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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS A I 168 No windshield washer fluid on rear window

Hi guys Noticed today that there is no windshield washer fluid coming out on the rear window when pressing the button in the car. The wiper works just fine. I hear the pump when pressing the button but noe fluid is coming to the rear window. Anyone experiened this Any good suggestions what the problem might be Thank you.

If you go to- Bert Rowes-mercedes-benz A-class information. Windscreen wipers & washers replacement blades servicing system. that will explain the problem . Dont leave it too long or you will need a new vacuum pump as the screen wash water water fluid will drown the central locking pump 41 Merry Christmas & Have a Safe New Year

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 WIS dump on windshield washer system

Id be eternally grateful if anyone could post the relevant WIS content and troubleshooting for the W210s windshield washer system. Mine have (slowly) decreased in usefulness over the last couple months to the point where I get a little gurgle from the LH side nozzles nothing from the RH side ones but the rear window nozzles (I have a wagon) work like a champ. Ive searched around and looked at EPC but would love a little more info before I start poking around this weekend. MB

Quote Originally Posted by poddack I would look for simple things like clogged nozzles you might be able to stick a needle in there. Sometimes bugs grow in the wash bottle and clog the system. What about the motor My guess was that the pumpmotor were functioning properly - the rear washer works great (better than any other rear window washer Ive had). Ill inspect the bottle for foreign matter. Previous

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Rear window washer on wagon missing

The rear window washer on my 97 e320 wagon doesnt work. I cant find a picture. nor description of it but Im pretty sure mine is missing. There is a fitting at the base of the arm and no sign of any nozzles. What does it look like and where is it mounted

The nozzle is available A 163 860 04 47 The diagram above is for the washer system as opposed to the wiper and motor system. A further search in the parts list show the above number for the nozzle. Look for your car in here When you locate it go to list 82 then item 120 and you will get the exploded diagram and part numbers for the front and rear wipers.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Window Washer Tank

Need some help with the removal and replacement of a 1999 ML430 window washer tank. Im sure some of you have done this before and may have pictures of the process. I would be most appreciative if you could share them. My window washer tank is dripping and may have a loose connection or small crack. Just need to get in there and see whats going on. Help please

Thanks for the link. Figured out how to remove it and now found its rotted grommets. So Im thinking they will be easy to replace either the local hardware store or on-line purchase. Probably some exclusive MB part and Ill have to order the entire windshield washer system Uggghhh Any recommendations appreciated.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S 108 109 &03972 280 SE 4.5 Power Windows

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MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 300TD Rear Window WiperWasher Only works intermittently

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 DIY Windshield Washer Tank Replacement with Pictures

Heres another article ive been working on for Pelican Parts in preparation of our upcoming MBZ catalog. The windshield washer fluid reservoir on the W210 mercedes is a unique design. It uses heated windshield washer fluid to improve the cleaning ability of the system. The fluid is heated by the radiant heat of the cars cooling system. Basically two lines are run off the cars cooling system to a metal

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Windshield washer

Has anyone upgraded their manual foot pump to an electric pump Mine didnt work when I bought the truck and after spending two hours disassembling the system and blowing sludge from the lines I discovered that the bellows on the pump is cracked and leaks. Id like to replace the original foot pump with the same thing but I doubt that it will be as cheap as a used bosch electrical pump from the junkyard for 10. Any ideas on plumbing or wiring would be appreciated. -BRAH 1980 280GE LWB

Quote My 1980 G has the windshield washer foot pump but interestingly it has a factory headlight washer that has its own fluid source and a dash mounted rocker switch. Tap the switch and high pressure fluid purges away bugs and mud instantly from the headlamps. It is so high pressure that the mist from this washer system strikes the windshield when driving at speed. These switches are placed on the

Quote ...I would go to the scrap yard and buy myself a water reservoir combined with a Pump...a 4 Pin Relay connect the Relay Coil feed to ground and connect the other side of the coit to the positive wire of the Headlamp washing unit pump. Get yourself a Fuseholder (aftermarket ATO-Fuse) maybe one that can be integrated into the wiring harness. Connect now a Battery - plus wire to the Fuse the fuse

If you go the way of the 463 washer system you get an added bonus. The pump spins both ways. Forwards it shoves the water through a port to the front window washer. Backwards the pump shoves water through the port to the back window washer. Each line has a non-return valve to keep air from getting sucked back. The electronics simply apply voltage one direction or the other across the same DC motor. Mine was stuck when I got my truck but a little cleaning and silicone grease got it moving again.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS A I 168 1999 w168 washerwiper issue..

Evening Strange problem.. wipers washers on the otherhalfs car arent working anymore... cant hear the washer pump (either front or rear) and the intermittent wipe doesnt work. If you leave the intermittent on and press the washer it sweeps once Also when the washer button is pressed the SRS light is illuminated on the dash..Have had a brief look at the wiring to the front but everything appears to

Sorted...a 10 amp fuse had blown and caused all these problems .. I reckon fuse No.14 blew when the washer motor was frozen solid. I replaced the fuse and glad to say it all works. Hard to believe so many systems were affected...heated rear window intermittant wipe front and rear washers and srs light. I repaired the blue pipe at base of washer motor feeding the rear washers with a 3 inch piece of

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S I 126 Front passenger window on 126

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Sounds like your motor is weak or intermittent as Jim stated. make sure there are no broken or missing joints or nuts that may be causing the system to bind. You would be able to hear the motor humm if so. I recently had the window motor mount bolts pull through the door frame sheet metal causing a loud bang at top and bottom. I fixed with some large washers. If your tracks are dirty remove the door

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Rear window washer pump (TE)

I dont have my voltage tester on hand right now or another set of hands to help hit the button on the dash so I replaced the pump motor with one that was for my headlights that I no longer use and knew worked... Still nothing. Is there a relay that can go bad on these systems I checked the fuses too and cleaned them so I guess ill have to just wait till i get all of my tools in hand this weekend but

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 Want to learn TOO much about your W220 Check out this site Nice

Hey guys maybe some of you have stumbled on this site...during your journey to reach the end of the internet. Whoever maintains it did a great job with the detail(although it looks like the last update was a few years ago). You can read a good bit of detail about the W220 series covering the following areas NOTES DESIGN DIMENSIONS TECHNICAL STANDARD EQUIPMENT NOTABLE OPTIONS (my


For those interested. Applies to Europe and probably US too. 1.General information 2.Model nomenclature 3.Standard equipment 4.Optional extras 5.New Upholsteries 1. General information The production changeover for modification year 2009 will take place on 1. September 2009. 2. Model nomenclature The model nomenclature for the G320 CDI will be changed from September 2009. The existing model variant

Central locking system with interior switch and crash sensor Child-proof locks on rear doors Courtesy lights in side doors Cruise control with variable speed limiter &8220TEMPOMAT&8221 Diesel particulate filter (G320CDI) Differential locks (transfer case front and rear axle) Dimmed front interior lamp light for luggage compartment Disc brakes front and rear Door sill panels front rear with &8220mercedes


Is there anyone that can help me with on going restorations of my 1973 450 SLC AMG. PLEASE. 1)phone 2)web sites 3)machanics 4)amg parts. Accually any help would be great. Manufactured 273 vi 107024 12 001094 motor 117982 12 013761 AMG mods-- full boby kit lowering suspension exhaust system (long since gone) amg motor set-up unknown as of yet. And the car is a full member of the AMG Private Lounge

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 Mercedes Benz 220CDI (Chassis No WDD2040082R033977) Quality

I purchased my mercedes benz 220CDI (Chassis No WDD2040082R033977) in May 2008 from NMI in Pinetown Durban South Africa as a new vehicle. This was my first engagement with mercedes benz into what I was hoping would be a long term partnership. Regrettably I soon experienced that this was not the case. From my experience this was and remains a relationship where neither the dealer nor mercedes benz SA

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Window Woes and door locks (1978 240D)

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Apr 2013 minor ones frequent)

Folks have often requested a general starting point for questions and research on the W220 S-class something akin to the Encyclopaedia Germanica vol. 107 on the benzWorld RC 107 forum. Well here it is. I don&8217t have all the answers or even all the good sites but I do have over 2500 links bookmarked that help me respond to questions on three different forums. Here are the best of them. Feel free

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Check out this article on the E55...

mercedes elegance Porsche performance in a four-door Base Price (MSRP) 69800br As Tested (MSRP) 71395br br Buyers were standing in line for the C43 AMG when it was introduced two years ago. Based on the mercedes-benz C-class sedan the the C43 AMG was a 4.3-liter V8 supersedan. AMG the performance house that builds mercedes championship-winning sports racing cars converts only 500 production

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 Car Connection Review of the C63...

2008 mercedes-benz C63 AMG Car Reviews - The Car Connection German supersedans. Bah Who needs them Me it turns out. Badly. In the past few weeks Ive been coddled by the likes of BMWs grabby forceful M3 and Audis no-prisoners RS4. (You can understand how coming home to drive a big-ass truck from the Big Three has left me big-time disappointed at my new lot in life.) But there is hope--hope that Ill

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 2001 E55 For sale Silver wSilverBlack

Hi all This is the lowest priced 2001 E55 within 300 Miles of Detroit according to Original Owner 33600 miles. Original price paid was over 72000 bought it new. Offering at 43990. 2001 E55 AMG Exterior Brilliant Silver Interior BlackGrey AMG exclusive leather two-tone seating VIN WDBJF74J81B265901 349HP 5500 rpm 391 lb-ft Torque 3000 rpm Original Owner of this beauty. Bought new from

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G 460 1986 G500 - What is the price value

Hi folks- I am considering a purchase of a 1986 G500 in my area. I am amazed that the car has Recaro Seats throughout. Unbelievable. Also the wood trim is something that you just dont get on the new 2000 G models. My wife sold MBs for a while and says that the 80s G Models are by far much nicer than the newer ones--in terms of space they have a 3rd row seat and the wood trim looks like something you

checked out by a mechanic at his shop. Depending on the assesment I would not pay more than 15000 for it and would modify my offer depending on any negative issues that the mechanic found. Based on benzworld member ewalberg statement Quote Originally Posted by ewalberg Frankly if i couldnt find a 98-2000 g500 i like id shoot for 93 500GE which is super rare I would recommend you check out a mercedes-benz

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 Headlight wiper arm Fix

For some reason the drivers side headlight wiper works but the other one doesnt. I opened it up once tightened the nut up but it looks like the motor is spining without the wiper arm. I know this is a common problem but is there an easy fix to this Or do I have to mount the wiper arm to the motor somehow. Thanks for input.

Hope this helps you...this thread es from previous area of opportunity with headlight wipers and operation.. hans Headlight wiper stopped working Forum Hosted byzeaq Message Format Gomercedes-benz Sedan Forums  W140 S class Jump to page 1 Now viewing page 1  Go to last new post Author Posted 8242004 146 AM (1288088)Chard benzWorld Junior Member Vehicle 1993 S600 Registered 8112004 Location

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Breakdown of the packages for Canadian customers

In the US you have to buy options in packages whereas in Canada we can pretty much get everything seperate. I was wondering if someone could post what options are inlcuded with what packages in the US Thanks.

Bora20 here is the list. For further details visit the Build Your Own at httpwww.mbusa.combrandcontainer.jspmodelsclass_overview.jsp&modelCodee_class_main Packages 406 Multicontour Seats details 755.00  Driver Multicontour Seatback  Passenger Multicontour Seatback Drive-Dynamic Seats details 1150.00  Driving Dynamic Seat-left  Driving Dynamic Seat-right E1 Value Added Package details 1150.00  Headlamp Washing system  Bi-Xenon Headlamps E2 Value Added Package details 1550.00  Glass Sunroof  Premium Sound system E3 Sport Package details 1375.00  Bi-Xenon Headlamps Headlamp washers  Black Birds Eye Maple Trim Blue Tinted Glass  LED Brake Lights Sculpted Side Skirts  Front Bumper Rear Apron  17 Sport Wheels with 24545 R 17 tires E5 Value Added Package details 875.00  Heated Steering Wheel  Heated Front Seats Options Active Ventilated SeatsFront details 1200.00 Distronic details 2950.00 Factory Installed CD Changer details 400.00 Harman Kardon details 700.00 Heated Front Seats details 650.00 Heated Steering Wheel details 400.00 Keyless Go details 1015.00 Motorola V60 Phone details 1595.00 Motorola V60 phone wVoice Control details 1995.00 Panorama Sunroof details 1500.00 Parktronic details 1035.00 Power Rear-window Sunshade details 440.00 Rear Side-windows Roller Blinds details 320.00 Solar Panel details 925.00 Tire-Pressure Monitoring system details 630.00 Cost Summary MSRP 55570.00 Total Price 57300.60 Finance 1640.00 Lease 743.00 Your mercedes-benz dealer will determine final pricing. Lease and Finance offers will vary.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G 2008 G500 Immaculate Condition (extended warranty) available now

I hope its OK to post this here... Im just not ready to risk damaging this incredible vehicle in my offroad adventures - its just too new and while it can go most anywhere and do most anything on and offroad Im not ready to risk it. So Im putting it up for sale for a fair price - my loss is your gain - please tell a friend mercedes-benz 2008 G500 Irridium Silver exterior black leather (and wood trim)


WDDGF77XX9F231822 We are taking this beautiful and extremely fast 2009 mercedes-benz C63 AMG on trade for a customer. He bought it brand new and has just 3290 miles. Car is in immaculate condition inside and out. Comes with all manuals and booklets. As a added bonus the car already has a prepaid lifetime subscription for Sirius radio (a 500 payment). The car features carbon fiber inserts on the mirrors

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 VIN Listing of Features

Im having trouble with my new-to-me 2004 S500 4matics power interior rear view mirror (unable to change the positions stored in any of the three memories so it always moves to the wrong position and I have to manually set it each time I enter the car) and I am beginning to think that this may be the result of a prior owner installing an incompatible rear view mirror that this car was not meant to have

mercedes-benz Club Russia mercedes-benz VIN Bookmark this Your car VIN WDBNG84J34A390206 Model S 500 4-MATIC Chassis 2201841A390206 Engine 113966 30 532217 Transmission 722672 04 790642 Order 0 4 704 23652 Delivery date 22.09.03 Dealer United States (USA) (704) Interior leather nappa anthracite (841) Paint 723 cubanite silver metallic Options M50 5L engine 220 parking aid (&1089 01.10.1993) 232 Unknown


Hi everyone I recently sold a W124 300D Turbo to finance my entry on the W140 a car that I always dreamed of. Sice I live in Portugal I got the one model that the US never did and what is for me the perfect Diesel W140 - a 1998 24 Valve OM606 S300 Turbodiesel. The car has 290.000 miles but it was very well taken care of. Load of paperwork. During these first 2 weeks I found some niggles. Some solved

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIN number WDB1401351A418836 Region Germany Factory Manufacturer Sindelfingen Mark mercedes-benz Model S 300 Turbodiesel Version W140 Body long Engine 2996 cm3 Gearbox Automatic Wheel Drive rear-wheel drive Serial Number 418836 Additional informationName Description Vehicle type Car Model name S 300 turbodiesel Engine

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 63k Miles and pretty impressed...

So my 2003 C240 Sedan has just turned 63k miles and it wants its B service I need to take it in soon but I thought Id let you all know how the car has held up. Since day one the following has gone wrong (Services are in there too) Drivers Door Lock - 54k 49k - Damage to front. Hood Grill Fenders Headlights Fogs Bumper Cover Impact Absorber and driver airbag replaced. 05 C230 Grill and bumper upgrade.

this is from my local independent place if you look at the services A and B a lot of those items are only visual inspection. I usually concentrate on the items that say REPLACE. B Service Procedures Check engine compartment Replace air filter (SL model excluded) Replace combination filter (SL model only) Replace engine oil Replace engine oil filter Replace windshield wiper rubber insert(s) Replace


This car is immaculate and true to the way it came from the br 1984 LWB 280GE GelÃndewagen Station Wagen 5-speed Manual Getrag 110000 miles in Excellent Condition. No accidents or br Garaged in Georgia for itÂs entire life and lovingly (some would say ÂœAnal RetentivelyÂ) maintained by original and sole owner - br Lapis Blue Metallic Paint. 5 Michelin


Does anyone have a list of factory options as well as color choices (interiorexterior) for the e63 Thanks LC

4 new upholstery colors Black Cashmere BlackSahara Beige (Sport Models only) BlackCognac Brown (Sport Models only) Equipment Modifications Value Enhancement The following options will become standard equipment at no-additional charge &8226 Glass Sunroof &8226 harmankardon LOGIC7 Digital Surround Sound system &8226 6-disc CD Changer New Packaging Owing to the new standard equipment listed above mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G 460 Various options for 460 series

Looking to begin compiling a list of all the possible options and variations of the 460 series for the ClubGwagen website. Any insight is greatly appreciated. So far we have the followingpLockersbrFlaresbrAmbulance DoorsbrSafari RoofbrDouble Roof with insulation and White paint (for hot climates)brMB factory bulletproofing (glass and body panels)brLWB convertible (softop)brHardtop for cabriobrRecaro

brochure from 1981 (in German) which is a sort of picture catalogue of SOME of the available options. There is a separate list on xeroxed paper in the rear of the brochure which has further options on it. As and when I have a bit more time I will try to get that list up on the board as well. (Note The list I have got with the German language brochure will be specifically for the Dutch market).pmercedes-benz

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS R W251 V251 Recall (TSB) for 2008 R350

Recall (TSB) W251 for 2008 R350 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did anyone receive any letter or have any recall done Here is the recall list I found online. mercedes-benz W164 W251 and X164 (new ML R GL) DTBs Issue Date TSB Number Title May 13 2008 T-B-13.2201c Revision Engine Cut-off Number Included All Passenger and Light Truck Models Equipped with

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 would you buy this car

MB Buy Back 05 E500 sport pack keyless go 24000 miles 36550.00 Silver with charcoal full leather and black Birdseye maple trim drive dynamic seats heated seats Keyless Go DVD command navigation system Parktronic dual air bags front & rear side impact air bags head curtain air bags ABS brakes bas (brake assist) ESP (electronic stability program) power front seats steering and mirrors with memory option

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 How to tell if my C36 is a genuine C36

I recently purchased a second hand 19941995 C36 AMG from a second-hand car dealer here in Hong Kong. However I am having doubts (probably out of paranoia) as to its authenticity. Short of taking my car to my local mercedes dealer to have it check out is there any way of checking the authenticity of my C36 I have the following doubts 1) I did a VIN check on this website and the result was my C36 is

This post might be a little late for you (but may help others). According to the mercedes-benz Club Russia website your VIN comes up as VIN WDB2020282F175027 Plant 50 Model C36 Chassis 2020282F175027 Engine 104941 22 036294 Transmission 722328 04 076298 Tyres Primary BRIDGESTONE Order 0 4 537 47770 Lights BOSCH Wiper SWF Cab 00000 Delivery date 30.11.94 Dealer Great Britain (537) Interior leather black

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS R W251 V251 2007 R350 falling appart out of the blue

I have had my car for 2 years and it has been driving great up until 2 months ago. Out of the blue one day it started reving up when I accelerated but not reacting then it stalled out when I started it back up it drove fine again. This happened 2xs and the check engine light came on. I took it to the dealer they told me it was the ballance shaft and the timing belt a total job costing 8000. mercedes

A 251 240 26 17 ENGINE MOUNTING FRONT 002 if not I am kind of lost some of the info was in another language... I typed in the VIN and it took me to a bunch of links I chose engine suspension and that is the info I was given above. these were the other links avail to choose &1043&1088&1091&1087&1087&1072 M Motor GA Auto Transmission 21 MAJOR ASSEMBLY DETACHABLE BODY COMP. 24 ENGINE SUSPENSION 27 mercedes-benz


Now dont get all excited this is the service manual on-line httpwww.startekinfo.comStarTeko...tedDocId12253 What it is is the Steve Nervig index to the 126 service manual (at this point just the gen 2 V8 - but I will get around to the others however the group numbers are generally the same). You can download the index for your CDs from here . The aim of this index is to allow YOU to SEARCH the archives

and installation of hood release cable &822688-320 - Removal and installation of hood lock &822688-330 - Removal and installation of hood front seal Radiator shell &822688-400 - Removal and installation of radiator cowling &822688-401 - Removal and installation of radiator grille &822688-402 - Removal and installation of trim strips on radiator grille &822688-405 - Removal and installation of mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 New 96 C36 Owner Questions

Hey guys my pleasure to be a part of this seemingly great community. Names Denis and I just picked up a 1996 C36. L O V E this thing. First things first the pictures. Daily I drive a 1993 e36 thats tastefully prepped for aggressive driving Now some question about the AMG that have already crossed my mind Is Haynes the only service manual available for w202 especially our C36s Is it normal for the area

Quote Originally Posted by benzMaster19 Thats weird The 202 AMGs (especially the C36s) dont have a built in Stuttgart.. they only have a Made in Germany simply because the AMGs were not only made in Stuttgart but in Affalterbach aswell.. Only the regular benz C-classes have that built in Stuttgart because they were built there only... That is strange. You should post your VIN we can check on the Russian


i have an 06 c230 sport with about 28000 miles...i was wondering what does the service A entail and what does it cost...THANX MUCHES

I did it for service B so here goes. Keep in mind that the information I have is the service booklet for M.Y. 2003 C-class. INTERIOR Warning and indicator lamps illumination and interior lighting Windshield wiper windshield washer system headlamp cleaning system Where applicable rear window wiper rear window washer system Reset FSS counter in instrument cluster WHEELS BRAKES Check front brake pads

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS GL X164 New 2 me 07 GL450 question comments

I have a 96 S320 with only 53000 which is a remarkable automobile. I recently bought an 07 GL 450 with 87000 miles well taken care of at the MB dealership (fingers crossed) and the body interior are very nice also. I was very impressed on our first road trip this is quieter than the S drives and handles extremely well on the highway with the expected less compliant ride on some back roads when compared

suspension height 2 position locking differential drive system to mention a few. Put that money into the interior and really separate it from the competition. It would not take much leather insert on the door panels carpet on the bottom of the door panels less Detroit plastic trim the speaker grills on the rear doors should be the same as the front doors the rear door sill plate should say mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Service A in 3500km - dealer or dyi

Hi all My first service is coming since I bought the truck back in January. So far I have done an oil change (way early according to MB when I talked to then but it was 10000km since I had started driving so did it anyway at Mr. Lube) and a headlamp assembly replacement (myself). I am not much of a wrench but in theory could do stuff if I had an idea what to do. Or of course I could just take the G

Quote Originally Posted by Reggiemon1 Check warningindicator lamps illumination and interior lighting (AB) Check windshield wipers rear window wiper windshieldrear window washer system headlamp cleaning system (AB) Lubricate door locks including rear door (B) Check seat belts for damage and proper function (B) Reset FSS counter in instrument cluster (AB) Check battery condition using Midtronics MCR717 tester (AB) Check front brake pads for lining thickness (A) Check brake pad thickness front and rear (B) Check condition and thickness of brake discs front and rear (B) Check tires for damage and condition (AB) Measure tread depth (B) Correct tire inflation pressure including spare (AB) Visually check vehicle underbody for leakage of major components chafe marks line routing damaged components (B) Check condition of front axle joints and rubber bushings (B) Check condition of rear axle rubber bushings (B) Check condition of steerings mechanical components and rubber boots (B) Check transfer case fluid (B) Check front axle fluid (B) Check rear axle fluid (B) Lubricate propeller shaft joints and collapsible sections (AB) Visually check engine compartment for leakage of major components chafe marks line routing damaged components (B) Engine oil and filter change (AB) Check and correct fluid level of differential lock system Engage differential locks move vehicle short distance to engage locks then unlock differential locks (AB) Check and correct fluid level of brake system (AB) Check and correct fluid level of power steering system (AB) Check and correct fluid level of windshield washer system (AB) Lubricate joints on throttle control check operation and condition (B) Check catch safety catch and hinges on engine hood for proper operation. Replace components with even slightest malfunction (AB) Thats standard stuff we do at our local independent shop every day. We recommend all the A service stuff every 5000 miles which only costs about 100 depending on the amount of synthetic oil needed. Id say if your not mechanically knowledgeable just have it done by a really good independent shop specializing in mercedes because they will catch stuff you wont which saves money in the long run. -Craig

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G My first B service on my G55k and what it consists

Hey guys Just curious to see what all the B service consists of what i can expect to pay for this I was told it was more or less a oil change make sure everything is lubed rotate tire etc etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated I have 55 posts - guess i cant post anymore. Thanks Brian

Well it really depends on your dealer and the technician who is servicing your vehicle. The sad truth is that most technicians do not receive any formal training on these vehicles and dont really know how to properly service and repair the G-class. As a result even simple things (such as lubricating the propeller shaft universal joints and collapsible sections which should be done at every service


Hey I just got the WIS up and running on my computer... I have a 2004 C230k.. but when I put my VIN number into the system it says (well on startup it says Expiration date of this CD set exceeded more than three months) Further Search not possible Generation of a European vehicle ident number not possible Entry of a correct vehicle ident number... Did that just say that it cant run my VIN cuz its too new

Is this your car Quote VIN WDBRF40J64F460836 Model C 230 KOMPRES Chassis 2030401F460836 Engine 271948 30 206311 Transmission 722695 04 595861 Order 0 4 704 00320 Delivery date 14.07.03 Dealer United States (USA) (704) Interior mb-tex orion gray (158) Paint 744 brilliant silver metallic (&1089 1991) Options M18 engine pre-heater NC1 Unknown code 232 Unknown code 244 sports seats front (&1089 01.07.1986)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 my new toy

hi all this is my new toy mercedes C43 AMG Designo 1998 VIN WDB202033XXXXXXXXX Plant 67 Model C 43 AMG Chassis 202033XXXXXXXXX Engine 113944 60 XXXXXX Transmission 722631 00 XXXXXX Tyres Primary MICHELIN Order 0 7 531 37561 Lights BOSCH Cab 00000 Delivery date 21.04.98 Dealer France Monaco (531) Interior leather black (581) Paint 366 azurite blue metallic (&1089 01.01.1994) Options 021 designo -

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 2001 S500 Fuse Diagram

Does anyone have a copy of the fuse diagram for a 2001 S500. Ive looked in the trunk with the tools and was not able to find it. My cigarette lighters are not working in the back doors and figured it was a fuse but dont know which one.

is via the panel surrounding the right rear courtesy light in the floor space) and one in the dashboard (right side for LHD cars left side for RHD cars). It is easy to miss on the diagrams - Fuses 78 through 86 are in the dashboard fuse panel which is particularly well-hidden. Check your owners manual and the large vehicle diagram on the fuse chart for locations. See the thread at httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsw220...5-s55-amg.html

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 Considering buying a 2004 S500 4Matic

i am considering on buying a 2004 S500 here are some pics 24987 miles for 35995 (this dealership also sells bentleys porscherolls royce and other exoticluxury cars).. dealers message to possible buyers this 2004 mercedes-benz S-class 4dr S500 4Matic AWD Sedan features a 5.0L V8 SFI SOHC 24V 8 cyl Gasoline engine. It is equipped with a automatic transmission. The vehicle is Black with a Black Leather

Quote Originally Posted by S500_) problem is.. i live in Toronto while the car is located in New Jersey... ... VMI is should i ask the dealership to send pictures of the undercarriage and closeup pictures of edges to check for repaint or rust this is the dealership... they got alot of S class cars goin for a cheap price..... fishy or not cuz they sell bentleys too.. S 21st Century Auto Group Specials

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 2002 C 320 Sedan common problems

Im looking into buying a 2002 c320. Wondering if there are any common problems with this model.

into buying a 2002 c320. Wondering if there are any common problems with this model. Oh yeah - plenty.... mostly electrical and VERY expensive to fix. The key thing is to find out if they have already been taken care of during the warranty period by the original owner - with the VIN you can have a dealer run it through their computer to get a history on the car - as long as it was serviced at a mercedes

Quote Originally Posted by RonKMiller Oh yeah - plenty.... mostly electrical and VERY expensive to fix. The key thing is to find out if they have already been taken care of during the warranty period by the original owner - with the VIN you can have a dealer run it through their computer to get a history on the car - as long as it was serviced at a mercedes dealer anywhere in the country. You may also

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