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KIA SOUL Soul Drivers Seat frametrack ASSY upgrade

Anyone look into upgradeing thier soul drivers seat lower guts to a more useful older style manual eight way Instead of the lame six way with only rear up and down not front up and down like older kias HAD My 2003 Spectra LS had it and my 2004 Sorento LX had it too. Surely a 2010 and up soul could too If any one has looked at track and upgrades let me know or discuss here please. I like the stock seat

KIA SOUL FYI-Manual Transaxle Lube

Hi guys recently I undertook a fact finding mission to see what GEAR LUBE goes into our souls with the M5CF2 transaxle. I did this as I now have 5500 miles on mine and as I do almost always I change out factory lube at about now with SYNTH or something better in DINO to get out all the break in lube with the factory machineing dust and bits and falshings. Her si what I found you can do with it as you

Quote Originally Posted by cobra259 Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner. Looks like you picked a good fluid Shifting great as you say The GL-5 I stock is called super syn. made bye super S. Nothing to right home about just a case I got from the parts store...because when we opened this dealership kia didnt make any Crazy i know....there is a lot of chemicals they dont make. Im a firm believer in syn

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KIA SORENTO II XM What to do Time to sell

2011 kia Sorento LX 6 speed standard only 8000kms so the wife wants to start driving but cant drive stick and a second vehicle just isnt in the cards right now with the extra expense of insurance and repairs and such. - I could teach her but thats alot of wear and tear on the clutch... and a big expense in the long run Ive been running the idea through the back of my mind to maybe sell privately or

or complete lockup or something. but long term coverage negitive Oh man I know ill take a huge hit at least 3000-5000 If you read the warrenty it clearly states clutch and clutch RELATED PARTS are not covered. Even the extended 10100 bumper to bumper ones like I got. This is a big reason I bought a AUTO 2004 Sorento LX and then traded it in and thought long and hard before I ever bought the 2010 soul

KIA OPTIMA Dont know what to buy opinions needed

IDK if this is the rite area but this is my delema... n im thankful i have the opportunity to even have this delema im almost done with my x ray program and i spend all my time creating a wish list for my subaru wrx premium i wanted to buy. i have always been a camaro fan ( had a 97 z28) but these turbo 4s are amazing the power out of a small displacement so i became fascinated.. im 24 and i drive

haha did some soul searching and stumbled on this fact apparently dropping the clutch at 4000 rpm all the time for thrills are not my thing when i care about the car so i checked the 5-60 times or rollout to 60 and thats where i grew my current smile. car and driver test results were kia optima sx was 6.4 subaru wrx was 6.7 mazda speed3 was 7.2 i know 0-60 isnt everything but in real life driving and goosing for fun... it does compete and Lord knows im not auto xing.. so another box checked

KIA OPTIMA 6MT Owners....Notchy Transmission

Any 6MT owners notice their shifts being coarse on their 2011 LX I find myself granny shifting to 2nd letting the shifter find its way rather than force it (otherwise I get a harsh gear change). Its especially apparent the first drive of teh day. I dont mind notchy but the grinding feeling has me bothered a little. I only have 800 miles on the car so I might ask for a trans fluid checkchange when I

I havent noticed this in mine. Smooth as silk. It did take me a little bit to get used to the clutch in this. Feels much different from the last manual I owned a piece-o-crap Chevy Aveo 5 speed. substantially better but I had to break some bad habits. Its definitely nicer than the 5 speed in my wifes soul. Ive owned mostly manuals in my life and this is one of the better ones Ive driven on a daily

NISSAN JUKE Finally got around to driving a Juke - impressions and a couple questions

Blew off work yesterday afternoon and hit up a strip of dealerships on the way home. Got to drive a Juke SV (6MT) and a Mazda3 (Skyactive also 6MT) which are the cars at the top of my list. Ive got a question at the bottom of this wall of text that follows... The Juke was a lot of fun. I dont think I really got a feel for how much power it has it just got around the steep windy road around the autopark

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