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mercedes benz slk convertible roof R170
mercedes benz slk convertible roof R170

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Quote Originally Posted by One of the most popular upgrades to the slk is the smartTOP roof module. Imagine opening your convertible using your existing mercedes factory key fob as you walk up to your vehicle - a top down drive cannot begin more elegantly Ready to go but dont want to wait Imagine the convenience and the looks you will receive as you put the top up or down as you start

If I could do it over again this would be the first mod I did to my car. It is awesome Trust me - youll love it.

Would the Smart Top work with the standard key fob (RF) or only if you had the optional key fob off of the Premium pkg. My key fob does not operate the top only the interior switch.

Quote Originally Posted by rosros Would the Smart Top work with the standard key fob (RF) or only if you had the optional key fob off of the Premium pkg. My key fob does not operate the top only the interior switch. My key fob is a standard one that only operated the doors until I installed the Smart Top module. To make the Smart Top work you press the same keys but you press them 2 or 3 times depending on what you want to do.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 New to BenzworldHaving trouble with 05 SLK convertible roof

Hello I am new to this forum. I joined because of a terrifying experience I had last night with my slk 350 convertible roof. This has never happened to me before and I was wondering if any others ever experienced a similar problem This weekend (of course being a holiday weekend when the dealership is closed) my roof started malfunctioning. Several times this weekend when taking the roof down on my

I am very sorry to hear youre having trouble with your roof. Youll definitely want to get into a dealer to have it tested and corrected as necessary. I have not had the symptoms you describe but I have had my partition get popped in the open position after the roof started to lower. It happened I think because the handle of a parcel bag got stuck in the trunk latch and the bag shifted when the boot

Thanks Taroliw. Your explanation makes a lot of sense to me now. I had been grocery shopping yesterday evening and perhaps maybe one of my bags bummed the partition causing it to open - not sure and Ill never really know. But I do know that I will never reach in with my whole body to reclose the partition if I ever have the same malfunction. I hope I dont sound too dramatic but for a short moment my

welcome lisanne as a precaution I usually check the roof partition in the mornings before I lower the roof and check it again when I return home from work unless the roof is in the retracted position already. Glad you were not seriously hurt. When you get a chance pleae update your profile to include location--stateprovince and country. This info helps those who are answering the post as options vary from country to country. Welcome again.

The roof partition may pop out but Ive never had it happen to me... I think it might happen if you dont fix it in well enough because if you do the clips on the sides should latch in and lock the partition in place. From there on its impossible to push the partition off unless you unlock it. Ive seen dealers putting the partition in place but doing so haphazardly with one side not completely latched.

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MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 convertible roof

Hi My uncle just let me borrow his slk today but I cant figure out how to open the roof any help would be greatly appreciated (asap) hehe. I think it might be the red button in the middle or the three in the top center of the windshield. Thxx

Open boot Pull cover right up to rear of boot in slide Hold red knob back until cycle finishes. Same to go up again. Instructions in slk glove box manual in sticky on home page. Bazzle

help the roof wont go down anymore the red lights keep blinking and i cant open the trunk ithink i might have raise the luggage cover ( i put a bulky book bag under it) how can i fix this. Plz help

You WILL have to open trunk. Push down on lid whilst pressing trunk open button. Hopefully you READ the warnings on cover when you pulled it to rear Borrowing Uncles Car [0][0][0][V][V] Bazzle

If there is something bulky under the luggage cover open the boot and take it out. The red flashing light is warning you that the roof sequence cannot operate if you force it the mis-sequencing will cause serious damage . When I had my first slk I had a small bag at the front of the boot which Id forgotten about when operating the roof ignored the red flashing light and the underside of the boot lid

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Convertible Roof Latches

What is the best grease to use on the roof latches.

White door striker grease in the stick (for the ones over your head) Bazzle

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 Roof window control for SLKCLKSLE-ClassC-Class GROUPBUY

We are organizing a groupbuy for the mods4cars slkCLKSLE-ClassC-Class roof window control unit at the german partner forum . If your are interested in joining the groupbuy feel free to jump in httpwww.mbslk.demodules.phpopm...35711&forum4 Description of the module from their Website The smartTOP offers plenty of customizable useful features in one easy to install product. Plug and Play

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Oily substance leaking into roof liner

If its not one thing its another with my car. UGH Noticed some type of oily substance leaking beneath the vinyl lining of my roof. Its making the vinyl pucker around the edges. It looks like a deflated balloon. I assum some type of fluidoil leak Where do I begin

You can find repair kits and refill tools on eBay such as mercedes slk 230 Top Hydraulic Cylinder roof Repair Kit eBay Hydraulic Pump Refill Kit mercedes benz slk 230 320 R170 Hardtop convertible AMG eBay

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Minor Roof Problem - Need Help

On the linkage that connects the roof to the car there is a hard black pastic guide that goes into a slot on both sides of the roof. One of mine has broken. I talked to my mercedes dealer and he says I have to buy the whole mechanic works in the roof. 500 dollars. the black plastic guide is 2 pieces that snaps together. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solutionn

Best I can do is use this link. It is the black plastic part on each end of part number 210. VARIO roof. Fits mercedes slk 230 KOMPRESSOR convertible mercedes-benz of South Atlanta

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Test drove Chrysler Crossfire (both standard and convertible)

Last friday having finished early I went off to check out a rim fixer (a great place too prices are decent and the work seems professional Ill have to fix up my front left side rim due to scratches). Anyway while driving there I saw a brand new silver Dodge Viper at a Chrysler dealer so after visiting the rim shop I came back to take a closer look. Unfortunately the Viper was no longer there (belongs

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Some tips and tricks for convertible top cylinder rebuilds

No matter how many places I looked I still had some questions and uncertainties when rebuilding my top cylinders- and I successfully rebuilt all 5. Ive heard a lot of people complaining about this or that saying you cant do that (rebuild trunk cylinders for example) or you have to do this (prop top open).... quite frankly I found it much easier than I ever imagined and I thought Id answer a few solutions

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Roof Hydraulic System Overhaul - Top Hydraulics testimonial

I have a 2001 slk230 in Penang Malaysia. I recently completed an overhaul of the hydraulic system for opening and closing the roof and I wanted to put in a good word for Klaus Witte and the folks at Top Hydraulics Inc. ( Top Hydraulics Rebuilt and Upgraded convertible Top Cylinders Pumps Hydraulic Lines - Top Hydraulics Inc ) as well as for all the advice and tips I picked up from my fellow R170 owners

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Rebuilding Convertible Top Cylinders

This is a basic guide for replacing the rod seals in the hydraulic cylinders that operate the slk convertible hardtop roof. O-rings are used to replace the U-shaped rod seals that fail and cause hydraulic leaks. For detailed instructions on how to remove these cylinders go to slk Home Page The small latch cylinder located under the headliner is probably the easiest to do so lets start there. The first

the rebuilding process for R170 cylinders is a bit more complicated. Also none of your sizes fit the R170 cylinders. Top Hydraulics now sells custom cup seals for all R170 cylinders at 25 per piece. (I think you are charging 30ea. for R129 seals It didnt take any trying to make them right our software creates the perfect cup seal for the application right away. We rebuild and upgrade ALL mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Vario Roof Button Name

Hello everyone. As Ive posted on the intro forums I have been a lurker on here for a few years and am incredibly grateful for all the information that has been posted on here. Having said that I do have a question. What is the official namepart of the buttonswitch that controls the vario roof. I have been trying to use various terms searching google as well as here and everything that I come up with

MERCEDES BENZ CLK II 209 Convertible Problem ( can not open or close my roof)

Hi I registed in this forum to ask a few questions. I think this is the correct area to ask. Recently I bought a crashed car to repair... Good price Is a mercedes Clk 200 Kompressor convertible.... The airbag was open but I bought the airbags and Im trying to repair the car. However the crash was in a little part nothing bad Only frontaldriver side... The car still can work and drive correctly My real

Quote Originally Posted by rudeney You cannot retract the roll-bar headrests with the top closed. You must first lower the top manually. There are instructions in the owners manual for raising the top manually. Lowering it is pretty much the same just the opposite function (except you still open the hydraulic valves first). If you dont have the OM you can download one here mercedes-benz - Home of C

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Have the mechanics broken my car or am I just paranoid (vario roof problems)

(This is a cross-posting from slk World (I cannot post the URL as it is filtered away on publishing) hope this is OK) Hello everybody Your valuable input on the following would be very much appreciated. This is my story... I have a 1999 slk 200. I have had the car for almost a year without any major disturbances. A couple of months ago I experienced some problems when I opened the roof. At 2-3 occasions


Hi The picture I have attached is my not so beautiful slk I have spent a fortune on restoring it but I am now stuck with the roof not opening. My mechanic has had a go at sorting out the roof but it fails to open I have also tried a car electrician but no joy I had it checked by local mercedes garage and they confirmed that because it was hit the roof might have been misaligned when the mechanic was

hi please am newbie to merc forum. this is meant to be my 1st ever convertible and its turning into the car from Hell. on the receipt merc gave me after i took it in it says carried out short test found faults with roof switch roof hinges is out of alignment Does anyone know any roof specailist So am not sure whether its the switch or the alignment Should mercedes provide me with car log roof after

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 OK to open roof in garage

This may be a silly question but is it possible to open the roof in a garage equipped with a standard electric door opener There appears to be enough clearance but since I dont have my car yet cant really be sure [)]

The convertible 911s (or some other Porsche) as well as the Ferrari 360 Spyder use technology developed by the company who made the slk vario roof. But the slk has a hard top (vario) roof whilst the Porsche and Ferrari have a soft top (with a harder piece at the base that opens up to let the top slide in). They posted a link to the company page on the R170 forum a year ago... Anyway leave 2 feet of

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Glass roof for SLK

Just visited the showroom yesterday and saw the new SL350 comes with the glass roof Looks great[D]

Quote Just visited the showroom yesterday and saw the new SL350 comes with the glass roof Looks great[D] A little off the subject but I really think a popup glass (oneway see through silver coated) sun roof would be nice for the slk. I know you can get the glass made that will conform to the shape of the roof. My only concerned is can the roof motorhydraulic system handle the added weight am planning

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Top ten reasons for roof red light coming on

Has anyone figured the top ten reasons why the red roof control button & light will constantly come on after bumps luggage-blind moving downward slope upward slope severe braking no reason at all My 1997 230 doesnt apparently have a memory diagnostic chip which in later versions allows better id of the error sequence of roof events. My local MB reminds me of how long (expensive) the chase might be

control button & light will constantly come on after bumps luggage-blind moving downward slope upward slope severe braking no reason at all Switches switches switches switches............. In your case probably one of the switches that signal the roof is closed or the windshield header or at the front of the roof under the headliner with good pics for further info httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsr170...htroofswitch


Is it normal to hear occasional roof rattles going over bumps etc.. First day I had the car returned it to have a rattle fixed on drivers side now hearing one on passenger side mostly going over bumps. 2006 slk280

Quote RonJeffries - 1162005 1200 AM Mine is the most rattle-free car I can remember ever having. Same here. I have heard no suspect noise so far. My other convertible was a soft-top and although it was a smooth running car I could sometimes hear creaks coming from the roof doors and frame. Car critics say the slk is a relatively quiet roadster but some roof noises can become more noticeable in cold

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Roof OpenClose Problem Prospective buyer needs help.

Looking at a 99 slk 67k Miles... The roof seems to get stuck on the plastic piece that lifts up behind the seats and when opening the roof wont completely retract into the trunk unless I pull the piece toward the seats to clear the path. Seems like a relatively easy fix...however dont know how big of a problem this really is. Any thoughts Anyone experience something similar Thanks in advance

Quote redtide34 - 11132004 141 PM Looking at a 99 slk 67k Miles... The sunroof seems to get stuck on the plastic piece that lifts up behind the seats and when opening the roof wont completely retract into the trunk unless I pull the piece toward the seats to clear the path. Seems like a relatively easy fix...however dont know how big of a problem this really is. Any thoughts Anyone experience something

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 is there a special edition with a moon roof or black colored roof

i happen to spot a R170 that looks exactly like mine (in fact it was a pre FL) but it was badged with special edition and the top was either black or was a moon roof i am not sure which because it was too embarrassing staring at the car for too long. thought u guys may know something about this was there a moon roof edition (i think that would be really stupid since the R170 is already a convertible)

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Question about the roof.....

This may be a stupid question...but I have just recently been given an old slk and whenever I parked the car outside for lets say a few hours the roof would not happen especially on a sunny day. I know the heat could expand the parts which may prevent it from opening properly (ie the boot opens but roof wouldnt retract) but this has also happened on a partly cloudy day. Therefore it would be great if people can share their knowledge on this issue and all help is appreciated.

[QUOTE]Bruce R. - 2122005 929 AM ( 1 ) Does the trunk lid open ( 2 ) Does the hydraulic pump run ( 3 ) Does the pump sound like theres enough oil in it ( By that I mean does it start to sound one way and then change sound) ( 4 ) Does this only occur when you want to lower the roof or also when you want to raise it. Hey thanks for all the reply... I guess essentially the problem is that it doesnt open

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Is the SLK roof patented

With the Peugeot 206CC having the slk-typed roof I cant help wondering will it affect the value of the slk cos other car makers can copy the convertiblecoupe concept. What do you guys think

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Another thread on roof problems but with movies and a picture Please help

Everything is pretty much in the movies but here it is also When opening the shelf will not raise itself. I have to manually do it. The wings on the side usually get caught on the roll bar and so I have to make sure they are clear. You can also see that the wings stay up and that there is a large space between the shelf and the trunk lid. I attached a picture. I might be missing a cable or the cable

Quote Originally Posted by RedScorpion medical history is the key When did this start What was the cause a hit something stuck in the trunk From what I see something needs to be calibrated it is moving but not sufficiently. It has been this way since I bought it. There was not report of an accident on the carfax and the ppi showed no evidence of an accident either. There is nothing in the trunk that

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