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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 FS 2008 C Class 300 Radiator Grille Assembly

Up for sale is factory original 2008 mercedes benz C class Luxury grille and Hood Star Emblems. This set is in pristine like new condition and bears no signs of any wear and tear. No dents scratches bug marks mars cracks or other markings are on this item. Asking 85 shipped. SOLD

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Schatz Radiator Grille

Does anyone have personal experience of the W203 Schatz grille shown by following the W203 option from this link SchĂtz - Car Accessories for your mercedes Im interested in the fit quality and finished appearance.

Dont have any personal experience with it but by the look of it it looks like a well made grill.

View Radiator grille for MERCEDES BENZ CLASS A


Greetings my beloved W220 community I hope I am not violating any forum terms by posting this (if I am I will immediately remove this posting) but I would like to inform everybody that I have an extra set of 3 AMG mesh grills for front bumper for S-class Model years 99 through 02. They will not fit 03 and up as it has a slight uplift that changed dimensions of the parts. I am selling the set with 3


Just a thought has any one swapped the older style grille for the newer 3 bar version is it a straight swap over or is it more involved

Here is the procedure - No its not difficult but it does graze your arms a bit. Lift the bonnet & remove the I think 6 or 8 plastic clips that hold the back plastic pieces on top of the radiator (the clips with the plastic pins in the middle) remove the black plastic flaps now the clips are out (these are the ones that are over the headlights. lift up the rectangular bit of plastic over the bonnet

I dont think the new one will fit the old B. New grille has a deep V shape at the center. Here are the old style grille if anyone is interested. mercedes B-class COMPLETE GRILL UNIT.NEW on (item 200372174738 end time 09-Sep-09 114343 EDT) mercedes B class 245 FRONT radiator GRILL on (item 390080698835 end time 10-Sep-09 101655 EDT) mercedes B class SPORT GRILL UNUSED GENUINE PART on

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 Anyone knows where to buy a grille

Hi Im looking for radiator grille for my 2009 C-class. I want to buy the sport style grille wemblem-log in the middle of the grille. DOesn anyone know where on the internet I can find some.

Quote Originally Posted by ayorika Hi Im looking for radiator grille for my 2009 C-class. I want to buy the sport style grille wemblem-log in the middle of the grille. DOesn anyone know where on the internet I can find some. Loads of it on eBay and if you dont like its buy the original from Merc.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Custom Brabus-style grille for W203

Has anyone ever seen or heard of a Brabus-style grille for W203s By Brabus-style I basically mean a CL grille (3-4 wide slats) but WITHOUT the big star in the middle. I know Brabus has made one for W204s such as their insane Brabus Bullit (see below). Id like to go with a custom grille but the closest thing Ive seen to this for W203s are the same basic CL-style grilles (that all probably come off the

i wonder how much different in fitment it is... i have a friend with ML...will check out this weekend eBay Motors mercedes Brabus radiator grille W163 ML320 ML430 ML55 (item 280313778009 end time Feb-22-09 164209 PST)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Anyone C55 owners changed front grille to CLK55

I remember reading that the C55 has ther same front end as the CLK55. Id like to change the grill. Has anyone done this yet I replaced the hood star with the flat emblem but not the grill yet. Can I just ask a MB dealer for a CLK55 grill thanks joe[]

I just finished my 05 C55 AMG. Super easy install. Go with Genuine mercedes parts. Most of the parts on eBay are knockoffs. Do you really want to glue on the star Here are the part numbers and cost from American Service Center in Arlington VA Telephone number is 703-284-2450 Ask for Chas Anderson. Make sure you tell him Darrin referred you so you can get local customer cost. 209-880-01-23-9040 CLK

Quote Originally Posted by Durwood 209-880-01-23-9040 CLK radiator grille Black 3 Fins 308.76 219-880-00-64 Hood Latch 24.31 204-817-06-16 BadgeFlat Hood Emblem 19.33 209-889-00-90 SpacerMounting Bracket 18.41 which of these part would I need just for the BadgeFlat Hood Emblem Do I need the SpacerMounting Bracket too

Here is the finished product. Part 219-880-00-64 Hood Latch Part 209-889-00-90 SpacerMounting Bracket Part 209-880-01-23-9040 CLK radiator grille Black 3 Fins Finshed product with flat hood emblembadge Part 204-817-06-16

MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 Changing Radiator Grilles

I am a new member folks from down under and am at my wits end trying to solve a silly issue and was hoping someone out there could give me a hand.....I have a 2006 SL350 and I am trying to take out and install an upgraded radiator grille (single chrome bar and star type) but am having great difficulty fathoming out how to remove the grille...after loosening the 4 screws on the top ok it seems there

you need to stick a small screw driver in each tab to unlock them

OK thread says youre replacing the grille. Use the new grille to see where the lock in tabs are and how much force it takes to release the tabs by rotating the top forward and the bottom backwards away from the bumper locators. Just be careful isnt doesnt take a lot of brute force just enough in the right direction. Good Luck

Quote Originally Posted by Hary Gahtoe OK thread says youre replacing the grille. Use the new grille to see where the lock in tabs are and how much force it takes to release the tabs by rotating the top forward and the bottom backwards away from the bumper locators. Just be careful isnt doesnt take a lot of brute force just enough in the right direction. Good Luck Thanks for that will give it a go this weekend access is the main problem almost impossible to get your hand in.......Tks

You dont need to. When you rotate the grille lift the bottom up and away from the tabs. Its all done from the front

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 How-ToDIY for replacing radiator in 01 ML430

Any tipsadvice is appreciated. Coolant drained radiator in the mail.

Quote Originally Posted by txmcook Morning Like you I broke the nipple off the radiator. I was wondering if you had any tips to share before I start taking the darn thing out What about after you replace it did you have to bleed the power steering unit or just add oil Also what about the ATF lines what did you use to plug the lines Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks TXMCOOK I got a good tip

Quote Originally Posted by busoptr TXMCOOK ...Also theres a little plastic thing that goes through the radiator and that grille thing i do not know what its called its there like a little shock absorber so the radiator and this grille thing wont bang together when you are off road you have to remove it to take out the radiator. Im replacing my radiator right now. Im at the point where I have to remove


Hi all Up for sale is a brand new unpainted and primed G55 grille from years 09. I paid 970 from the dealer. Lists for 899 from Vlad at I purchased this because I wanted to replace the radiator shutter on my G550 with a chrome one. Thus included with this grille housing is my brand new & painted silver OEM G550 radiator shutter. I can provide receipts for purchase from dealer. Please

Here are some pictures. Included items BRAND NEW OEM G55 grille assembly. BRAND NEW & PAINTED SILVER OEM radiator shutter All parts are in perfect condition.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Aux fan touching grille

Hi guys. Im stuck. Im trying to figure out why its touching the grille. What would be relevant to alignment

Is the fan supposed to be set on the same mount as the radiator I know for sure at one point in time it was flush but perhaps the fan was affected when I changed the radiator. I have a suspicion that the fans still work. But the contact made between the fan and grille do not allow for maximum speed. Hence numbers on climate control not above 5-6

Go on Russian site or other WIS publication and check the assembly. Mine diesel had clips with bolts attaching it to the radiator. As far as I remember there is no room for much mistakes if everything is there. Mine clip broke on removal and that is what cost my troubles.

ok this is what im pulling up....hard to navigate around that site unless your russian if you ask me. I cant find the list of what that 470 part is...i assume mount for radiator...Ill give it a try today.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 C220CDI Lower Mesh Grille DIY Replacement Possible

A rock on the motorway has smashed the a whole in the central mesh grille (under the number plate). The radiator behind looks fine. Ive bought a new one at the dealer but cant work out how to replace it from the front. Any help would be much appreciated by a newbie Thanks

This is a very serious design problem and very common. My 09 has been replaced 2 times at around 200.00 each. This probably cannot be done with out prior experience (which most shops have plenty of by now). They probably should not have sold this to you without telling you this. Several of my neighbors have had the same problem. Someday a radiator will go because of this and MB will need to pay. All

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Auxiliary Electric Radiator Cooling Fan does not come on

Hello Everyone This is my first post on this forum but I have been watching it and using advise found here for some issues with my wifes 2001 ML320 truck already. I already researched this topic here but I could not find answers that would satisfy and resolve the problem that I am having. To make the long story short the electric auxiliary radiator cooling fan does not turn on ether when the AC is

Yes the aux. cooling fans should come on when you are overheating. You have already determined that pinslot 30 on the fuse box has voltage. You must now determine if pinslot also has voltage. If it doesnt then you have a problem with the fuse box. If it does then you should remove relay 21 (blower motor) and replace it with relay 26. If the blower motor works then the relay is good and your problem

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito CDi radiator

Hi. I hope am in the right forum. I have a Vito CDi year 2002 in there is a leak coming from the radiator area. Possibly a split or hole in the radiator. Unfortunately you cant see the radiator because of the design of the cowling covering the radiator from under the bonnethood. I know that Merc wont let us enthusiasts have manuals to fix the carsvans we buy so does anyone know how to get access to

Yup - youre in the right forum Theres a repair manual published by Peter Russek Manuals Russek Publications - Vehicle Manuals and if youre familiar with downloading torrents you can find shop manuals online. Basically disconnect battery negative drain coolant clamp oil hoses if auto tranny de-pressurize AC system if u have 1 remove fan shroud remove front grille unbolt then up and out disconnect coolant

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 xenon headlight upgrade and black grille

hey guys I am strongly considering putting xenon headlights in my 06 c230. I have dealt with the bad lighting of the stock headlights enough and Im ready for an upgrade. Does anyone have any recommendations I found these on ebay and seem to be a good deal will they work eBay - New & used electronics cars apparel collectibles sporting goods & more at low prices Also I was looking into painting my grille

The listing you have for the hid lights on eBay are right on. Bought same ones from the same guy for my 02 c320 wagon. Little bit of a bugger getting the out its mentioned that you need to remove the bumper but with a little time and removing some screws from the radiator support (I know sounds bad but not so). Something my tech and I found out is if you remove the side markers there is a screw that


Does anyone know where I can buy a grille guard that would be an exact fit on my 05 ML350

The skid plate has save my radiator and condenser a couple of times on the logging roads. If the truck is never going off road then you wont need it. Mine is a black OEM MB bar with the Hella lights and nice thick aluminum skid plate. I ordered the truck that way. The dealer installed the accessories like that from the MB catalog.

Pleubner I came very close to buying those grill inserts but I was concerned about them decreasing airflow. Living in the southern US it can get very hot here in the summer so my radiator and condenser need all the airflow they can get. - RODNEY

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G cool grill to keep mud out of radiator

heres a pic from my new grill to keep the mud out of the radiator also tinted the front windows

Quote winch and bumper stick out way too far for comfort Yep that makes climbing rocks pretty tough. I set the winch on my truck into the stock 463 bumper. It sticks out only about 4 inches more than with no winch. Still I ran right into a big rock with it last fall in a spot where I had no trouble before the winch install. Chuques is the best that I have seen so far. The bumper is mounted several

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Radiator Blinds on the W211-reduction of Cd. Possible to retrofit 2005 E320 CDI

Fellas I was digging through some info and found an interesting link httpwww.mercedestechstore.compdf...2008-05-02.pdf It mentions radiator Blinds on page 6 and sites a reduction of Cd to .26 Not sure if the 2005 E320 CDI would be retrofittable with the radiator Blinds to increase highway fuel economy. I realize control circuitry would need to be designedimplemented to make it workable. Any thoughts

Your bumper matches 03-04 e320 (i.e. mid lower grille opening) air baffle is part 2115000116 or replacement 2115050730 (new 29.40) you will need to identify switchover valve & control module part s via WIS (via e320 - 211.065) and wire to and most importantly confirm SAM can be recoded to accept it.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Long sucess history

mercedes-benz G-class 25th Anniversary Text & photos courtesy DaimlerChrysler AG edited 05-24-2004 The classic Cross-Country Vehicle celebrates an impressive anniversary It is now 25 years since production began of the mercedes-benz G-class. The Stuttgart-based car maker unveiled the robust Cross-Country Vehicle to the pubic for the first time in 1979 since when it has delivered a total of some 175000

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Mercedes Benz M Class Edition 10

Exclusive special anniversary series. M-class &65533Edition 10&65533 top seller in tiptop shape Stuttgart Tuscaloosa. mercedes-benz is celebrating the 10th birthday of its successful M-class the top-selling premium SUV with 850000 units to its name. To mark the occasion mercedes-benz is bringing out the attractive special &65533Edition 10&65533 model. The specification includes 20-inch wheels bi-xenon

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W166 2012 ML63 Official Release and Video

mercedes-benz was kind enough to unveil the 2012 mercedes-benz ML63 AMG ahead of its world debut on Wednesday at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. httpwww.emercedesbenz.comautosm...&8211-video

Affalterbach “ The new mercedes-benz ML 63 AMG stands for efficiency and performance exclusivity and a superlative driving experience. Running on 11.8 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres (NEDC combined 276 g CO2km) the high-performance SUV undercuts its predecessor by 4.7 litres or 28 percent. The basis for low fuel consumption and top-class performance is provided by the AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine


All i was looking to get the GL 450 but i read about GL420 Bluetech. the question i have is how do i find a pump with Ultra Low Sulpher Diesel. i live in San jose CA. Is it worth waiting for Bluetech 420 which is supposed to be out in fall 2008. Thanks

2008 mercedes-benz GL420 Bluetec diesel - Latest News Auto Show Coverage and Future Cars - Automobile Magazine 2008 mercedes-benz GL420 Bluetec diesel By Stuart Fowle What is wrong with the world Here we have the number 420 on a truck with a diesel engine yet we wont get to make a single joke about joints or bongs or how it puts out more smoke than a VW full of high schoolers at a Phish concert. This

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Common replacement and maintenance parts - all in one thread

heres some simple stuff that Ive found perusing the internet to consolidate into one simple post OIL CHANGE Mobil 0W40 (5-qt) - need 2 of these 23ea WalMart for an 8.5-9qt oil change Mann-Filter HU 7185 X Metal-Free Oil Filter 9.32 (free shipping with Prime) Mann-Filter CUK 3172 Cabin Filter With Activated Charcoal 23 OES Genuine Oil Dipstick 31 Mobil Jet II Turbine Oil - Quart Can 16 for SC oil change

Housing 43 AIR FILTERS Mann-Filter CUK 18 000-2 Carbon Activated Cabin Filter CHARCOAL - IN HEATER CASE 55 OEM Mann-Filter C 3689 Air Filter 24 for 2 Meyle 0123210004 Air Filter 25 for 2 Beck Arnley 042-1611 Air Filter 31.50 for 2 Wix 46799 Air Filter 27.50 for 2 K&N 33-2181 High Performance Replacement Air Filter (need 2) 38.64ea aFe 31-10085 Air Filter (need 2) 65ea IGNITION SYSTEM 98-2010 mercedes


Anyone catch the Wall St journal yesterday about MB updating the E class in 1st half of this year

Quote JSYE320 - 1152006 1046 AM From what I have heard the bonnet star IF changed will be the same as on the new S-class. mercedes-benz are keen to bring back the laurel wreath onto the radiator grille were it has been for over 100 years until the W140 S-class. Personally I am glad the laurel wreath is back and the bonnet star is still standing proud and I am sure it always will do Dave Jersey I am

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S 108 109 Help Me ID this Old Touring Car

Home Membership Overview Join Today Renew Member Benefits Raffle Star Magazine Current Issue Back Issues Star Advertisers Browse classifieds Place classified Display Advertising Star Interest Group Star Index Buyers Guides Tech Talk Tech Talk Home Tech Talk Articles Technical Forums Technical Q & A MBUSA Resources Useful Sites All Tech Talk Our Community Community Home Upcoming Events Event Reports


Concept - Looks kinda Japanese. More likely a G-Wagen than an ML. mercedes Ener-G-Force The shape of SUVs to come - Autoweek

Its derived from a police vehicle of the future prototype. Stuttgart &8211 Is it possible that the mercedes-benz G-class will still be around in 2025 A cool design study from mercedes-benz demonstrates how the genes of the classic off-roader from 1979 may still assert themselves in the far future. It is based on the concept of a future police car developed for the Los Angeles Design Challenge. The


Its official Press release and official pictures Quote Modern-day classic puts in a compelling performance G-class “ the show goes on Stuttgart May 30 2008 Stuttgart “ It has been the definitive cross-country vehicle since 1979. It has won the Paris-Dakar Rally is deemed a worthy means of transport for the Pope ranks as an automotive design icon is a serial winner of readers polls and constitutes the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 Newbie C300 Questions for the experts

I am a new 2009 C300W owner and i have a few questions. 1. There are some things on my car invoice I dont understand a. Sportline Package b. AMG something or other c. Avant Gaurde 2. What is the CS button 3. I want a small MB rear decklid lip where and how much 4. What can I do to jazz up the car 5. What does the W mean in C300W Sorry for the lack of specifics I left the invoice at work. I want to

classic Elegance Avantgarde and AMG. The classic is the base trim found only on the smaller four-cylinder engine models and come with Brighton cloth seats (ARTICO leather optional) while the Elegance has ARTICO leather (vinyl) upholstery standard (leather optional) and the Avantgarde has LiverpoolARTICO fabric seats (leather optional). The classic and Elegance lines retain the traditional mercedes-benz

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS B I 245 Concept Blue Zero

This car will be shown at Detroit soon the Blue Zero with electric drive. The motor has 300 Nm of torque (same as the B 200 CDI and more than the B 200 Turbo) and the top speed is limited to 150 kmh. Could this show car point the way to the next B-class We may expect a production variant on this in 2010 or 2011 when the W 245 is phased out.

Courtesy of Daimler Media Services mercedes-benz is showing the way ahead in environmentally responsible electromobility by presenting its near-series Concept BlueZERO at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Based on a single vehicle architecture this intelligent modular concept allows three models with different drive configurations all of which are able to meet customer requirements

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G 2009 Mercedes Benz G 55 AMG

Following its most recent makeover the G 55 AMG from mercedes-AMG is now even more attractive. Boasting an upgraded performance of 373 kW507 hp this offroad classic has also been given a fresh look incorporating a reworked radiator grille and new 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels. Inside the exclusive interior features the latest generation of telematics equipment and optional climatised seats in combination


What changes are to come in 2010 Deals seem to be popping up on 2009s. Should I wait to buy a 2010 Thank you. -Hamman-

see link below for full story and pics (note this is for Euro model) World Premier Of The Updated mercedes-benz GL-class And New BlueTEC SUV Models emercedesbenz - The Unofficial mercedes-benz Weblog mercedes-benz today has unveiled an updated version of the largest member of its SUV family &8211 the GL-class &8211 while at the same time introducing a range of new BlueTEC SUV models. On the new GL

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S I 116 CJP28s 1979 Mercedes-Benz 300SD

Heyy whats up everyone Im Carlos Im 17 years old Im from Houston Texas Im currently attending High School Im a senior graduating class of 2012 and this is my ride. ] I have a 1979 mercedes-benz 300SD W116 chassis. This is my first and current car. I received it from my grandfather on March 13th 2010 and well lets say it was in not soo good condition but it was all original no maintenance had been done

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 Edmunds review of the C63...

First Drive 2008 mercedes-benz C63 AMG Tire Smoke in the 457-hp mercedes C-class By Andreas Stahl Contributor Email Date posted 07-03-2007 STORY TOOLS Print thisSave thisDigg this Email thisMost Its the fourth lap and Im beginning to get the hang of getting the most out of the 2008 mercedes-benz C63 AMG. Nudge the brakes to settle the rear of the car flick the steering wheel into

Example offers of car parts mercedes benz class a radiator grille

  • Mercedes Benz E Class 212 Radiator Grille - Knebworth,United Kingdom (21.01 GBP)
  • Classic Mercedes Benz Radiator Grille Star Badge Chrome Mounting - Nottingham,United Kingdom (2.99 GBP)

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