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mercedes benz cls spark plug I 219

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MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Needs Sparks Plugs recommendation

Hi guys I wanna change the sparks plugs and wires on my car ( 2009 cls63 AMG ). What do you guys recommend and why Thanks

MERCEDES BENZ CLK II 209 Spark Plug Replacement

I just finished changing the spark plugs on my 2006 CLK 500 and heres what I found. It was suggested that you need a special wrench to remove the plug boots. Mine came off without needing this tool. It was suggested that it was not necessary to move the Ignition Control Modules to get to the plugs. I found that it was much easier to access the plugs with the modules moved out of the way. I applied

Check out this link to maintenance schedules mercedes-benz - Home of C E S cls CL SLK SL R GLK M GL G Class Mine says 91000 miles or 5 years. I was at the 5 year mark so I chose to change them.

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MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 How to Install Spark Plugs in a 2000 E320

Good morning I have a 2000 E320 and I bought the 12 spark plugs it takes to replace the old ones but I cannot figure out how to get the spark plug wires off. They look different than the normal spark plug wires I used to and I dont want to just start pullingbreaking things as Im sure the wires are really expensive just like everything else on this car. Can someone tell me how to get the wires off and what the gap spec is for the plugs Thanks Jon

Hi Jon your question will get a lot more responses if you posted it on the W210 E class forum as that is your chasis model. This forum is for the W124 E clss that ended production in 1996. Good luck

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 2007 cls550 Service question

My MB dealer tells me that my next service at 70k miles will be a whopper at 1875 which they call B. It is the standard B service with addition of a few items the largest of which appears to be spark plug replacement (every 5 years of 91000 miles). I cant quite figure out what else is in this service to make it so expensive beyond the standard 400 B service. Anyone have experience with this or a recommendation

Thanks. I have a copy of the maintenance schedule. All I can ascertain is that the only major work done over a regular B maintenance is changing spark plugs....the price of 1875 for this B service seems exorbitant so trying to determine whether other owners have encountered this. thanks

when left unchanged they discovered that MB transmission can fail. Dont know for sure how much are spark plugs but for cls 55 AMG is due at 10000 miles and I wouldnt worry unless you having issues with starting up but I am not a mechanic just a thought. I would find out how much are they charging for spark plugs replacement at first and add the numbers together. Check this article for spark plug mercedes-benz

Changing the sparkplugs is not that bad. Remove your coil packs and change the plugs it doesnt get more difficult than that. Spend 5 minutes on the internet and you can have all 16 plugs for around 125 or so.

Quote Originally Posted by Marco57 Thank you all for your info. Davgrig very helpful. Next year my vehicle will be 5 years old but will only have 68k miles The spark plug replacement is called for at 5 year or 91k miles. Do you guys I think I can wait on this until the mileage gets closer to 91k Hi Marco57 Regarding your spark plugs question I find out that spark plugs tend to seize up inside the head.


I have a 2006 MB cls500 with 32K Miles and running great. Just in last few days I am getting a warning on start up that I am due for an E Service in days when I go into the menu it is saying my next service is due in 7 miles this is correct. As I have not doing much mileage in this car in last few months I can only assume that this visual warning on start up is set to a timer not mileage is it possible to disable this warning myself

best left to the dealer. Thats the indicator that comes up on the center display indicating you need Service E (or A-H). It will also tell you which Maintenance Services are required. The FSS is very tricky to access and adjust. The buttons dont seem logical (at least to me). Anyway all the maintenance people try to keep its operation a secret. Here is the procedure to access and reset it. mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Replacing CLS500 valve cover gaskets and breather sealant

Long time reader first time poster here. Hope this is helpful for someone as I could not find a good tutorials anywhere online. I will go through replacing the valve cover gaskets as well as breather cover sealant on a 2006 cls500. Tools and Parts 38 18 extention rod 38 Angled connector 38 ratchet Brake Parts Cleaner mercedes Part 113-012-02-21 Gasket mercedes Part 113-012-03-21 Gasket mercedes Part

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Recommend replacement for CLS500

Have an 06 cls 500 with the AMG exterior package. its value now is about 27-30k. I like the car but not in love with it nor looking forward to future maintenance of it. Reason I dont love it is I dont like a car I cant work on an I hate dealing with shopsmechanics. What can I replace it with that has similar value in this market. For reference the original toss up before getting the cls was an M45.

I start car and there is the message car is too low visit workshop. I get to Park Place they are total assholes treat me like shit are completely not interested in doing waranty work etc. Just to shut me up they work on the car on a Saturday apparently the pump for the AIRMATIC was defective and should have been replaced with the front struts. once agin 2 week wait.... WTF what is wrong with mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 sounds like a fair price

for cls55 1067 for all 4 brake pads and rotors including turning onoff the SBC 633 for spark plugs and wires is this a fair price or too much with all mercedes parts. thankx.

Quote Originally Posted by nava405 for cls55 1067 for all 4 brake pads and rotors including turning onoff the SBC 633 for spark plugs and wires is this a fair price or too much with all mercedes parts. thankx. R U buying the parts yourself or paying a shop to locate and install. If the former look at Porsche Parts - Discount Porsche Parts - Porsche Accessories - Porsche Auto Parts - Online Catalog

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Need Help buying cls 55

hi guys iv been in the market for a cls55 for a while now and i think i found the right one now. below are the specs im kinda ify on the car due to the carfax report showing multiple repairs before the car even hit 50k miles. -check engine 12k -drive belt & tensioner replaced 12k -anti theft keyless remote battery replaced 12k -door trim replaced 17k -check engine 18k -air injection pump replaced

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 CLS500 Transmission problems anyone

Hello everyone. Fairly new to this forum and I like what I see. Thanks for the intersting posts. My cls500 shifted harsh when cold since when I bought it new. Its a very abrupt 2nd to 3rd (when in C mode the default starting gear is 2nd right) and the same when shifting down coming down to a stop. The rough shift subsides as the car warms up. I took the car in at 1000 miles and the dealer said that

Update on the cls tranny. The dealer replaced the transmission twice. The first one was ok but my service manager wasntt happy with the shift after the install. So he ordered another one with a new torque converter. Its much smoother now but it still does that annoying rought downshift once in a while (no particular circumstance but more when its cold). I guess this is normal. Now Im having problems


So...ive had my 2007 cls 550 for about 8-9 months now and ive had so many problems When I first got the car it was having problems with the (whats that safety traction control called which you can turn on and off on the front dash) and I had to take it in for that like a day after I got my car. IT also had problems with its CD player and they fixed also have taken it for so many nagging

Hi guys . A little update about reliability of cls 320 CDI. I have already spoken about - the substitution of the front cranckshaft bearing - the substitution of the fuel pump - the substitution of the TV system module of the Comand and made some interventions on Air Conditioning system (bad smelling). Now at 46000 miles we have to add - the substitution of the preheath spark plugs of cylinder nr.

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 How to temporarily immobilise

Hi all My 1st post. Its 2am and I have just driven my newly purchased cls500 1300km back home. I have a little problem. The car isnt insured against theft and I live in a town where uninsured cars are stolen as a matter of routine. I need to wait until Monday to do the insurance. Bear in mind I am not a mechanic or even mechanically minded if you can answer my question... I need to do something simple

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Timing belt Warranty

Hello all...I have a 2007 cls550 with about 80k miles. It was running rough so brought it to my mechanic and he said it was a problem with the timing belt and possibly the valves. He said both should be under warranty until 100k miles. Is this true if not what am I looking at to repair a timing belt Thanks for any help in advance.

I would be very surprised if there was anything wrong with the valve train or valves. Your mechanic is an idiot. Rough running engines can be caused by many things. Most likely is a bad or clogged injector bad coil spark plug or sensor. Any competent mercedes trained mechanic can troubleshoot this. These engines are very reliable mechanically. With proper maintenance they should go 200000 miles. However

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Is it worth it

Hello Firstly I have to tell you that Im new on this forum and I want to apologise from now for any mistakes. One of my friends is selling a MB cls500 from 2006. It has been imported from America to Europe (Im from Romania). I was thinking of trading my BMW 645ci e63 from 2004 a small difference ( ) but after a few days of reading on the internet about this car... Ive seen that there are some problems

Sorry for the late answer guys had a busy day at work. Yesterday I went to MB for the check. Over all the car is fine and has no major problems. It currently has no errors but she had in the past two errors one was from the battery it ran out and the car entered in some kind of safe mode (thats what they told me) anyways nothing to concern about and the other one was from a spark plug it had a misfire

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Oil leak from valve coverPCV cover 5.0L

About a month ago I noticed a faint oil-burnt smell when I would come to a stop or park the car at home. Pop open the hood and I noticed a big enough oil leak to have left a caked-on layer on top of the coil packs and spark plug wires on the passenger side bank. I WILL need some degreaser to thoroughly clean up the mess. Has anyone else had to replace those gaskets the valve cover andor the PCV unit

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 O2 Bank1 Sensor3

Where is O2 Sensor Bank 1 Sensor3 Its my understanding bank 1 is on right side of engine from drivers point of view but dont know where sensor 3. I see 2 O2 sensors on the catalytic converter. I got one of those bluetooth OBD2 readers really cool. Car doesnt see to run bad. Just replaced all spark plugs and it made noticeable difference. Car has 89k miles and have read O2 sensors tend to fail after

Quote Originally Posted by bodytech Where is O2 Sensor Bank 1 Sensor3 Its my understanding bank 1 is on right side of engine from drivers point of view but dont know where sensor 3. I see 2 O2 sensors on the catalytic converter. I got one of those bluetooth OBD2 readers really cool. Car doesnt see to run bad. Just replaced all spark plugs and it made noticeable difference. Car has 89k miles and have

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Car shake at complete stop........

HI anyone have any idea why does the car shake at complete stop almost like the engine is about to die-out... do this happen to yours 2006 cls500 at 43K mile. thanks.

I have the same problem with mine at 31000 miles. I have had it at the dealer 3 times for this. First they replaced the tranmission mounts then the motor mounts then all of the spark plug wires. Its going back in tomorrow for it again...

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Common replacement and maintenance parts - all in one thread

heres some simple stuff that Ive found perusing the internet to consolidate into one simple post OIL CHANGE Mobil 0W40 (5-qt) - need 2 of these 23ea WalMart for an 8.5-9qt oil change Mann-Filter HU 7185 X Metal-Free Oil Filter 9.32 (free shipping with Prime) Mann-Filter CUK 3172 Cabin Filter With Activated Charcoal 23 OES Genuine Oil Dipstick 31 Mobil Jet II Turbine Oil - Quart Can 16 for SC oil change

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Why Not To Buy A Mercedes

Funny videos. Guess he has a point or two. But Im still a buyer of benz and Bimmers. My 2011 Subaru has been a disappointment Why Not To Buy A mercedes - YouTube A Car You Cant Check The Engine Oil On. - YouTube

you your windshield wiper system may be malfunctioning and might quit at some day when you really need it tells you to pay some attention before things break. Whats to complaint about it About the buttons thats another bullshit and totally his own biased opinion I rented a Ford product in LA past summer(hated it) had twice the buttons that cls has. Also if you look all of those buttons in any benz

OK I finally finished it and completed all the paper work. True cost of this job ended up being 540.00 with the only non service related parts being a rear view mirror and 2 shifter bushings. I replaced all parts shown in the 60K service below and optional belts and filters. Most of these parts were genuine MB and came from plugs filters and belts were OE manufacturer and came from

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Valve cover gaskets leaking...

Which in itself is not surprising as the car has 89000 miles....what is surprising is that they were replaced just 30000 miles ago by the same dealer I bought the car from.... I have ordered a pair of Victor Reinz question is what sealant to use to ensure they dont start leaking again Thank you. SBH Sent from my SPH-L710 using AutoGuide.Com Free Ap p

This is a very common issue with all mercedes V8s I had a 2002 CLK430 and it was leaking out of the right valve cover and it only had 50k miles. My Cousin has a cls55 2006 and we looked up the services records and his was done at about 25k miles. I now have an e500 with 60 k miles and it is starting to sweat but nothing major that i can see coming on the spark plugs. Another friend of mine has an 05


Hey guys hope everything is going well I recently bought and replaced the maf sensor with an original Bosch unit. the idle before was a bit jumpy but only enough to hear it slightly but not enough for the untrained eye to see the needle jump. The car was throwing codes for p0170 p0110. I cleared them last night after I installed the new one and the check engine light has not come up. I have only driven

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Dome Light Stays on ALWAYS Seriously Always.

Hey guys I just ordered and installed an LED interior light upgrade kit for my 1999 E430 Sport (pre-facelift) and now I have a problem. When replacing all the bulbs with the LEDs I got to the overhead domemap light and began to swap out old for new. The new LED for the map was no problem but the two (2) dome lights caused an issue. Basically the LEDs that go into the dome lights are 41mm Festoon style

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 5 12 years and Im not in chronological order

in chronological orders but some mods are not pictured stock first mod LM-6 replicas smoked tail light version 1 lowered with RENNtech springs painted the grille got Bi-xenon got C55 replica spoiler first set of 19 Axis Phin retro fitted the Comand myself full DIY y HRE 448R brushed finish. picture taken with friends Brabus kit C230k.

Carlsson phase 2.5 DCR Laguna Seca in charcoal 19x8.59.5. back to 2005 tail light. Carlsson phase 2.5 piano black interior trim inspired by Carlsson cls. Carlsson phase 3 BBS RE 18x8 18x9 lightweight and functional and rare Carlsson phase 3 BremboAMG rear 4-piston brakes and BBS wheel decal and currently as you can see in the sig. got the new lower window trims and went to a 05-07 3 slate grille instead.

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