mercedes benz clk power steering fluid tank

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mercedes benz clk power steering fluid tank I 208
mercedes benz clk power steering fluid tank I 208

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MERCEDES BENZ CLK I 208 do i need new power steering fluid

ive just noticed that whenever i turn my steering wheel on my clk 320 (99) i hear a squeak. not in the wheel but in the actual wheels turning (i hope that made sense). anyway i was wondering if i need to change the power steering fluid and if so with what fluid. i know this sounds bad but could i find some fluid at walmart or get it changed there thanks again as always D

Quote Originally Posted by behtareen thank you for the advise greg. il stay away from walmart. your right. second the noise is made when i steer at the same locations on the steering wheel. the noise feels like it comes from outside. thats really the best i can do to describe it. secondly if its alright since i thought you guys may know more than me on this. i was wondering. Should i use premium gas

Quote Originally Posted by gregs210 Hi D thanks for taking care of the profile info. Im with philly read your owners manual. Mine states 91 octane thats what goes in the tank. There is much discussion on the forum about it but please know that your engine was designed for premium and while the computer can adapt to regular it cant redesign the engine and over time that will damage it. Moreover youll

MERCEDES BENZ CLK I 208 Extended Warranty info

I am looking for a great extended warranty for my clk 55 AMG. Its a 2001 w only 28k. Does anyone know of a great company to call for this that has the warranty themselves Any detailed info would be great Thanks in advanced. Congrats to the guys in the car show Great looking rides GO Va way to represent.

ya id like to purchase extended warranty on the 430.....dont know where to look. stupid dealer guy doesnt return my calls [(] what about AAA ------------------------------------ Platinum Coverage Plan The Platinum coverage plan is available for all vehicles and provides coverage for Emergency Repair If you experience a problem after hours and our Claims Service is closed you may authorize and be reimbursed

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MERCEDES BENZ CLK II 209 2003 CLK500 Brake change

I am going to attempt to do my own brakes again. I used the attached document as a reference last time and had only one problem. Im hoping to get a little insight to avoid that problem this time around. First here is my parts order (from RockAuto) for those who may be interested AKEBONO - EUR847 - Brake Pad - 69.79 - 1 - 69.79 AKEBONO - EUR603 - Brake Pad - 38.79 - 1 - 38.79 CENTRIC - 12035052 (120.35052)

The fluid in the resevoir will turn dark - it believe from particals of rubber that float - same for power steering and pneumatic fluid for the convertibles. Seals will eventually break down to fail but will still work okay until complete failure - per example - put your finger on the stopper inside the tank on your toilet (the one that prevents the water from going in the bowl - the flapper). If it

MERCEDES BENZ CLK I 208 clk photos

Hey so whats my clk ill upload rest of the photos tomorow.

so i have few more pics btw so what i did to this car changed Rotors-Pads Original steering damper Transmission kit (fluid filter gaskets) Oil filter mobil 1 full synthetic oil Spark plugs Bosh 2 Platinium New tires Dunlop Direzza Dz101 Windshield wiper Cleaned engine with sea foam through gas tank after cleaning changed Fuel filter. Engine mount Air filters K&N great filters and i actually did feel

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 300TD one rear side sags

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