheeling over rocks or stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and im a v8. i run my factory water pump and it hasent failed at 200k miles and my other zj with 146k i replaced with a advanced auto pump and have had no isses at all. with all my mods i dont even need a high flow water pump heck my younger zj has a stinking mitsubishi

deep water). with all of these steps my motor stays at 185 degrees all day wether wheeling over rocks or stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and im a v8. i run my factory water pump and it hasent failed at 200k miles and my other zj with 146k i replaced with a advanced auto pump and have had no isses at all. with all my mods i dont even need a high flow water pump heck my younger zj has a stinking mitsubishi

TOYOTA TACOMA online repair manual

does anyone know of any websites that have online repair manuals anyhelp would be great i need it for a plymouth breeze

Then who whines the loudest when presented with a 600.00 repair bill for a body computer to fix the dead door locks or dome lights Interference engines result in 2000.00 repair bills for a valve job when the timing belt breaks but people keep buying these cars. Chrysler timing belts are fairly easy to replace if you know a few simple tricks. At least you dont have to pull the engine like on the mitsubishi

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 335i - the ultimate grocery getter (limp mode thread)

I was doing some research on the LA Chapter Autocross at Streets of Willow. I wanted to see how fast the course was. So I pointed the browser over to Youtube and what do I see. A 335i going into limp home mode on an autocross course. Seriously. An autocross. Glorified parking lot driving in some cases. Theres really no excuse for this. I dont care if its in the desert. The 335i is officially about

I think I owe it to prospective buyers to share this. Maybe they are just going to drive it in on the street and they can live with the cooling problem. But it would really suck to pay 8000 extra for turbos and then have to use the throttle judiciously in a high performance driving situation - who wants to have to hold back when you paid to go fast Whats puzzling to me is why can Subaru and mitsubishi


Hi this is a 2008 smart fortwo my engine keeps overheating. Problem is that the anti-freeze overflows tank. Ive let the air out from the cooling system and still the same problems after trying many times. What could be the problem I put a new therastat and cooling temp sensor (aftermarket).

Quote Originally Posted by Rustedwrench If you have done this repeatedly and the radiator fan is operational you likely have a failed cylinder head gasket. This really sucks. Either the head warps in the intense heat of the insulated engine compartment or the head gasket leaks. Combustion gases fill the cooling passages in the highest part of the engine with spent gas but UNTIL the gas bubble forces enough coolant out of the engine a bubble that cannot escape to make the radiator level drop like in a normal car DOWN to the level of the temperature sensor far below the head theres no indication of overheating up in the head now empty of coolant even on the OBD-2 displays...which just read the temperature sensor data. The only possible solution to warn you of impending disaster would be a head temperature guage. Is this the reason for the many cylinder 1 failures Is cyl 1 where the bubble forms overheating the head and causing the failures Other Mitsu 3B2 engines dont have this cyl 1 problem I can find. This would be a DVI design flaw not mitsubishis.

FORD F150 going on a trip from west texas to north colorado (maybe)

I might be going on a trip in late september I just wanted to know wat I should do to my truck to get it ready for a long trip. or if it can even make it that far. I have a 1997 super cab 4.6 auto with 263000 miles on the engine. I know i would have to 1) oil change 2)transmission filter 3)clean air filter 4)flush radiator- how much does it cost never had one. I tried to do it but failed 5) check

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  • Mitsubishi Pajero-Shogun 3.2DID Radiator Support Panel - New (2000-2006) - Reading,United Kingdom (250.00 GBP)
  • MITSUBISHI L 200 RADIATOR CAP 2.5 96-05 OE QUALITY - Axbridge,United Kingdom (4.88 GBP)
  • MITSUBISHI L 200 RADIATOR CAP 2.0 86-96 OE QUALITY - Axbridge,United Kingdom (4.88 GBP)
  • MITSUBISHI L 200 RADIATOR CAP 2.5 86-96 OE QUALITY - Axbridge,United Kingdom (4.88 GBP)
  • MITSUBISHI L 200 RADIATOR CAP 2.0 86-93 OE QUALITY - Axbridge,United Kingdom (4.88 GBP)
  • MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2.0 DiD 2006 - 2009 RADIATOR - Gillingham,United Kingdom (110.00 GBP)
  • MITSUBISHI L200 PICKUP K74 2001 - 2006 RADIATOR - Umberleigh,United Kingdom (25.00 GBP)

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