mercedes benz cls front hub bearing

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mercedes benz cls front hub bearing I 219
mercedes benz cls front hub bearing I 219

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MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 front wheel wheel bearings

My ft rt wheel bearing was sloppy so I asked indie if they could adjust the reply was there is no adjustment you need a hub assy. Not satisfied with spending for 30.00 worth of bearings ( inner and outer) I pulled the dust cover and low and behold its just a regular tapered bearing in the hub Unless you scorch the spindle it should be easy to just repace the bearings. Rockauto lists the bearings with out the hub. Has anyone tried just replacing bearings only Thanks

FWBs usually do not require adjustment so if the hub is flopping around the bearings should probably be replaced. The trick is to get the outer races out of the hub and MB does not make it easy. No cutouts etc. so its hard to get a punch to get a bite on them. If you freeze the new ones they go in a little easier. With the time and difficulty involved no shop wants to mess with it so they just replace

a die grinder to cut the race in half dry ice chill new one and heat hub it will fall in the hub would be machined so there would be a stop for race to sit against. This is not rocket science if shop would rather charge you 300.00 plus for part rather than fixing old hub Im going else where. By that I mean if they are to lazy or stupid to be able to fix it how can you trust them woprking on your benz

How are you going to get a die grinder inside the hub to cut the races out This is just a factor of timemoney. At shop rates the cost difference between replacing the hub and changing out the bearings is not that great and there is zero risk of getting hung up in the job. Thats just one more reason so many folks DIY. Youre paying yourself the labor so you can take the time you want.

MERCEDES BENZ CLS I 219 Unusual light groanthump from front end while driving Possible hub replacement WTF

Im getting a sound coming from my front end that really just sounds like the hub bearings going. The sound is intermittent while the wheels spin. Almost a light groanthump.With every revolution of the wheels the sound speeds up and slows down. You wouldnt really notice it unless you had your foot on the pedal-brake as much as I do or if you were looking for it. Even on completely smooth sufaces you

Anyone with any input I have a 1000005yr warranty that is honored at mb dealerships. Anyone know if this will cover the hub bearings

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S 108 109 Recommended lubricants for grease fittings

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that the recommendation for the Chassis Grease Shell Retinax C is the grease they recommended oh say 40 years ago however Shell doesnt make that grease anymore so apparently theyve never bothered to update their recommendations since as you know more modern cars dont require chassis greasing... However that was the recommendation when the car was new the fact that Shell no longer makes it isnt mercedes

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