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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS B I 245 Bugs get into the car from front grille

My workplace is in a rural location. There are trees on the parking lot. I notice almost everyday either rain or shine that there are a few flying bugs in the car. They are small bugs. How do they get into the car All windows are up when parked. The only way I can think of is the front grille. Is it possible Is there any solution to that

I would think that is unlikely as most in cars I think you will find the bulkhead seals the engine bay from the passenger compartment (even the cables go through rubber grommets) The more likely route for your critters is probably through the air ventilation system. You could try changing to the recirculatory position before parking. As this is supposed to stop polluted air from geting in (ie fumes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 ac blowing hot air

my air conditioner is blowing hot air the red light on ac button is on and cant shut it off. please help its 105 degrees today.

OPs thread is ancient - dates back to August and the first reply was more than a month later. PurpleS500 - if youve had the AC serviced by a non MB-aware tech then youve only solved part of your problem. Just because the compressor is engaging doesnt mean the system will give you cold air when you want it. There are multiple sensors in the system that help the control unit decide what kind of air to

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Cleaning Ventilation ducts

I have a dust problem that I partly caused myself. Last year my 98 E320 developed a musty odour. I was told it was probably due to mould in AC system. I asked at the dealer because I heard that MB had a product but dealer said they used a Wynn product. I tried it but it only lasted a week or so. Then I found a household mould spray. I used it. Well problem was that it was apparently supposed to stick

Quote Originally Posted by brandon671 Ive never been to one but have you considered detailing shops Problem I have is that something like the stuff the youtube guy was peddling is inside my ducts I dont think the detailing guys would know what to do other than spray in something to mask smells. I need to get the dust out of the ducts. What I have been thinking about is 1. Remove air outlet grilles

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Long sucess history

mercedes-benz G-class 25th Anniversary Text & photos courtesy DaimlerChrysler AG edited 05-24-2004 The classic Cross-Country Vehicle celebrates an impressive anniversary It is now 25 years since production began of the mercedes-benz G-class. The Stuttgart-based car maker unveiled the robust Cross-Country Vehicle to the pubic for the first time in 1979 since when it has delivered a total of some 175000


Now dont get all excited this is the service manual on-line httpwww.startekinfo.comStarTeko...tedDocId12253 What it is is the Steve Nervig index to the 126 service manual (at this point just the gen 2 V8 - but I will get around to the others however the group numbers are generally the same). You can download the index for your CDs from here . The aim of this index is to allow YOU to SEARCH the archives

and installation of hood release cable &822688-320 - Removal and installation of hood lock &822688-330 - Removal and installation of hood front seal Radiator shell &822688-400 - Removal and installation of radiator cowling &822688-401 - Removal and installation of radiator grille &822688-402 - Removal and installation of trim strips on radiator grille &822688-405 - Removal and installation of mercedes


Im wondering why when i set the the air conditioning distrubution(WARM) to my feet the other vents blows cold air.PLEASE HELP AND DONT SAY I SHOULD CLOSE THE VENT.

Let me the first to welcome you to the forum MB made several changes to the ventilation system throughout the history of the venerable W203 C class. Back in the olden days in 2002 they had a top vent and center vent center knob that mixed outside air with heated or cooled air so it would be possible to have the heat turned up all the way and get cold air from the center vents depending on the rotation

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 Data card please

Just bought this car for my wife from carmax and would like to know if anyone can supply me with a data card. WDDGF4HB5DR245023 Thank You Jack

Identification number WDD2040471R245023 7 VIN WDDGF4HB5DR245023 VIN WDDGF4HB5DR245023 Chassis Sales designation C 250 CGI Order number 0 3 704 58093 Delivery date 19 07 2012 Paint code 1 040U BLACK Equipment 121A IMITATION LEATHER - BLACKANTHRACITE Engine no. 271860 30 515483 Transmission 722997 07 268620 Engine Engine no. 271860 30 515483 Major assembly variant A 271 010 57 01 SA code 040U BLACK 100A

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Cleaning Ventilation ducts

Anyone ever tried cleaning the ducts on their cars I have problem on my W210 - dust in ducts that I am breathing I posted on W210 forum in more detai l but thought practical guys here may have some ideas.

Quote Originally Posted by Aussiemerc I cleaned all the ducting on my 107 with Palmolive liquid and a toilet brush then hosed hard.(outside ofcourse). I dissembled the heater box entirely cleaned it with degreaser hosed off then Palmolive and hosed again and replaced all the rubber coating on the flaps. I had the heater core and the ac evaporator flushed. Also fully dissembled and cleaned the blower

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 Want a new bumper but Mercedes refuse to sale me

Hi there.. I want to buy a 55 AMG front bumper. The first step I made was to call the dealer and ask for a new bumper. I have a 350 with AMG package so the front bumper is without side aperture outlet. They didnt know where to start So they called the mainland mercedes Office and they replied mercedes will not sell me the bumber since I own a 350 I have many friends here that own a 200 and they have

LEXUS GS IV L10 2013 Lexus GS 350 - Review

The mid-size Lexus GS wants you to know--begs of you to know--its still here. Its wandered on and off the radar in recent years skipping 2012 entirely in the U.S. but its back for 2013 fully refreshed relaxed and reinvigorated and ready to take on the mercedes-benz E class and BMW 5-Series yet again. In that way its the Andy Roddick of sport sedans fully capable of taking points off both of the leaders

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