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kia magentis complete manual transmission II
kia magentis complete manual transmission II

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KIA MAGENTIS II Stiff 5-spd manual shifter and clutch in hot weather

Its been really hot and humid here in north Georgia the past couple of weeks. Ive noticed that my Optimas clutch and shifter have been feeling very stiff lately. I almost cant get the shift into gear sometimes and it takes 2 or 3 tries before itll cooperate with me. Is it related to the hot temp somehow Or maybe I just need to change the trans fluid It is due. Anyone out there in kia land have this

Quote Originally Posted by UKmagentis Could anyone tell me please where the drain and fill points are located for the manual transmission oil on my kia 5 speed manual magentis LS Dont have a 5 speed but it looks like the drain plug is at the bottom of the transaxle alongside the bottom engine cover and the fill plug is about 12 way up looks like the front. Takes 1.9 liter or about 2.1 qts 75W-85 AP1

KIA MAGENTIS I GD Optima Transmission Problems

Just got off the phone with my dealership after taking my 2004 Optima in to get looked at. They said the problem is the same as many other Optimas are having. The transmission has problems shifting. They said they don&39t know what causes it and they don&39t know how to fix it. Once kia has received enough complaints they will have to address the problem and figure out how to fix it. Anyone have any similar problems

other consumers. The vehicle is paid inf ull and has a warranty but the dealer flat out haS REFUSED TO FIX IT. They have breeched their contract committed misrepsresentation under Federala nd State Law and sold a vehicle with prior damage and defectiveness. I have no power in manual mode and automatic mode surges and races the engine.I hope this helps people who plan on buying an Optima or any kia.

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KIA MAGENTIS SX Transmission Question

Hey guys I still loving the SX. Quick question though just wanna make sure that I am not crazy... lol Im pretty sure this is normal I know this transmission is not a DSG (Dual Clutch) so it will shift like a traditional automatic however I never owned an automatic car before so my question is when shifting from 1-2 2-3 so on do you guys feel a little delay maybe like 1 second delay to shift up It kinda feels like the clutch is engaging and disengaging DJ

I doubt that gear changes will be as slow as 1 second. What happens if you accelerate hard Does that liven up the gear changes Gear changes even in manual mode will not be super fast since its a conventional epicyclic auto. The various gear trains are activated by clamping mechanisms usually called bands or clutches and these are controlled by an electronic logic system. My experience with the new

Quote Originally Posted by Dr Bob I doubt that gear changes will be as slow as 1 second. What happens if you accelerate hard Does that liven up the gear changes Gear changes even in manual mode will not be super fast since its a conventional epicyclic auto. The various gear trains are activated by clamping mechanisms usually called bands or clutches and these are controlled by an electronic logic system.

KIA MAGENTIS II Interesting Article On New Model

No current link for this article about the new Optimamagentis but thought it was worth posting here considering it brings up some differences between it and the Sonata. kia&39s all-new magentis sedan which goes on sale across Europe next spring is the latest model in the complete regeneration of kia&39s product line-up over the last four years. Created by kia design teams in Korea the US and Germany

KIA MAGENTIS II 2007 Magentis Rough Idle

Hello All I own a 2007 magentis with the 2.4L and Automatic transmission. The car currently has 64000 kms on it (about 42000 miles). I really like this car Some time ago it started having a rough idle with no check engine light on. This started after a gas station attendant overfilled the gas tank by continuing to top up even after the nozzle was automatically releasing. At first the problem would

KIA MAGENTIS Rostra aftermarket cruise on 6-speed LX

I finally gave up my dream of finding a way to get factory cruise into my 6-speed LX (they have it in Canada dammit) and went with the Rostra aftermarket solution. I purchased the installation through my kia dealer and they in turn were working with some unnamed external shop. I got a quote from Car Toys for 535 and the dealerships price was 475 so I went with them. Heres the installation instructions

KIA MAGENTIS My Optima SX Experience

Okay after owning my SX for a little while a few impressions. I sold my 2008 Infiniti M35X anticipating buying a new car. I loved the Infiniti but it was black and a total pain to keep clean. There are two truths about black cars... 1. There is nothing prettier than a clean black car and 2 there is no such thing as a clean black car. I cross-shopped a lot of cars to replace the Infiniti the new Infiniti

twisty hilly Hwy 1 in northern California (twistiest road I have ever driven in my decades of mountain driving) the paddles were a godsend to maintain a speed that my wife would tolerate while not shutting down my fun all while keeping my driving as smooth as possible since I could use the engine for speed control rather than jumping on or riding the brakes. These new automatics like Hyundaikias

KIA MAGENTIS SX pop in second gear.

Not sure how describe it. Was pulling out into traffic today. I floored it and when it went into into second gear I had let off the gas but there was a jerk like it didnt grab second gear. I thought maybe because I let off right as it was about to shift something in the ECU or tranny or engine just got confused. There was a 65 mile trip ahead of me and everything ran fine. Well as Im on my way home

this light. Then again perhaps on this new model it does not do this with the light. Check the manual concerning the illumination of the traction control light on the dash. The transmission is not bullet proof. VW 6 speed on the 2.0T liked to grenade well before 100K. The 2.0T provide a lot of torque. Im thinking the transmission on the VW are well below specs for the task at hand. However kia

KIA MAGENTIS I GD how to adjust idle just replaced motor myself.

Im trying to get my wifes 2004 optima 2.4l going again. She bought is with 109000 miles transmission went out a month later. I replaced that myself with one that had 30000 on it. Ran fine for a few months then developed a loud knock. So I found a motor with about 35000 on it. I have swaped about 5 transmissions before but this is the first time that I have swaped a motor. It took me about 3 full days

KIA MAGENTIS I should not have taken a test drive

Ive been waiting for the hybrid to hit the lots as I really wanted to see what it had to offer but decided to stop by the local kia dealer at lunch time and check out the lineup. They had a bunch of cars on the lot including several turbo EX but only one SX in the showroom all had a blue sticker for 2000 market adjustment (well get back to this later). The SX had the luxury wheels which I wasnt fond

Mirage wasnt too cramped if I was the only person in it driving to and from work. That fateful weekend though I had to truck the kids around and it was apparent that my youngest could no longer comfortably (or safely) sit in the drivers side back seat behind me. The Mirage was never meant to be the family car but now it wasnt even a good fallback. I admit I was looking for excuses to go to the kia

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