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mercedes benz slk cut elements R170
mercedes benz slk cut elements R170

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MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Black Series

As the only eight-cylinder roadster in its segment the mercedes-benz slk 55 AMG delivers an exceptional driving experience. Now the two-seater is becoming even sportier mercedes AMG has developed an exclusive emphatically puristic special series as a coup├ variant a car that sets new standards in handling dynamics - the slk 55 AMG Black Series. With the AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine which has been boosted

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 Mercedes SLK Vario-Roof is quietest-running of entire segment

From another website The standard-specification vario-roof makes the slk sports car from mercedes-benz the quietest-running model in its class. This has been proven by testing carried out in Stuttgart Universitys aeroacoustics wind tunnel using a revolutionary new concave mirror measurement technique. The vario-roofs ability to absorb wind noise more effectively than a soft-top roof means that when



I was hoping someone might give me a little guidance. Im in the market for new ride in 2011 and the slk 55 is definitely at the top of my list . My wife has a 2008 slk 280 which is a great car -so much so that Im now also looking at one for myself (i.e. slk 55). My question revolves around the Performance Package Option. Which year did the Performance Package become an option If I buy a CPO car without

a bit of information on the slk 55 Black. slk 55 AMG Black Series The perfect mix of performance handling and lightweight design AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine with 294 kW400 hp and 520 Nm of torque Weight reduction through lightweight components and non-retractable carbon-fibre roof 19-inch forged AMG wheels and adjustable AMG sports suspension As the only eight-cylinder roadster in its segment the mercedes-benz

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Opinion poll Its the future. Introducing the new 2011 SLK.

Ive been thinking about the future lately. We know that in 2004 or so well get a newly redesignedface-lifted slk. I think most of us hope we do not get the walrus-nosed version of the front facade. Still try to think further out. Since the slk debuted in 1998 and will be redesigned in 2004 its probable that another redesign will be scheduled for 2011 or so. What do you suppose the 2011 slk will be

Well I like almost everyone else hope the 2004 does not have the ugly nose. If it does not have the ugly nose I am buying one with the redesign in 2003 or 2004 whenever it comes out. If it does welp maybe a CLK or something. I do think it will ALWAYS carry some hints of retro styling. mercedes is not shy about letting everybody know the slk and SLs roots. The 300SLs and such from the 50s. I think you

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 WSJ Free Maintenance Article

Hi......Many like myself were interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about our feelings on the removal of free scheduled maintenance by mercedes and other manufacturers. Since I hadnt heard anything about the article I asked the interviewer what the outcome was. Evidently the article was printed a few weeks ago but none of the quotes by any of us benzWorld enthusiasts was included. The arthur of the

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 How can I get heated seats in my car

Hey all I just joined this forum since my recently purchased 01 slk 320 will be arriving soon. Here is my problem the car has the tanblack leather power seats. But they are not heated. I really want to add the heating element to this seat and wanted to get all your opinion on what is the cheapest and easiest way to do this. My first preference is not to replace the seats with some aftermarket but to

Check on ebay under seat heaters... you can buy a kit with all switcheswiresfusesetc. needed from about 90.00 USD. Hardest part will be pulling the stock seats to remove their covers. Dont know about benz but most seat covers are hog-ringed on...wire cutter the hog rings off do your work and use hogring pliers to reinstall new rings. You might ask your benz dealer for an upholstery shop recommendation and let them install your heater elements if it seems too complicated. Regards

It seems to me the big difference here is whether you are trying to (or want to) install factory heated seats or aftermarket heated elements in the slk. Installation of either will still be different then trying to repair factory heated seats which are already installed. Bottom line is... unless you replace the seats with slk seats that already have factory installed heat elements I highly recommend

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Alternative heated seat fix

I have replaced all four base heat pads three with carbon heat elements and one with an element from the slk230320 which is a separate unit and a lot cheaper. Before this you might want to check whether you have an open circuit in the seat heater. Use a meter for this and if you have a circuit then check the feed to the seat (although the back and base share the same feed so if the back works the base

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Question for Shane

Hey Shane serious question clearly you love the SL500 but does it have the same enterainment factor as the slk32 I drove both the SL500 and the SL55AMG a few months back loved both (aside from being an extra 30-40 grand more expensive than my slk32). Can you honestly say dollar for dollar or pound for pound in my case the extra cash is worth the returns in engineering build quality performance I wrestled

areas perhaps I should visit. Pre owned 355 A 360 Modena. Lotus Elise yeah driven them hysterical car Un believable handling traction road holding and fast without question. If I have a question mark against them its this its a LOTUS this equates to Loads Of Trouble Usually Serious [D][D][D][D] Sadly the same can be also said of the TVR I nearly bought one of those when I was first looking at mercedes.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Inexpensive seat heater replacements

So last winter the last working elemnt died on my seat heaters... Living in the south they are rarily needed but with my upcoming move to Germany I decided its time to fix them. As my car is shipping in the next 2-weeks I needed to find a company [in the USA] that would deliver relatively quickly. I found a company on E-Bay located in MN that had a GREAT deal on heaters. Buy one kit (2-pads for 1 seat)

Quote Originally Posted by adrose Please post pix of your install my 03 slk32 went thru 7 heater elements while in warrantynow I need 3 out of 4 to be replaced. I wonder how difficult this job will be. Adrian Hey Adrian. I lost one under warranty (W210) and the replacement died not long ago. Sigh. If you enjoy upholstery work (NOT) its not that difficult. You can play off a couple threads in the 140

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 SLK32 AMG heated seat (again)

Once more the driver seat pad has failed-3 years6 fails Is this a design fault Adrian

With advice from SlacKer on here I proceeded to carry out my own repair on the dreaded heated seat issue which has been bothering our slk32 owners. I ordered up two heated seat pads which where designated for the non-AMG slks (part no. MA170 820 08 98) 60 sterling each. Upon arrival I removed my seat and dismantled the seat cushion following the WIS manual instruction all-in-all it was pretty straight

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Wanting heated seats in my 230

I made the mistake of not buying a slk with Heated seats. I really wanted that feature too but I got a really great price on my slk. Are there any safe after-market assemblies that can be put into my current seats. Any suggestions would be great.

Yup on my fifth its a bummer No pun intended Anyway if you are still set on doing this then this may well be a way forward check out this thread from a fellow UK 32amg owner WIL_AMG Date registered Jul 2006 Vehicle slk32 AMG Location Berkshire UK. wrote I proceeded to carry out my own repair on the dreaded heated seat issue which has been bothering our slk32 owners. I ordered up two heated seat pads

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Thoughts on Dipstick Oil Changers (Extractors)

Ive been changing oil the standard way for many years (crawling under the car opening the oil pan drain plug draining the oil changing the filter refilling) but Im wondering how effective these dipstick oil changers--that suction the oil out of the sump via the dipstick tub--work Specifically Ive been looking at this one Heres the link Seems like a much easier quicker and cleaner way to get the job

Quote Originally Posted by dynhm6 Greg That thought (installing aftermarket seat heaters) did occur to me but the slks to be my daily driver and I wanted it to be as turn-key (and stockOEM) as possible (Ive already done more than my share of seat rebuilds over the years). Now I just want to turn the key and cruise (hopefully with only the standarddaily maintenance chores to attend to). I get that but


Hi All I had been looking for the right slk32 for a few weeks and found one in St. Louis and just drove it home to NJ this weekend. It is Magma RedBlack and had 25K miles when I bought it. This is my 4th slk I previously had 3 99s many years ago. The 170 slk has always been one of my favorite cars. This car is comsmetically mint. However on the long ride home I noticed a few things The drivers side

32Crazy re first and foremost CONGRATS you will love this car its a beast. I loved my old slk230 (Magma RedSalsa). I got rid of it in 2002. Had to have another... -() 1. trunk struts found online easily. i got mine from statracing and they actually sent me 2 sets. mb struts 20 each. Yeah I saw them on ebay for 40 (pair). 2 seat heaters not working is a common issue with the 32. the element is stiched

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Infinity 3.5 coupe vs 1998 SLK...

Sat in but couldnt test the new Infinity coupe today..Quite a lot of car for 35000. My slk is 5 years old58000 miles. Whats it worth and would I like the Infinity I also have to see the new Z 350which is supposed to be a GREAT sports car. Adrian

I have seen both (but not driven). Taste is a personal matter but Ive got to say both cars are butt-ugly especially the Z. They try to imitate Audi - teutonic design elements without ever grasping the essence thereof. They may look cute (like Tonka toys) on a computer screen but no one with taste has obviously inspected or approved the clay models. Reviews of Z also mention the cheap quality of the

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Antennae options when fitting a car cover

I want to fit the 230 with a ( Weathershield HP ) car cover but although the cover comes with pockets for the two door mirrors it doesnt have one for the antennae. The cover has two purposes 1) keeping rain UV and other contaminants off the car and 2) adding another layer of protection to keep miscreants from seeing or breaking into the car. I have a few options 1) return the cover to the manufacturer

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Whats The Service Schedule Of An SLK...

recommended by the dealer from 0--100000 miles I have a qualified State Approved mechanic here in Italy who can work on my car a lot cheaper than MB can and he is authorized meaning that MB must accept his work for any warranty issues etc. Thanks

I typed this up in Word for my use so Ill cut and paste it for you. This should be the same as the manual including the MB work order numbers Year 1 A Service Year 2 B Service 2 Year Items 4280-Replace brake fluid 0090-Inspect suspension and body structure 9850-Inspect body for paint damage Year 3 A Service 3 Year Items 2080-Replace coolant Wateranticorrosionantifreeze mixture Year 4 B Service 2 Year

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 P0170 - not MAF other ideas

Hi All After getting an intermittant CEL with P0170 I bought a new MAF and installed it. The CEL went out a few days later and I was quite proud not being all that mechanically inclinded However after about 2 weeks the CEL was back on Any suggestions as to what it could be Ive changed the spark plugs bought a new gas cap and have now replaced the MAF. The CEL seems to come on if I let the car idle

I found this on a different forum do not remember which one because I cutpaste fixes I think might be useful in the future. OBD code P0170 fix I have had a reoccurring Check engine light and only one code stored. P0170 I have the complete list of OBD II codes. I was told that I had to replace the Mass airflow sensor. I argued with the dealer that if the MAS was bad the code will read P0171. (as per

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 ACHeater Tempmatic repair

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