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mercedes benz m102 rotor 190 W201
mercedes benz m102 rotor 190 W201

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MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Slight stumbling problem from 84 2.3L M102

I get a little bit of a stumble when accelerating with my 2.3L m102 when barely warmed up. I drive down hill for quite some distance before needing to give the car gas. I have a feeling it may be either flooding itself on the way down or its leaned itself out too much. I havent checked the plugs wires cap or rotor yet but those items were changed by the previous owner not too long ago. I was wondering

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 m102 coughing

Hi When i hit the gas the engine starts to cough. I openend the hood and I could hear a slight click noise ( tick tick tick tick) It is coming from either the distributor or somewhere under the air box. Any tips Mercbenz

Visually inspect the rotor and distributor cap. Inspect all vacuum lines. If all looks well then it could be the fuel distributor plunger you hear...starving for fuel. When was the last fuel filter change Have the fuel pumps every been replaced Do you smell fuel at all indicating a leak somewhere

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 M102 idling rough last thing left to fix i hope.

W124 m102 230E 1986. Rough idle Hardimpossible Cold start. Hi all Im new on this forum although ive used it quite alot when fixing my car. its a real helpfull resourse and ive figured out most of the problems on my car. Now though ive hit the wall so to speak i couldnt find the answers on these symptoms so i had to make a new post. My w124s engine is idling rough around 750rpm after i have sucsessfully

first off you need to check andor replace rotor cap wires and sparkplugs. check andor replase engine temp sensor. mey be a good idea to run a fuel-cleaner also.

Ive Changed rotor dist cap leads coil. Ive also run Injector cleaner for some tanks now. i have the temp sensor with 2 connections one meassured 2k ohms to ground the other didnt measure at all if i remember corect. i have thinkered a bit with the black plastic sensor on the front of fuel distributor noticed you can change the idle with this.

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Is my engine dying M102230TE85-320k km

Yesterday i took the lid of my air-cleaner there was a lot of greyyellow oilwater mix coming out of the cranc case ventilation hose. Ive had problems with plug fouling lately so i gave the engine new plugs and caprotor yesterday. Dismantled the valve cover the engine was wery dirty inside ive changed the oilfilter frequently later beacause of oil pressure falling after a few weeks. The engine startsrunsdrives

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Distributor rotors

I have a 93 400e and i was looking a t a site i bought them from to do my tune up. And it said there was two differant kinds one oldr the other for newer engines or somthing. Any one aware of this for a 400E 93 or any other mercedes. I orderd the older ones so i guess ill se how that goes i hop it doesnt break my baby. Any info would be great

If you have an m102 M103 or M104 motor use the regular copper plug. It has something to do with the resistance built in to the plug if the plug has an R in its number. These motors take non-resistor pugs. Couple that with the small size of the electrode which allows the plug to foul easily and you have a recipe for bad idle. Here is a detailed explanation from some guys who know what they are talking about... httpwww.shopforumshowthread.php3t128120&highlightplatinum

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 New 2.3 owner - A few questions (temp sensors rough cold start and more)

Hello fellow mercedes owners I have recently bought a 1986 mercedes W124 230E and I have a few questions which I need advice for. I originally posted in the W124 section but since so few people own 230Es and my questions are engine related someone suggested that I post here. The car has the 8-valve 2.3 m102 engine. First the car is very hesitant when its cold out. It will start fine if I dont give

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Newbie Advice - buying guides

Hi Im thinking about getting my first G-Wagen. I am in the UK and would like to buy a used one. However I have been unable to find any buying advice such as problem areas to look out for years to avoid etc. I have gone to specialist bookshops and trawlled the internet to no avail. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I am primarily interested in a short wheelbase and

Hi Klaus Heres the revisions. Sorry for the delay but wanted to get a friend to verify first. cheers Max mercedes G-Wagen Buying guide In principle all mercedes G-Wagens are very robust designed for both off- and on-road use. Nevertheless because a lot of them are 20 years old or more there are a number of potential problem areas to look out for. Unfortunately many of the used Gs available for sale

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 92 2.3 8V Misfire Issue

I recently bought a 1992 190E 2.3 that has been sitting since 2002. The previous owner had driven the car until the fan clutch switch quit working. He replaced the clutch its self but the problem persisted so he parked it. I got it home and did some basic (I want to own this car forever) maintenance. This included Plugs Wires Both Fuel Pumps Fuel Filter Fan Clutch Switch Drained TankReplaced Strainer

you did not mention distributor cap and rotor replacement do not allow it to misfire AT ALL you will melt down and destroy your catalytic convertor This is a high powered ignition system and is very sensitive to the health of all ignition components. BTW these m102 motors like Bosch Super or Beru regular copper plugs. dont use platinums with their tiny electrode. all R&D on this motor was done using copper plugs (Bosch or Beru)

Quote Originally Posted by slk230red BrandSize of spark plugs Are the spark plug wires correct type How about the distributor cap and rotor Have you checked the O2 sensor If the ICV hoses are hard I would replace all 4 of them with new MB brand hoses. What is the duty cycle reading Hadnt had time to wrench on it for a couple weeks. I got a new cap and rotor which really smoothed out the idle. The plugs

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Trying to find what is causing rough running missing and unresponsive gas pedal

Does a Carburetor version 200 (m102) has any electronic components that can be leading to this problem Already changed the distributor rotor which was melted and am waiting for the cap to arrive.

Quote Originally Posted by electronicsounds Does a Carburetor version 200 (m102) has any electronic components that can be leading to this problem Already changed the distributor rotor which was melted and am waiting for the cap to arrive. Basic engine no electronics. If you had a melted rotor then high voltage was not getting to your spark plugs. You are replacing the cap but best to remove and inspect

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 190e 2.6 Starting Problem

Hey guys first time poster. I have run into my first problem in my 190e. I have owned three 190s and this one is the first to give me any problem. 1989 190e 2.6L 275000KM automatic The car had always ran fine once running but would occasionally give me trouble on startup. And one day it decided not to start up at all. The problem I have is that the car will not start. I can spray starting fluid into

Quote Originally Posted by Logon_Bob Thats where I was going with a weak spark since there is a spark. I dont have a neighbor with a 190 so swapping out doesnt work for me. You can swap a coil from any m102 or M103 [ie w201w124] and in my case I used a coil from a w126. I did a spark test and had a reasonable spark on 1 cylinder but it wasnt enough for all 6. In the past 3 months I have found coil

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Resistor vs. non-resistor spark plugs

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Paul V.142063 wrote The plugs mentioned in the owners manual for my 1986 190E 2.3-16 (Bosch H6DH6DC and equivalents) are no longer manufactured. So far no one Ive tried has listed a non-resistor plug for the 16V. While I was happy to see the Autolite 103 mentioned in another thread I still have a general question - is there any truth to the assertions Ive heard about resistor plugs causing problems

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 280E Transmission choices

Right so I bought a 86 230E (W123 the W124 probably rolled off the assembly line the very next day ) with automatic gearbox and in a moment of insanty an 84 280E with manual gearbox. Plan is to swop out the 280Es interior with the 230Es (same colour but the 280Es is very badly worn) and sell off the 230E after Im done with it. Im busy fixing up the 280E myself took me four days to get the valve-train

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Timing

I got me one of those timing light gadgets that I want to use to check the the ignition timing before I actually check the fuel pressure for my stalling saga. I have never used one of those before but the instructions in the box were nice and clear. The only problem I have is that I cant see any markings of a front flywheel and the pointy thingy while looking at the engine from the top. Am I suppose

On the m102 engine facing the front of the engine the pin is under the distributor mechanism at approximately 1 oclock if the crank damper were a clockface. At approx. 2 oclock you should see the cable and mount for the crank position sensor. It might help to find the spot by removing the distributor cap and rotating the engine to so that the rotor lines up with the TDC mark but there should be a cast in dimple where the pointer goes.

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Restoring my 190E AMG

The time has finally come where my 190E AMG (2.0 m102 with 5-speed manual transmission) is getting restored to its former glory. The car has such options as ASD and sportline seating.The once AMG factory-owned 190E has had 17 years of usage wear and tear before it landed into my ownership a few years ago. Since then I slowly worked out and still am working out all the mechanicals to make it a reliable

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 1984 230CE - Engine Part Compatibility Questions

Hi all I was wondering if anybody could answer a question that I have regarding engine parts namely head andor valves... I have a 1984 230CE that is in relatively good shape pretty much rust freestraight body etc. but recently she has been running extremely rough. Ive had a good look over her and have had her to a local shop to be checked out. It looks like I may have a burnt valve I definitely have

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Why are W123 diesels considered bulletproof

Ive always wondered where that claim came from. I dont see it and perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Bulletproof refers to engine failure “ or the lack thereof. Diesel engines are more robust than gas engines to withstand the higher compression to ignite the fuel it has nothing to do with how fast they are run (rpm) or whether or not the engine is pushed to it™s limit “ being built stronger then a gas engine is part of a diesel™s basic design. As for the 61xs the design is based on commercial truck

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 89 300E is the TDC sensor only for diagnostics

The TDC sensor broke apart and wires are hanging out of the coil. It looks from the schematic that it only goes to the 9 pin diagnostic connector pin 7 and pin x that I dont use. Is that correct If so can i just remove it Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by augapfel The part that failed is in fact a harmonic balancer. In my experience that part does fail on the m102 and the M103 engines. The outer ring is forced onto a rubber ring that is fitted to the inner hub. The rubber ring allows minor but important relative motion between the outer ring and the inner hub. Theres no reassembling or otherwise fixing the balancer. Buy a

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 What could cause a hard start in our cars

The car in question is a 1991 190E 2.0 (m102) with sportsline 5-speed transmission. Recently past the 200000 Kilometer mark... somewhere around 125000 miles. The car also has an LPG system installed but its designed to start on gasoline and once the car is revved past 2000 RPM switches over to LPG. The following were just installed... 4 non-resistor spark plugs (bosch) spark plug wires (beru germany)

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 300E24 Stalling When Warm

I have a 1991 300E24 that stalls when it gets warm (see pic) it easy to start and idles smooth. But as it warms up it starts missing until it finally stalls. I have used a code reader and found that the O2 sensor has a fault. Will replacing this cure my stalling issue And should I go to the dealer or source this part elsewhere I read you can splice a universal sensor but this is not recommended Car will also not start again after stalling. edit was also sitting for two weeks prior

Quote Originally Posted by R.P. McMurphy can if you want to but coils usually last thru a number of changes of cap rotor and plugs. Car has 280k so I might as well what plugs do I get I have the choice between 0031590403 SPARK PLUGS H7DC m102 M103 or 0031596703 SPARK PLUGS M111 M104 M119 FR8DC4 Im guessing the m103 ones

Quote Originally Posted by hynzdog Car has 280k so I might as well what plugs do I get I have the choice between 0031590403 SPARK PLUGS H7DC m102 M103 or 0031596703 SPARK PLUGS M111 M104 M119 FR8DC4 Im guessing the m103 ones ...they need to be non resistor type plugs. bosch or ngk. i dont know the mb part number maybe clark knows but you can check the search function for m103 spark plugs. i know i

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Knocking & Shaking going Up-Hill

Hi All The car is a 93 W201 190E 2.3 m102 engine. Yesterday while I was driving on the highway I Noticed that the car do a knocking noise and shakes above 60mph when I am going up hill (Only up-hill no problem in flat area) and try to push the gas pedal hard to keep up with the traffic flow Also the temp was almost at 100C (it was like 90F outside) all the time on the highway speed for about 45 mins

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Another Euro Auto tranny part so I can order a filter.

I really love my 1983 Euro 230TE working hard to bring it back just having a little trouble identifying parts in order to buy service components. I have replaced the spark plugs wires dist.cap rotor front shocks rear hatch shocks. Next is new injectors and fuel filter. This weekend I also hope to do an oil change which I assume the oil filter is the same as a 1984 190E - m102 engine All the other parts

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 col starting & running problems - carb autochoke (stromburgpierburg)

ok firstly hello to everyone. i have an m102 engine which has a cd175 pierburg carb which is essentially a shiny version of the stromburg carbs on the w123s and w115s i think. when i start the car from cold it takes ages to fire. when it does it will idle fine. as soon as i put my foot on the gas it dies as if its not getting enough fuel to match the air intake i have replaced fuel filter air filter

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Knocking & Shaking going Up-Hill

Hi All The car is a 93 W201 190E 2.3 m102 engine. I am just posting in here since there are alot of experts here and my problem is not a W201 specific. Yesterday while I was driving on the highway I Noticed that the car do a knocking noise and shakes above 60mph when I am going up hill (Only up-hill no problem in flat area) and try to push the gas pedal hard to keep up with the traffic flow Also the

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