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KIA SOUL Engine oil question for 2.0L

Recently bought a soul. Im planning on switching to Mobil1 after the break in period. The engine calls for 5w-20. I live in Pennsylvania. Not very hot in the Summer and nothing really below Zero in the Winter. But isnt 5w-20 kind of thin I always thought in the back of my mind that they want you to run the thinner oils so the engine goes quicker. So should I use 5w-20 or 5w-30 Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by 2010kiaBell Recently bought a soul. Im planning on switching to Mobil1 after the break in period. The engine calls for 5w-20. I live in Pennsylvania. Not very hot in the Summer and nothing really below Zero in the Winter. But isnt 5w-20 kind of thin I always thought in the back of my mind that they want you to run the thinner oils so the engine goes quicker. So should I use

KIA SOUL 2012 Soul info

its just been confirmed by kia Buzz that the 6 spd manual and auto will be in the soul next year. Compact 6-speed automatic transmission

manual combination. Reality remains to be seen but the EPA says 2631 on the 2011 1.6 soul and in my experience they are just about right just a little low. Im unlikely to be in the market until the 2013 or 2014 model year (unless I come into some money) but assuming the 1.66M combination is still available then it would be interesting to compare to the 20115M when it comes to gearing. kia

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KIA SOUL What would you change

As kia starts to invest in the US Market for the soul Im sure US Drivers have a list of what they would change for the 2011 and beyond... Who knows maybe someone will listen. Here are mine 1. Car needs a 6 Speed Manual. I keep looking for that extra throw (like my 95 z28). 2. Offer a diesel (similar to VW TDI). Marc - 2010 Ignition soul - (5spd)

soul. Here would be great too to give the VW 1.92.0 TDIs a run for thier money in your line of work. And remember the soul has a 2.0L and your Rondo has the 2.4L so the MPG will not be the same. You have only to look at the real world specs for the Forte(not advertized) to see that. The difference in the Forte forum is just I recall what you are getting between the 2.0 LXEX and 2.4 SX in them. kia

Quote Originally Posted by GMmon kia says 60000 for belt. DONT tell me kia needs a chain replace in the 2.4 100K miles Its life of the engineno Are you saying the 2.0 wont go 300000miles If these cars cant do 300KIll have to go back to (yuck) GM. Their 2.2 Ecotech WILL(did) do it. My brothers 04 Cavalier did 440000 miles before the 800 water pump died & he decided to get an 08 Cobalt. I had an 07 Cobalt

KIA CARENS 2011 Carens 1600 diesel test drive report

Chased my local dealer again yesterday about the availability of the all new 1600 diesel Carens only to be told they had the demonstrator (Carens 3 with Black leather interior) parked outside Thanks to Tates of Pyecombe for lending it to me for a couple of hours these are my thoughts The main reason for the test drive was to evaluate the new 1600 diesel engine. The car had only done 300 miles so not

Quote Originally Posted by Landric I would gladly buy a diesel kia if it were available in the US. Id love to get the 1.6 liter CRDi soul with a 6-speed manual. Unless things change drastically between now and the next time I am in the market for a new car (probably around 2013 or 14) Ill have to make due with the 1.6 liter gasoline engine and a 6-speed manual. That car has got some very good reviews

which is the main reason I was interested in the Rondo somewhat better gas mileage even with the V-6. Had the Rondo been available here with a manual transmission and especially a diesel engine I would have had to keep looking around until I found one. However since the US Rondo was automatic only I went with the Sedona and have not regretted it (except when filling it up). We have a 2011 soul

KIA SOUL 7-day 500 mile reviewimpressions of my Soul

It has now been a week since I bought my soul and I thought that it might be helpful to share some of my thoughts so far about this car just in case there is anybody here who is still on the fence about getting one. Random thoughts -It is roomy on the inside yet maintains a very tidy size on the outside. Rear passengers have plenty of room and are happy campers. -It has an outstanding turning circle

KIA CARENS Too bad a 5 speed Turbo Diesel isnt available in the US

During my research I came across some of the European reviews YouTube - MSN Cars test drive of the kia Carens Itd be interesting to see how much more mileage one could get from a 5 speed diesel in the Rondo - but I know we Americans dont appreciate the lack of power in diesels or the higher price of fuel even though it uses far less fuel and ulitmately is much cheaper to drive. diesel engines also

The torque was amazing going up and down mountain passes. Getting 50 mpg was a treat as was going 750 miles on a tank of fuel. In the West it is everywhere so there was never an issue to find it even in remote areas. I think right now more people are hybrid-happy and that is where the car makers are going to keep putting their efforts. (I am not knocking the hybrids.) I found it interesting that kia


There is some discussion on the merrits of rumors that more diesels will be in the USACDN lineup. More to the point that the Borrego is getting a 3.0L V6 CRDi. And where that is coming from as a engine source. Can our estemed UK crew weight in on if they know where their 2.02.5 CRDi started life pen to paper. As In JEEPS the 2.8L I4 CRDi was Spain and the 3.0L V6 CRDi is Germany. If the Liberty had

The soul with the diesel in AUS is only a 1.6 turbo[ same as Hyundai I30 I believe] but I cant see why a 2L-2.2 turbo version would not be easily available if they wanted kia have the engines elsewhere. As for shutdown after a long hard run on the diesels in Police cars they probably will fit turbo timers to ensure correct amount of running before shutdown.

have diesels. And are you saying or am I confused or are you The following is NOT true 2003-2009 Sorento RWD (BL) as we all knew it in here had a FIFTH eng choice 2.2CRDi in addition to the FOUR known 2.5CRDi and 3.5 and 3.83.3 2011 Sorento FWD (XM) has we are all told 2.2CRDi and 2.4 and 3.5. And I agree with you PLP TDs are not silly small and kick butt if set up right. 2010 soul

KIA SOUL Towing with a Soul

Hi All Newbie from the UK. I am considering buying a soul to replace my Skoda Roomster. Although I like the look of the souls I need to tow a 1000kg caravan and this will be the prime deciding factor. Has anyone experience of towing with a soul and any comments about the Towbar and electics kit offered by kia for this model Fred

part of my first post and I know you read. But might have glanced over fast. In your case using your published UK specs that you gave it did not say it can tow a 1000kg caravan with ease thou you did with the Skoda Roomster being unaware of possible danger. What it said was can tow 1300kg braked or 550kg unbraked. And that means empty with out you even in car. Nor anyone else nor luggage in the soul.

KIA Kia Diesel in Europe

One of the guys I work with here on the rig lives in Sweden I told him about the kia Borrego as he is looking for new wheels. They currently dont have the Borrego in Sweden but they do have the Sorento with a 2.2 litre diesel as standard 197hp and 310ft.lbs torque. A gas engine can be ordered. Has anyone heard anymore rumblings about a diesel being offered in the Borrego in North America. As the engine already exist this seems to be a good sign of things to come.

Just heard somewhere on news that diesel is the engine model which is going to save US auto-market. Lets hope so... BTW - one time I saw soul with diesel engine at my dealership. Wanted to drive it but was told that this car is not allowed to be driven in US.

KIA SOUL Kia Soul 2012 glove compartment light & other questions from a new soul owner

I noticed while driving around late last night that as I hit bumpsdips in the road my passenger footwell was lighting up. I cleared everything out of the glove compartment made sure it was closed solidly & it still continued to do so. Very distracting. The light seems to be coming from the underside of the glove compartment so I am just guessing that is it. Possibly a loose footwell light as well Also

I left on a 1500 mile trip when mine had about 800 miles from central VA to the mountains of north GA. My mileage ran from 29.8- 31.7. (2.0L AT) I consider this pretty good especially considering that the engine was new and there were a lot of hills. I was also running 70 on the interstate. 2 people and probably at least 100 of gear. Around 28-29 running around town. Im satisfied. Sure beats my big

KIA SOUL review Kia Soul

zAutos car research has a new review of the kia soul Car Review 2012 kia soul

Quote Originally Posted by sradiator A quote from that review says Buyers can also opt for a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder that produces 142 horsepower W.T.F Might be a diesel. Or as I always said be careful what you read in print. Truth in advertizing and or checking of fact these days is a lost art or too hard for many publications to handle. It is not very hard to find MAJOR bonehead stuff that

KIA RIO III RPMs for 2013 Soul manual too high

So I test drove some cars today while I was in for the air bag pass seat recall on my 07 RIO auto. 2013 kia soul 6 sp manual 3 K 70 MPH (OK but too big for me dealer did not have 6 sp RIO) 2010 Toyota Corolla (s) 5 sp 3K 70 MPH (fastest heavy) 2013 Hyundai Elantra 6 sp 1.8 l motor 2.5K 70 MPH (a little slower BUT lighter felt better when stopping) 2012 Hyundai Elantra auto 1.8 l motor 2.3K 70 MPH

RPM 100kmh is likely about 2.5-3k. Small engines need to run faster to have enough power to keep the car going at 100kmh. Take one of them for a test drive again then when youre doing about 50kmh put it in a gear that you think would have appropriate highway rpm (so say 5th gear might be at 1.5k rpm when youre doing 50)... Then floor it. It wont go anywhere. Go up to 100kmh put it in top gear. Then

KIA PICANTO Picanto Diesel To Get New Grille

Looks like the new diesel may loose the wavy grille&33 To make it distinctive or maybe it just wasnt proving popular.... Mike

I did find the car originally on a UK dealer website so I would think it is. The dealers sould be able to prder in parts from abroad though I think if they have the part numbers.... I think the engine unit looks pretty nice too.. wish they did a cover like that on our engines... Mike

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 N20N55 Both make Wards Top Engines List 2012

N20N55 Both make Wards Top engines List 2012 2.0L N20 Turbocharged DOHC I-4 (BMW Z4528i) 3.0L N55 Turbocharged DOHC I-6 (BMW 335i coupe) Quote GDI Dominates Wards 10 Best engines List By Tom Murphy Dec 8 2011 916 AM Email a link to this articleEmail a link to this article Printer-friendly version of this articlePrinter-friendly version of this article A record seven of this years Wards

KIA SEPHIA II Gutting Pre-catalytic converter

Has anyone gutted their pre-catalytic converter attached to their exhaust manifold with any success as far as how the engine runs and how many codes it will set I have been getting codes that the cat is failing or out of spec and was going to order a new pre-cat and both O2 sensors but wow those things are expensive I want to keep the car in good condition and still get good MPG and I figured someone

Well somehow I Agree with 1fastkia To the Original Poster is Better Idea to Buy a Brand new Catalytic converter specially due to Legal Reasons and pollution reasons... Quote Originally Posted by 1fastkia For the price why not just buy a new cat and not pollute this world... But for me it was absolutely impossible to find a brand new Catalytic or pre-catalytic converters here in my developin country

KIA SORENTO I JC Just bought an 04 LX 5spd...Questions...

Hello All After having two vehicles die on me in a month I had decided it was time for something relatively new reliable and comfortable. Riding a motorcycle all summer long had me driving beaters all winter - that has finally come to an end. Last Friday I bought a Silver 2004 Sorento LX with the 5 speed and I love it. It has 90k on it (I know) and was leased from serviced at and returned to the dealer

emissions. its not worth it to them to spend money to get a diesel engine to pass federal emissions here. kia will be offering them soon though. i heard from the kia service rep for our district that the soul was gonna come with a turbo diesel but that was when gas prices were high. they may still consider it though.

KIA SPORTAGE II JE Performance upgrades available for 09 Sportage

Just bought my second Sportage (first was 05) and I loved it sop much I bought an 09 AWD 4 cyl 5speed version. Does anyone know of any performance upgrades that can be done on the Sportage I.E. performance air intake chip modification performance fuel injectors etc. I love my Sportage but I will admit I have a lead foot and want just a bit more out of my Sportage

No 5-speed manual with the V6 around here. No diesels either. The 2.0 is a dog. Too small of an engine with too heavy of a vehicle. Buy something else. For intakes look at the other Hyundaikia vehicles with the 2.0. Tiburon Elantra Spectra soul Forte.... might have better aftermarket support. Youll have to do all the r&d yourself to see what fits or what can be adapted. Any muffler shop can whip up

KIA SPORTAGE III 2012 Kia Sportage EX AT 1.6

Hello there Im in the market for a new car aftering having lost my 2010 Mazda 3 in an accident which resulted in a total loss. There were many cars in my consideration but I narrowed the choices down to two the 2012 Opel Astra and the 2012 kia Sportage EX AT 1.6 2WD. kia is a very good brand in Egypt with decent-priced spare parts and quality service but in the same time I have a couple of concerns

The kia soul here has a 1.6L and its 8.6sec. I wouldnt buy that myself but it isnt disasterous. Similar car could be the same engine. On Opel Im not a fan of american cars. Theres some good versions of the Astra usually under Vauxhall but it depends on exactly what Astra is available there. As far as Im aware its a good solid car for a reasonable price. Theyre low on power but the diesels have nice

KIA CARENS Any ideas

Hi guys. I have searched the forum but I cannot find a post. My carens has developed a problem where when driving steady say below 2000 revs it cuts back as if gulping for air before carrying on normally it is repetitive and constant it feels as if all power is lost the rev counter drops and then revs up again to my previous speed there is no abrupt stoppping just a definite power drop for an instant.

at low constant revs so fingers crossed..... They told us to heat the car up (engine) on the way home (45 minute drive). So far so good. Jeez its a lot better than the auto picanto they gave me what a heap of junk that was. I tend to stick to shell v-power on the basis that it will burn cleaner and has cleaning additives so less soot. picanto is alright as a run around no guts to it tho I had a soul

KIA SORENTO II XM 1st oil change

when are most of you having it done 3000 miles or earlier

they say. Some Auto Marker do put in Special BREAK IN LUBE most do not these days. Listen to what they tell you if they do it. Agian it is a blanket statement to say they all do or do not. What is goodrequired of a 2005 Accord V6 might not be what is right for your 2008 Porsche Boxster 3.2L or F150 4.6L 3valve (they came 2val-16 and 3val-24 heads) nor your 2011 Sorento 2.43.5 or my two 2010 2.0L souls.

KIA CARENS High Fuel Consumption (20 Liters-100k)

Hello everyone just bought a used 2007 kia Rondo V6. Inspection report was all good. Drove it now for 2 weeks and I have a very very light foot. Even in 1st or 2nd gear I do not go over 2300rpm (usually below) Noticed that the Rondo uses about 20 liters per 100 kilometers. This is on 50% city 50% highway max 80 kmh in 5th gear as much as possible. Any suggestions on what can cause this I suspect

I filled the coolant up 5 times so far and it keeps dropping below the L after 2 days. No leakage as mentioned before. Could it spill out on top thru the hose while driving The mileage seems still strange to me. Just looking at the fuel gauge and it keeps dropping and dropping by driving a few kilometers. 300 kilometers on a full tank. I also replaced the air filter. Do you drive a Rondo or a soul


We just purchased an LX I4 FWD in Dark Cherry and I have been reading the threads about the 4 cyl engine. We went with our choice for gas mileage and lower payment. It seems the consensus is that the 4 cyl doesnt have any power. We traded in an 02 Buick Rendevous after 5 years of ownership and (to me) it feels like the kia has twice the power and get up and go in a 4 cyl than my V6l AWD CXL Rendevous.

converter disengages I pick up speed then it engages again. That can get a bit annoying. It mainly does this on hills and maybe its because Im babying it a bit to get the best gas mileage. Once gas prices come down...hopefully....Ill start putting the pedal to the metal and have fun with the power in the higher RPMs again. Mike You get it too. I do not miss my 2004 3.5L now that I have the soul

KIA OPTIMA 6MT Owners....Notchy Transmission

Any 6MT owners notice their shifts being coarse on their 2011 LX I find myself granny shifting to 2nd letting the shifter find its way rather than force it (otherwise I get a harsh gear change). Its especially apparent the first drive of teh day. I dont mind notchy but the grinding feeling has me bothered a little. I only have 800 miles on the car so I might ask for a trans fluid checkchange when I

I havent noticed this in mine. Smooth as silk. It did take me a little bit to get used to the clutch in this. Feels much different from the last manual I owned a piece-o-crap Chevy Aveo 5 speed. substantially better but I had to break some bad habits. Its definitely nicer than the 5 speed in my wifes soul. Ive owned mostly manuals in my life and this is one of the better ones Ive driven on a daily

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