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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 transmission is stuck in low gear

my beauty is on 1st gear and wont up shift.if tray to up shift on the lever handle is wont works.the gear is shown in the control panel only D.P.N.R. I checked all fuses. ok. brake light. ok but when press the brake pedal the rpm stay the same and when shifte the trans ckick up. any help please Im new in the mercedes benz and I realy love it.

I went through same dotay stuck in 2nd gear. solved it for now but will have to replace schomething soonner than later ... httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsw163...-my-quick.html Found some helpful info here (from another MB site) ML GL G-Wagen R-class Unimog Sprinter - ShopForum it reads ... YES....I resolved the problem. I took the vehicle to my MB Dealer and had the system properly scanned. Here are the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 99 E430 stuck in 3rd gear

Guys A friends 99 E430 stays in 3rd gear has reverse but 1245 are shot. His words. He wants to sell it to me for 1500 but ill offer a little lower and buy it only if the transmission is salvageable. I can do a drain and fill of the fluid with Valvoline Maxlife or Shell ATF 134 and use the MB filter kit. Im hoping that the missing gears will come back after the new fluidfilter is in. Am I dreaming or

they are known to get loose..Those two bolts are responsible in sealing the pressure for gears 12&3. Most of the time I find them loose when Im repairing these transmissions.. F) I would check the physical look of the speed sensors and they should not look bulged or cracked like in the photo from post 35 from the link below.. 722.6 Transmission Refresh. DIY and questions. - Page 3 - PeachParts mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Transmission trouble

Today while driving my 2000 e55 car dropped into limp home mode wouldnt change to any gear past 2nd. Manual shift locked in d only. And check engine light came on. Car has 126k on it and I do not know if tranny has ever been serviced. I have owned vehicle for last 7 months got it with 123k. Havent had any major issues with it. Can this situation be resolved with a transmission service job or is my problem much bigger. Any ideas to my problem

Be careful with that mechanic.. I assume you meant he replaced the conductor plate rather than Electroplate.. which he should have explained codes to you (which you could have checked here) before going forward. po700 normally means a worn speed sensor on the conductor plate..which is the exact part conductor plate he said he changed..and probably if you asked him there was a po700 BEFORE he changed


Hi there My 2000 E320 (155k miles) went into a special limp mode ive tried several things including reading all limp mode posts..some of them too late...(keep reading) The events as they happened... 1.- After driving on a highway for 50 miles without issues I reached my destination and stopped at a light and my car would not engage any gears. I turned the engine off for a few minutes and it worked


Hey i recently purchased a 1997 E420 sport its my first benz and its def a learning experience. I recently did the trans service which immediately improved shifting and i also replaced the fuel filter and plugs trying combat how the car was RUNNING RICH and more importantly CRANKING FOR A WHILE before starting. So basically now the car is throwing the following codes P0455 EVAP leak P0300 multiple cylinder misfire P0700 trans control system P0304 cylinder 4 misfire. Def need some suggestions

Please use the search function of this forum for better insight into the specific codes for your orphan year E420. 1) For instance for PO455 you would uncover this post 2) PO300 Most common would be the copper plugs are end-of-life. On this engine those OE plugs (and stick with OE copper plugs) are like 30K mile replacement items. 3) po700 You should

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 98 ML320 will Crank but not Start

Good Morning. My daughters 1999 ML320 (125000 miles) is having starting difficulty. This has been a problem for over a year where the car seems to start fine when cold but when you go to restart when fully warmed up it would take multiple attempts and then finally start. Now the starter engages but no ignition at all. This is driving my inde a little crazy as well. We have replaced the Cam Pos Sensor

I managed to start the truck and drive it this morning and have managed to start and stop it a couple of times today with no problem. I checked for codes and now find its throwing a po700. AC is this related to the transmission contoller or contact plate problem you were referring to

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Need help desperately

I have big troubles... I have a 1999 ML320. I stored it during the summer to drive a convertable we have. Seeing the threads on changing tranny fluid I proceeded to do so without a hitch. I started the vehicle let it warm up and went through the gears on the hoist with the brakes applied. As soon as I went drive it I noticed it would not come out of first gear and the tranny seemed to want to lurch

For what its worth I pulled codes last night po700 PO720 and PO500.Any ideas on how to resolve these Thanks.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 00 E320 project some help needed

Hey guys My mom just got a new car and has charged me with the task of fixing up and selling her old E320 4Matic. I will admit I know nothing about these cars and I dont particularly care for them either but a job is a job and Im going to do my best This M-B has fallen victim to poor maintenance history. My mother is very reactive when it comes to repairs penny wise and pound foolish if you know what

fixing up to sell - it would be best to share what your objective is 1) are you repairing the car so it can be legally sold in your state 2) Are you repairing the car so it can be reasonably sold to a individual 3) Are you repairing the car to maximize the selling price I am unclear if the codes you are listing are coming from a CEL warning light or simply from a reading of the stored codes. From

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Help with some trouble codes

Ive got a 1999 ML430 with 175m miles. Weve owned it for about 3 months and havent had any trouble. We love this thing. The previous owner advised me to change or have changed the O2 sensors. Ok purchased replacement sensors and went to town removing and installing 4 of these. ran into some trouble with the front drivers side cant get my tools up in the tight spot and was going to ask how a guy gets

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 ML320 trans issues

I hope someone can help me.. I have a 98 ML320 that is about to kill me. Awhile back the car would go into limp home mode after running and was hot especially after stopping. Then it would clear and run OK after it cooled. I read the codes in the OBD and it gave me p0700 trans control failure. I removed the TCU and cleaned up the connections and was able to get the problem cleared (no Codes or CEL)

PO1747 - did you recently change any bulbs in your instrument cluster or go into your cluster for any reason po700 - when was the tranny connector Did the old connector have internal leakage You might have missed a very important 1st step here

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 97 E320 Transmission Malfunction

I brought a 97 E320 for one month. Everthing went fine until today the transmission is malfunction. After half an hour drivin in the highway (10 degree Celsius weather) this morning and the car ran stop and go for 7 minutes at the hyway exit because of traffic jam. 1. The car suddenly cannot change gears and only running in low gear (2nd gear). 2. So I drove into the parking area the car cannot work

The MB shop returned the car to me after repair. The bill was HK3000 (US385). The shop gave me a receipt 1. Check Transmission gear jumped. 2. Change MB transmission computer board. 3. Change MB Transmission filter. 4. Change MB transmission pan gasket. 5. Change MB transmission computer board socket. 6. Change MB transmission oil 7 liter. 7. Labour. The car runs fine. He also gave the thermal paper

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Awfule Gas milage

Im getting 10.4 mpG Only thing that changed was it got warmer and i got new sparks. Bosch Platinum 2. Does anyone know anything that coudl be wrong i used to get 17 Shoudl i reset something I already reset everythign i coudl think of Any other suggestions No lights are coming on.

I only use premium anyways. I hope or wish that the bosch 2 at least burn faster or better and maybe it uses more gas or somthing i hope it gives me better or same performance but less gas milage i wouldnt mind it. I went to advanced auto parts and they did a system check a PO130 O2 sensor malfunction a po700 Tranny control system malfunction I had the guy clear the codes and they didnt re-appear.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 sick ml 320 in limp mode

sick ml needs help.Its a 98 and I have 1st place for being stuck in limp mode I have changed the conductor plateelectrical connectorfluidbreak switch transfer case motor and the transfer case control module.I drove to the local german shop he read and reset codes cleared start it up and they come back po700 when its not in limp mode it shifts great also have the ets abs light on for a few years now I have checked all fuses and relays.Thanks for any help or ideas.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 P0700 woes W210 722.6 transmission

Hi all I have been searching threads for months trying to cure my problem.I am costantly getting P0700 code and I have thusfar replaced condutor plate and adapter.complete fluid change.TCM was thoroughly cleaned and shifter was replaced. codes were erased by star dianostic tool. The car would shift out sometimes without an issue and then go to limp. i ussually get a somewhat harsh 2-3 shift and in

Just trying to be helpful here - please understand that I think your objective is to try to identify is a electronic control issue (rather than a tranny mechanical failure) is causing the code and fixinf that. I would retraceconfirm some steps 1) Pull the new connector plug and check for leakage like you did with the old plug. If the new connector plug was a China part or if the new connector plug

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Need help with more codes P0141 P0136 P0500 & P0700 need vets to chime in pls

Im still hanging in there but my E320 wagon is turning out to be a little more then I could chew. My CEL has turned back on so has the SRS light along with my BAS ASR ABS lights. These boards have been surprisingly very helpful so far in my quest to rid of alot of issues on this car so bare with me as I try to make my way through these obstacles. I ran out and purchased an INNOVA OBD II scanner and

po700 is normally a problem with the speed sensors in the conductor plate (usually sensor 2 or 3) which requires a new conductor plate which should fix that code. OE conductor plate aftermarket should be about 180. In a shop 2-3 hrs labor. PO500 could be left side front or left side rear wheel VSS speed sensors (or bad bearings there) also sometimes known as ABS speed sensors (different animal from

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 2000 E430 stuck in second

Hey guys and gals I have changed the brake light switch replaced the TCU went thru ann the instructions to reset everything but EBS and ABS still on and stuck in secondcan someone plz tell me what Ive done wrong lol I put 150000 and no problems then out of nowhere front springs now this 4 months later and Im stumped any help woul be great...

Sorry for the poor grammerI bought the 2000 E430 at 75000 miles the previous owner had the conductor plate fixed or replaced Before I bought itI have not had the transmission servicedalsoI did not clean the TCU out before replacing it.I am really trying to not have it towed to MBthe code I first got was po700 but my guy cleared all codes and still Im stuckthank you for the responsealthough I dint expect to get my clocked cleaned first roundbut Im a big boy and greatful for the help...

Thank youI guess its to MB to have it servicedI originally got the po700 TCM I have always been a lurker here and read over all solution for being stuck in secondI thought I had the bases coveredthank you for your help.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 01 e430 acceleration issues

Hello I am not sure which information is just too much or needed so I will just start from the beginning. I was driving down the freeway and all of a sudden my car stopped accelerating like it was in neutral. I pulled over turned the engine off and sat a few moments. I restarted the car and it drove about 2-3 miles and then did the same thing. Eventually my battery died ( i knew it was on its last

before diving in on a conductor plate 1) Replace the connector and clean the socket - Amazon for like 13 delivered as Crossfire transmission connector or pick up at local Mopar dealer. This is genuine MB part. 2) Dont look at the TCM board - pull the board and use that can of MAF to give the board and TCM connector a thorough cleaning. Board on edge flood it on both side let the run off cary away any

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 ML55 Project.... Need some help

Okay let me start by saying im not by any means new to the ML have had a 99 320 over a year now and have had a ton of MBs over the years.Please dont suggest the steeler We work on this stuff ourselve. They( DEALER) know less then we do quite literally most of the time. Now with my two cents out there i will give a little history of what i know about this truck.......................... NOTHING I can

I was affraid when I let on that I was a female admitting to be pretty mechanicaly inclined I might not get any reponse. But so far so good. also let me add that by me doing some more reading i have learned that my po720 or po700 has something to do with a wheel speed sensor poss And I also do have abs esp bas light on and there might be a conection with them I have already replaced the brake light

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 How do you diagnose if tranny shifter module is bad

Did a tranny flush on the wifes car after noticing a leak at the tranny adapter plug. I replaced the plug and cleaned up the leak and all has been fine for he past week. Just the other day the wife called and told me the tranny stuck in 3rd while entering the freeway. She pulled off the next exit and shut the car down and restarted and the car ran fine. Then today she said that it didnt want to go

My daughters car is stuck in limp home mode after the battery went dead and it was put on a charger. She told me on that it had stuck in 2ond or 3rd before but she would turn off the car and restarted it and it worked fine. I have codes 2069 (po700) and 5093. What does need a tranny ecu module or perhaps a valve body conductor plate. What do the codes suggest Help


For the past 6 months my SLK 320 will go in and out of limp mode. Also in the past two weeks the battery light came on and the car dies on me. It will just click when I try to start it. It will start right up if I have it jumped or by itself if I wait a few hours. Im thinking its the alternator but havent tested it yet to confirm. My BASESP light comes on all the time and Ive got a break light out

I replaced the alternator (thanks for everyones help) but I still have my BASESP and BAS warnings lights on and the car is in limp mode. Ive read several threads and it looks like I need (in the following order) 1. Brake Switch (read that the sensor may be still be faulty even though my brake lights work fine) 2. Steering Angel Sensor 3. ABS Speed Sensor 4. Wiring Harness 5. Ground wire from GearBox


Hello Members I have a 98 clk320 w about 79k and today all these lights came on the dash. ASRBAS ABS and Check Engine. So I went to Advance Auto Parts to have them read the codes out. There were 5 codes that came out. PO500 VEH SPEED SENSOR MALFUNCTION PO0400 EGR FLOW MALFUNCTION PO460 FUEL LEVEL SENSOR CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION PO130 O2 SENSOR CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION (BANK 1 SENSOR 1) po700 TRANSMISSON CONTROL

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 800 1998 slk 230

thats right but now after new alternator and battery and running real hot once drove about 12 mile parked overnight the car ran great after running hot with coolant hose fixed & new alternator and battery but now im having CEL and mutiple misfire cylinders codes misfire 2 misfire 3 misfire 4 & mutiple misfire cylinder codes someone please help me evaluate this baby by the way the forum is so helpful in learning

The code reader idea is a good one or you can take it to an Autozone and they will pull the codes. There are some codes that will not come up with just an obd2 code reader though. With the cars history of overheating and now the po700 misfire CEL. you may have either blown a head gasket or cracked a head and coolant is contaminating your fuel charge. If your car cranks over hard probably water on the

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