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MITSUBISHI i 2008 MN6 coupe I want a 135mph trapping pump gas car.

However I do not want to install headers and end up with a sticking clutch pedal I do not want to deal with meth injection and I would rather not change the clutch. I dont plan on running slicks the car will mostly be used for launching horribly at the strip and weekly runs in mexico to 180-200mph. Can this be done reliably with a V3 SI & 3.6 pulley and the standard A&A kit or should I go buy a ZR1GTR

Dont want to spend 2k on a clutch but a 30k investment in a different car is reasonable Youll need headers clutch A&A kit fuel system upgrade and a blower cam. Youll trap between 135 and 140 all day with that setup. One call to A&A and a few days for the parts to arrive and youre set. Modding a ZR1 is just a waste of money because you can get to that level much MUCH cheaper.

NISSAN How much did your dealer charge to replace your fuel pump

The fuel Pressure Regulator fuel pump issue occurred at about 90000 mile on my wife˜s 07 hatchback. Wait until you hear what they quoted me to install a new fuel pump.

You LET them do the job for 757 I had mine replaced for 192 or 202...I cant remember. Wait...mine was the fuel Pressure Regulator so nevermind... Some people are like Slinkies...Not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs. Past Cars 1990 Ford Bronco II - 94 - 98 1992 mitsubishi 3000GT SL - 98 - 98 1998 Chevy S-10 - 98 - 04 2004 Nissan Xterra - 04 - 07 2008 Nissan Versa SL - 07 - Present

View Fuel pump for MITSUBISHI L 200

NISSAN Replacing Fuel Pump...

I also have start-up issue since last week around 12000 mi and I noticed that I am not the only one the engine need the second try to start-up. Dose having fuel pump replaced really solve the problem Does NISSAN develop an new-design fuel pump to hold the pressure Please share your information

to them to get fixed...otherwise you car will smell like gas for a week. I made that mistake...wasnt thinking the day before and filled up. They get to it by taking out your back seat cushions and access it through the floor. Some people are like Slinkies...Not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs. Past Cars 1990 Ford Bronco II - 94 - 98 1992 mitsubishi

KIA SORENTO I JC 2003 Sorento blowing fuel injection fuse

I had some major engine work done a while back to replace both heads due to rodents filling the timing belt area with acorns. Bent 18 of 24 valves and dented one piston. Freakin mitsubishi interference engines... After fixing it with rebuilt heads and a new piston it ran more-or-less fine for a while but then began blowing the 15 amp fuel injection fuse occasionally during startup. So far its never

NISSAN 2007 Versa SL showing signs of wear on engine too early...need some advice

Hello all I have a 2007 Versa SL with 48500. Last week after a 20 highway ride home I stopped at a red light after leaving the highway and the service engine came on. No signs of anything strange going on with the vehicle as I take care of the cars maintenance very well. As I sped up when the light turned green I could hear the engine sound like it was struggling to change gears. Oh by the way its

Possible fuel pump issue making the engine strain for fuel I dunno..just a thought. Some people are like Slinkies...Not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs. Past Cars 1990 Ford Bronco II - 94 - 98 1992 mitsubishi 3000GT SL - 98 - 98 1998 Chevy S-10 - 98 - 04 2004 Nissan Xterra - 04 - 07 2008 Nissan Versa SL - 07 - Present

KIA SORENTO I JC Fuel Guage Gremlins

On my wifes 2005 Sorento the fuel guage does funny things. I got it for her for Christmas with 495XX miles. It is now at 522XX. The fuel guage thing has been going for a month. When she fills it up it goes to full. The next day it will be on 14 tank. Then the next day or so it will go up to 12 tank and then slowly go up to 34 tank and if she hasnt driven that much a day or two later it will register

Quote Originally Posted by IBenDCars OK so I am not supposed to know the OP code and it probably isnt helpful because the service dept. probly isnt capable of back tracking it anyway The service guy also said there should be a fault code if anything is wrong Would this show up as a fault code Or does the computer even know the gas guage is off Wondering what next the dealer wanted me to bring it in but what if it isnt acting up after I drive 250 miles to his shop A fault code for a gas sender What has that dealer been smoking. Yes for a fuel pump under performing you will get a code. It triggers the fuel RAIL PRESSURE sensor. And yes for anything relating to makeing the vech run or run funny or not at all yes they will throw codes from the related sensors. A fuel sender for the GAUGE has nothing to do with any of this nor has a sensor babysitting it. What does it need one for And mine was not throwing codes and mine was fixed for free. Mine was doing just what your wifes is doing. Your dealer is a BS artist at best. He has his nose bent that you know more then he does and he can not charge you for it without the BS factor he is selling you now. The part number I gave you is the part you need. If you can change a fuel filter in it you can do this job. Tell the dealer if you drive there and buy part and put it in yourself you will charge him for the gas and mileage and labor and part if he does not give it to you free to do it as well. Or he can just do the job for free and bill KIA like they should with no BS. Or the next call will be to a lawyer and see what KIA has to say. KIA knows their is a history on the senders. Your dealer is just being a AW. And he needs to know you know it and will not play that game. I can help if you like to send me a privet note. A fax is very easy to do back to you. But it is up to you really. 90 is the price I told you it was billed to KIA. Now see what they tell you it is to have them do it and pay them. As I posted in the first place it is a .40 time job. LESS then a HALF AN HOUR. It is totally and was for me a while you wait deal. They take out the pump assy and take off the part I gave you the number of repalce it and put it all back. Just like if they were doing a fuel FILTER on it. My biggest objection would be driving 250 miles each way as you stated to get anything done Let alone buy OEM requiredonly avalible parts. With a dealer that far away why did you buy a KIA That is over a tank of gas to just buy a part or get anything done At this rate it is very wise to do your own work or get a indy shop to do anything close to home. Right now it is cheaper in a goofy way to buy the part mail order and do it yourself. And then never buy OEM again unless it is required due to not aval aftermarket. Even if the price at AUTO ZONE is more slightly then OEM. I hope not very many are in the same boat as you these days. I love the fact that here in SC where I live I can get to six KIA dealers no more then 100 miles away. TWO are 20 (mine) mins away and 32 (where I bought the Spectra) mins away. I can thou go to if I wish to ColumbiaSumter Beufort all in SC and Savanna GAMyrtle Beach NC like I said all within 100 miles. I beleive youyou when you say it. But I can not wrap my head around the idea of any dealer being 250 miles in all four direction. Outside the one and only SAAB dealer that just closed here (not sure where the closest is now) no other maker has less then two in the area. More then 100 miles away. Many have two of them like KIA very close. Heck we got the following right here not 100 miles awaythou there are them within 100. so I feel blessed really. As I am not in a major city area like NYCATLLA ect SMART CAR MASERATI MAYBACH RANGE ROVER PORSCHE MB BMW AUDI ACURA (2)TOYOTA (2)HONDA (2)SUZUKI opps both closed now sorry i forgot VOLVO MINI (2) KIA and mine is building a brand new twice the size new building on a new lot and moveing. (2)HYUNDAI (2)ChryJEEP (2)LINCOLN (3)DODGE Lexus Jaguar (4) Ford (4) Chevy (2)GMCBUICKPONTIAC HUMMER (2) VW (2) MAzda SUBARU mitsubishi

SMART FORTWO II 2008 convertible -metallic squeak from under the dash

My 2008 Smart turhs over but will not start. New plugs air and fuel filters. the fuel pressure is just under 30psi and I thought that might be the problem. Any ideas anyone

ours did the same thing (threw CPS code) when the fuel pump died. Luckily I only dropped 60 bucks on a CPS thanks to folks on this forum (same as a mitsubishi 6 cyl and readily available). Take jetfuels advice.

KIA SEDONA 2006 Grand Carnival - Problems & Servicing

Im considering purchasing the GC and have been noting down the faults people have found so far. Heres the list I have 1) fuel pump problems (I believe theres a recall on this) 2) Steering tends to pull to the left (not on all) 3) Towbar fitted too low - scrapes on speed bumps etc 4) Wind noise at high speed from wing mirrors ...others... So far there seems to be no reports of engine trouble. Somebody

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 why are so many so afraid of the hpfp problem

my 335 about 4000 miles in ran into the hpfp problem (long crank when attempting to start service engine light came on after car started) considering its a 50k car... i was quiet upset ready to walk into my dealership and start screaming at someone. then call BMW NA and scream at them as well. then maybe get an attorney. BUT i figured i would start with the dealership be nice and give them a chance

but cant find a schematic. the BMW pump has 200bar pressure and its failure does not end up in destroying the engine like the VW audimazda products that run at only 130 bar. Higher pressures are of course going to be more difficult for the seals. Its also interesting that everyones gasoline direct injection is NOT the same(check out wiki on direct injection there are different systems by mitsubishi

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 What GAS Grade Do Most Of You Guys Use

What GAS Grade Do Most Of You Guys & Gals Use I Was Using Chevron Supreme 91 Octane They Have 3 Grades All with the cleaning power of Techron Chevron Regular 87 Octane Recommended for most gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks Chevron Plus 89 Octane Recommended for higher-performance cars and engines prone to knocking on lower octane levels. Chevron Supreme 91 Octane Recommended for cars where the manufacturer recommends use of premium grade gasoline. Harley03joe

November 2001 Pages 1 2 Visit Our Buyers Guide »Select a Make Select a Model Or research by Editors Choice Most Researched Select A MakeClose Acura Alfa Romeo Aston Martin Audi Bentley BMW Bugatti Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Dodge Ferrari Ford GMC Honda Hummer Hyundai Infiniti Isuzu Jaguar Jeep Kia Lamborghini Land Rover Lexus Lincoln Lotus Maserati Maybach Mazda Mercedes-Benz Mercury Mini mitsubishi

KIA SORENTO I JC Looking to buy

Im in the market for a first gen sorento and was wondering if there are any years with certain problems or just anything in general that I should stay away from when buying Thanks -Cody

A few more things The early V6 (3.5) is a strong stoutly built engine but carries over a few issues from its (20 year old) mitsubishi origins. It is a timing belt engine so 100000 Km belt changes are needed it is also an interference engine so will be a dead engine if you neglect this. The crank pulley bolt has a propensity to either back out or break off if under or over tensioned. It must be renewed

FORD FOCUS 5th port injector and Vented catch can prototyping.

Ok all you big turbo guys I just got the call from Kozmic Motorsports that they have two prototypes ready for testing on the Focus ST the 1st being the fifth port injector kit and the 2nd is the vented catch can kit. The products Kozmic and I will be working to get out are similar to their MS3 cousins kits. You guys can consider this the official project thread until announces availability.

C4 Technical Summary and FAQ - Please Read on a Regular Basis.

The first and most important where do new users go for the answers to the simple questions Right here This is a living document. As suggestions are made they will be updated within this page so users dont have to surf. I would like to see posts kept to a minimum or at the very least deleted every so often. Within the text will appear words in bold print that means it is a topic covered in a section

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 1980 300td

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being spent here to solve the problem. Guess what five minutes with the right guy truck needed a new fuel filter and some hack in the past had used a piece of baling wire instead of a hose clamp to reattach a fuel line. Cost literally 40 dollars and 15 minutes of work and the truck was up and running. The difference between a diagnostician and a parts swapper. another classic example- 1995 mitsubishi

KIA SORENTO I JC Sorento Timing Belt Replaced

Well folks after much reading and research most on this forum I dove in and replaced the timing belt on my wifes 06 Sorento yesterday. Much thanks to timosorento for his write up and really helped. I made and used most of the tools that he suggested. BTW the zip ties over the beltcam pulleys worked great. Overall the job wasnt too bad. I have always done my own vehicle maintenance and have

Yes the Kia Hyundai Sigma 3.5 is a built under licence version of the mitsubishi 6G74 engine. It is virtually identical to the 3.5 DOHC engine fitted to the mitsubishi Pajero Montero Exceed models and some mitsubishi sedans. (in FWD version) Although a generally strong smooth powerful solidly built and reliable engine capable of achieving high mileages the mitsubishi versions suffered from Crank

FORD F150 Would this work on our 5.4

I looked at past threads and didnt find any info about this kit. Seems to me that just swap a regular 5.4 truck intake on it would work. What do you guys think I was thinking about the up grade turbo of t76 with my 60 lb injectors twin fuel pumps and mafia maf. Will it work and make more power over a twinscrew 97-2003 4.6 or 5.4 Liter F-150F-250LD Turbo Kit - Includes a Garrett T-67S Turbo the kits

PONTIAC SOLSTICE Supercharge vs. Turbocharge

I am interested in hearing what the membership feels about supercharge vs. turbocharge. In 1979 I installed a turbo (non intercooled) in a 1977 Datsun (Nissan) 280Z. While there was great power there were issues of turbo lag and underhood temperature. Turbo power is not free as there is increased exhaust back pressure. The car ran well for five years. The guy I sold it to blew the head gasket within

This video should answer your question... Turbo mitsubishi EVO vs. Supercharged Viper httphome.dejazzd.commutzzyMedia...04%20Viper.wmv Its a 638 wheel horsepower 2.3 liter mitsubishi evo lancer going against a 668 wheel horsepower 8.0 liter superchargered viper. The viper does get a nice jump on the EVO (he might have jumped the gun) but remember it has almost 4 times the displacement. 700 Horsepower

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Turbo a W211 Not a newb to turbo charging.

Im new to this board and own a 2004 E320.I like the car but it could use a little more umph.I have turbocharged several high compression 101 V-6 mitsubishi engines in the past and was able to run low boost 8-10psi on 93 oct. I have been considering this for the 320. I know how to build the fuel systemhow to tune and what it takes to make the car run safely. I was very familiar with the motors I turbocharged

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 unbelievable unreliability now coolant loss

Hi again all as the advert in the uk and probably u.s.a said....oh lord why dont you by me a mercedes benz...i must of sinned badly Had my 2001 Ml430 for 9 months now and I firmly believed I was buying a top class vehicle with wrong I was dont get me wrong I love my ML but Im starting to get nervous In the 9 months Ive had fail seat pad sensor power steering leak MAF sensor Ignition

leak MAF sensor Ignition lead x 3 fuel sensor fault Telescopic arm on single rear seat and coolant is slowly disappearing Please there any history of these leaking how reliable are the pumps and can i not just top up with water Is it me or does there seem to be a lot of re-calls for this high German brand vehicle to be honest it hasnt met the quality of my previous

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Engine will not start

Yes I used the Search Button but did not find a likely answer. Im working on this car for a friend so Im not the end user and Im unfimiliar with any quarks this vehicle may have. Type vehicle 1999 328is Series E46 Engine M52TU Auto 80000 miles. The car has been in storage for about 18 months without being started (not by my doing). Recent Maintenance New Battery Brake Discs Pads Brake Wear Sensors

of any contamination. Will remember the shocking truth about how much power is created be a coil when checking for spark lol and thank you for the information on the coil recall. But Im still going to look at the anti-theft system. I know if the car is tiltedtowed it can activate the anti-theft system and I know this could cause a no fire condition until the system is reset. Im by trade a 2007 mitsubishi

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Looking to buy a Merc Diesel for a first car

Hello Im looking at possibly getting a Mercedes Diesel as a first car. Ive found a mix of some 300sds 300ds and even a 300cd I was wanting to know how reliable are these cars Would they make a good first car How about gas mileage Here are some links 1984 Mercedes 300CD (300cd) 1985 Mercedes 300SD Turbo-Diesel (Zombie Apocalypse Ready) (300sd) Nice Mercedes Benz 300d turbo diesel (300d) How many miles can I expect these vehicles to go without any major repairs Any infoguidence is helpful.

working. Next year Ill probably get around to the cosmetic issues. The drivers seat has somewhat collapsed on the bottom part. If I dont find a good used one Ill spring to get new upholstery. Im also going to powdercoat the bundt hubs and replace the floor mats (the back ones were missing when I bought the car) put some chrome wheel wells and some other various things. My last non-W123 car was a mitsubishi

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 VR6 FlywheelClutch in 1.8T Passat

Im looking to replace the clutchFlywheel in our 00 1.8T. With 104K its slipping on hard accelleration and is starting to smell burned when slipped at all. My brother brought up the possibility of swapping a VR6 flywheel and corresponding clutch components into the 00s gearbox. I was wondering if anyone here has tried this swap. If its possible it knocks about 12 lbs off the weight of the flywheel and

Searched through some of my emails found this from a rep. in Latvia who has converted his A4-quattro to a rally car...interesting info Here in Baltic States in Latvia I can do all the mechanical things very cheaply as labour costs are very low. I have installed a Torsen differential in the rear axel - now having much needed torgue to the back wheels - I took the Torsen diff from an Audi V8 and put it in my stock A4 rear axel - that is the only stock Audi model to use a Torsen diff in the rear axel - so my costs where 300 I installed a front mounted intercooler from a Scania truck 200 so it is cheap to make things here but not to buy I have also overhowled my gearbox with close ration gears - turns out that you can swap gears as you whish from any Audi having logitudialy mounted engine and gearbox since year 1986 having alloy gearbox housing even from FWD cars. So now my gears are perfect - as A4 had always had problems with too much difference in ratios between gears. I also threugh out the hevy stupid dempfered flywheel and clutch the A4 has and replaced it with an Audi 2.0 liter DOHC engine flywheel and clutch which match perfectly in the stock place being just 3mm thiner in total - thus I have a much lighter and stronger flywheel and revyer engine - costs 400. I have also installed a hydrolic handbrake and a sports fuel tank from an EVO VI mitsubishi with external uprated fuel pump and fuel lines running through the car. So there you go.

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 335 xi coupe

I just placed an order today for a 09 bmw 335xi coupe and it should be ready for delivery this monday I will post some picks of it when it arrives. I just hope i am not going to have any problems with my fuel pump i saw some scarry threads on this issue Wish me luck

moment i drive a 2007 acura tl type-s its a decent car but it has an horrible manual transmission it feels like it belongs on a tractor and not a car and the handling is not that great. I live in Canada atm so for me a 335xi coupe is perfect plus i love the look of this car but to be honest with you if i was leaving back in Italy again for the type of driving i do down there i would of bought a mitsubishi

KIA OPTIMA Optima SXL vs. Ford Titanium 2.0 turbo

I completed a long test drive in a Ford Fusion Titanium model. This is my comparison to the Optima SXL. Exterior All agree in the automotive world that both cars possess eye-catching styling. Personally the weak spot on the Optima is the strength on the Fusion &8211 the &8220A&8221 pillar forward. Just have to give 2-thumbs up to Austin- Martin inspired front end of the Fusion the &8220smiley face&8221

i have been through about 20 some odd cars in my 15 years of driving. Had two fords 1988 ford tempo(first car) and a 1993 Taurus SHO( loved that one). My cars leading up to the optima were 2010 mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR 2011 Dodge Ram crew cab Sport 2008 Dodge charger SRT-8 Then my son came along and i had to give up the high cost of ownership of the highend sports cars and trucks enter the optima.

KIA SORENTO I JC Running Costs Of Sorento Diesel In Nz

Hi I&39m new to this forum but it looks pretty helpful so I thought I&39d give it a go&33 We are in the UK but soon moving back to NZ.. YAY&33 The Sorento looks like just the car (Toyota didn&39t release the Diesel RAV 4 in NZ.. fools&33) and the 2.5 Sports Diesel would be my pick however the fuel consumption figures we were given by the dealer seemed massive 13l100km.. especially when you consider

km. Petrol in NZ has the road user charges included in the pump price. At 10.4 l100km say &0361.05 &03610.92 road users of 3.2 ckm total cost per 100 km of &03614.12. Similar petrol vehicle say 14 l100 km NZ&0361.50litre equals &03621.00 per 100 kms. There is a huge selection of common rail diesel SUV type vehicles available in NZ e.g. Jeep Hyundai Terracan Toyota Prada or VX Landcruiser mitsubishi

KIA CARNIVAL engine miss

ok guys im on the way to get my gun license but before i put the carnival out of its misery I thought Id see what the consus was.... My 2.5L 2001 (second engine) carni has developed an engine miss im pretty sure its through the rev range but is more noticable when at idle. There is also the puffing of the exhaust. When I fired it up yesterday (its been parked in the garage and not driven for the past

Quote Originally Posted by b1_n Daewoo Lanos 5dr hatch 1999 1.5 SOHC (A15SMS). Bought it new in 2000 shop serviced for the first 3 years (part of the deal) now I do the services. The only problem we have had is the heater unit - the plastic tabs on the selecter unit have broken so its stuck on face....not a big deal. Other than the normal plugsfiltersoilpads its had a set of HT leads and brake rotors replaced. If yr looking for a cheap to run 2nd car I would recommend the woo. They only put out as much power as an alternator in a V8 but are a great car to drive and they rail corners like a go-kart. Just make sure its had its timing belt and water pump replaced and give it a good oil flush....all standard stuff. That is the same as My DWs brother bought recently great on fuel. Think it might be moving up the options list I had read that the engine is the same as the mitsubishi mirage is that right

NISSAN The last straw...

Well got my V back from the shop today. Partially repaired. Transmission shifter They could not replicate the problem. I cant fault them for this because it happens only about once a week. Unfortunately it happens at inopportune or flat out DANGEROUS times. fuel filler door release fixed with zip ties. See my separate thread about this. This gave me a little hope that they were taking me seriously.

only does it when I dont drive it for a while. I believe its the fuel pump. Have you looked into the Honda Fit Sport The magic seat configuration is a nice setup cant pass by that. It wouldnt be too bad of a replacement. Either that or you can go for a Mazda 3 i Touring. It looks great and I heard those are the best equipped in its class. The hatchbacks are nice Lastly you can test drive a 2008 mitsubishi

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 just bought 5th new VW in 10 years.....

It all started in late 1995 when I bought my first car ever - a black 96 Jetta GLS. Loved her and she gave a good ride for 3 years before I dumped her for an 00 jetta GLS in the new body style. This was a complete transformation from the prior model run and added a lot of nice features and completely updated interior. I held onto her until 02 when I got a blue GLS 1.8T. That was a great boost in performance

I got my first VW in 1983. I needed a car bad and a friend wanted my 78Yamaha XS750E Motorcycle. He had a 71 Type-3 Squareback. We traded even up. I drove the Type-3 for two more years (during College) and then traded it off for a new mitsubishi Pick-Up truck. Fast forward to spring 2002...Im married have a young daughter and was tiring of fixing our unreliable of late 96 GMC Jimmy (11200 Miles). Id

SMART FORTWO Have you replaced your clutch

where is the best site online to buy smart OEM parts we have a 2008 fortwo that wont start. Only 15K miles. I get an OBD code P0336

I just looked this up quick DuralastCrankshaft Position Sensor For your 2009 mitsubishi Truck Outlander 4WD 3.0L MFI SOHC 6cyl Price 123.99 Part Number SU13074 So just for future reference will this AZ be the same And will it apply to a 2010 as well as 2008 I want to add this to my what if notes. Thanks

Example offers of car parts mitsubishi l 200 fuel pump

  • Mitsubishi Delica L400 ME201700 Diesel Fuel Pump - Rotherham,United Kingdom (200.00 GBP)
  • Mitsubishi PAJERO SHOGUN L200 2.5 AUTO MD167344 Diesel Fuel Pump - Rotherham,United Kingdom (200.00 GBP)
  • 2005 MITSUBISHI COLT 1.1lt FUEL PUMP/SENDER UNIT - Kilmarnock,United Kingdom (25.00 GBP)
  • Mitsubishi Delica L400 M310078 2.5 AUTO Diesel Fuel Pump - Rotherham,United Kingdom (200.00 GBP)
  • Mitsubishi 2.8 Auto ME201983 Diesel Fuel Pump - Rotherham,United Kingdom (200.00 GBP)
  • 2004-2008 Mitsubishi Colt 1.3 Fuel Pump & Sender Unit - Breaking Spares Parts - United Kingdom (45.00 GBP)

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