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MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Coolant Change - SLK32 - Engine Charge Air Cooler....

The Following was on My SLK32 Bought MB coolant (pictured) 15L Bought distilled water 2520L I had to jack the car a couple of inches on the drain side to get my 15L white foot bowl under. I fabricated a short 12mm garden hose with elbow and it fit snuggly over the drain bleed. Process A - Engine Opened the drain stop Opened the reservoir cap Fluid drained - very slowly - about 5mins - still just a

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Custom air intake help

hey guys as you can see im new here. so i found this vid on youtube YouTube - C230 Kompressor - Cold air Intake i want to do something similiar. but a friend suggested i do a custom intake that leads into the ram air and in an 2002 coupe its very close perhaps a short pipe and a heat shield however im pretty much a noob at installing does anyone have an suggestions perhaps direct me somewhere i can

the engine will put out less power. These compartments get really hot even when on the highway. -What I also dont like about this silly intake is the unsupported length of it put on a plastic intake box flange. Heat vibrations road shocks and other factors will perhaps compromise the flange when coupled with such a long unsupported length of filter and piping. I criticize a lot about mercedes

the engine will put out less power. These compartments get really hot even when on the highway. -What I also dont like about this silly intake is the unsupported length of it put on a plastic intake box flange. Heat vibrations road shocks and other factors will perhaps compromise the flange when coupled with such a long unsupported length of filter and piping. I criticize a lot about mercedes

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS B I 245 Air con rad removal and replace.

Hi guys Once again here for your great advice. After fixing the rattle from the car I remembered Derek mentioning a wetness on the front rad photo below. Ive tried to use the air con recently to no avail although had it gassed about 6 months ago and was working fine spoke to a car air con specialist who recommended replacing the rad as there was a leak nice chap as he knew I was a competent DIYer Id

Closer pics. of how its mounted Disclaimer - know nothing about the they use a turbo So thats an intercooler for sure Not maybe an oil cooler of some sort Cant see what size tubing going to it...but to you itll be obvious. If its an intercooler just undo the clamps at the hoses and plug them with kitchen wrap and rubber bands to keep dirt out. For the record...the AC rad is actually called

It is illegal to release the gasses into the atmosphere in UK (research where I lived anyway). After fitting I had the system serviced by qualified air con specialist Ok guys finally here is the update please bear with me might get some pics in wrong order lots of pics though. I did go ape on the camera although I wanted to take more. As other thread regarding removal of front bumper. httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsw245...lar-front.html

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Has anyone cleaned their intercooler (C230K)

I wanted to see how clean the intercooler was in my benz so I pulled the front bumper off to get access to it. Unfortunately because of the very long plastic end tanks I couldnt see an easy way of getting the intercooler out through the front. The only way I could tell was to detach the transmission cooler lines and remove the radiator (I plan on changing the coolant and ATF this spring anyway) but

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S V 221 s600 ttv12 intercoolers

what do the intercoolers consist of is there an air radiator like an air-air intercooler on the front of car air dam upgradeable what intake air filters are available. my boostpower seems low.

Quote Originally Posted by 2003 s600 what do the intercoolers consist of is there an air radiator like an air-air intercooler on the front of car air dam upgradeable what intake air filters are available. my boostpower seems low. Is this a W220 car like here &202&224&242&224&235&238&227 This one is air-to-air but I believe some cars have air-to-water coolers. If youre sure that the boost is low I would check leaks. It would not appear on idle but when you have load on the engine.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 E320 CDI stock intercooler size

Does anyone maybe know what is the size of stock intercooler that comes on W211 E320 CDI with inline six engine (204hp) After seeing today how much stock intercooler sucks on this car i am definitely replacing mine. I am seeing 40C at 1400rpm and then up to 70C when boosting (3800 rpm). That is just...insane.

Quote Originally Posted by mescaline I am more worried that its 3.5 thick. You think it will fit behind bumper without modifications if its 3.5 This is very good intercooler garrett high density core I cant find anything smaller that is high performance. 3.5 will fit if this is the measurement from front to back or the cold air flow I assume. You have lots of room in the middle of the car and 18 from

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 97 E420 cold air or short ram intake

Does any one know where i can find a cold air or short ram intake for a 97 E420 Or any ideas on how to custom make one I can custom fit the piping thats not a problem. But I cant figure out how to connect the piping to the manifold. I cant just run piping up n over the motor directly to the manifold because there isnt enough clearance to close the hood. Can anyone give me any ideas

also claim they flow better. cooler air is denser airwhy do you think a hot air balloon floats.Hot air is less dense.Heatlow pressurealtitude all rob you of power.Factsscienceboyles law. In reply to your relying on magazine articles see who advertises in their mag. KN thats who. here is a link to a non partial non commercial test.KN except in the first 20 minutes of operation tested at the criteria

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 C230 cold air intake

Does anyone know where I can get a cold air intake for a 05 C230k Thanks

Strange that it set off the engine light. You did reinstall the airflow sensor onto the new piping correct If you did maybe it is loose and that is causing the engine light warning. If you didnt that would obviously be the problem. So far I have heard of these upgrades for performance on the Cs. 1. ECU flash. 2. K&N air filter (might actually be worse for the engine though). 3. Sprint booster (never

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Testing Racetec intercooler

Heres a new intercooler that we installed today. Unfortunately because of the heavy rains and cool weather I havent been able to push the limits of the intercooler.

Ill be testing it over the next 2 weeks so prices havent been set but are expected to be 650-700. It works by keeping the air charge coolerdenser run after run. This keeps power constant from the first time you mash the pedal to the last. Do ever feel like the car feels quicker in the morning but in the afternoon after youve done some quick sprints the car feels sluggish Thats because the factory IC


Hello can anyone tell me why my MB E300TD does not have a intercooler. What type should i use if i mounting one. Whow many horsepowers doe i get Best regards Tommy

You could build one yourself like a coworker of mine did. He took one module of a four module intercooler core off of a cat diesel and put it in his mitsubishi (gassoline engine) sedan. Or I should say he attached his car to the intercooler[p]. You should get siginificant HP gains with cooler denser air.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Intercooler fluid separation

I know several people have separated the intercooler into its own fluid reservoir. It seems most people go with the code 3 performance reservoir that sits directly in the center front of engine bay. Next to the belts and radiator fan. Upon examination this seems like a bad place for a fluid reservoir considering the reason for separating the system is to obtain cooler fluid to lower internal air temperatures.

Quote Originally Posted by 2002c230 I know several people have separated the intercooler into its own fluid reservoir. It seems most people go with the code 3 performance reservoir that sits directly in the center front of engine bay. Next to the belts and radiator fan. Upon examination this seems like a bad place for a fluid reservoir considering the reason for separating the system is to obtain cooler

Quote Originally Posted by 2002c230 Thanks for the reply. So in your opinion upgrading the heat exchanger to a larger more efficient intercooler is the best way to lower internal air temperatures As a result the engine operating temperatures do increase though Not from separation but the fact of the intercooler covering more of the radiator Separation results in even higher operating temperatures Is

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 100 Ebay intercooler mod

So for those of you who might have followed Steve Johnsons thread in the SLK forum on the Ebay intercooler heres the parts needed on an slk to complete the mod. We all would still need to determine the actual size of our intercooler as Ive already determined the stock ones are not the same to see if this is possible. But just to get things rolling here in the C forum heres the parts list from Steve

Owning both cars a C230 and SLK230 and having the IC out on both side by side they are totally different. Also I can almost guarantee you will lose power right off the bat because it will not flow as well as the factory IC and youll lose pressure. The best way to determine this is to do a dyno run beforeafter like I did the cheapest way is to buy a 15 boost gauge and see how much max pressure you have

I see. I thought maybe you were trying to add some insulation for cooler intake air. FYI if the fix doesnt work retail on the OEM part is only about 50. I was also able to use black RTV silicon on my CLK550 to seal cracks in the air inlet.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Long sucess history

mercedes-benz G-class 25th Anniversary Text & photos courtesy DaimlerChrysler AG edited 05-24-2004 The classic Cross-Country Vehicle celebrates an impressive anniversary It is now 25 years since production began of the mercedes-benz G-class. The Stuttgart-based car maker unveiled the robust Cross-Country Vehicle to the pubic for the first time in 1979 since when it has delivered a total of some 175000

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 320 CDI v6 or straight six

What are the advantagesdisadvantages of each please

means a considerable increase in output comfort and driving pleasure. With an output of 165 kW224 hp the new power unit betters the existing five-cylinder engine by up to 38 percent and the in-line six-cylinder by nine percent. In conjunction with 7G-TRONIC the maximum torque is increased to 510 Newton metres and is available between 1600 and 2800 rpm. With these torque characteristics the new mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 2004 Mercedes-Benz C 55 AMG

Geneva Mar 02 2004 - Its now exactly 25 years since the mercedes-benz G-class made its first public appearance. Since then these models have made a name for themselves all over the world and have been sold to over 182000 customers. The supercharged V8 G 55 AMG the latest high point in the career of this one-of-a-kind classic is now on display in Geneva. The eight-cylinder power plant of this new addition

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 E320 Bluetec - POP Then no power...

All I have a 2007 E320 Bluetec with 48k on the clock. Today when I was passing someone I heard a POP then the car lost power..I hear the turbo building boost but it sounds like a massive hairdryer - all the air is not going in the intake. I immediately turned around and went home (2mi) and pulled the intake boots off. They were not shreded broken etc. However one of the O-rings does look suspect. Can

Thanks again. Failure of the motor would NOT cause leaking boost - all the motor does is turn some linkages that are attached to little flaps in the intake manifold. Typically when the motor fails it will seize up overheat and make a burning plastic smell. Sometimes the windings get so hot they can burn a hole in the housing. Replacement info here V6 CDI Inlet Port Shut Off Motor Replacement - mercedes-benz

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Turbo conversion..

As the thread title suggests I am going to turbo my W202.024 (supercharged M111 engine). I have wanted to do this for some time I originally was batting around the idea of an engine swap (C43 or E55 V8) but after calculating the costs of it I decided that a turbo project would be much cheaper and I will probably have a faster car then the V8 swap would have given me Ive been talking about doing this

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS GL X164 Vance we have another problem

Yep. Round two me too. Just as mlorez reported in his thread here httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsgl-c...-take-two.html I was stranded along I-10 heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Had the kids and a load of stuff and got half way there when I heard and felt a loud pop which sounded like an engine backfire and then lost power. Luckily I was near an off-ramp and just before a 12 mile stretch of nothing

Quote Originally Posted by AutoSaurus ...I have no idea what the intercooler does either. Anyone From Wikipedia An intercooler or charge air cooler is a device used on turbocharged and supercharged internal combustion engines to improve their volumetric efficiency by increasing the amount of charge in the engine and lowering charge air temperature thereby increasing power and reliability. It is also

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 05 CDI Intake and EGR Maintenance

There have been reports of sootclogged intake manifolds causing limp home mode and expensive repair or even replacement of intake manifolds because of this clogging. Is there any way to prevent this soot buildup ULSD fuel has been used since it was available. Does full throttle acceleration ie blowing it out help Thanks. My 05 cdi has 125000 and my wifes has 88000. No problems so far

Quote Originally Posted by bugg464 i am a mercedes technician and they are clogging up with carbon and we have been replacing the intake charge air manifolds because of the build up. i dont know of anyway to clean them. the carbon is coming from the oil in the intake system I do not think that the intake clogging is forming from oil in the intake manifold. There should not be any oil or if is some

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W164 How does ML320 CDI separate oil before turbo

How does the OM642 engine split the oil before feeding air back into the turbo I searched thru these threads looking for information on this to no avail. Ive even searched thru the EPC parts list and W164 service manual. I could not even identify correctly the part that does the job of separating the oil. I dont have any oil leaks now. I had the dealer replace the oil seals 2 weeks ago (common problem).

region. Leaving a turbocharged engine running at idle for extended periods allows large amounts of oil to leak past the turbo and into the induction system where it settles in the inter-cooler. Then when the turbo reaches full boost this oil is blown clear and consumed by the motor. Another misconception is that this source of oil comes from the CCV system aka Crankcase Ventilation System. mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Whats the temperature difference across Intercooler

I guess it depends upon temp in but I guess Im looking for some indicative figures...and are there better amarket ICs out there Do the better ones provide less dP via less resistance along with a lower exit T due to improved efficiency The 2 being opposites of course. ie If the better IC lowers the T more than a standard IC then the dP would increase proportionally (in kelvin terms). Therefore youd

how i did testing... to get temp after intercooler - read the OBD2 port with a logger. IAT (intake temp air sensor) is integrated into the MAF sensor. this is what the cars ecu records as the current temp of the air comming in. to get temp at the start of intercooler - i just used a multimeter with a thermocoupler and stuck it as far as i could into a intercooler fin. all i know from memory the tempetures

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Intercooler specs

I am hoping that someone either has the dimensions to or has a spare intercooler to measure. I am going to have a custom intercooler made. The Vaeth unit is over 1.3K and I have a really good idea how the end tanks should flow. Almost stock is just about right. Vaeth IC has the same end tanks as stock IC. In regards to airflow and pressure loss I know that the intercooler on my car is approx. 22x5x2.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Intercooler on slk 230 kompressor

Ive read very post about intercoolers experiences by owners slk 230 but i still very questions about that... My car have a kleemann kit and some people say the original ic was suficient and the others say the biggest one was the best idea. Ive read in some posts the change ic causes lost of some hp... The other this was can someone tell me if I win some hp with bored my trottle body Sorry about all that questions but Im new in slk world

automaticly (with temp sensors) to spray a mist on the cooler when it hits approx 15c above ambient temps.. car doesnt feel sluggish after a few hard runs and cooler is always cool to touch even after hard boosting. i did monitor live data via OBDC to see what temps the IAT (intake air temp sensor) was reading (this is located in the MAF)........ and temps DID decrease dramatically. as per WIS (mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 STS Universal Remote Turbo Kits For 3K Has anyone outfitted this system

Hi I was just Reading Lcats post about FI options. I checked out the link in that post (Squires Turbo Systems - Turbocharged Innovation) and I was Blown away Is this really the FI kit weve all been waiting for This remote Turbo kit looks like a real kick-ass set-up For 3k (plus install) it sure seems much more approachable than a Kleeman job. My question is Has anyone had this system on thier 20002001

Ive got a dual remote turbo setup on my SEC drag car but the engine is a Ford 347 stroker. The setup is simple and reliable - I push almost 1100HP and use a Powerglide for racing. A streetable version could run 700 to 800 HP easily. No intercooler required but a water-to-air intercooler definitely would help produce a cooler denser charge but also reduces air flow efficiency. Generally the cooler denser

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Intermittent power loss C32 2003

Intermittent power loss C32 2003 Original owner 40000 miles. Do not drive car much. Over the past four years I have been trying to find and fix an intermittent loss of power. The symptoms are Runs OK (full power no strange noises etc.) for about approx. 6 miles. Power loss occurs when floored it downshifts engine note changes and power loss. Power returns after driving a few miles. Attempts to fix

converter replaced in the past. Transmission recently inspected and serviced. Pump working OK when shutoff engine pump runs for a few seconds. Any clues advice suggestions hints etc. will be appreciated. Great car when it runs correctly would like to fix and keep. This issue is driving me crazy. Last attempt. If not fixed will consider selling. Did you do the recal thing in this thread httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsw203...figure-if.html

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 ATF Change Experienceguide.

Here is my experience with my 722.6 ATF change 00 S430. Very straightforward and easy to do but there are some pointers to mention. 1. Obtain a 722.6 Dipstick (youll see why later) 2. Obtain 4 qtslitres MB spec ATF of choice (I use MB) 3. Obtain filter kit (includes filter pan gasket and crush washer) 4. Obtain new lock key for the tube filler cap (red plastic tab) I first removed the plastic filler

Alright some additional considerations for tranny fluid change. I have just changed the tranny fluid both to SLK and S430. Some pictures are also coming out later. I think it may be better to change 8 quarts of fluid than just 4 quarts especially if the fluid has been used for several years several tens of thousands of miles. By draining the pan and changing the filter less than half i.e. 4 quarts

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 2001 S500 Fuse Diagram

Does anyone have a copy of the fuse diagram for a 2001 S500. Ive looked in the trunk with the tools and was not able to find it. My cigarette lighters are not working in the back doors and figured it was a fuse but dont know which one.

is via the panel surrounding the right rear courtesy light in the floor space) and one in the dashboard (right side for LHD cars left side for RHD cars). It is easy to miss on the diagrams - Fuses 78 through 86 are in the dashboard fuse panel which is particularly well-hidden. Check your owners manual and the large vehicle diagram on the fuse chart for locations. See the thread at httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsw220...5-s55-amg.html

MERCEDES BENZ SLS AMG C197 Intercooler Pump NOT failing

I know this topic has lots of posts and has been beat to death but... Getting ready to mod a 2004 S55 (VRP pulley and ECU and TB with headers coming later) and I have been reading all the posts on IC pump failures. Here is my question is this not so much an issue on S class AMGs My car has 77k miles on the original pump. Most of the failures seem to be C and E class Perhaps it is a heat issue The C

I appreciate that they are the same engine but thew point is twofold The S engine bay is bigger meaning more air flow mass to remove heat and the S has a second IC cooler in series already. The E has only the one cooler. The common fix for the modified E is a better pump and if you go beyond pulley and chip a bigger cooler. My question is whether anyone is running a mildy modified S with the stock

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 How To Clean the intercooler 1998 SLK-230

1998 SLK-230 Kompressor US model W 123000 Miles Hello All Just need some advice and helpful information on how to clean the intercooler. First of all I need to know how to take it apart and where it is located. Is it under the radiator I cannot see it if I look down thru the engine compartment. Can it be cleaned without being taken out (other than disconnecting the tubing) I&8217ve read thru lot of

any gasoline based product will clean it well (or a degreaser which is SAFE for aluminum use). most people flush it with water (even on the guide) to get rid of any gasoline based product... as guess whats going to happen if there is stuff trapped in the cooler and that extra vapor gets sucked into the intake ... water wont rust it as its made out of aluminum and if it was going to rust it would have

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 oil cooler fittment and charge cooler question

i fitted an oil cooler today hears a vid of position ect YouTube - fitting oil cooler to amg twin turbo mercedes how much cooler will it cause the engine to run i wonder have been in conversation with ed and we are both considering adding another cooler or replacing the aftercoolers on our cars with a charge cooler but my research seems to show that charge coolers only work for a short period due to the cooling medium heating up and reducing the effect. anyone got any thoughts either way

Are you referring to heat-soak with an air-to-air intercooler Its possible to eliminate or reduce this effect if you switch over to a liquid-to-air setup assuming you also include a thermally switched fan behind the primary liquid cooler...of course you could also do the same with an air-to-air setup. Does your oil cooler have a thermostat

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Intercooler Spray testing....

I have to say im quite happy with this... how i tested this 1) had a OBD2 scanner reading LIVE data from the intake temp sensor (which is integrated into the MAF) which the engine measures intake temps. 2) had a sensor placed physicaly on the actuall intercooler (on the back of it stuffed into one of the fins) on the side closer to the MAF. it was a 29c30c deg (84f86f) day outside today. with no cooler

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Lower boost with larger intercooler

Ive recently installed an intercooler from CXRacing that Im sure most here should be familiar with. Soon after installing it I went for a dyno retune and found that my boost level at the MAF side of the engine bay was 0.3 to 0.38 bar The boost level at the airbox side was still producing 0.55 to 0.6 bar from my Kleemann pulley kit as was the case from my last dyno 2 years ago. Found that I was losing

loss of psi is not always related to cooling. main factors are the design of the intercooler inside and its end tanks and how well air flows and drag on internal components. If the boost is raised is it necessary to increase an otherwise proper intercooler Very seldom. While the loss through the intercooler is proportional to the flow (CFM) squared unlikely the change will be of a magnitude that requires

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS GL X164 GL320 08 turbo not working

The turbo stopped boosting without any messages or idiot lights. The engine seems to run just fine but it only has the power of a 3L diesel. Accelleration is poor but it will get up to 65 just like the diesels of old - slow. I have tried downshifting and flooring the pedal that helps a little. The tranny does not downshift when floored. I have not noticed any oil dripping from the intercooler piping. Before I call the ealer is there anything I should check

Sounds like one of the pipes from the turbo compressor outlet came loose. Happened to me on a trip to Eastern Canada. We were just going over the Cascades here in Washington eastbound tried to pass a truck and pop heard a noise and then a serious lack of power Very hard to pass that truck them There were no engine error lights [as I recall]. The charge air pipe to the intercooler had come loose when


All this talk about the SLK32 not performing to par made me think about the 32s waterair intercooler -- which is nothing more than a water pump some plubming a core and some control systems. Compared against an airair intercooler which is just a heating core and some plumbing this makes me think about the cost-benefit tradeoff of the waterair br The waterair intercooler is more efficient

for the reasons you mentioned. The compact size of both the C 32 and SLK 32 require some real thought as to where to stick what. The airair intercooler is certainly the better way to go if were looking for a less complicated set up but space is at a premium. The airair intercooler would have to be at least twice as thick as the 230s and probably much thicker to cool the compressed air to useable

that its more difficult to intercool supercharged cars. Packaging was definitely an issue. Higher boost is not a problem as my Audis ran more boost from the turbos with airair intercoolers. br br But if you have a long run through the intercooler you get pumping losses across the cooler. Typically you lose .5psi boost or more across the core alone. You usually can make up for that though because of

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 suspect oil in my intercooler

Hey all I have been having a weird oil contamination problem in my intake for the last few months or so and I want to resolve it before I put in the new MAF. I have replaced the crankcase breather tube and the air bypass valve as sugguested by Lello. ANyhow I think there may be some pooled oil in the intercooler and would like to clean it out. DO you think I could just tie a rag onto a string and drag

We run much larger blowers at higher pressures here and they dont normally run over 400 F blower discharge temperature. But a long time at even 400 F will turn oil into varnish inside the I.C. Quote I think the oil might be trapped in some pockets inside the intercooler and will become aerosoled when I am sucking a lot of air into the engine (thus contaminating the MAF and screwing up my day). The

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 turbo c230 kompressor

would it be easy or even possible to replace the stock MB supercharger with a turbo . seems like it wouldnt be to difficult. Im interested in building a custon kit. Id be happy forever with a 10-12 psi turbo c230. Any one ever see one online or anywhere in Europe

A few things that i have seen with Turbo Cars... 1. No mater how small your turbo you have lag. It may not be alot but its there... There are many manufactures that have done some very odd things to eliminate the lag but only one has had limited will bring the spool up down to about 1500-1700 RPM from 2250... 2. Turbocharging a SC car is not as easy as it sounds...Not knowing a lot about

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 my intercooler spray video

dont think ive posted this but here it is. couldnt get close as the fine mist was covering my phone... its intelligently controlled when the car is under certain loadthottle AND if the intercooler core exceeds ambient temp 10c (user adjustable). intercooler spray - YouTube

it is possible to cool the water to air cooler but the temp thershold will keep being tripped as it will constantly get hot. the only way to get the SLK32 to stay cool is to seperate the engine cooling circut from the water to air intercooler. i belive this has been done but not sure on the .

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 SLK32 custom cold air intake

I put this kit together from some mandrel bent aluminum pipes I found on ebay. The y-adapter the kit came with 2 sharp 90 degree bends... I took them to a welder and had him cut the edges on them and weld them into a Y. Then I took the Y-adapter and drilled and tapped in my methanol injection nozzle in a spot that was decently flat but very close to the throttle body. Then I used a rubber coupler and

Actually I was skeptical at first too... but it stays cooler than the OEM boxes did (ouch ever touch those hot). I actually gained more HP than my ASP pulley kit gave me Ill hit up a dyno when I get a chance. Plus with the intercooler water seperation and my wateralcohol injection Im actually running much cooler. AND they open up right where the air enters in from the front grill. So the filters get cool air too.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 I had some thoughts about the 32s intercooler but need a resource...

for some info. I have possibly have an idea to generally improve the performance of the car but I need some pics of the stock intercooler system on the 32 or a diagram of how its laid br Anyone know where I can find this I cant seem to find any of the engine broken down or in a cutaway. There are a few tricks you can do with intercoolers that can improve perf. with no sacrifice in reliability.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Optimal tire pressure for the E55

Dear All I live in a rather warm and humid area with occasional showers from time to time. From your experience what tire pressure would be optimal I currently have 35 psi on front and rear tires. Should those 2 figures be different Cheers Adam

- Caution long winded excerpt from an article I wrote many moons ago Alert - Before I tell you how I go about determining the optimum pressure let me just say if anyone is just using their car for regular commutes back and forth to the office use whatever pressure is stated in the owners manual. If they do that and remember to check it every month theyll probably be fine. Also if someones car handles

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 SLK 55 Intercooler

Does anyone here know the MB part no. for the SLK55 air intercooler that bolts on the front of the bumper Heap of thanks [D]

I went to my dealer and got the following number. I think its the right piece because it said something about air cooler and looked like the right piece. The tubes that attach to each side of this piece have different part numbers (I did not ask for them). I dont have the price either... 203 500 06 00 (of course the 55 most likely doesnt have an intercooler according to what some people say so what do I know shrug )

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Custom Intercooler Reservoir for SLK32

Let me start by saying that custom projects are NOT cheap... but I liked seeing my design come to life. The purpose of this mod is to be able to fill the gallon reservoir with ice when Im at the dragstrip as for every 10 deg cooler the intake air is you gain apx 1% HP. Also for everyday use it increases the intercooler system volume by 1 gallon which will help some... Ill get into the whole install


I have a 2002 SLK32 and and am having problems with the Supercharger cutting off at 4000rpm or when its hot and or really warmed up. Thanks to you guys here it pretty much sounds like a Supercharger Intercooler Pump. I have 64000 miles on the car and 500 left on the warranty. I took to it to the local MB dealer. They told me the Supercharger cant just cut out. I told them you have to be kidding me

Id suggest you find a new mechanic. Better yet if you are certain the problem lies with your IC pump buy an improved Johnson CM30 IC Pump from LET Motorsports and install it yourself. LET Motorsports - European Tuning and Performance From thread on intercooler pump charge air cooler circulation pump

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G 463 463 300gd turbo conversion

Dear Mark nice to hear from you . First of all you must be careful or youbrcan easily fry the engineThe stt kit took 4 years development work and theybrsupplied all the injection pump recalibration settings.As you are fitting abrdifferent turbo and intercooler these settings would probably bebrwrong.Anyway when I took the horsepower a stage further I used an EGT gaugebrmore boost and extra oil cooling

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