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mercedes benz slk door handle R170
mercedes benz slk door handle R170

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MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 My drivers side inside door handle broke

After comming home after a long hard day of school and work I grab the handle and pull and WTF It comes loose The latch that it grabs onto is no longer attached It is completely free of anything I couldnt get out of the car I fixed my brake lights when they contacts burned out I am planning to rip out head unit and install new one BUT I am not even going to attempt to try and fix this Its going to

Quote Black98slk230 - 242004 705 PM Shane I am not looking to appear honest whatever that means I am simply frustrated that the freaking handle would break so easily like thatI am venting some heat because right now I am overworked tired and pissed off....but still I mean cmon hows the handle just gonna break like that with regular wear and tear I shouldnt even have to say this but cars can go up to

You must be one buff dude[8D] to pull that door handle off. So is it raining in Tampa I hear you not wanting to open the window to open the door but then again arent you driving an slk in Florida Shouldnt that top be down already [D] Who needs doors when you have a convertible[8D] So did it literally break off or come off Sucks either way. In the meantime just be careful jumping over the door.

Quote SledDog - 282004 229 AM You must be one buff dude[8D] to pull that door handle off. So is it raining in Tampa I hear you not wanting to open the window to open the door but then again arent you driving an slk in Florida Shouldnt that top be down already [D] Who needs doors when you have a convertible[8D] So did it literally break off or come off Sucks either way. In the meantime just be careful

Many cars have the same problem. It is a faulty design. My driver side handle was broken below 4000 mileage. The passenger side handle is broken now. This is my spare car which is under 8000 mileage but out of warranty. I sent an email to mercedes services. No reply. Calling the services center. I was told it was not on the recall list. mercedes will never recall a door handle. Who will sue them for

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Door Handle UpgradeMatch Body Color

Hey all well after numerous times and debates between a r170 slk and a w203 C I decided to go with the slk. Im only 19 got my whole life to drive a four door when i get a wife and kids [)] in the meantime figured get a droptop and cruise the streets. anyway its time to search for one and im not sure if i wanna take the time to upgrade a pre-facelift model with the body kit. the biggest turn off for

Best solution to conceal door handles and other parts that are not black - buy a black slk.

Quote Palmateer - 352005 238 PM Best solution to conceal door handles and other parts that are not black - buy a black slk. Well your 320 has body matched handles anyways[)] but with a black car theres always the problem of those unsightly orange side markers and mirror signals[D] slkpwr for those considering the mod did you take the handles off before painting or did you just tape off the surroundings

Although I have never removed the door handles from the slk I have from my 16 valve and I doubt that there is much of a difference. Its not that hard and only requires a allen key. Options (1) You could paint your own easy to do hard to get right unless you have a body shop do it then it gets expensive. [)] (2) Get a set prepainted from a wrecking yard. Done the right way in the right color but you dont know the condition until you see them in your hand. (e-bay might work for this). [)]

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MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 can the W210 door handle fit our SLK

I notice that the partial chrome E-class door handles are the same size as our slk door handles. has anyone tried them out on our slks

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 are R170 door handles the same as toyotas

recently i have been noticing the toyota cars. i realise that their door handles look almost exactly the same as ours. Do you think they come from the same supplier and can be interchangeable

Quote How many styles of door handles can you really have while maintaing practicality reasonable manufacturing costs noise control and fitting with the overall styling of the rest of the car I kind of doubt that Toyota and mercedes get togeather and buy door handles to get a better deal....[D]

This is funny because Ive had a Toyota Rav4 for three years now and recently purchased my slk (kept the Rav for work). One of my very first thoughts when I saw the door handle was how similar it was to the Ravs. I tend to agree with others on the forum though Im sure that even though they look the same on the outside theyre not the same. For one thing the slks handles are MUCH more substantial than the Toyotas. So much so that you can feel the difference when you go to open the door.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Spray paint door handles

Hey guys wanted to get an opinion before i did this. I know Neekster painted his own door handles to match his brilliant silver slk and now im thinking about doing that to save a little cash. Do you think that spray painting the door handles myself is a bad choice should i have it done professionally Im just scared that it wont come out good and look obvious that i did it myself. what are your thoughts guys

Before you do anything call your mercedes Dealership and order 2 new black original door handles. I think I paid about 10 each. Use these incase you mess up. Worste case you lose 20 some dollars. Not a big deal. I can email you pictures steps and things to watchout for and things NOT to do. It was very simple and I never painted anything before in my life (except the front grill last week). Email me. Good luck

Are the black door handles from mercedes really only 10 bucks each i thought they were much more. I think i will get an extra set for backup. As for painting....i think im going to go ahead and try it out. Thanks for all the help. Ill keep you posted on my progress. By the way what city do you live in

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Carbon Fidre Doore HandlesPulls

I was checking out some carbon fibre door pulls(the ones on the inside of the car not the latch or handle) in an slk and they look pretty trick. They were reported to cost around 500 which seems quite expensive for a couple of pieces of carbon fibre. Anyone know of a source for these with good pricing My two complaints about the slk32 interior are that the door pulls look like cheap plastic(they are) and the roll bars are covered with cheap plastic...what were they thinking Thanks -Carl

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 please help with door handle assembly

ok so here is the deal.i have a 99 slk 230 and the door handle recently broke. the handle itself works fine as it should but the assembly it is held by broke. the stealership told me the only way to get this was to get the whole door panel wich my cost is 852 U.S.... i was like wahhhhhh someone please tell me you know a better way to fix this or am i up the creek...any input would help. i took photos

sadly i do not...i have looked in the car door to see if they fell to the bottom...i am going to try and fabricate a thin solid piece of metal to make a brace in the shape of a square C using something like a thin piece of sheet metal try and drill two holes in it and put a pin from the local hardware store with a retaining clip on it so it still has the swivel effect. god only knows how much trial

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 03 slk 320 door handle removal

does any one know how to remove a drivers exterior door handle from a 2003 slk 320

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 door handle surrounds

Hi just got hold of a set of chrome outer door handle surrounds for my slk.[D] Anyone know how to fit them as they slot in behind the handle do you need to take it off compleately or just losen it off. If so how Thanks all[D]

Pull your door handle outwards and slide the surround in between the handle and the car. Do not press firmly on the surround until you have it exactly where you want it as that 3M adhesive is very strong. Also make sure you have it right side up when you slide it in I made that mistake as well.

Thanks for the quick reply[)]I was worried you had to take the door handle off So it would have been a trip to the mercedes shop. Cheers..........[8D]

I got them from gericia international based in London England. ( they cost me Â47. Another place I have bought a lot of kit from for the slk is mercedes performance also UK based but will send overseas.( They can even supply a full AMG kit if you want one. Hope this helps[D]

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 Little squares on door handles

I was noticing on my wifes 2005 slk350 yesterday that on the rear of each of the door handles there is a little square piece. Can someone tell me what these are

Quote Originally Posted by slkDawg OK thanks - not sure why ours did not work from the passenger side yesterday - I will have to investigate further. But then again I also have a roof module - just have not installed it yet. Most likely because you are not pointing it directly at the door handle while directly in front of it. Unless you give it a direct shot it will work unreliably. Stand right in

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Interior door handle failed

1998 230slk. Last night as we pulled up at the radio station to do our Sunday night tech show the passenger side door handle failed as my son went to open the door. The symptoms are the there is no spring resistance on the handle now it just freely hinges out from its normal at-rest position. Is the handle likely to be broken or will this be a matter of the connection to the door latch mechanism coming adrift Thanks in advance.

slk Home Page Go to Disassembly then door Panel. Youre going to need to remove the panel to fix so youll find it. The last step is disconnecting the rod from the white plastic clip (rod goes to the door. White plastic clip is connected to the handle). Your clip may have broken or the rod may have slimply slipped out.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Part Number for Door Handle Key Hole Cover

I know someone posted this but I cant find it in the archives. Anyone know the part number for the little round key decal that covers the key hole on the door handle br br Thanksbr Stevebr 2001 slk320

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Door handle removal

Hi I am trying to remove the inside door handles and have them painted. After prying off the top part and removing the two screws the bottom part still wont come off. How to remove it Thanks.

Great tutorial by Bazzel--httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsr170-slk-class1333488-door-panel-lock-latch-assy-removal.html

On the first link you find how to remove the door handles...on the second link there is a whole bunch of how -tos for the br Pitty however they all are in german...but you can aut translate them with some br httpmbslk.degrifftuergriff.htmbr httpwww.mbslk.demenuz.htm

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Outer Door Handle Removal on a 2000 SLK230

The Rubber Seals on my Driver Side door handle need to be replaced. Does anyone know ho to to this without taking the door Panel off. Thanks a lot

I believe you have to take the interior door panel off. I was wrong. You apparently have to pull the weather strip off the door to expose an access hole. Loosen the allen screw and the smaller part of the door handle can be removed from the other side. Do not let the screw fall into the door or you will have a lot more work to do. Slide the larger part of the door handle towards the back of the car to remove. You now can replace the grommets.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Removal of interior door handle trim (How)

Ok Ive read a ton of threads showing how to remove the door panel but all I want to do is get the trim off that surrounds the interior handletweeter (the carbon fiber piece). Do I have to pull off the whole door panel to get this piece off Ive taken the 2 screws out of the door handle but the top if the handle doest seem to budge...

Unfortunately yes. I am in the middle of refinishing my interior and I can tell you that in order to get that cover plate off you will need to get to the tabs that hold it to a back piece. The back piece is glued to the door panel itself. The screw at the top of the handle secures the handle to the metal door shell sandwiching the panel in between. Good news is that the door panel is easy to remove.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Door handle cable help

SO im trying to put my door panel back on and having one hell of a time doing it. It seems like the cable is too long and keeps poping out of the piece inside the door. Here are a couple pictures i tried to take The door handle in the closed position (note how far away the hook is) The door handle in the open position (note that it now just barely lines up with the piece it is supposed to be in) Anyone know what im doing wrong im sick of having to reach over to the outside to get out of my car

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Sticking exterior door handle

I searched this but couldnt find anybody having the same problem. Drivers side exterior door handle seems to stick when pulled to open the door. found a DIY on how to remove the handle. did that... cleaned it up.. put a little plastic grease on the contacting parts.. tried the metal lever that the handle actually moves and it seems fine. re-assembled. same problem. pull handle and it sticks in the

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Door handle - help needed

Hi Guysbr br Couple of days ago I ventured on a little project to remove the door handle (just one thank god)on my 99slk230 to paint it. It looks really good by the br This is rather embarassing but here is my problem How do I put it back It appears that when I put the handle back on the car I am missing a spring or something that causes the tension when you pull the handle to open the br Can anyone help before I go red faced into the MB dealer next weekbr br Keng

the last time an in-experienced mechanic removed the handle to spray paint and i too experienced some sort of a loose-spring feeling. another mechanice removed the door panel to reveal a spring-clip (sorrie i dont have the correct explanation) that had dropped offout of br have you checked for more information about how to install back your handle

I got the spring figured out. Now the door handle feels fine but I think I must have missed something because the door handle wont unlock the door. Will have to try opening it up again.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 How To Remove Door Handle Trim

Hi guys my special editon aluminum trim just came in and I cant seem to find a thread that shows how to remove the door handle panel Can I just remove that trim that surrounds the door handle or do I have to remove the entire door panel Advice is grealy appreciated. Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by roadrage Hi guys my special editon aluminum trim just came in and I cant seem to find a thread that shows how to remove the door handle panel Can I just remove that trim that surrounds the door handle or do I have to remove the entire door panel Advice is grealy appreciated. Thanks Do a search on tiggerfink in here. I gave instructions some where.

Something like this Remove handle cover. remove screws behind handle and behind airbag badge. May be a cople more. Pull off door panel. Unhook opener undo nut holdinh on handle etc. Bazzle

Thanks for the instructions guys Let me tell you how it goes as I did for the guys who might need to remove the door panel in the future. 1. Remove door handle cover( it is hard to pry off at first but it will come off) 2. Remove 2 screws under handle cover 3. Pull out SRS badge and remove screw under it. 4. Remove door end plate ( 2 screws) 5. Remove C latch (1 screw) 6. Remove smalle triangle plate

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 2003 slk320 exterior door handle removal

any one know how to remove exterior drivers door handle

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Help Door Handle and Door Panel

hey guys.. do u think any one can post some pics on how to remove the door panel cuz reading the posts are confusing... and how to remove the door handle - i want to try out somthin cool for the car (will post pics later)... but i need to remove those 2... thx alot - much appreciated

You have to unclip 12 of the handle to get at the main screws (screws must be undone before door panel comes off) Push a driver into the split (underneath) where there is a slight gap for the purpose- be careful as there is a clip at the thick end that can break off. The panel has to be pushed up when everything is unhooked as there is a full length slot in the door that the panel fits into. Dont miss

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Painted Door Handles...revisited

Are the handles from 2000 cars interchangable with the unpainted ones from 99 If so has anyone done this Any prices Has anyone painted theirs with success If so do you have a write up Thanks.

I think had a writeup on painting the door handles. As such its a very easy thing to do. Removing them is a sinch. I wonder how much it would cost to have it done at the dealer coz Ive been thinking of it myself for quite some time now (but it would mean I wouldnt have the car back until theyd finish with the job). Due to this I also would like to know if you can interchange handles from a 2000 model onto the older one ) Anybody

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Pull door handle twice to open door

Lately i have to pull the door handle twice to open the door. This occurs intermitently. Any ideas

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