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mercedes benz sl side window 107

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MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Replaced my right side window today

Thanks to Troglodyte I have a new right side SL window and was able to remove the SLC window that came with my door. All I need to do now is adjust the window which is not that badly off and up the door panel back on. The removal and installation process is pretty straightforward. After removing the door panel I raised the window enough to get to the four 10mm bolts holding the bottom of the window

httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsr-c1...07-380-sl.html Just found this today see if it helps..................

The SLC window just did not line up with the SL windshield or the soft top. The SL. window looks better already

I changed the window lift motor on the SLC then spent hours trying to get the adjustment right on the window. adjusted adjusted and adjusted............. then I just found a happy medium.................... Two days later I realized that I was trying to adjust the front window to an improperly adjusted rear window................... LOL............... Sometimes you just need to take a break and then

MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 Has anyone here replaced the drivers side window switch

I have a 2003 SL500. the 0.04 rod that keeps the drivers side window switch from coming loose while still being able to go back and forth is broken or missing from my switch. My STEALERSHIP (Brumos mercedes in Jacksonville FL) has quoted me a lovely price of 295 I can get the window switch from for 130 How easy is it to replace that switch It appears there is a quick disconnect type of plug

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MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 2003 SL 500 rear window side trim

Does anyone know how difficult it would be to replace the two plastic trim pieces that are located on either side on the rear window glass. These pieces are as tall as the window and are around 3 wide at the bottom to about 1 at the top. Mine are peeling and I would rather replace than paint. Thanks for your help.

Black plastic panels on sides of rear glass. - Forums

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 windows stopped working. both sides. fuses are good... HELP PLS

Hello all been a member of the forum for a few years but havent been around. this week both power windows on my 1983 280SL (R107) stopped working. Fuses seem good... any other hint any relay thanks much all in advance for any help. Enrico

I looked at the wiring diagram for the 83 380SL (dont have one for the 280). One fuse (f5 6a) provides power to a relay which turns power on to the windows switches when the ignition is on only. It must be good since Im assuming your hazard lights & ABS both work. window Relay as mentioned above is shown to be in the fusebox also. Cant tell from my manuals pic which relay it is. And since my manual is for US spec 380 theres no guarantee it applies to your car.

Quote Originally Posted by EnricoDePaoli Hello all been a member of the forum for a few years but havent been around. this week both power windows on my 1983 280SL (R107) stopped working. Fuses seem good... any other hint any relay thanks much all in advance for any help. Enrico When the dealer who had my car before me still was using it the windows stopped working on him. I havent been able to find

thanks Alan and pmark it seems that it is the relay.. I just did not know where it was located. The fuses seem fine and BOTH windows stopped... Ill open the fuse-box tomorrow again to try to find the relay. Everything else seem to work on the the SL... I havent noticed any other failure. Lights blinkers hazard radio antenna fan everything is fine. Ill post a follow up when I find one. If anyone has any other hint... thanks in advance. Enrico

Quote Originally Posted by bondavi With my 126 earlier I found the windows work when the door is open. Does yours do that also No windows dont work in any situation that I have found so far. Still hoping its the switches... windows in my 126 work fine BTW. Cant figure out how to remove the center console to swap the switches with the ones in my 107... but Ill save that for a different forum. side topic

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Side Benefit of Replacing Window Felts

I had posted a thread earlier ranting about MB selling a modify while installing part in place of the NLA part for the outside window felt. After a little screwing around I got them installed. A strange but not surprising side benefit of doing this is that my windows now seal and fit better on the convertible top. I dont have to roll the drivers side window down a little in order to close it and wind

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Adjusting side window - advice needed

Team - since picking up the 560sl a few months ago the passenger side window was never quite right didnt line up or seal properly and had some play. Today I found out why. After removing the door panel I discovered that the sliding blocks on the window both front and rear were totally missing. Not even loose in the door. Thus the window was loose in the tracks. I obtained the blocks at the breakers

Try that A. Sit inside close door window up secure screws. Then adjust glass rails angle to rest on HT seals. Afterwards put soft top up and adjust soft-top seals to the new location of the glass. B. Download the online manual which describes what each bolt does and play with them. I noticed that a window glass properly sitting on its seals makes de car 30-40% quieter to ride. Good luck

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Problem with driver side window. Need help.

While working on my 72 350SL I found I am not getting electricity to the driver side window. I looked at my wiring schematics but there is nothing on power windows. Can anyone help me out

Hi not sure if this will help but i experienced the same thing on my 85 380sl but on the passenger side window. My problem was intermitant but eventually the window stopped working at all. I found that the wiring in inside of the rubber chase that goes between the door jamb and door had completly broken from the door being opened and closed. I found it by feel. The insulation around the wire itself

I tried swapping the switches and still nothing. Then I checked for electricity. None. Without knowing where the wire goes from there Im stuck. Do the windows have a different fuse for each side If so does anyone have a fuse box layout

All the fuses look to be good. My son who took German in school read off the fuses and locations to me so we checked them all. By the diagram theres two fuses for the window motors when I removed them the passenger window still works. The radio fuse is right beside the top window fuse so Im thinking when the po put the sat. radio in they may have done some rewiring. I also may have the wrong fuse ID

Missed me again. Lucky so far this year. I am not sure about 3 and 4 being window fuses. Just something in an old Chiltons manual. Nothing on the CD about windows.

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 1980 450 slc side louver windows

i just got the louvers out of of my car and i am ready to take off old paint and redo them. i would like to know if anyone has repainted theirs or have ever did this project also what kind of paint to use and what the original color was. i believe the color was astral silver but not sure. if any one can help me with this i would really appreciate it. thanks. dominick

in..) Just dont force anything If it doesnt come freely its still attached If I remember correctly you start with taking off the moulding that runs along the top of the (front) windscreen and holds the rear view mirror. Its pretty much held on by the sunvisors and mirror. As you take off a part more fixings are revealed and you work your way toward the rear and the windows. Its no wonder these benzes

I am about to reinstall one side (at the same time I take the other side out for accuracy of reinstallation). To remove each step is easy but there are many steps. Ist remove upper interior passenger handles. 2nd remove visors. 3rd remove all upper-side non-headliner trim except the ones with seat belt routing holes. Some pieces need to be patiently rocked back and forth while pulling out. 3rd remove

MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 Problem with driver side rear quarter window intermittently working - SL500 r230 2003

Hello I have a bit of a peculiar problem.. Randomly the driver side rear quarter window stops working. If i lock the car come back in the morning i find that the consumer battery is dead At times the window works perfectly fine - sometimes when i turn off the ignition and restart Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Rear side windows in hard top

Hello Does anyone know how are these small side rear windows in the hard top retained are they bonded to an inside seal mine are loose at the bottom and after ispection I saw there is no seal on the outside between the window and the chrome.. is this normal are the normally just bonded to an inside seal and will water no collect between the chrome strip and glass if there is no seal to stop it Thanks

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Soft Top Side Window Repair

I know this will be a shot in the dark but here goes The side window on my top has a one inch holeslice at the spot where it creases when its folded down in the sotrage area. Has anyone found a way to weldmeltgluestitch or patch the clear plastic back together This is a slice so I can bond them back together without a patch but it is at a crease so I dont think I can do anything. Of course it figures that the rest of the top still looks brand new.

This subject has been kicked around before. Clear tape was the most promising idea I remember but I dont think anyone here has successfully repaired a plastic window. Member bereng (try a search for his post) did R&R his windows with the top in place but it was a painful and painstaking job. The concensus seems to be that its just as easy to R&R the entire soft top.

3M has a clear thick weather proof tape I cut a small square of it for both sides 2 years ago. The tape is still fine and the crack in the window hasnt goten any larger.

I called a bunch of shops. Some cant do anything with top on the car. Some wont touch it for fear of leakage. A third said he would remove the window and hand sew a new one in place....until he found out it was original top. He said it would shred when he went to put the new one in. Im hearing 500 for aftermarket top and 600 to put it on. Im also hearing I need to find some 3m tape Thank you Clear duct tape whod a thunk it.

This repair was on my side window when I aquired the car the rest of the top is perfect It appears someone melted a patch on the window so I guess it can be done. I think it looks like crap and have considered replacing the panel. Just fyi

MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 side window wont reset

My 03 SL500 lh side window has stopped resetting to the upper limit on closing the doorand I have to manually lift it the last 14 inch or so to completely close it.Has anyone else experienced thisor does anyone know where the sensor is that controls this Thanks. Gary Editresynchronized windowseverything OK now. DUH

How do you sync the windows. My car has had this same problem beginning the moment I drove off of the dealers lot a couple of weeks ago. 03 SL500. Out of warranty. Thanks for any help.

Quote Originally Posted by tgs125 How do you sync the windows. My car has had this same problem beginning the moment I drove off of the dealers lot a couple of weeks ago. 03 SL500. Out of warranty. Thanks for any help. Roll both windows downthen back upholding the control button in the up position for about 3 seconds after window reaches the extreme upper should now be reset.Luck.Gary

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Hard Top side window

Hello eveyone After weeks of chasing down noises in the cabin I finally located the one that most eluded me. It seems that the side windows on the hard top are loose and cause a lot of noise when driving over even the lightest bumps. I thought it was the locking system on the hard top Now I need to figure out how to dissasemble these windows to properly seal them and get rid of that annoying noise. Any help is appreciated. Cheers.

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Drivers side window seperated from track

1980 450SL. The drivers side window has come loose from the bottom track or frame whichever you prefer. Is there an adhesive that can be used to fix this or do I have to buy a new window set

You dont need to use any adhesive just get a new seal and install it onto the window. Then you press the window with installed seal into lift rail. At least that is what I did the new seal was only around 15 from mercedes and comes by the foot.

MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 NEEDED 2003 driver side window switch

Hello I am in need of a 2003 window switch drivers side dual switch. Does anyone have one they would like to sell thanks.. John

MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 Side windows wont reset

My 01 SL500 side window has stopped resetting to the upper limit on closing the door. I have replaced my aux battery an starter battery and after that i got this problem. how can i do to fix this problem. there is a reset to do whats the things to do regards

Push and hold both window switchs in the up position (after the windows are up) for 10 sec. This should reset the windows.

MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 Black Plastic Rear Window side trim replacement

Thanks to a lead on the forum i discovered it is easily a DIY Project and affordable. I need to replace the trim pieces on my 2003. PN 230-792-04-30 and 230-792-03-30 Cost 50-60 Ea. - I did hear a possible rumor that the panels on the 03 require upgrading to the late model carrier plate to fit the new panels. (I dont think the old style C panel is available) Thoughts Black plastic panels on sides of rear glass. - Forums Rear window sides are peeling anyone else - Forums

MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 Rear Window Side Trim

I just spent the last 45 minutes replacing the strips on each side of the rear window on my 2004 SL600. What a difference thanks to all of you who posted directions on how to do yourself. Parts cost 106 including shipping and all was complete in 45 minutes. Thanks again.

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