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mercedes benz sl shaft position sensor 107
mercedes benz sl shaft position sensor 107

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MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 560SL Manual transmission conversion Crank position sensor Help

Hello everyone. I am Converting a 1986 560SL to a manual 4 speed transmission from a 350SL Ive researched alot of forums in the past people wanting to convert a new m117 or m116 aluminum block to a manual trans but the problem is always that the iron block motors like the 350 had a removable plate that the aluminum motors dont have. I have solved this problem but for my research and testing I had been

Ok sorry for my lack of keeping up with this thread I didnt think i was going to get any response after the first few days. Anyway. I have preceded with my conversion. and the engine is now in the car with the 4 speed manual. It runs. I havent had a drive shaft made yet. It needs to be much longer. And i need to hook up the clutch lines and shift linkage. I solved the CPS sensor problem by using a

Transmission and plate test mounted on M116 380 Block Plate Flywheel clutch and pressure plate mounted on m117 560SL engine. Most parts were from a 350SL the hub on the crank of the motor had a pin in it for lining up the auto flywheel that had to be drilled and removed also The 560 had a rear crank shaft positioning sensor that had to be removed and replaced with earlier distributor that has the sensor

It now running great and i got the clutch pedal hooked up today. just waiting on the drive shaft now and working on the shift linkage

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Crankshaft woodruff key position question

working on dads 72 my question is what position is the woodruff key on the crankshaft supposed to be in at tdc1 cams are out chain is off timing cover is off all rails replaced new chain etc. I remember moving the crankshaft back to get to that last bolt on the AC carrier but not sure i reset it to tdc. Right now the woodruff key is at about 10 oclock. worst case i mock up the cover and pulley. Any info would be great. thanks.

Can anyone explain the distributor gear timing thing to me really dumb it down a bit. If I am understanding things correctly it seems that the distributor gear must be in time. With what it seems that it is only there to act as a bend in the chain and of course spin the distributor. The manual stated that if not lined up correctly you wont have the necessary adjustment well couldnt the adjustment be

Thanks we have a very similar diagram on the CD. But can anyone explain WHY Is there a sensor or something that depends on that tab on later models Seems like it would spin the distributor just fine in any orientation so long as the gears will mesh. The fact that there is no timing parks on the block or the gear itself except for the tab way up at the top on the shaft and they want you to draw your

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MERCEDES BENZ SL R129 R129 engine wont start - 1991 SL500

Hi everyone. I am having trouble with my 129. It started about three months ago with difficulty starting. You could turn the key and it would crank a long time and never start. Then if you turned the key off and back on it would start right up and run very smooth. As time passed it became more and more difficult to start. I replaced the fuel filter and checked the amps at the fuel pump and the pump

probably make a good BLUE STICKY for CIS reference. PAGES 12 SORRY IT NEEDED TO GO INTO 2 POSTS IT IS ALSO NOT SPECIFIC TO THE R129 ie locations may differ but the principles are the same and should assist greatly in fault finding. KE Jetronic Diagnosis Hello all on this forum. I hope to bring to some the benefits of my experience in effecting a remedy to a faulty KE Jetronic system on a W124 mercedes

them as supplied by the computer. The centre pin feeds back to the computer a voltage less than 5 volts for each position of the air flow meter. Connect the multimeter between the centre and the top pin and watch the voltage reading as you very gradually deflect the air flow meter plate. The voltage should increase continually never dropping out to zero. If it does you need a new potentiometer. mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Pertronix install - 1975 450SL

This post was originally going to be an account complete with photos of what modifications I had to make to the Pertonix 1885 kit to get it to fit in the 1975 distributor. But sadly it has turned into a plea for help. So I modified the mounting plate to miss the dist plate ground wire and clear the point adjustment nubs and filed down the advanceretard arm and got the sensor and magnet installed. I

Both the CraneS&S and the Pertronix systems replace the switchgear as well as the points they just go about it differently. The Crane system uses an optical system to determine the time to send the pulse to the coil while the Pertronix uses a Hall effect magnetic sensor. mercedesBosch wanted to decrease the wear and tear on the points and increase their life by using them to only switch a low current

MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 Shopping 2004 (or so) SL500 - common problems

Hello everyone Im actively shopping for about a 2004 SL500 and I couldnt find a buyers guide or common problems kind of post here. For what Ive read I wouldnt touch one without a warranty but are there specific common problems to look out for Thanks for any advice and hope to join you regularly soon

Quote Originally Posted by jlb911c 2003 mercedes-benz SL500 Common Problems 1 Shift lever getting stuck in park - 1000 2 Trust arm front suspension 1000 3 Engine mounts crack 4 ABC hydraulic issues 5 Roof issues Other BrakesThis vehicle has sensotronic brake control (SBC). If the SBC light on the dash illuminates have the brakes checked. If the SBC is not working limited brake pressure is delivered

MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 Extended warranties

I purchased a loaded pristine condition 2005 SL55 with 29K Miles on it. I am wanting to purchase an extended warranty policy and if so what company I welcome comments should I or shouldnt purchase one

Heres the coverage terms on suspension from the Costco plan. I do believe the ABC would be covered under the ESC term (at least I hope so). Also the warranty term is to start w the current mileage on your car (i.e. not counting it).. so for example if you have a 6 yrs60K miles coverage starting today then it would be effective thru Feb 12th 2019 or thru 90K miles whichever comes first. That is if

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 280SL K-Jet and Ignition conversion to Megasquirt write up

This write-up will describe how I changed the old Bosch K-Jet fuel system on my 280SL -85 to a modern EFI-system and it will probably also work on the older Bosch D-Jet system. I will try to cover as much as possible regarding our engines when it comes to different options and installations but in the end anyone planning to build and installing a MegaSquirt EFI system will require that you do some

This is how I did it.. TPS. The MegaSquirt controller uses the throttle position sensor (TPS) to determine for example... when the engine is at or near full throttle (to shut off feedback from the O2 sensor) when the engine throttle is opening or closing rapidly and needing an acceldecel enrichment. It also cut off fuel when decelerating. First I visited the nearest scrap yard and bought a TPS . Usually

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Stumble on Accelration 107

Hello to all. I own a 73 450 SLC 107.024 EFI. 80K original miles. It is now stumbling on acceleration. will accelerate if you go slowly then smooths right out. Idle is like a swiss clock. Just the troublesome stumbling and hesitation when attempting to accelerate. No Merc Mechanic in my area. But had a local guy look at it. He said fuel pump was giving intermittent low fuel pressure on his gauge when

Fuel is supplied to the injectors at a constant regulated pressure. Each injector contains a small solenoid which snaps the flow fully on or shuts it fully off. The ECUs job is to determine how much fuel is needed and then control how long the injectors are snapped on during each piston stroke (even at full throttle the injectors are on only a small fraction of the time). The ECU will vary this period in accordance with the following inputs 1.Throttle position and movement from the Throttle Switch which is just outside the throttle body and is connected to the butterfly shaft. 2.Intake manifold pressure from the Pressure sensor which is the hand grenade-looking thing on the fender connected to the intake manifold by a rubber hose. 3.Coolant temperature from Temp sensor 2 which is a small fitting screwed into the head on the right just below the thermostat housing. 4.Ambient air temperature from Temp sensor 1 generally located in the air cleaner box. Check out this thread httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsr-c1...-prodject.html

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 D Jet system overview prodject

I was surfing the web for a description of the D Jet system and found this on a different vehicle site and tried to modify it to the early benz model. Now this is an opportunity for all with knowledge to review and critique. If it is agreed on to be accurate we can make it permanent and add to the EGv107 RC See next post..

All About D-Jetronic Fuel Injection Based on the number of questions we get about Bosch D-Jetronic Fuel Injection many owners (as well as many professional mechanics) find its operation and maintenance arcane and mystifying. In fact its really not all that complicated and problems can usually be analyzed with no more than a pressure gauge a multimeter and a little common sense. D-Jet is inherently

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Trailing arm bushings install

I have searched and not found info I want. I know some of you guy have done this. I read the manual and want the real low down on the project. Looks like the complete assy. needs to drop down to remove the bolts for the bushings. Manual state remove completely. One of you guys that have done this chime in on the process. I plan on replacing the rear sub-frames while its apart. I have a hard time following

Yes you have to completely lowerremove the rear sub-frame in order to change out the bushings. You cant do this job without the proper spring compressor. Well maybe you can do it but at some risk to life and limb. Youll also want a car lift. Doing this job also usually entails changing out the flex discs rear sub-frame mounts differential mounts a parking brake overhaul rear brake overhaul new differential


Hi everybody looking for some information please help I have a SL500 03 with 55K miles and had a weird problem. I went to get a haircut last to last sunday everything perfect I came out sat in my car car wont start all the lights on the instrument CLUSTER went on even CHECK ENGINE. There was a cop around he saw me and gave my car a JUMP START. I thought may be the battery was week or something but

I USE THE BEST GAS 93 ONLY AT SHELL OR MOBILE From the past experience I had a CLK 430 2002 and it did the same thing after checking up on this post i found out it was Crank shaft position sensor and costed me about 150 to replace at local tire kingdom. Since CLK had this kind of problem very common Do you guys think SL could also have the same problem

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S 108 109 late 250 SL odometer

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Ot has suffered the typical VDO odometer problem - the 10ths digit drum has lost its grip on the driven shaft. If you want to have one fixed try Rick Borth at Overseas Speedometer in Texas Overseas Speedometer 100 Wallis Drive Austin TX 78746 800-444-0292 OR Do it yourself . . . .from Rick Iknoian Central California Section 209 299-2216 I have repaired speedos on easily at least 30 different MBZs.

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 High Idle on 89 560 SL

Car wont settle down after idling or running. Let me back up and tell you what happened before the car started doing this. Battery was dead and had it jumped. Friendly passer by connected the wrong terminals. I put new battery in and seems like there must be a constant drain wont hold a charge. Now it idles 1500 rpm and wont kick down even after warming up. Where do I start

On my car when it did that it turned out that the throttle position sensor went bad. It is mounted deep in the V of the engine on the butterfly shaft. It can easily be checked as the connection is at the top left front of the engine. There are three wires common full closed idle and full open throttle. At idle there should be continuity between the common and idle wires. At full throttle there is continuity

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 My 85 380SL Megasquirt Project Progress

I started this about 6 weeks ago. Ive been planning researching and anticipating this project for quite a while. I finally took the plunge although I must say I have learned a lot about EFI so far... Tons of reading I gained more wrinkles on my brain in the past 6 weeks than my total life....

Cam shaft position sensor. Fully sequential injection and spark... I know theres a million Simpler ways that this could have been done... I think Kenny my fabricator did a decent job on this I would have to cut off 38 or so to bring the sensor close enough to the wheel for the correct gap.

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Ignition Help Needed

I have a 1984 380sl. It ran fine then one day stalled driving to work. Restarted and got to work. When I went to leave it started for a few seconds then stalled and hasnt started since. I am not getting spark. I read every post on the internet and tested the coil and replaced the the ignition control module. Still no spark to the plugs. Tonight I checked and I am getting spark to the distributor cap

MERCEDES BENZ STRICH 8 W114 W115 Questions regarding newly purchased 220D

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heated181704 wrote All of the gauges are now working except for the fuel gauge gear indicator and the odometer. The gear indicator I believe isnt even plugged into the cluster because one seemed to missing from the cluster and it looked to be on the bottom center where the gear indicator is positioned. But since I have not recieved my manual yet I dont know where to search for the end of the gear indicator

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