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MAZDA 6 I GG GY Air conditioning cold enough

Just wondering how other people feel about the air conditioning system in the Speed6. I took mine into the dealership complaining that I didn&39t think it was blowing cold enough air and needed a recharge of the system. They told me it checked out fine...that the system in these cars is not that great to start with. I just find that on a freaking hot takes forever for it to get cool...and

Quote Just wondering how other people feel about the air conditioning system in the Speed6. I took mine into the dealership complaining that I didn&39t think it was blowing cold enough air and needed a recharge of the system. They told me it checked out fine...that the system in these cars is not that great to start with. I just find that on a freaking hot takes forever for it to get cool...and

Quote Just wondering how other people feel about the air conditioning system in the Speed6. I took mine into the dealership complaining that I didn&39t think it was blowing cold enough air and needed a recharge of the system. They told me it checked out fine...that the system in these cars is not that great to start with. I just find that on a freaking hot takes forever for it to get cool...and

Mine works quite well I&39ve been much more pleased with the system in the speed6 than my 04 mazda3. Today I think it was 90 in DC with 90 humidity or so and it cooled right down.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Air Conditioning on all of the timeRecirc button doesnt work

I have had my 2004 mazda 6i since it was new. The car has a manual AC system. I have recently noticed that the recirc button for the AC no longer lights up when depressed. I have also verified when pushing the button the recirc door does not move. I have also notice that when the AC on button is not depressed the AC compressor is kicking on when the HVAC system is on (fan is at speed 1 or higher) This

Discussions with others seem to indicate that the recirc door actuator has failed. The actuator is an onoff type with electronic feedback system. If the actuator has failed with the feed back system it has the capability to stop the power going to the actuator motor to prevent further damage. Also the fail safe position for the recirc door is fresh air to prevent window fogging. Not sure if this will

For those who may have encountered the same issue Mysteriously - it started to work normal today after several months of not working. I did test the recirc. actuator some months ago and it tested OK. I figured I would just leave it as is. For the person who sent the response of a manual AC and the comment about Ice. His reply was incorrect. An automatic AC system is a system where you set the temperature

I am having the same issue and wondering if anyone has found the true problem. I have a 2005 and the recirculation button does not work i.e. stays in the outside air mode. The AC is always on when selector is set for dashboard vents floor vents or combination of the two. With the outside temp so high right now the AC system struggles to cool. Is there any good way to fix

Ive got an interesting onemanual acheater system on a 2004 mazda 6 3.0l.when heater is turned to defrost when on full hot it begins to blow cool. When floor or panel vents selected it blows hot air.Weird or what

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MAZDA 6 I GG GY Air conditioning issues no cold air coming out.

Hey peoples I have no cold air blowing out my vents its just air blowing. There is a loud hissing noise coming from behind my head unit and it only comes on when when ac is turned on and the defroster is on. To be honest I dont know much about AC system but i do know that the compressor is working fine with no leaks. Im thinking there is maybe a vaccum hose leak and all the ac is leaking out before

Have you had the AC system tested for proper pressure if not do that first. You might need an AC recharge. Take out the headunit and check out where the hissing noise is coming from. GL

The thing about checking the charge for pressure was that i thought it was a sealed system so i just thought that shouldnt be a problem. but thankyou for everyones help. Im just hoping it wont be something too expensive.

Yeah it might be a leak. Youd need to recharge and put in a dye to trace it. Yes its a sealed system but it can still vent the charge to atmosphere say in case of emergency. I found this out the hard way My tech explained to me that my AC expansion valve was not opening for some reason so the resulting charge overpressure made the relief valve open and blow all my charge into the atmosphere (as opposed to wrecking the whole AC system).

to me that my AC expansion valve was not opening for some reason so the resulting charge overpressure made the relief valve open and blow all my charge into the atmosphere (as opposed to wrecking the whole AC system). Mine was doing the same thing last summer.. plus it was too hot in the desert so my ac was having issues trying to keep things cool (has something to do with R134 coolant from what mazda

MAZDA 6 I GG GY air conditioning always on

I have a 2004 mazda 6 and the ac is always on. I have a warranty until July so I&39m going to take it to a dealer next week however I wanted to see what other people think. I just installed an aftermarket dash so I could install an aftermarket headunit (see attachment). And this new dash has the ac button on it so I don&39t know if that&39s the problem or not. I started the car and opened the hood

Quote I started the car and opened the hood and saw that the compressor was running for the ac even if I have the button in the off position. Also the center info center (where the time is displayed and the ambient temp) displays ac when the button is on and the ac light is off on the upper center console when the ac is off.[b] I&39m not sure I understand but if the defrost isn&39t on (NOT in The 2

Quote I&39m not sure I understand but if the defrost isn&39t on (NOT in The 2 right-most selector knob settings) and the AC buttonlight is also off the AC compressor should be off. (Like in the pic above...) You can also turn the fan to the &390&39 position to disable the AC. The AC text indicator in the message center should follow the light in the AC button. (Light offno AC indicator) The compressor

MAZDA 6 I GG GY AC (Air Conditioning) not working damn it

I turn on the AC and the AC compressor motor never kicks on. I put a basic gauge on the line and it showed 0 obviously because theres no pressure when then motors not on. Is there a trick to getting it to kick on in order to fill it or should I just take it in Im guessing theres gotta be a leak because last Summer it was ice cold now nothing. Im hot plz help . Thnx.

You can put a test light across the harness to make sure its getting power. If thats good you more than likely have nothing in the system. Need to bring it in and have it recharged and a dye put in.

If you checked the system and was zero you have to have it serviced. The system has a certain amount of special oil in it to lubricate the comprssor sometimes you can find the leak by looking for an oil seep at a connection or the compressor shaft behind the clutch. The condenser located in front of the radiator is exposed to flying stones is a possibility. Like suggested they can service the system

ok so i have no pressure in my system both car on and off. i need to find a way to leak test this bitch before i start replacing shit.

any update Mine has stopped working a while ago so I finally picked up a can to recharge the system. It was at 0 psi initially. After applying some refrigerant the compressor kicked in but shortly after that I had a very badly leaking high pressure side... Still trying to figure out what is specifically leaking. Anyone know where I can download a manual to help me out Thanks guys.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY 2006 Mazda 6 air conditioning temerature different on drivers side vs. pax side

Hello all Odd problem here. The AC temperature on the drivers side vents on my mazda 6 are significantly higher than the temperature on the passenger side when the ac is on. I cant find any information on why this might be occuring. Does anyone have any ideas

When I had that problem it was a leak in the AC system. Had to bring it back in three times for them to finally fix it by replacing tubes and connectors completely - said there was some scoring on the inside. But for me this happened right after the 1-year mark.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Problem with Air Conditioning

On our mazda6i we have a problem with the air conditioning. After the AC has been on for say 40-60 minutes air stops coming out of the vents. You can still hear the AC blowing but no air comes out of the vents. It sounds like the air is exiting somewhere behind the dash. If you turn the AC off or just let it do this thing for a few minutes then it starts blowing again. I wanted to know if anyone else is having this same problem. When the AC works it is cold so that isnt a problem. ..... Nikolas

This AC problem happens on both settings... its almost as though the system either over heats....or over cools (icing).. because after the AC is on for 45-60 minutes it will do this... we turn the AC off for 2-4 minutes and then it will start blowing the way it is supposed to. One thing that I have noticed is an unusually large amount of water that drops off the car after it has been driven with the

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Entire aftermarket navigation system on ebay- work with ACC

Ive searched the forums for an answer but havent found one especially since Im so confused. Anyway heres what I was looking at Aftermarket mazda 6 Navigation Multimedia system DVD iPod Bluetooth Pre 2008 eBay I sent a message to the seller asking what they mean by does not support dual air conditioning system but havent received an answer there either. Im confused by that statement because there is

MAZDA 6 I GG GY question about 6s cooling system

Im asking this because my car is leaking at the front left side near the bumper where the radiator is located. I brought it in the shop to check for leaks in the cooling system cause I am loosing coolant and the dealer said there was no coolant leak when they pressure checked it. The problem was a wear down clamp that holds a rubber hose and a pipe near the water pump so they replaced it. I dont know

By left side do you mean passenger side If its evaporating it must be coolant. The stock coolant in my 6s is orange. On my Contour the oil used in the air conditioning system was orange. But if you had a leak big enough for the oil to leak out you air conditioning wouldnt work at all. Also because its an oil its not going to evaporate. To better trace a coolant leak you can add fluorescent die to your coolant then look for it with a UV flashlight. Just my 0.02. BP

MAZDA 6 I GG GY taking out abs system

i know there was a few people talking about it the what if&39s and the lights that would come on. yesterday i decided to take out the fuse and take a drive with it and i have to say i liked it much better with it out. you do happen to get a lot of lights on when you take the fuse out (tcs the little squiggling car sign(traction) abs etc.) but you dont get a cel. but i was woundering if anyone has actually

if its not your daily driver go for it. the fact is is that cars without abs can stop faster. but the problem is if your about to get into a crash and you have a few seconds to react human instinct is to slam that pedal down to the floor. for most people without crash avoidance training or lots of experience keeping your cool in a situation like that is VERY difficult. so in that sense as a daily driver

you still did not tell what climate control type you have. that does not much help others as features vary. my 2007 TCH sometimes starts with RECIRC on and sometimes not. turns out to be it is relevant to internal temp setting (Plasmacluster control) and air flow direction choice. They really made weird. say you want AUTO - but it will work only in floor mode and turn off the very moment you direct air anywhere else. there are other oddities not needed to discuss as they are for Hybrids only. either way that climate control is very pre-determined in its functions by designers. designers apparently are guided by corporate lawyers as entire system is geared towards making it idiot-proof to avoid lawsuits. owner virtually has no control over climate controls as it is all made to prevent windows fogging with or with-out your permission. heres few cp-s OAToutside air temperature Re Heat and vents What you are experiencing is the market domination beginning in the early 90s for automatic climate control system designs and production by NipponDenso Denso US. A very FLAWED design. The basic problem is that once the cabin temperature rises to within a few degrees of your temperature setpoint the system will switch into cooling mode Coolish COOL airflow to those side window vents and NO airflow at all to the interior surface of the windshield to help keep it above dewpoint. My 01 RX has options that can only be set by the dealer that allow me to turn off the AC for an indefinite period plus unlink the AC from automatic operation in defogdemistdefrost mode. In certain climatic conditions often occurring here in the pacific NW AC operation can prove to be EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS. Absent having these options set opposite the factory default your wife should be very diligent in turning off the AC during the winter months especially so immediately after activating the defrostdefogdemist mode. I would also suggest diligence in keeping the system in heating mode footwell airflow at all times other than those requiring actual AC cooling. Otherwise the system will ALWAYS shift into cooling mode absolutely NO warming airflow to the interior surface of the windshield once the cabin temperature rises to nearby the temperature setpoint. Additionally should the windshield interior surface EVER fog over while underway or even BEGIN to do so she should IMMEDIATELY raise the temperature setpoint to MAX HEAT and THEN switch to defrostdefogdemist mode. Absent the use of that procedure the system will rely ONLY on the AC dehumidification capability for defogging the interior windshield surface a capability that may not exist in certain climatic conditions. Even worse the system itself may actually be at fault for windshield fogging SUDDEN unexpected windshield fogging. The AC operation will be automatically disabled should you drive into an area of nearly freezing freezing or sub-freezing climate releasing ALL of the previously condensed moisture into the otherwise COLD and DRY incoming outside atmosphere. Thats just one of the reasons for keeping the AC disabled TOTALLY disabled during the non-cooling use period. For yourself I think more modern day Denso climate control systems have about 3 or 4 options which impinge on this same area even one that prevents the system from switching automatically to cooling mode and another that changes the overall system operation once the OAT declines to near or below freezing. Most dealers will deny the existence of these options you will have to be persistent. and another Yeah yeah yeah... I know the party line ACdehumidifierno fog And that works great when my windows are fogged on the inside... but what if I wanna use my windshield vent when theyre not fogged (which is 90% of the time)- Im using the AC unnecessarily thus Im using more gas. My comment was that I cannot use windshield vents wo AC with the BASE manual system- but with the non-base AUTO climate control system it can be turned off. So the auto has more manual controls. How screwy is that Feel free to stop reading here as the following is a bit of a rant. My issue with this setup is not new In 2002 I sent an email to Toyota (re my 99 4-Runner) about this issue because that manual (even my 07 Camrys manual doesnt explicitly say it) doesnt state the AC is on using this vent. It says something about Fresh air intake which Toyota has yet to give me a definition of what that actually means. This is based on many emails to Ask Toyota from which I got MANY different contradictory replies form them (its off its on its this etc). Oy This is one of their replies as to why it comes on In the past we received many contacts from customers inquiring how to operate the front defogging system in the most efficient way. Because most customers were confused about the operation of the old (manual) design we decided to link the air conditioning to the front defogger as this is the most effective way to defrost the windshield in the shortest period of time. So because some schmuck didnt know how to defog their windshield (press the AC button) I cant use the system as Id like. Sadly 2 of my friends are the schmucks. I was driving with them (him & her)and their windshield fogged and they were getting nervous that they couldnt see anything. It went something like this Me Turn on the air conditioner Them We dont want the cold Me Dont touch the temp just press the button Them We dont want it cold After a bit of annoying back & forth they turn it on. And 10 seconds later Them WOW Thats cool. Me OY and reasons lawyers are having upper hand YAHOO NEWS -- March 9 2011 &8211 General Motors Co is recalling recent Buick Lacrosse and Cadillac SRX vehicles due to a software defect that could disable the drivers ability to adjust the heating ventilation and air conditioning. GM said 10179 vehicles for the model year 2011 were affected by the recall which may prevent the defrost system from clearing the windshield. The vehicles fail to comply with federal standards for windshield defrosting and defogging the automaker said in a notice to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Wednesday. tell me what you want GM and Toyota are in corporate kahutz they simply do not advertise this. just like Ford and mazda or ChryslerDodge and Mitsubishi.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Tsb&39s Sticky&33

Post only TSBs in here. No commentary on the TSBs. Thanks

you have them please post up the details. Thanks[b] Ok here goes. I dont have the pdf&39s so these will be copy and pasted from the site Wheels - Stain Prevention Information TSB 02-00607 ALL MODELS - STAINS APPEAR ON WHEELS APPLICABLE MODEL(S)VINS All Models DESCRIPTION Some automotive cleaning products contain strong acid or alkali. When these types of cleaners are used to clean the wheels on mazda

MAZDA 6 I GG GY AC works but not well

Ive searched and read a bunch of threads but cant seem to find one with quite the same problem Im having. If I run the AC it works but just doesnt get very cold. It is blowing cool air though. Up until recently it hasnt been an issue but now its hot enough outside that I need to figure out the issue. Its been like this for 2 summers now. I dont think this is an issue of a leak in the system because

I have noticed some guys select outside air to cool their cars that doesnt work to bad at high highway speeds but not in slow traffic if that is your case go to recirc. Think about it like this it is much easier to cool 80 degree cabin air then 100 degree out side air. Your center vent discharge air in recirc mode should be about 45 degrees. Your home or apartment uses recirculated air. If that is

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Mazda6 V6 DIY SuperCharger

Ok now for something more interresting to talk about than blown engines and CEL codes. It has taken me almost a year and 3 different variations but I can finally say I have a functioning SUPERCHARGER on a mazda6 V6. I am currently limiting boost to 5 psi but OH what fun is the low end torque.This is NOT the kit discussed to no end on the Supercharger thread but rather a do it yourself project that

to try to straighten out and made it rub even worse during driving. After about 3 weeks a tiny pin hole wore thru and BURST while driving down the highway. You would not believe the size of the cloud of smoke that expensive synthetic oil can make when sprayed directly on a header pipe or how low your heart can sink when you know your engines precious life blood is rapidly going bye bye. I lost 3.5

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Help with overheating problem

I have a 04 v6 and have been having a overheating problem with my car. The problem started off with a leaking radiator which was replaced and the car drove fine for a month and then the thermostat went out becuase the pipes after the thermostat were cold and before it were hot. I replaced the thermostat but it has still been overheating for while now. I can drive the car for up to 15mins on the freeway

Quote Originally Posted by AlanD Hi Google brought me here I just brought a mazda6 2004 and have had the exact same issue. Overheating at 120kmh and the air conditioning cuts out. The mechanic has just replaced the radiator and on my drive home as I hit 130kmh the gauge went up again. Drive below 120kmh and the AC works fine and the engine temperature stays around 90 degrees. I wont pretend to have

MAZDA 6 I GG GY need help with vent problem

sorry if this is in the wrong section im not really sure where i can ask this. Im having a problem with my air vents. Sometimes when my air is on u can smell a light weird smell coming out of it. When you turn on the ac automatically the whole inside of the car smells like wet rags or really old laundry. Someone told me to change my in cabin air filter because i was almost at 12000 miles so i did but

Quote if your ac smells musty then you should try to re-charge it. especially if it doesnt seem like it gets as cold as it should. or maybe you might have spilled something into a vent and it molded and that is making the musty smell. a friend of mine did that once. if you think your ac needs to be re-charged try doing some research on the diy ac re-charging kits before you go to a shop.[b] Whoa...

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Manual AC vs Auto AC

Hypotheical Question Does anyone know if I were to replace the manual ac control on my M6i with the autoclimate control on a M6 sport if it will work on my car and will the lcd display work Has anymore look at this possibility

There is also another sensor right belowbeside the steering wheel on the right. It doesnt look like the one by the windsheild it looks more like a teeny tiny vent. The only reason I know that is because I read the whole manual when I bought the car. This is the first car Ive had with ACC so I was very curious about how it works. I believe they give you the same manual whether you get a 6S or I. So

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Supercharger - will it bolt up

Does this kit look like it would bolt up to the 6 I did a couple of searches and didn&39t see anything about this on this forum. How similiar is the ContourCougar passenger side motor mount to the 6 How similiar are the accessory positions and belt routing httpwww.3lduratec.comcougarsupercharger.html httpwww.3lduratec.comsupercharger.html I know that there isn&39t any tuning for the 6 yet and the charge

QUOTE (mazda6sMtx Nov 27 2008 0555 PM) Quote Not only is the coolant reservoir in the way but most cars have the ABS system there as well if you remove both of those you would have no problem. I was thinking of putting the Supercharger where my AC used to be.[b] Ford beat you to the punch there. On one of the Mercury Cougar S concept cars they mounted an Eaton M90 blower in place of the air conditioning compressor.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Double DIN dash kit

ok im aware of the metra kit and all but somewhere on here i saw a picture of a double din kit installed i believe it was made by schoshe. I do competition and am starting a build in the car. Last one was a explorer with 2 18 Incriminator Audio Death Penaltys. I plan on running the same subs but 12s. and am yet to pick out a deck. so could someone link me a dbl din dash kit please

Quote Originally Posted by zchrisz Double Dins exist only for automatic climate controls though i have one in mine. Home It says that a lot of features dont work or are disabled can you confirm this Changes from Factory Equipment This kit is compatible with the factory DVD navigation system but the TV function is disabled. (TV function on the aftermarket car navigation system should work fine.) The

It says that a lot of features dont work or are disabled can you confirm this Changes from Factory Equipment This kit is compatible with the factory DVD navigation system but the TV function is disabled. (TV function on the aftermarket car navigation system should work fine.) The system sounds from the factory navigation system may be disabled. I cannot comment on this as i dont have factory navigation

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Problem with METRA KIT in Greece-Europe

Hi I am from Greece and hardly yesterday I tried to put the METRA KIT in my car and I realised the following 1)The lamps from A C and the others they blinked as madness 2)As soon as I placed on the car the screen did not show me anything(hour and the temperature) and my car has the automatic air conditioning system. I call the METRA and they answer me the following &39&39These pieces were designed

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Where do the Throttle Body Hoses go.

I bought a 2003 mazda 6 3.0 from this guy who had replaced the engine put on a new throttle body but there are no hoses connected to the throttle body. I have been searching and searching and i see a lot of pictures of the throttle bodies and the hoses but am not sure where the other end connects too. (i.e. where on the engine and where on the coolant) Can please somebody send me a diagram or picture

Quote Originally Posted by Blackcoog Generally the coolant is run through the throttle body to heat up the motor quicker on cold days. Some bypass it to reduce engine temps. It isnt a necessity. Blackcoog Its actually to reduce the potential for icing in high humidity areas. If the throttle blade froze in place there would be law suits It does little if nothing to warm air through the throttle body.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Fans not working

Summertime means its getting hot and I keep wondering why my air conditioning isnt blowing cold air constantly. I even recharged it a couple of days ago and my god was the air cold again. It seemed to not be the case 2 days ago when I drove to the hotter part of the island. I stopped at a 7 eleven and popped the hood looked down and saw only one fan on. I had the AC running as well and always thought

AUTO HAVAC is a typo. What he meant was AUTO HVAC which is a different way of saying Automatic Climate Control. If you have automatic climate control there will be a temperature sensor in one of the ducts that tells the system how hot or cold that the air is and weather or not to turn on the heat or AC. Your engine coolant level wont affect your ACs performance. Engine coolant is only used for heat.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Does the Haynes manual cover the 3L V6

I ordered the Haynes manual for a 2004 6 Wagon but Im concerned it wont cover the 3.0L V6. The manuals description says it covers everything but turbos and all wheel drive but still Im nervous that one book will cover two engines. Does anyone know Do It Yourself (DIY) Repair Manual from Haynes

never found one. If you look at the engine cutaway on the cover it looks like it is a v6 for what that is worth. Edit Quote Introduction Chapter 1 tune-up and routine maintenance Chapter 2 Part A Four cylinder engines Chapter 2 Part B V6 engines Chapter 2 Part C General engine overhaul procedures Chapter 3 Cooling heating and air conditioning systems Chapter 4 Fuel and exhaust systems Chapter 5

MAZDA 6 I GG GY How to make the glove compartment to a coolingbox

Hi Anybody have some suggestion about how I can make the glove compartment to a cooling box by diverting cold air from the ac to it Tommy

Quote The new dodge caliber has that... My friend just bought one (he doesn&39t listen to me) and he was so happy that he had a cooler.... I think it&39s kinda sad honestly... It&39s a selling point for dodge... Also you would have to think about our glove boxes being sealed... If it&39s not I doubt a single air duct will make that much of a difference... This is just my 2cents... [b] I think a little

Quote I think a little 100 degree o utside air running over my glove box isnt going to cool it much.. I thought they used part of the air conditioning system to cool the glovebox.. but then with that what I thought would suck is that you would have to have your air conditioner running constantly and that would be like hitting the &39slow&39 button. [b] Exactly On a side note my parents had a Toyota

MAZDA 6 I GG GY best place (cheapest) to get the in cabin filter replacement

the topic says it all... i would like the filter for 20 shipped

Quote Some of the best advice I&39ve ever been given A friend of mine is a multi-millionaire and said he always asks Is that the best you can do when he&39s about to pay for something.[b] Maybe its in the tone but I heard that advice when I was in highschool. Whenever I try it I always get the standard yes that&39s the best we can do which abruptly ends all negotiations that i may have had Maybe I

MAZDA 6 I GG GY AC Schroeder Valves Help

Hi everyone I have a 2006 mazdaspeed 6 and in the late fall last year my AC lost cooling. My mechanic shop here has tested it and says that the schroeder service port valves on the high and low side of the AC are leaking and need to be replaced. However when they order replacement valves they dont fit. My local mazda dealer supposedly told them that they only sell the entire High and Low lines not

Like a Ricky Schroeder valve Or a schrader valve I dont know SHIT about air conditioning. But if its a schrader valve I assume its where they port to charge the system Can it not be reseated or capped Why didnt the first ones fit And why on Gods green earth do they cost so much

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Alpine CDA-9831 Deck Installed in Top Dash Pocket

Security and maintaining a stealth appearance were of top priority to me so the top pocket cover can still be closed. This install required cutting into the back end of the dash pocket as well as the air conditioning piping behind the pocket. Because I had to cut into the ac piping I also had to reseal and reshape the piping. I used foil tape which is heat and cold resistant and is made primarily for

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Power loss

I have an 05 6i with the Metra Turbo 2 kit. When I turn on my blower I think that the air conditioning system is running. The car lags a lil bit when I&39m takin off at lights and the overall pick up drops off. Thoughts

Quote I have an 05 6i with the Metra Turbo 2 kit. When I turn on my blower I think that the air conditioning system is running. The car lags a lil bit when I&39m takin off at lights and the overall pick up drops off. Thoughts[b] is your defronst on If so that turns on the ac...

MAZDA 6 I GG GY chirping noise after fast shift

ok so the car has been doing this ever since i really leared how to drive manual when coming out of a fast or hard shift i hear a chirping noise to me it sounds like an engine belt after installing my mafCI i have noticed that the chirp is louder and easier to produce. any ideas

It is an engine belt. The air conditioning system if I recall correctly. It&39s normal operation.

Quote Originally posted by Sigma Jun 16 2005 1041 PM It is an engine belt. The air conditioning system if I recall correctly. It&39s normal operation. [snapback]433342[snapback] so every m6s mtx makes this chirping noise under hard shifting conditions even if this belt were to be replaced also the chirp still occurs when the aC is off...

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