mercedes vito indicator relays

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mercedes vito indicator relays BENZ CLASS V 638/2
mercedes vito indicator relays BENZ CLASS V 638/2

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 vito 108D electrical woes

Im having a niggle with my vito. This is a prehistoric 1997 with few electrics and proper fuel pump etc NOT a CDI. Sometimes it will lose all electrical power to anything that runs through the ignition. Glowplugs dash indicators horn brake lights etc etc However when it does fault it is sometimes cured by flipping the ignition on and off. The engine (when running) is obviously unaffected. The headlights

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito Starting issues - Driving me nuts

Hi Guys I have just bought a 2000 108CDi and I have a problem when it comes to starting it. I will go to the van turn the key and it will start no problems. I can then turn it off and it wont start again for ages. What happens is this key in turn to position 2 all lights come on as usual turn to position 3 and nothing no clicking just nothing. I will then leave it for a bit or either keep trying and

Quote Originally Posted by tog21 Hi Thanks for the reply mate. I have been doing this as a rule but it just keeps giving me the same problem. I went out to the van now after it being parked for 2 hours and it did the same thing. put the key in waited for the plug light to go off try to start and nothing. Not turning over at all. All the interior lights indicators etc work as I tried them. But I know

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito central locking and remote locking doesnt work

Hi guys. I have some problem with my vito 108 CDI 2002 that i drive as a company car. Neither central locking and remote locking does work. Not even the button on the dashboard for the trunk lock Both batterys and the key are brand new so its not that. So my guess is that i could be a fuse The only problem is that ive lost my instruction book so i dont know which fuse goes to the central locking unit.

as said... the flashing is because the doorlock switchessensors are not registering that they are fully latched... even though it may appear locked the sensorsswitches must be full latched (as opposed to the actual locks) in order for the indicator to show its ok. check the door switches (the pin switches that operate the door lights) as muck on the contacts causes problems on any car... then its a

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Fuse box Electrical

Hi Guys We have a 108CDI vito where the indicators and hazards do not work just a single click from the relay or a buzz from the relay sometimes. I have taken the indicatorwiperhazard combo switch off and tested all the swtches all seem to test fine but i also took apart the fusebox that physically bolts to the combo switch and inside there is a small circuit board with what looks like a melted link

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Main beam issues

Hello I have been lurking the site for ages whilst building my vito and now I have bit the bullet and signed up.......Im not much of a forum person but will try and change that so Hello everyone I have just had the vito fail its MOT on no Main beam and believe I have located the Relay (1 of 2 Green ones under the steering coloumn surround) The stalk makes the little Blue main beam light come on the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 W639 Electrical issue - Fusebox got wet

HI I have a vito 109 W639. I was pressure cleaning the engine bay and the lid for the electrical box popped off and took in a fair bit of water. It seemed fine but when i moved it the horn started beeping intermittently and the engine stopped. I took the connectors off the ECU that sits in front of the fuserelay block and they were full of water so i blew the connectors and the ECU receptacles dry

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