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KIA SOUL Waiting for Idle Stop Go

I want to buy a kia soul this year. I rented one for a few days to make sure I could test the car in a variety of driving conditions. I decided this would be a great car for me. However with gas prices rising it seems to me it makes sense until the idle stop and go is available. No one seems to know if or when this feature will be available. Some Dealers hoping I dont know what Im talking about have

2012 kia soul. February 24 2012 By Amy Skogstrom David Zenlea Donny Nordlicht Jake Holmes Jennifer Misaros Rusty Blackwell Photos by Matt Tierney The kia soul has such a great funky shape that is both compact and cavernous without looking like a box-on-wheels like its competition. The 1.6-liter I-4 is peppy and spunky and is a hoot to use around town. Sadly equipped with the automatic transmission

KIA SOUL USA models a little lacking

Sorry....but another rather longwinded review since I could now see one of these in daylight and in every trim level. Another phone call from another dealer here in San Diego. This time they had about six souls to look at. From memory about three Sports an a Plus...and the same base model that I drove two weeks ago. SOAPBOX WARNING USA spec vehicles have been dumbed down..and now the salesman seem

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KIA SOUL Drove one here in San Diego

Sorry this is a bit longwinded but saw quite a few posting here asking WHEN the soul would get here. Got a voicemail from Pearson Fordkia here in San Diego last night that the soul had arrived and to come see it. I went RIGHT over to see the new soul.....and they had...ummm...ONE. I guess it even arrived unexpected. They thought it was to be used as a demo but apparently the dealership had the whatever

KIA SOUL Kia Soul gets its emo on visits Vans Warped Tour

Looking startlingly like a Vans shoe preproduction versions of kias soul will be doing their roadie routine with the Vans Warped Tour in the U.S. this summer. The front and rear of the car will be hidden under camo tape done up like Vans trademark checkerboard pattern and dark windows will keep prying eyes out but kids will still get a good look at whats on offer. Taking what appears to be more than

KIA SOUL Kia Soul Powertrain Warranty

Hello. I have a 2010 kia soul Sport. Now has 75000 miles. I am the original owner. I recently had to change the brakes (rear Rotorspads)on it and once completed i noticed a odd sound and sensation. After inspecting the area I discovered the parking brake was to blame. Pretty much Disintegrated. I decided to drive my 1999 Corvette for the last month before I could send the soul off to get professionally

KIA SOUL paint chips

anyone else having trouble with the paint chipping its happening to me on the front bumper at first i thought it was a dead bug but while washing i found it was the black plastic underneath. do you think this is warranty thing or a road hazard thing eek ps i did a forum search and nothing came up perhaps im alone

Quote Originally Posted by Lance D. You are right. we will provide the imput to fixing it but no repair. I have chips all over the front and some other places. No reply yet from kia. Is it just the red ones If it is then I am for sure doubly GLAD I bought the complete front invisabra package for 600 installed. Has ALL front surfaces plus roof over windsheild and ALL lights (fogs too) and mirrors and

Quote Originally Posted by 04SorentoLX If it is then I am for sure doubly GLAD I bought the complete front invisabra package for 600 installed. Has ALL front surfaces plus roof over windsheild and ALL lights (fogs too) and mirrors and rear loading portbumper area. My MOLTEN RED 092009 2010 soul SPORT Limited Edition Stick looks almost perfect still. Bought car 112010 with 784. Closing in on 9000 still

KIA SOUL 8-channel amplifier......PORN

Okay.....Got into the rightrear. This was a PAIN in the ass really. I WONT be putting the panel back until I decide what Im gonna do back there. If you wanna tackle this just be careful and DO get a pack of these panel fasteners I have pictured. I broke three of them even being careful. The ones pictured were a few bucks from Autozone.....had four inside the pack which is exactly how many are in the

a modest speaker level. I dont see what looks like shielded wire in the amp plug. Im not sure Im going to keep the center channel. It doesnt make much sense to me and I could probly use that speaker for some other nerdy thing that needs audio prompts (gps). If the tweeters have their OWN speaker wires then there might be a third REAL LITTLE amp hidden somewhere JUST for them or just keep the kia

KIA SOUL Help with hiding wireing

Hi Installed a reversing camera built into one of the number plate lights comes as a complete unit from China for au20.00 camera is CCD and gives a great picture on the 4.3 colour monitor also from China at au30.00 both items included postage. But the problem is getting the wiring fom the rear to the front console neat and hidden.I am looking at sliding the wireing under the side plastic in the boot

KIA SOUL Soul floor mats

Today I just received delivery of a nice set of 3D style floor mats from a compnay in Ontario called Findway Canada and very impressed with them. I considered the WeatherTech but these seemed to cover the dead pedal much better and they are also a tray design to hold slush and water in place and way cheaper in price. completely washable and things like salt can be easily rinsed off.

Looking at the site I see front and rear 5 piece set is 79 dollars. Thats half the cost of the Weathertech mats which are a complete rip-off at their asking price.

KIA SOUL Speakers

Just wondering if anyone has looked into the wiring of the sub. I was wanting to put a 12 and a 500 watt amp in the back butt just dont know where to start on this vehicle. I am wishing and hoping I can just wire into the already placed sub either unhooking it and using my own or just adding to it. Anyone know how much power that plug in the back cold accept without the fuse blowing... Im not very

Ill hafta do that next....The wiring isnt likely there but they may have used the same speaker as the fronts which would include the ring where the LED units mount to. Nothing says you cant just run two wires out the front door......back underneath the sill and into the rear door to POWER something (flashing and everything). As long as its happy with 410vdc (so NO cold cathode stuff). I have seen at

KIA CARENS 2010 kia rondo info

What are the differences between 2010 and 2009 Rondo Anyone seen 2010 Rondo brochure yet

Quote Originally Posted by GMmon ......... Real shame because many people seem impressed by my Rondo & I think Rondos are catching on around St.Louis area. A little ADVERTISINGsome incentivesand some INVENTORY would probably surprise kia as to how well Rondo could sell. I dont need Auto Tempbut Ill take a power seat. And let it go rearward another 2 I suspect that kia may not have the capacity to keep

KIA SORENTO II XM Cruise Control Issue

I bought a new 2011 kia Sorento LX (6A4-I) in March 2010 and I now have 54000 miles on it. Im very happy with my Sorento except for one problem. The cruise control will not set properly all of the time. I turn the cruise control on get to the speed I want and press the Set button down but some times nothing happens. When this happens I have to press the Cancel button and then press the Set button down

Quote Originally Posted by HenryDoug I bought a new 2011 kia Sorento LX (6A4-I) in March 2010 and I now have 54000 miles on it. Im very happy with my Sorento except for one problem. The cruise control will not set properly all of the time. I turn the cruise control on get to the speed I want and press the Set button down but some times nothing happens. When this happens I have to press the Cancel button

NISSAN Bad rear pads and rotors at 39500kms

So I took my 2010 Frontier in for some servicing on Thursday (Squeaky passenger seat and noise from rear) and tighten the tail gate and adjust parking brake. Nissan Saint John had my truck for the better part of 6 hours. While eating my supper then called me and informed me that the seat needed a lower brace and that my rear brakes are completely shot According to Nissan my pads are worn and the rotors

KIA CARENS One Year Rondo Report

Hi all Rondo owners. I havnt posted in a while so I thought it was time to let everyone know how my Rondo is doing. I have had it for just over one year. Milage is 42000 kms. I drive 135km per day to work. Well I can tell you this I am very impressed. This car has only been in the shop for oil changes. I have no concerns not a rattle. I am a bit of a heavy foot so milage is not the greatest but I have

just went in for my 12 month 24000km service at my local kia dealer. Here is a summary of my first year of ownership Total cost of all services at the dealership - 259.62 (this includes local taxes and discount coupons from kia). Services were at 4 months 8 months and 12 months. Warranty issues 2 and they were one heated rear window strand did not work (repaired) and the other was a inside windshield


Hey I was just wondering if anyone figured out on getting more comfortable seats I love everything on the car EXCEPT the seats

Originally Posted by newkia Hyundai front and rear seats are pretty decent IMO so I dont understand whyhow kia front seats could be so bad in comparison. The rear seats in my Optima are actually much more comfy than the fronts. I have a 2011. Ive rented several Hyundai Sonatas and did not like those seats at all. The 2011 SX are better than those I just got the name of a local upholstery shop that

KIA SORENTO I JC Just wondering how.....

Those of you who change your own differential fluids ..... whats the safest way to lift the rear the addtional 8 in. without a lift I have a couple of ideas .... but Im not that brave ...

Quote Originally Posted by jserrent souldnt the car be down on the ground to drain totally and then lifted the 8 in. to fill it with the correct amount If you back up on ramps it looks to me like old gear oil will remain in the front part of the diff. and not flow out of the drain completely. I dont know if this would really matter anyway as long as the remaining oil was only a small amount drain

LEXUS GS Double take Luxury Lexus GS

A NEAR-death experience has finally breathed some heart and soul into the Lexus GS. The GS came very close to extermination after three unsuccessful attempts with cars that looked best at a retirement home - but now the mid-sized Lexus is genuinely worth considering against a BMW 5 Series or an E-Class Benz. It has a more macho look a cabin thats not just a cushy lounge and the sort of driving enjoyment

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 Has anyone has a successful F10 Alignment

OK it appears no one has experienced the alignment issues I have so I am extremely curious has anyone had an alignment done on an F10 and been happy with how it drove afterward Apparently there are many electronic as well as mechanical settings to deal with.

in the right rear under the same conditions. This my 9th BMW and the 6th one from this dealer but this dealer has always been pretty lame doing alignments. Its usually 3 or 4 trips back before they get it close enough to live with it. It goes in Tuesday for the 3rd time on this problem. Right now theyre in the attitude phase. It drove perfect before but now its no fun to drive at all. I drove. kia

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