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mercedes benz sl clutch pressure plate 107
mercedes benz sl clutch pressure plate 107

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MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Clutch 1985 Euro 280SL

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The pressure plate and throwout bearing are in the USA. The disc has to come out of Germany. pressure plate and disc are exchange. Please drop me a note on Monday at the office for prices etc. or call me between 1000 and 1200 and well discuss it. I have to leave early Monday. Im usually here from dark to dark. __________________ Tom Hanson Supervisor Parts Operations mercedes-benz Classic Center USA

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 New member Tranny question

Howdy new memeber here. Just bought a 1977 450SL. Almost perfect interior engine runs great but experiencing a tranny problem and manuals have not arrived yet. Tranny was running great pulling strong. Yesterday went for a 30 minute run to Las Cruces from El Paso to Home Depot. When I came out tranny would not go in reverse. Forward gears still pull good. Checked fluid and level appeared good. Only

Hi rgrady and welcome to the forum bud. I dont claim to have specific experience with a mercedes automatic but I have rebuilt a couple of Volvo automatics and the symptoms youre describing sound to me like the valve body is malfunctioning. It could be due to contaminated fluid but just as likely its because you have insufficient pressure due to worn clutch plates or leaking clutch o-rings or all of

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MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 75 280SL 4spd - resto project.. my neck of the woods. Claims no rust (hah)...hasnt run in 10 over parchment needs interior etc... Worth saving Short bumpers Euro lights etc...

I followed up on the comment by ChiefRider about the need to strengthening the front subframe. I asked John Hill (also with 75 280 SL) about his experience and he repeated ChiefRiders comment. Now that I have access to the EPC I checked for any revisions to the originally installed subframe on my 75 and found that the original version (part No. 107 330 09 42) had not been updated and that the same

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Rolling Restore a Black Lipsticked 1973 450SL - Bringing a car out of storage

Im going to make a better effort to document my restoration of the car maybe pulling my links into this one thread. I think it makes most sense for me to have sub-threads for my individual adventures. Ill probably keep my plannedcurrent projects under my signature. (This first post will see lots of edits.) So here are my sub-adventures. Buying My Car when I knew nothing (what a mess of a thread) httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsr-c1...07-sl-buy.html

I dont think I ever posted a link to my data card in here (didnt find the build sheet) I was going to try to get everything right before posting in here again but it looks like maybe some of the reading could be a little helpful to others. So wth. Ill just post and hope to edit later. (please excuse edits in this post as I attempt to trace history over

MERCEDES BENZ SL R129 SL 320 rough change between 1st and 2nd

Hi I have a SL 320 -94. transmission 722507 03 937593 The gearbox is very rough when changing from 1st to 2nd gear. I have reasently changed the oil and filter in the gearbox. The other shiftings are smooth. Any idease I resetted the gearbox learning before summer.. Thanks Jonas

I had the same problem with some older models but think much is the same. Sometimes it work to lower the vacuum but i thought this affect all the gears. Since its only 1 and 2 the clutch plates could be vorne out. This is the shift that gets most beating and is first to be vorne out. This was my problem opened the gearbox change the plates and oil and the shifting was smooth. But its also a valve kind of part. Sorry but its many years since i did this job. But if you remove the oilpan it should be a cover with four screws on the valveblock. This little valve is adjusting the pressure between 1 and 2 gear. At least that was what the expert said. Think if you ask at your dealer about this they can check at the part diagram for you. Only cost around 25 for this kit. Found the part i was thinking of here at the forum. httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsw126...epair-kit.html

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 I Passed My Smog

First thanks to everyone that contributed to the few other threads Ive posted recently as I was working some issues with the car. I was concerned because while I did pass last year it was with worse numbers than I would have liked as in too close for comfort. As such this time I made significant efforts to improve. Here is some of what I did OVER HEATING I have been having an over heating problem and

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 560SL Manual transmission conversion Crank position sensor Help

Hello everyone. I am Converting a 1986 560SL to a manual 4 speed transmission from a 350SL Ive researched alot of forums in the past people wanting to convert a new m117 or m116 aluminum block to a manual trans but the problem is always that the iron block motors like the 350 had a removable plate that the aluminum motors dont have. I have solved this problem but for my research and testing I had been

Transmission and plate test mounted on M116 380 Block plate Flywheel clutch and pressure plate mounted on m117 560SL engine. Most parts were from a 350SL the hub on the crank of the motor had a pin in it for lining up the auto flywheel that had to be drilled and removed also The 560 had a rear crank shaft positioning sensor that had to be removed and replaced with earlier distributor that has the sensor

MERCEDES BENZ SL R129 My SL has a new stablemate

Well OK its a bit off-topic but I thought you might like to meet Peggy our new 1948 Rover 75 P3. Comparisons with the SL500 are interesting top speed is about 65 as against 155 time to 60 is about 26 seconds as against 6 and yet they will both do about 25 miles to an Imperial gallon if Im lucky. Do any of YOUR SLs share garage space with an older friend

Quote Originally Posted by 1200 boxer wlb50..I had one of those MR2s loved it and rebuilt the engine myself. not the usual tinny japanese car and greatly contributed to the toyota quality reputation they have strayed from. Of course they were quite expensive compared to their competition. On the clutch problem...did you check the clutch master ..or more likelt the clutch slave cylinder. If the clutch

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 mb v12 bi turbo m275

i know this is little bit of topic here but i will in a few weeks have three V12 bi-turbo engines with 5 speed auto from 2004 in my garage and the engines are fully complete with everything nothing is missing. get back with more info.....think i would put one in my 107 after all......

John thats good info about the shift delay but that can be done relatively easily on the SM4. The problem I can see is that IF the factory use 2x 6 cyl ECUs (much like m120 used 2xm104 units) then the setup is complicated. Also the CANbus is going to be a problem for a whole host of other issues like instrumentation abs yaw control etc - which are all tied into the harness. probably going to need a

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 560SL Air ConditioningCompressor rebuild

This is my first foray into any automotive AC repair so I thought I would document my experience. When I got the car I was told there is something wrong with the AC. The auto temp control system seems to be working fine I just could not get the AC compressor to come on. I read that the freon pressure must be correct before the clutch will turn on. Rather than spend the money to have it diagnosed I

MERCEDES BENZ SL R129 my damaged R129 AMG story in Asia- now the fun begins

here in the Philippines life isnt always easy. yeah sure its cheap living with no speed cameras or breathalizers but it does have its down falls. after 10 years of working on bikes here and the odd suzuki carry van (and of course my more recent volvo v40 wagon) Ive stepped up to the plate and bought a damaged r129 amg. previous owner was a norweigan who had an insurance payout blew all his money then

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 What did you do over the winter

Reading Fonzis threads made me think about what Ive done while my car has been off the road for the last five months. As of yesterday my parts box is empty Im hoping it feels like a new car when I drive it. It should handle a bit better since my wallet is a lot lighter. Actually all in its not too much money. Heres what Ive done from memory may have left something off Subframe Reinforcement Timing

I havent completed freaking anything. Heres what I have started this past winter - timing chain - tc tensioner - clean intake manifold and replace gaskets - tested the AAV slide valve in hot water and it seems to function fine (new aav & cold start injector gaskets installed and new AAV hose... I took a video to compare new to old shoring the stiffness difference in MB AAV hose parts new and old.)

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Help me ID 1975 mystery wire

After pulling the alternator air pump air pump bracket and radiator from my 1975 450SLC (CA model) I noticed this loose wire and Im not sure where it goes. I suspect it connects to the oil pressure sensor as that has its own length of loose wire coming from it. But the two wire colors are different and they dont look like they were recently connected.

Quote Originally Posted by MBGraham After reading manual emission systems Section 14 1975 it seems there is a 17C temperature switch on the oil circuit that is used to control air injection system. Wow thats excellent research.. thank you MBG. 17C is only 62F so that switch changes state at a very low temperature from an engines perspective. I looked over the air pump and its appendages and dont see

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Dealer B service today - price and info

001100 FSS - service scope B - 62000 miles (1) 000-180-31-09 Filter element 20.50 (1) 007603-014106 Ring general 0.80 (9) Q-1-09-0135 Mobil 1 ESP 63.00 (1) Washer solvent 2.96 (1) 210-830-10-18 Charcoal filter 27.50 Total parts 114.76 Total Labor 227.50 Cost to me 342.26 I thought this was reasonable but I also thought they would replace more fluids and filters than they did so I expected to pay more.

Has the bottom fallen out from under the dollar Service B today at the dealer - Dick Dyer mercedes here in Columbia SC. Sales and service there have always taken very good care of us. Never had any reason to suspect foul play. But the following induced some sticker shock to say the least. Invoice verbatim Perform B service Change oil and filter. Replace dust filter in all SLK CLK C-class and E-class

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Just bought 1997 e420 (Questions or Recommendation)

I got a good deal on a 1997 e420 and first thing I did was send it to a mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection. Going to attach the report so you can see the inspection details What do I need to rush fixing wise I have already replaced all 4 tires and plan on doing the alignment next. Car has 125000 miles on it. I am thinking on starting with 1.Alignment 2.Fuel Filter 3.Bleed the brakes 4. Replace

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Bad Transmission

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Here are some transmission notes I had in my file that were written by Dr. Marshall Booth. Date Sat 24 Feb 2001 174358 -0500 From Marshall Booth Subject Re [DIESEL] Early shifting Kevin NO the transmission is NOT vacuum shifted The transmission shifts when the ATF pressure reaches some pressure level. The precise pressure to trigger a shift is a function of the position of the control rod (old) or

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 W123 your assistance please..judder problem

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Anton I cant add anything else without seeing the car. Id be interested in knowing what the problem is when you find it. Im sure youll find what is causing this and fix it. Shaking like you mention when letting out the clutch is indicative of grease or oil on the clutch disk or any number of problems with either the clutch disk the pressure plate or the flywheel. It is possible that the clutch disk

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