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LEXUS CT Speaker wire color codes

I am looking at replacing my speakers in my non-nav. However i could use a color code break down if anyone has it. Dash Lt lt- Rt rt- Door Lt lt- Rt rt- Back door Lt Lt- Rt rt- Please help if you know the colors. Thanks

i take no credit for this(or repsonsibility) but i got this from the12volt(which is a reliable source in my eyes) lexus ct200h wiring I verified the speaker wire colors below against what the Metra wiring harness says for my car(standard 6 speaker) Here goes... 2012 lexus CT 200h DirectWire 2.0 Vehicle Information All Products Item Wire Color Polarity Wire Location 12 Volts white (125A) dash fuse

year is handling and ride &8211 as opposed to straight-line punch. The &821713 feels a little quicker &8211 probably because of the much sportier shifting characteristics of the new six-speed transmission and also because of the surprisingly deep bellow the V-6 engine offers up at WOT &8211 but isn&8217t really. The zero to 60 times previous model vs. this new model are a virtual dead heat. But lexus

View Parking heater for LEXUS IS

turn ECO off. Normal mode is in between. F-Sport equipped models get an additional setting &8211 S &8211 which also cinches down the Adaptive Variable Suspension to its firmest setting. The transmission is similar in layout and function to the one found in the exotic IS-F sedan and is a very sophisticated gearbox but one wonders &8211 given the pressure to make cars more fuel efficient &8211 why lexus

TESLA ROADSTER First Road Trip Thoughts 1 Range Anxiety Isnt a Real Issue. Charger Anxiety Is.

After picking up our P85 Model S on Friday ( First Day Thoughts 1 -- You Dont Need the P85. The 85 is more than Plenty. with the big learning being the Regular 85 is more than enough) we immediately did a roadtrip to San Luis Obispo for the weekend. First road-trip weekend learnings FWIW Range Anxiety With an 85 in California is Basically a Media Myth Creation . The real-world range on a P85 with

LEXUS CT MSRP or discounts

What is everyone paying My dealer wants MSRP but then threw some 1000 off if I had attended the car show and filled out a card at the lexus booth. I had attended the show but didnt fill out the card no one at the lexus booth told me to and I spent a fair amount of time at the car show checking it out. I know lexus wants to get MSRP for these cars but are dealers dealing or not

Here in sweden it was no way to get any discount on the car but I got parkingsensors and Engine heater for free (worth about 2500 dollar). But our cars is slightly more expensive than over in the US. The cheapest you can get a CT here is 40660 which is loads more than your 29100. (We do also pay 7.4gallon of fuel by the way so dont complain over your almost 3gallon hehe) We pay the most and gets them

LEXUS CT Remote engine starter

Hi I see remote engine starters available from lexus and on Ebay. I have a premium but otherwise basic Ct. IS the receiver that takes the signal already installed onaboard (ie what else do I need to buy in addition to the remote key)

my CT to arrive but my last two cars were hybrids and I have had the remote engine starter pre-installed before I took delivery so I cant comment about the after-market kits. Mine were both PIOs (Port Installed Option) so they are not factory installed but installed after arriving in the USA at the processing center (NOT the dealer). They work great with the Hybrid system. (OK there are the purist

HONDA CIVIC FAQs - Frequently Asked (Tech) Questions

This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) thread for the 92-00 CivicDel Sol subforum. Notes To Contributors Any suggestions for improvement of this FAQs thread are welcomed encouraged and appreciated. PM RonJHT your comments and suggestions. We are always looking for new content to include in this FAQs sticky. Please give back to the Honda-Tech (H-T) community. When you do a job on your car take

TESLA ROADSTER Another Model S feature wishlist

I thought Id look at a few ICE premium cars and select the features and options that I want the Model S to have at least as an option. Ill admit my categorization isnt very well thought out. Luxury and comfort features Nice non-leather seat option Modest wheels in size and looks UV and IR repellant windows Cornering headlights (headllights follow curves) Headlight washers Sunroof Lots of small extra

is science fiction all the stuff has been taken off a quick look at the Audi Mercedes and BMW equipment list. Rheazombi A dream function of mine is some sort of collision detection technology which can calculate your acceleration and whether you would physically be able to stop in time aiding you in pressing the breaks (is this even a real thing) - This exists I beleive the new Volvos and the lexus

INFINITI FX 1000 miles review of fx45

It has been almost a month and 1000 miles since I bought my fx45 so I wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. To summarize the experience with the fx in 3 words I love it First the acceleration is amazing for the size of the vehicle. There is a lot of usable power at nearly every RPM range. 300 torque can be fealt during hard launches while 300 horsepower is amazing on the highway. Fuel economy

MERCEDES BENZ CLK I 208 Just bought CLK. NO idea what I have.

Ill make Long story short. Wanted a race car that looked nothing like a race car. Didnt want a hoopty sleeper. Wanted something that disappered into the parking lot at work among Corollas G37s lexus ES somethings New Eclipse New Maxima etc. After reading quite a bit it seems nearly impossible to swap a big new badass Merc engine into a CLK. Too many computer nightmares. Instead Im swapping the drivetrain.

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