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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 List of Fault Codes....(DTC)

This might come in handy for some people mercedes Fault Codes Fault CodeFault DescriptionArea B1000HRA Headlamp range adjustment Supply voltage of the control unit is too low (undervoltage)Body B1004LCP Lower Control Panel Control unit does not match vehicle typeBody B1056Automatic Air Conditioning Problem in CAN communication withc ontrol unit DCM-RLBody B1128Heater core temperature (B101)Body B1201Electric

Code in rear SAM Communication fault with component H31 9117 fault in CAN communication with control unit Telecommunication 9200 SRS resistance value in the ignition circuit with R1213 is too high 9210 SRS resistance value in the ignition circuit with R1314 is too high 9260 SRS resistance in drivers airbag too high. Replace wiring. 9386 AGW no longer sends on CAN Diagnostic Trouble Codes for the mercedes-benz

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Added ouside blinking mirrors - 99 E320

This was my experience installing blinking mirrors on my 1999 E320. Mileage may vary batteries not included irritation nausea or other side effects may occur...blah blah...depending on your model year. There are two spare unused wires leading from inside the mirror and into the kick panel. Use these to power your blinking mirror LEDs thus saving you the headache and labor of pulling off the door panel.

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Installing Aftermarket double din

Hi all Ive spent the past 4 to 5 days researching installing a double din HU in an ML320 my wife and I just picked up used. It is a 2001 and does not have the navigation. I purchased one of the oversees type Double Din units that has all the bells and whistles and was got it connected using the following wiring harness . However there is zero sound coming out. Im beginning to think my ML doesnt have

Quote Originally Posted by visiperl Hi all Ive spent the past 4 to 5 days researching installing a double din HU in an ML320 my wife and I just picked up used. It is a 2001 and does not have the navigation. I purchased one of the oversees type Double Din units that has all the bells and whistles and was got it connected using the following wiring harness . However there is zero sound coming out. Im

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 headlamp washer wiring

I got all my headlamps and parking lights working so now if I accidently leave the lights on there wont be a chance to restart the car as the battery will be dead. Ill post some pics of my lights just got them all done yesterday. I decided to try and get the european washer wiper system working now and need to know how the system is wired. From what I gather the system turns on when both the lights

running to a fourth connection on the block. This connection is slightly apart from the other three which are all in a row at the same level. I assume this is the earth It is a separate wire that runs into the black protective sheath surrounding the other three wires. My wipers activate with the parking or headlights switched on and the washers engaged. If you havent already looked at this site mercedes

Penderri This is exactly how my (and i think most others on here) problems started. The light comes on in the dashboard indicating a fault when you press the button on the dash it temporarily kick starts the compressor and gets thing going. but soon the fault re-appears. I found and it makes sense that basically all the wet salty road crud gets into the electrical connections and corrodes them. This

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS R W251 V251 Check Engine - Diesel Pressure Malfunction

2010 R350 BlueTec w 7500 miles. Last week check engine light (CEL) illuminated. Brought to dealership. They had a hard time diagnosing after it returned error codes 20E823 and 20E821. Service adviser was very vague about what those codes mean suggesting it had something to do with pressure in the diesel fuel delivery system. They said the recommended fix was to upgrade software which they did along

Quote Originally Posted by Iridium I just got the bad news from my dealer. Same symptoms as the others a Check Engine Light which was reset by the dealer last week but returned immediately. Today they called to say that they think the Adblue tank heating element must be replaced. To do this requires removal of the tank and the quote was 2000. The dealer was willing to do a 7030 goodwill split with

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Earth points on a 280

Hello After having read all the posts regarding overheating or not.... I have convinced myself that the gauge is reading wrong due to a bad earth. Brief symptoms are needle hovering dangerously close to the redline on the motorway offroading it seems fine replaced sofar radthermostattemp sender viscous fan ( not by myself but by a very experienced G mechanic who sadly lives 150 miles away [(]) I have

Quote kashi123 - 10132005 451 PM ...I have an external VDO temp gauge what would be the correct way of wiring this up so that the possiblity of a bad earth is eliminated... Eliminated is a big word my friend Reduced I can get behind and how much is a matter of how much trouble you want to go to. Best of all possibilities is to run your earth all the way back to the battery using full-length-tinned

MERCEDES BENZ CLK I 208 Wires are Frayed what do I do

My high beam light is frayed what can I do to fix it Can I just replace this connector thingy with brand new wires A clearer pic do you see that little black connector can I just get new wires What should I do Thanks in advance

Its a little hard to see the exact frayed wire in question but if you are refering to the four wires coming out of the black connector block showing before the black fabric tape then there is no need to replace anything as I have the same on my car. The fabric tape during manufacturing of the wiring loom is wrapped around the four wires to keep them protected and neat. The actual wires themselves also

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Frustrating electrical problems

Two current questions among many and would like your ideas. Its an 85 190D Ive owned since new driven and cared for by a possessive wife that never let me drive it. She serviced it at dealers throughout her life and Ive learned my lesson. Ive spent the last 6 weeks correcting their screw ups and games most of which Ive fixed. Im in process of restoring and upgrading and among the MANY problems I have

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Climate control vents

hi guys been reading for quite a while now and have even saved doing things myself with some great advise from this forum. my question today is that i have a E240 2001 with climate control and no matter which direction i set the outletflaps to the air only comes out of the top defrost position. not sure where to start or what to look out for help needed please. cheers HC...

Hello to all I do not mean to hijack this thread but since my problem is similar to this one I thought I might as well post here so the discussion will be in just one thread. This E320 (W210) that I am currently working on started with no central locking operation and no airflow control. I checked the PSE unit and found out that the motor runs for about three seconds and then it slowly stops with a

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S I 126 420SEL Top End Rebuild Thread

This first post is going to be long. I like to provide all the details. Update posts after this one will be more to the point. So got a big project on my hands and thought I would start a thread to share the process and have a place to vent my probable frustrations Basically I decided to do a full top end rebuild on my 1986 420SEL. I will probably be a little long winded at times so bear with me. I

Might as well get into the tear down. Most people know or have heard this on here before but I am going to emphasize it again. Digital photos (more than you think you will need) and bagging and tagging. Taking things apart is always the easy part. Its getting them back together correctly that is the challenge. Takes pics of everything before and after each step. Sometimes you remove something and then

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Ok last stereo wiring questions... dont laugh at me

Here I am about to embark on a serious yet fun installation of a Kenwood Navigation System... It is comprised of 3 components. The head unit the hidden receiver unit and the DVD disc unit. All three require 12v constant connections while two of them require 12v accessoryignition connections. 1. I think I should connect these to the fuse box. 2. I dont know which fuse box. 3. I have never wired anything

Quote AMPM - 1212005 1027 PM I would run a fused 12 g. wire from the battery into the cabin and attach a new fuse block. Then run the wires to the new fuses. I wouldnt. It is more convenient to make the connection in the main fuse box where nearly every other electrical connection in the car is made. If you go directly to the battery you need to put the new fuse(s) very near the battery to be safe.

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 94 E320 wagon electrical problems

Hello I am seeking some assistance several problems which seem corolated. No brake lights No license plate lights No rear hatch close assist No reverse light Yes running light and yes turn indicators I have replaced brake light swich - no help Replaced bulb out relay-no help Replaced fuses with copper core-no help Any suggestionleads would be most helpful Thanks E

your wiring that feeds from the body to the rear lid is shorted where it bends with the hingeing of the lid. Remove garnish [plastic trim at the rear ceiling] and you will see long connection blockremove lid side wires and feed out toward lid and bellows Repair worn wires but be aware that the repaired wires need to fit banck whence they came [solder and shrink wrap]

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Bosch KE-Jetronic Overview

. Bosch KE-Jetronic Continuous Injection System Mechanical Fuel Injection Overview Part 1of 6 FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM - BOSCH CIS-E 1986 Fuel Systems mercedes-benz CIS-E ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The fuel injection system used on all mercedes-benz gasoline engine vehicles uses a basic CIS injection system for fuel delivery and electronic controls for mixture correction functions. Electronic

of .008 (.2 mm). See Fig. 9 . 4. Free play of .04-.08 (1-2 mm) should exist between rest position and point at which adjusting lever touches control piston. Gently drive guide pin down into housing if plate is high. If plate is low remove mixture control unit. Gently drive guide pin out from below. NOTE Avoid repeated adjustments of press fitted guide pin as pin will loosen up in housing. Fig. 9 mercedes-benz

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 For Nobby 1978 450SLC 5.0 Purchase story

Howdy Nobby You asked for more information on my fleet of mercedes-benzes so I thought Id start a new thread. I wrote up a narrative of my adventure purchasing 107.026 0214 for family and friends and thought to share it here for everyone. I hope its not too long but I guess anyone not interested can move on to another thread if they like. The car is from an estate and was gifted to the Salvation Army

MERCEDES BENZ SL R129 R129 engine wont start - 1991 SL500

Hi everyone. I am having trouble with my 129. It started about three months ago with difficulty starting. You could turn the key and it would crank a long time and never start. Then if you turned the key off and back on it would start right up and run very smooth. As time passed it became more and more difficult to start. I replaced the fuel filter and checked the amps at the fuel pump and the pump

probably make a good BLUE STICKY for CIS reference. PAGES 12 SORRY IT NEEDED TO GO INTO 2 POSTS IT IS ALSO NOT SPECIFIC TO THE R129 ie locations may differ but the principles are the same and should assist greatly in fault finding. KE Jetronic Diagnosis Hello all on this forum. I hope to bring to some the benefits of my experience in effecting a remedy to a faulty KE Jetronic system on a W124 mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Intermittent Blower

The blower on my 87 560SL works intermittently. Some times it comes on and some times it doesnt. Sometimes when it is not blowing I turn off the ignition and turn it on again and the blower will work. Other times it doesnt. I would think that if it was the blower motor it would not work at all. Any suggestions as to what may cause this or what I should be looking for

because youre replacing parts you cant diagnose. If you want to continue to pursue this on your own rather than take it to a professional to sort out youre going to have to start investing in expensive components and replace them one at a time until you find the culprit. If you insist upon continuing Id look in a junkyard or on ebay for a used EBCU (it should say GEBLASEREGLER 12V and the mercedes

because youre replacing parts you cant diagnose. If you want to continue to pursue this on your own rather than take it to a professional to sort out youre going to have to start investing in expensive components and replace them one at a time until you find the culprit. If you insist upon continuing Id look in a junkyard or on ebay for a used EBCU (it should say GEBLASEREGLER 12V and the mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLK I 208 We Need A Permanent Sticky for Error Codes

Be a big help to those who are in trouble and need a trustable answer quickly. Error codes alone could be a separate Sticky. Marcus greg This up your alley. This could be used by lots of other forums as well.

P1101 Ambient air temperature display temperature sensor P1102 Ambient air temperature display temperature sensor P1103 Ambient air temperature display temperature sensor P1104 Ambient air temperature display temperature sensor P1200 Positioning of camshaft of right cylinder bank impaired with respect P1208 to crankshaft Indicates worn sprocket on the balancer shaft (M272) or worn guide gear for timing

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 DIY for manually controlling center and footwell vents in a W124

Since buying our first mercedes a year ago - 87 300TD - Ive gotten used to the automatic climate control system&8230 for the most part. I had originally started a thread here about changing nearly every aspect of the ACC but I think the only two things I want to modify at this point is control over the center and footwell vents and maybe someday getting control over the blower speed. The primary reason

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Wont turn over

I have a 1993 190E 2.3 I4 8V with 220K on it. It was having problems holding a charge so my mechanic changed the alternator for me. After getting the car home I started it and it ran for about two minutes then stalled and when i tried to turn the car over nothing happened. It just died. I tried again today and the battery was almost completely drained so I charged the battery and attempted to start the car but nothing happened. No noises or anything. Any ideas

How to Read Schematic Diagrams electrical components which work together are shown together. Schematic drawings are arranged so that current flows from positive at the top of the screenpage to negative at the bottom. Fuses are shown at the top of the screenpage. All wires connectors switches and motors are shown in the flow of current to ground at the bottom of the screenpage. The hot labels appearing

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Heater Blower Unit Rebuild Tutorial

Today I completed the rebuild and re-installation of benzedrine s (formerly) noisy worn-out heater blower motor. The growling is finally gone. Ive put together a step-by-step tutorial on the process with ample pictures in case any of you decide to follow suit. There are a few potential gotchas I may help you avoid. The tutorial is in PDF format divided into two parts to get under the forums file size restriction. Comments and suggestions are naturally welcome. Good road

Quote Originally Posted by wpterry Probably should start another thread however my question pertains to this subject. I bought a blower assembly and when it arrived the wiring is different. Im planning on removing the wires from the housing thermocouple and connecting the wires together. Then removing the 2 plugs and and connect color to color on the original connector. Am I too far off Im not familiar

MERCEDES BENZ CL V12TT Intercooler Pump DIY Replacement - With Pictures

Well I replaced my IC pump a while back and thought I would share the procedure. I dont know if this will benefit anyone but I hope it does. I do want to note that this is just how I did it and there may be a better or easier way out therehowever this swap only took me about 45 minutes. As a note this is for a V12 only I do not know what all the differences will be for a V8 car I do believe the final

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 no sound from horn how to lift a car

hi i have two common problems 1) my horn doesnt working where can by the problem is it common error maybe in steering wheel button or in cable to chceck out if the horns (there are 2 pieces) are ok should I connect 12V directly on the horn unit then the sound should i heard isnt I 2) how to lift my car for example to change the wheel if defect or something like that because original lift by mercedes

Quote Originally Posted by slkstyle twitch_de - thank you for your pro advice i will check buttons and horn units but i dont thik it is possible to damage 2 button at same time or that are damaged both of horn units so i see problem in wires it will by fun repair wires.. Bruce R. - i will upload photo of my slk to see what i dont have cause i cannot imagine black pads what and where it is.. edit Bad

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 300E no power to the Vacuum pump

Good Afternoon. I generally peruse the W107 board due to the lack of issues with my 300E but I have come up on one that has my head scratching. I need the central door lock vacuum pump to run but so far as I can tell there is no () to the pump. I get a good ground though. Also in troubleshooting the issue I get a good ground coming from the 3 switches but no positive leading me to believe that there

The blackyellow wire (hot in run and start) from Fuse A and redwhite wire (hot all times) from Fuse C going into X30 should both be hot. The redwhite wires leaving X30 goes to X48 then to the supply pump M142. And the blackyellow hot wire leaving X30 goes directly to the pump. I believe X48 is the connection that augapfel is speaking about. Also redwhite hot wires in this circuit go into both front

MERCEDES BENZ SL R129 92 500SL starting issue

Battery will only crank starter for short time (5sec). On second try dash lights flicker can hear relays chattering acts like dead battery. Pulled battery charged load tested good. Re-install same as before acts like very low battery. This is 2nd battery in 1month. Last battery load tested good but was exchanged anyway. When I am able to get the vehicle running it will only travel about 2 miles before

Ok- voltage at battery when first started with full charged battery 12.4vdc. After 5 min idle down to 11.7. After 10 min idle 11.1 vdc shortly there after batt light on dash along with SRS and ABS began to illuminate. Shut off and tried for re-start no go. I know alt. is good (changed out 500 miles ago). I suspect bad or shorted ATL to batt wiring. 2 Question - 1. does wire from ALT to Bat hit a terminal

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