mercedes vito lamp fail

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mercedes vito lamp fail BENZ CLASS V 638/2
mercedes vito lamp fail BENZ CLASS V 638/2

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2000 vito 112 cdi limp mode due to EDC lamp

hey i have the above car and it has gone into limp mode and the EDC light has come on .. ive tried running my diagnostic on it and it says the vehicle reports a DTC but no non pending DTC was read so i cant see tha actual code while looking in the engine bay for any obvious reason i noticed that air bubbles was going out of the filter towards the pumpengine upon inspecting the fuel lines i see that

yeah it will allow the fuel to travel back down the line i know it proberly looks like it is coming from the tank but if the reg seals are leaking the air will get into the clear lines the same will happen if the centre line on the filter is leaking at its oring. Considering they are known to fail and are only pence to buy and are easy to fit it must be worth doing before going to the length of fitting a new fuel line. Cheers Martin

you are right... well i spent some hrs at the workshop this eveningnight and i replaced the o-ring on the centre line on the filter and the fuel line from tank to filter ... i got to tired to fiddle with the other 2 o-rings below the filter and when i fired her up i still had air in the lines... as i drove home to sleep the EDC lamp suddently switched off to my big surprise hehe but the car is still

great thanks .. ill check all those things today i saw this morning that right side brakelightrear light bulb is burned can that really cause limp mode i actually had a vacuumhose that was off on one headlamp fitted it yesterday and they work now ill listen for leaks... thats just crazy that these things can cause engine failure haha Quote Originally Posted by walsi Hi ya so we are getting somewhere

Something i forgot to mention was if the fuel is draining back down the fuel line then the non return valve on the fuel filter has failed that is the black object held on the filter with 2 torx bolts that is on the fuel line nearest the gearbox. If it has come apart inside it will allow air in through its body.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Instrument cluster lamps

ABS and ASRBASESP warning lamps are permanently on. Have checked battery and alternator as advised in handbook. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the likely cause. Thanks Thanks for advice so far. I have just discovered that a further symptom of my electrical problems is that the brake lights flash once only when the key is inserted and turned to the ignition position. Thanks JK

permanently on means a unit failure.... could be the pump could be the controller could be a wheel sensor most likely its a broken wire from the body to a sensor... the wires crack and the connectors corrode... its a problem of age and road salt. easiest test is a wire patch from the sensor to control unit... long piece of lighting flex connected by scotchlok connectors is easiest and normally cures

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Burnt out fuse vito

When I bought the van I found a fused 15A fuse in the door bin. The first time I came to drive it at night with the lights on I noticed the instrument panel wasnt lit up. I later found fuse No. 10 15A had failed under the steering column. Replaced it with one from a pack I bought at Maplins. The next time I drove it at night (which was immediately after I had replaced the flat battery) the cab soon

for instrument lighting licence plate lamp daytime driving lamps (daytime driving lamps - I doubt if this is wired in for the UK although my van was a RHD grey import) and follow them behind the console. Ill look as well as looking for crimpedsoldered in wires. Dont know whether the fuse module can be saved. Ill know once Ive de-soldered the old fuse off and can then taken the cover off. The vito

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 109 need help with lights

Howdy all. I purchased this 109 a year ago i noticed not long after the offside front foglight and mainbeam lights wernt working the indicator on the dash confirmed it. so i fitted new bulbs and re tested much to my dismay still not working so me being a long serving spark thinks no probs check the fuses no fuses. So im assuming they are run directly from the ecu. i have checked the ground to the lamp

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 v 280 Bulb Failure Indication Always ON

HI Can anyone help with this problem which is the Bulb failure warning light on the Instrument Dash is Always ON. I have checked all the Exterior Bulbs and they are all working fine so does this mean i may have a electrical problem cheers

I dont know if vitos the same but Ive read that some of the MBs use the indication for interior lamps as well. Another hint is that if you use bulbs of the wrong size (fx. 5W instead of 7W) the indication will stay on. Ive had the indicaion turn on several times - and it has allways turned out to be right - a bulb somewhere did have a problem. One time a changed the bulbs in my headlights to Osram

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