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mercedes benz cls starter I 219
mercedes benz cls starter I 219

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MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Remote starter

Hi all I came across this remote starter. You can get it off ebay for around 70 Anybody have it installed Can you share what remote starter you have I like this one because it works with your remote and cheap The Hoffman Group - Autoloc - mercedes cls 500 Remote Start Kit Factory Keyless Compatible

Quote Originally Posted by alex_g Hi all I came across this remote starter. You can get it off ebay for around 70 Anybody have it installed Can you share what remote starter you have I like this one because it works with your remote and cheap The Hoffman Group - Autoloc - mercedes cls 500 Remote Start Kit Factory Keyless Compatible yeah everything except for the part where it works...

There is a guy on this forum with a company who makes a remote starter that works from your oem keyfob. Its 700 plus install but it is supposed to work. There is no other system available that work. The downfall is cost and operating distance. Its no farther away than your door locks... Chris PS.. if it sounds too good to be true it is

Quote Originally Posted by Roadan .... Its no farther away than your door locks... there is also an option to add aftermarket remotes which allow you to start from up to 5000 feet...

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 2006 CLS500 does at times not start... dealership seemily unable to determine why

I got this 2006 MB cls500 a few months ago... with very low miles (25K) from a mercedes benz dealership in SE Florida. I got it without warranty (not certified). Anyways... the car is beautiful tight even still has some of that new smell... never smoked. But one day after I had been driving around and come back to the parking lot from the pharmacy NO more starting. It accepted the key let it turn the

Sorry for the delay. I was traveling while the cls was at mercedes in Palm Beach Florida. Theyd call me every once or twice a week to give me an update for about a month. Mostly the car would NOT fail. When it would it wouldnt again once the technicians would get around to analyze and hunt down the culprit. Finally and upon my pressing they looked at the relays along that command line and found one

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MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 2009 cl63 rims fitment on CLS

My friend is in search of rims for his 2006 cls 500. He is really interested in the cl63 5 stars. My question is will they fit without any fitment issues will he have to change up the tire size or somthing is the offset good for his ride Any information is much appreciated.

wheels. So his existing tires wouldnt fit these choices. The width on all cls models (base base with AMG Sport Package and AMG) is staggered at 8.5 front and 9.5 rear and the tire size differ according to the diameter and width of the wheel. I believe that the offset should be the same for the models discussed but do not know for sure. I think the style wheel you refer to is available from mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 CLS On Track Round 1

I had the pleasure of driving and instructing at a track day at Miller Motorsport Park (Tooele UT) last week with the group. This was my first track day with the cls550 and I certainly pushed it a bit but I kept the stability program on for now. It is obviously a heavy boat but did OK. Based on some initial tire temperature tests Ill start my next track session with 38psi front 34psi


Hellonewbie here on my 1st post. I bought a cls 55 on 8-31-2005 with 9 miles on it. 2 weeks go by and the car wouldnt start. My neighbor bought the same car at the same time and his wouldnt start on the same day Unrelated problems They couldnt figure out my car so they replaced everything from the key to the starter including the harness that goes through the engine That took 10 days.As for my neighbor

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 NEW CLS500 owner problems and issues

My family just bought a 2006 cls 500 and I have to say it looks even better in person than in the magazines. But there are a few minor problems and one MAJOR problem. The MAJOR problem is that the car takes 4-5 seconds to start and sometime it FAILS to start Has anyone else had this problem If yes what was the problem and did MB resolve the problem Here is my short list of ISSUES and QUESTIONS ISSUES

Hi Everyone Thank you for all the great advice Especially how to (temporarily) turn off that annoying chime FYI Here is the specs on our cls500 COLOR Pewter Black leather Laurel wood trim OPTION Parktronic Keyless-Go Xenon lights HK stereo Production date 12005 Everyone loves the look of the car And it really is a sweet ride no problems with the transmission nor the brakes as others have mention in

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 2006 CLS 320 CDI - Starting Fault

I have a 2006 cls 320 CDI which has recently developed a starting fault. On turning the key the dashboard lights illuminate as normal but occasionally there is no ignition starter motor turn-over and it takes several attempts before the engine fires & runs as normal. When this fault occurs the engine management system warning light illuminates giving the following fault codes 3053 [Intake Air Temp


Advice I am 95% possitive that I will buy a 2006 cls500 with 60sk mile tonight. The dealer does not even give me a penny discount... asshole. The only reason why I would prefer this one because it has red leather seats. Is the juice worth the squeeze But my main concern is whether cls500 reliable I had a Lexus IS350 and put 160k mile on it and basically I just had to change oilbrake padstires. ON the

MERCEDES BENZ SLS AMG C197 New owner of a CLS55 AMG.. how to clear service D exceeded indicator on my dash

Hello all For starters I am new to this forum- so please be gentle I am a new owner of a whitetan 2006 cls55 AMG.. what an amazing machine Only 20000 miles and I purchased her from the original owner. Its got a pulley upgrade and some ECU tuning done to it already so its even more fun than a stock cls55 Everything is great but this service D indicator on my dash is really bugging me. How do I clear

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Exhaust Is it worth it

I need some advice. I recently purchased a cls55 and I am curious to see if any of you 55 or 500 owners change your exhaust. I was told that it will cost around three thousand us. Is it worth it I know it sounds more aggresive. My friend says it will sound like a Ferrari.

Most effective mods on the cls55 is the Ecu upgrade and Pullies for starters...if you want exhaust sound remove your resonators or second set of catalytic converters

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Hmmm.. Should I

So I wanted to buy a used cls63 AMG 2007 for 46800. Engine 6.2l V8 SFI DOHC 32V When I walked by I saw a V12 TransmissionAutomatic Horsepower707 Torque 465 Adaptive Cruise Control Air Conditioning Alarm All Equipped Alloy Wheels AMFM Stereo Anti-Lock Brakes Anti-starter Anti-Theft Auto Dimming Mirrors Backup Sensor Bluetooth CD Changer Curb Side Mirrors Driver Air Bag Dual Air Bag Dual Climate Controls

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Remote Start 06 CLS

So whats the solution to put a remote start on a 06 cls Is there an OEM system installed by the dealer Aftermarket system that can be installed by someone reputable and not bypass security

Most off the mb cost well over 40k it is damm cheap for 799.99 for remote starter for mbbecause it plug n play.It work off your panic button range isnt that far-but you can buy xtan range remote like Compustar or Directed Electronic remote control.Check it out at Smartkey starter or watch it at youtube.

Mid City Engineering make remote starter that is plug and play. that work off your oem panic button ( range may be 100 to 150 ). the extend range made by Compustar or DEI. will get you like 1000 or so now it will cost you over ez 1000.I hasnt install one yet because no body ask for it since i deal with this .It pricey some customer mic has heart conditionI would like to be the only installer in Ma. for MB.

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Water in Trunk - HELP

Okay....this is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. When I wash the car or when it rains (Basically every time the car gets wet) the trunk lid collects water. And when I open the trunk a pretty substantial stream of water pours from the latch assembly and from the red trunk light. I have looked and CANNOT find how the water is entering the trunk. Any ideas Help

My daughter has a similar problem with her 2005 C230 Kompressor. The water accumulates around a sensor that prevents the starter motor from receiving the signal from the ignition switch. Any ideas

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Delay before AC kicks in

First hot season with my cls and its happened enough times now for me to say it always happens so I have to wonder if its a design feature. It takes at least two minutes (as in 120 seconds not just what seems like a long time) for the AC to start. Is this normal with a cls or not Even my wifes Honda pumps out the cold stuff within a few seconds Id rather have no airflow than a blast furnace until the compressor comes on...

I have mine set to autoauto with the AC button on. A few times I tried turning off the AC button and turning back on. At first I thought it was working but I think it was just that I had waited long enough for it to be ready to start as when I tried it immediately after starting it did nothing. I think Ill try starting the car manually (using the push button) and see if that makes a difference - I almost always use my remote starter.

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 What is draining my battery

I got the car in November 2-12 years old with 6k miles on it. So about a month after I got it I was surprised but not terribly so that the battery was dead. I figured must be it was just not real well charged and it had been sitting for two-three days when it happened. However it has now happened a total of four or five times. The last two times was within the last week when it had been started in

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Auxiliary Battery

Where is the auxiliary battery located under the hood I have looked for it and have been unable to find it. I understand it is on the passenger side.

jlindy is correct for the starter battery and the main battery is in the trunk

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 new c class vs used cls

The new C class is a beautiul car especially the amg avante guard version. But the top of the line car will likely cost about 50000. which make me think for about 5000 more you can buy a used cls 500. personally I love driving small cars fast there easier to park and cut through traffic. Also You save on gas and insurance. On the other hand the cls is a cls. Its a very impressive looking car. Im am really torn. I dont know what car to buy. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Im just wondering where the thread starter is wonder what he thinks about our opinions.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 ML500 service codes

I just bought a 04 ML500 with 72k on it. The truck is super clean and nice. I paid the dealer left and went to fill up with gas. I filled up with premium and started it up and a 2900 code came across the dash. No other lights or warnings and the beeping stopped and off I went. The following time I started the truck there was no code and it was fine. The next time I got the 2900 code again. Now I had

the onboard system and for most owners means using a code reader plugged into the OBD port on the underisde of the dash to get the codes although some MB sepcific diagnostic codes cannot be obtained unless a MB licensed diagnostic system is used to read them (like the dealers SDS system). As outlined in the Owners Manual - what you most likley have have is a FSS dash indicator from the onboard mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 2005 E320 CDI w 108K not CPO-what service bulletins can I have done at no charge

Fellas This is a fairly new car to me and I wanted to see what types of recalls or service capmaignsbulletins that I may want to avail myself to especially if it would be at mercedes dime I have a AC smell that is starting to show-would I be able to be part of the AC smell related DTB Thanks for the help in advance ..

Service Campaign 2006040004 MAY06 Clean sleeves on front axle carrier new bolts & washers E (2003-2006) Effective VIN range (Have your dealer check VMI to see if your vehicle is included) 211.026 A178744 A599959 Service Campaign 2005060008 JAN06 Programming battery control module E (2003-2006) cls Netstar message Extended Limited Warranty on SBC Hydraulic Units dated 5506 now provides coverage


Hi everyone sorry for yet another MAF post. The E55 is still new to me only owned 3 months and 1500 kms driven. It has approx. 75000 kms (47000 miles). While taking it to my indie last Saturday morning (to schedule tranny service I figure its 9 years old) got a CEL on the way under moderate acceleration. Car lost power instantly like going into limp mode. Codes were p0300 and p0303 cylinder 3 misfire

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 SLK55 Sports cat or Catbypass pipes

Has any tuner out there offerd Sports cat or Catbypass pipes for the SLK55 Its a nice minor upgrade you could gaint 10hp with a sports cat free flowing 100 cell or decat which leads to more flow Since people like the looks of the AMG oem tips this minor change would be good

Quote zaint10 - 312006 1025 PM I have kleemann sport cats on You can noticed higher exhaust notes at higher revs but not so much at lower rpm. Im definitely looking for alternatives to add a little more agressive sounding to the car. If I cant wait for Eisenmann... I will try adjustable exhaust cutouts bypass. Try check Mbworld for the video clip of awesome sounding of MG0427s K4 cls. Its scaringly

BMW SERIES 7 645Ci vs MB CLS500

Had my bimmer in for an oil change last week. Had arranged for a loaner from the dealership so I could run some errands. I took the opportunity to test drive the 645Ci as well as the new MB cls500. Both cars were priced with options for around 76K. Drove them on city streets as well as hiways. Heres what i thought. Interior BMW wins For starters MB put the turn signal too far down and away from the

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