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mercedes vito panel BENZ CLASS V 638/2
mercedes vito panel BENZ CLASS V 638/2

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 113 instrument panel

Hi My first post and I am hoping somebody out there might be able to help. I have a vito 113 and the instrument unit stopped working after I had the head repaired - the mechanic said when he reconnected everything it just didnt work anymore.... My questions are Is this a common fault (Mechanic thinks so and wants me to pay for it) Can you do something wrong when you are disconnectingreconnecting the

Someone on UK eBay is selling one here mercedes vito CDi SPEEDO INSTRUMENT panel NEW NEW on eBay Vans Pickups Commercial Vehicles Cars Parts Vehicles Im sure i have seen them for cheaper on the bay guess youll just have to keep looking. My rev counter no longer works on my 99 110 CDi and this is probably the beginning of the end. I have heard of many instrument panels knackering on the vitos and V

Quote Originally Posted by partyboybmx Ive been told that it has to be a brand new unit and it has to be fitted by a mercedes garage. But I may be wrong on that one. Hope this is of some help. I guess it needs to be set up on CANBUS in order to reconise the exact spec of your van immobiliser etc.etc. Regards ZX9

Hi partyboy thanks for the reply. We currently have a different unit working in the vito supplied by the mechanic which doesnt display the odo but everything else works apart from occasional flashing of all lights. I guess that means the problem is with the unit unfortunately havent seen what happens when ours is installed. zx9 do you think the one advertised on ebay would work if installed by a mercedes dealer Anybody out there that bought one off ebay and got it working Thanks

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Mercedes Vito 108 Door panel removal.

HiI have a mercedes vito 108cdi 2002.The door on the passenger side wont open from the inside I am not sure if the cable has snapped or has just become detached.The door opens from the outside.Does anyone have any knowledge on door panel removalif its an easy diy job.Many Thanks.

Take of the door handle you will see the cable inside it often pops out. it is possible to pop it back on with some bendy fingers

HiI removed the trim around the inside door handle to look inside I could see the cable is still attached the other side but its not tight.I cant see much more through the small gap.Thanks.

Hello from memory pry up and slide forward (or back) electric window switch plate or blanking plate you will see door handle screw there remove. Undo screw where interior handle is behind lever and you slide plastic forward to disengage and remove should see other door handle screw undo. On window winder if fitted push plastic insert away from knob end and remove you can now remove window winder. Look

HiI dont have electric windows unfortunately I did in my last vehicle.I will hopefully fix it tomorrow I know things can take more time without the right knowhow.Will re-post once its sorted.Thanks.

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Owners manual for vito 112 cdi panel van

Is it possible to download an owners manual for a 112cdi vito panel van of where can i get a copy of one in english please

Sounds like it your auto transmission light that is on. the 638 vito does not have the bulb failure system fitted

I like to download technical manuals for a vito 112 CDI. Does anybody know where could I find them

[8)]Hey I need a el-diagram on vitos powerlock system. It do not work anymore and I do not have any think to go after. mercedes vito 1999 110CDi

Here are the users manual for vito sprinter and vario in english and in german. mercedes-Benz UK - Vans - Owners Manuals they are online and you can not download them but you can print what you need.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 639 Vito Centre Switch Panel not working

Hi I have a 53 plate (W639) vito traveliner and recently the centre switch panel on the dash has stopped working (the one containing the hazard switch sonar off etc). It is due MOT next month and so not working hazard will be a problem I think. I have checked manual and cant find which fuse this panel uses everything else seems to be working ok. Not sure how difficult it is to removed this panel to replace or check connections etc. Any ideas

Hello I have a centre switch panel that I bought but never needed give me a shout if you want it. Martin.

Quote Originally Posted by zenman 63 That switch is all canbus is nothing working can you open and lock the doors from them Hi Ian Thanks for the reply. No nothing works on the panel door locks hazard lights parking sensor onoff etc. It worked fine when I got the van 1 year ago and the after a while it started to be intermittent - would not work when first starting up but after a few minutes would come to life. Now there is nothing.

Quote Originally Posted by parvinm Hello I have a centre switch panel that I bought but never needed give me a shout if you want it. Martin. Sounds like I should change the switch pack so if youhave one that I can give you a few quid for that would be great thanks

So I tried a new switch panel and it didnt fix the problem. Connection seems fine at the switch end and I couldnt see any obvious damage to the wiring harness. Any suggestions what to check next MOT in 12 days Where does the other end of that harness go - could be a connection problem at that end

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 108 Vito instrument panel failure

Hi there can anyone help with this. I have a vito 108CDI registered in 2000. A few weeks ago the battery went completely flat. I changed it but now I have no instrument panel items working i.e Speedo rev counter fuel guage temp gauge and mileometer. No warning lights come on either apart from the headlight main beam warning. The instrument panel back lights flash on and off constantly even when the

May have just blown the fuse for the instrument cluster I have seen this same sympton before. The bad news is it is not as common as the instrument cluster failing completely. Check the fuses first as they are much cheaper than a new cluster. Good luck

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 How to remove door panel on Vito 109

Hi folks does anyone know how to remove the door panel of a 07 vito 109 I need to check the window regulator which has failed. There was a grinding noise and then the window stuck in open position. Thanks for your help Bernard.

Its held on by those plastic clips so it just pops off. Youll have to buy a few replacement ones though as a few break on the way out. You also need to prise off the top half of the door handle to get access to a few screws underneath. The top bit next to the window lifts off. It was a while since I took my door card off (I took the whole thing out for respraying). See photos attached of door with no panel on. Hope this helps Adam.

Thanks for the advice Adam. I called to my local windscreen repair people. To get the panel off was easy. 1. Lever off the two rubbers (which the window slides over rising and falling) at the top of the door. 2. Lever off the panel pulling straight against (not around) the plugs holding it in place. These pop straight out and theres enough if some break to hold the panel when refitting. Note I had

Hi Adam do you have any suggestions where I could buy a LHS window regulator cheap Thx Bernard.

Ugh.. keep an eye out for breaking vitos on ebay. Try one of those parts websites too. Its hard getting van parts for some reason.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 108 cdi 2000 model panel van

Hi Friends Can anyone help me with this issue please I have a vito 108 cdi 2000 model panel van and the instrument cluster needs replacing because of physical damage and various other things not working on it. It has the part number A000 446 53 21 Does anyone know where i can get one of these i have tried quite a few places online but no one can match the part number has it got to be the same part number or is there an equivalent. Thanks in advance Regards Tony

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito W638 interior door panel

Hi Does anyone have or know a breakers who has a drivers side (RHD) interior door panel for sale I need one as I have a big hole in mine I have called my local MB dealership and they want over 300 each side Many thanks for any help.

Hi Thanks to everyone who helped me source some interior door panels I found some from Dronsfields and saved a fortune - thanks for the suggestion transeuro98 sammymk2 sorry if Ive messed you around but I needed to get some asap got my vito booked in for stereo work. Regards Benz Bling

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 New Vito Panel Van

Would like to have the swivel driver and passenger seats fitted to my vito order but not sure what the space is like for your legs between the seats when you turn. Has anyone got these fitted.

before rotating otherwise the back rest will catch the side pillar or steering wheel while turning. They are very very solid with no rocking when locked in the driving position. I regret not getting the passenger side one at time of order because a genuine retro fit one costs 545VAT inc. lowered seat base Hi Thanks very much for your reply it has certainly give me some reservations about the vito

Hi Adam I bought a new vito sports X in Dec and want to have the swivel seats for both drivers and single front passenger. Do the ones you fitted comply with Merc warrantyMOT regs I want to do this to the best standard but obviously not pay crazy prices Do you have any pics This presumably also looses any option to put a storage unit between the front seats Its such a waste of space Im looking to do

Hi The FASP seats are TUV approved so theres not problems there. Mine just sailed past the MOT too so also no worries. I had to do a bit of welding on them to make the seat pitch the same as the seat base but if you look at Jerba conversions they do swivels that just drop straight in to the new vito but they are expensive. Mine were second hand 120 for the pair. Will dig out some pix if I can find them. Cheers Adam.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 110 Instrument Panel light always on

In the last couple of days the headlight warning beeper has been going off whenever I open the doors. All of the headlights and interior lights are off but the instrument panel light stays on. Any ideas Cheers - Jon.

When you mean instrument panel lights do you mean the milometer digital display or the back light instrument panel lights that come on when you switch the headlights on. I presume when you remove the key out door closed the instrument milometer switches off after several seconds but the instrument panel back lights remain on permanently. To also state the obvious although theyre switched off on the

had the same happen to me the other week after i had my van MOT done. after a bit of searching found it to be the foglight switch still switched down on the on position . dont know if this is normal to happen or some sort of electrical fault though.anway after turning swich to the off position problem more beeping. hope this helps.....

Quote Originally Posted by colin38 had the same happen to me the other week after i had my van MOT done. after a bit of searching found it to be the foglight switch still switched down on the on position . dont know if this is normal to happen or some sort of electrical fault though.anway after turning swich to the off position problem more beeping. hope this helps..... Yeah it is normal i got caught out too. Ugly

Thought about saying check all your switches are off but felt it was a bit insulting Found it strange when I first got the van that the only light for the lights on the instrument dash was for the main beam on.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 103CDI (2003) Fuse Panel wiring diagram

Hi Ive recently bought a 2003 108CDI and Ive noticed that it doesnt have an alarm for when you turn the engine off without turning the lights off. With this in mind Ive bought a buzzer to fit which will do this but whilst I can identify the fuses (under the steering wheel) that I need to connect to Id prefer to do the job properly and take the feeds from the connector block off the back of the fuse

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito instrument panel and CV joint kit for sale CHEAP

I sold my vito ages ago but found these parts kicking around in the garage. CV Kit 15 Clocks 15 Im in Manchester for collection but will happily post at cost. Payment by Paypal or whatever. My van was a 108D 1997 so check that parts are compatible first. Cheers

Still for sale If yesLooking for a clock.Why did you change your one if changed Any problem with the item you are selling Thanks

Yes Ive still got it in the garage. No problems that Im aware of. I honestly cant remember what was wrong with the old one or why I got this to replace it all I recall is spending money left right and centre before realising I had a money pit on my hands.

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