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KIA MAGENTIS II Optima front end clunking noise

Any Optima owners have issues with clunking noises in the front end Usually can be heard driving 20-40 mph over a bumpy road. A definitive clunking noise on both sides almost sounds like metal on metal. Ive been chasing down the noise in an 07 LX with 70k miles but coming up empty so far. The 2006.5 supposedly had issues with the front struts & mounts being a source of some noise and kia has updated

KIA MAGENTIS II G3 annoying front suspension noise

On certain types of bumps the front end seems to not be able to handle the rebound dampening of the struts. This is purely speculative on my part because I am in no way an expert. But it is the only thing I dont like about my 2006.5 EX v-6 Optima. My first Optima (2006.5 EX 4cyl) made the same exact noise. My friend has a 2006.5 LX v-6 that also does the same thing. Has anybody else noticed this

PISTA The car is completely standard as we buy it here in Australia. The only mods to the car are the suspension and tints. The weather does vary in in Australia but we enjoy it. From memory that day was around 32C. Answering mikefoist with the suspension issue my wife drives a 2006 kia Cerato hatch which I also had lowered by 1.5. This runs standard shock absorbers and drives nicely. The springs I

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KIA MAGENTIS I GD front brake rotors

Ive searched this forum for brake rotors and did not find an answer to my question. Im in the middle of a complete brake job including rotors and the front ones I bought from Advance Auto dont exactly match up to my old ones. Everything matches fine except the two countersunk holes for the small screws that hold the rotor in place on the hub. i double checked with Advance and that is all they offer

KIA MAGENTIS Creaking from the front of the car

Lately I have noticed that when I stop and then release the brake I get a creaking noise from the front. If I power brake you can hear it. Meaning that if I am stopped and put my left foot on the brake and hit the gas you can hear it creaking. Any ideas. Thanks

There is very similar creaking noise problem on the Hyundai Sonata forum. MANY cars had it. Has to do with several layers of metal coming together near right front lower rockerwheelwell area. There IS a fixgo to Hyundai-Forums to peruse. May be something completely differentbuthad to mention this.

KIA MAGENTIS II Interesting Article On New Model

No current link for this article about the new Optimamagentis but thought it was worth posting here considering it brings up some differences between it and the Sonata. kia&39s all-new magentis sedan which goes on sale across Europe next spring is the latest model in the complete regeneration of kia&39s product line-up over the last four years. Created by kia design teams in Korea the US and Germany

KIA MAGENTIS II Stiff 5-spd manual shifter and clutch in hot weather

Its been really hot and humid here in north Georgia the past couple of weeks. Ive noticed that my Optimas clutch and shifter have been feeling very stiff lately. I almost cant get the shift into gear sometimes and it takes 2 or 3 tries before itll cooperate with me. Is it related to the hot temp somehow Or maybe I just need to change the trans fluid It is due. Anyone out there in kia land have this

Quote Originally Posted by UKmagentis Could anyone tell me please where the drain and fill points are located for the manual transmission oil on my kia 5 speed manual magentis LS Dont have a 5 speed but it looks like the drain plug is at the bottom of the transaxle alongside the bottom engine cover and the fill plug is about 12 way up looks like the front. Takes 1.9 liter or about 2.1 qts 75W-85 AP1

KIA MAGENTIS I GD Blown Head Gasket 2004 Optima EX 2.4

I am about to lose my mind with this car Its a 2004 kia Optima EX 2.4 I just installed a 2005 motor and trans in this car after learning the original motor was bad - we bought the car in 2006 with 15k miles on it and it NEVER ran right at all. At 58k I found out it had a blown head gasket between 2 cylinders after taking it to a shop that did a chemical test on the oil. kia along with several shops

The radiator fans work perfectly and turn on and off when they should - relays checked out perfectly Im going to be pulling the radiator this afternoon so I will be able to tell for sure if there is an issue with it that may be evading me. The motor never got to the point where it steamed and sizzled and the top of the motor (along with other spots) never showed excessive temps when I gauged it. Ive

KIA MAGENTIS I GD Replacement of Spark PlugsWireset 2001 Kia Optima 2.5L V6

Hi I came here a few weeks ago to see if there was some information about changing the spark plugs and wireset on a 2001 kia Optima 2.5L V6 but unfortunately nothing was too detailed and the KGIS site wasnt too information or specific though it did explain what to remove to get to the wires and plugs. So I decided to join to hopefully give a more detailed explanaition on what needs to be removed in

KIA MAGENTIS II Questions for any 2.7L V6 Optima owners out there....

Gang Ive got a line on a beautiful brand-new 08 Optima EX that has the 2.7L V6 in it. I suspect that I could get a great deal on it but Ive got one major concern with this particular specimen. It has the 2.7L V6. This engine is the only thing that I wish was different about the car since the economy is going to be less than the I4 and it requires a timing belt change at 60K miles. But.... after doing

KIA MAGENTIS I GD 04 Kia Optimss hold up great in accidents

I just thought I would let everyone know how well kias hold up in accidents. It seems like we have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. My Optima has been rearended 4 times in less than 2 years. Each time we were at a complete stop when we got hit so we felt it pretty good. Once was on the freeway this past July 1st 2009 and the other car didnt quite stop quick enough and hit us going about

KIA MAGENTIS II 2009 Optima LX - TPMS seizure

I purchased a 2009 kia Optima LX last year (used with 46k on it at the time) and within the first week I found I picked up a screw in a tire. Ended up having the whole tire replaced by Gateway Tire here in Nashville. They noted at that point that my valve stem was seized and would likely require the entire replacement of the TPMS and that this was very common among kias. They just re-used the old stem.

Quote Originally Posted by MaqAttaq I purchased a 2009 kia Optima LX last year (used with 46k on it at the time) and within the first week I found I picked up a screw in a tire. Ended up having the whole tire replaced by Gateway Tire here in Nashville. They noted at that point that my valve stem was seized and would likely require the entire replacement of the TPMS and that this was very common among

KIA MAGENTIS I GD Timing Belt Considerations

Hi folks. My daughter has a 2006 Optima (2.7L V6) that she bought used. It has 106000 miles on it and Im going over it to do some repairs that should have beenought to be done and Im betting the timing belt has never been changed. Its my understanding that it should have been changed around 60K miles. Ive got access to some manuals that seem pretty complete for doing this job and I wanted to solicit

KIA MAGENTIS I GD Headlight Replacement Guide For 2001-2005 Optima

Hey Fellow Optima Owners. I&39m not sure if any of you had this question but I did. So I did some research online and found a guide for headlight replacement for the Optima from 2001-2005. Here&39s what I&39ve found hope it helps&33 2001 - 2005 kia Optima (From the Sylvania Website) Low beam headlamp H7 H7ST Silverstar High Performance Lighting the whitest and brightest Halogen H7CB Cool Blue Halogen

KIA MAGENTIS I GD OEM KIA parts-the system is not working

1. My 2001 Optima was hit last year. The body shop had it for 5 weeks mostly waiting on a few parts that wound up being wrong. 2. My kingdom for an OEM thermostat. Had to go the dealer for even this. Autozone sold me one but it was tiny like made for a motorcycle but there it was listed as an OPtima thermostat. 3. Wanted to do my front brakes today. I buy some nice Raybestos ceramic deals. Get them

KIA MAGENTIS II Fixed dash rattle noise

I bought a brand new kia 2007 optima LX in Feb. 2008. From 3 months ago I had been heard annoying dash rattles on rough roads in my neighborhood and rough freeways. The noise seemed to be vibrations something loosening or cricket chirp sound. On drivers seat I heard the rattle noise from right side of dash and I heard the noise from left side on passengers seat. So I thought the noise came from the

KIA MAGENTIS My Optima SX Experience

Okay after owning my SX for a little while a few impressions. I sold my 2008 Infiniti M35X anticipating buying a new car. I loved the Infiniti but it was black and a total pain to keep clean. There are two truths about black cars... 1. There is nothing prettier than a clean black car and 2 there is no such thing as a clean black car. I cross-shopped a lot of cars to replace the Infiniti the new Infiniti

twisty hilly Hwy 1 in northern California (twistiest road I have ever driven in my decades of mountain driving) the paddles were a godsend to maintain a speed that my wife would tolerate while not shutting down my fun all while keeping my driving as smooth as possible since I could use the engine for speed control rather than jumping on or riding the brakes. These new automatics like Hyundaikias

plug problem. NGK plugs to fit the G6EA engine are LRF5B-11 standard and ILRF5B-11 if your feeling unneccesarily wealthy and want to go for iridium. You will need to set the plug gaps to 1.1mm from the standard 0.9mm. I fitted the plugs today and its quite a fun job. The front three are easy but for the back three you need to remove the surge chamber ( Inlet manifold to you and me ). Although kia

KIA MAGENTIS II sway bar diameter size for 2006.5 optima

Hey everyone. I have the famous front end clunk and I believe I have it narrowed down to the sway bar bushings or something in the strut. I replaced the sway bar bushings and the banging went away but the noise is still there. I think its just that the bushings are too flexible and not supporting the bar like it needs to be (all the other Ive ever replaced have been super stiff). I cant find any answers

Quote Originally Posted by spongebob218 Just wondering is there any warranty left on it If you dont know PM me the vin and I can check for you. Some late sale 06.5s are still covered depending on in service dates. If so you could give it to the dealer and let them repair it for free. Check the control arm bushings the front ones that resemble hockey pucks and see if they are cracked or separating from the control arm. I havent seen any bad on the Optimas but it is the same style as the Sportages and Sedonas and they go bad frequently. The only warranty I have on it is just a powertrain I got from the dealer that I bought it from. I bought it used as the 3rd owner so the warranty didnt transfer. Thanks for the input on the bushings. Ill look into them. Quote Originally Posted by turbonut If you replaced the end links make certain they are tight and I mean tight. When the end links go you wont be able to duplicate the noise by moving or rocking the car. As a test you can remove the end links completely and take the car for a ride hit some bumps and see if any noise. Just check to make certain the bar wont contact anything when hanging down if so just tie it up. I ve been meaning to do that test. Just havent had time. I will definately check the tightness of them. Pretty sure theyre tight seeing how replacing them didnt make the noise go away. Heres a question if the link balljoint spins thats not a good sign is it The new ones I got from kia spun when I tried to put em on. Had a hell of a time getting them tight.

KIA MAGENTIS II Fog Light Option for 07 Optima

Hello I am looking at installing the factory fog lights in this car. What all do I need I have found both of the lights but is the factory wiring already there Do I have to purchase a new turn signal wfog light switch. If so is there a kit with all of this Please Advise.

Hi...just make sure you first do a quick search on the forums here and look for what others have already taken a lot of their time to post and share on this topic. With some patience and preparation as well as kia Tech wiring diagrams and the forum instructions it can be done without too much difficulty. I did mine using the OEM foglights off eBay then sourced a standard 10 appx. fog light wiring harness

KIA MAGENTIS I GD Kia Magentis le 2.0 power steering pump replacement

Is it difficult to remove the entire power steering pump and to replace with a complete new unit with the pulley attached. Ive heard that you only need to remove 2 bolts located behind the pulley which are accessible through the pulleys front holes. Is it really that appreciated.

KIA MAGENTIS I GD 2004 kia optima timing question

Hello I have a 2004 kia optima ( 2.4 L 4 cylinder )that I am going to replace timing belt on how important is the timing marks for the oil pump sprocket will it do internal engine damage if oil pump sprocket timeing mark is off is there a way to check it if it is important

The oil pump is actually connected to the left (front) balancer shaft through a gear drive. This is a reduction drive and it is possible to align the marks and still have the balancer shaft out of time. The balancer shaft is only timed correctly every third revolution of the oil pump sprocket. This means that you can have all the timing marks correctly aligned (crank both cams rear balancer front balancer)

KIA MAGENTIS My Optima SX test drive thoughts

Test drove the 2011 Optima SX on Friday and loved it. If you dont want to read my whole take the tldr version is Im buying one. Should tell you what you need to know. Seats were comfortable inside was quiet and the ride was smooth. Of course this is all subjective others might say the seats are hard inside is noisy and ride was harsh. For me it felt like a faster smoother sportier version of my Dads

KIA MAGENTIS EXs with packages are starting to arrive

Hi Guys - I live in So Cal (Menifee) but I have done extensive searching for any and all EXs with packages as far east as New Jersey. Here is what I have found thus far. NJ - James kia had an EX Satin Metal with Premium Package listed but only for aggressive marketing since they physically did not have it yet. This was about a week ago. Im guessing they have it in stock now and they were asking at

Winter is soon approaching but for us here is So Cal you never know if youre going to get white snow or white sand as the temps here seem to fluctuate more than my wifes moods. Apparently the Huntington Beach based kia dealership (CarPros) have been near the beach for .. well too long IMO. Surfs up dude.. hey check out the babes across the street.. dude. They have no business selling cars. I think

KIA MAGENTIS Who is waiting on the Hybrid

Im starting to lean towards the Optima Hybrid. Granted its a slower car combined MPG of 38 is a bigger plus to me than the turbo. From pictures it essentially looks like an SX inside and out and is about the same price. Granted another 3 months or more of waiting is in order. Anyone else leaning towards efficiency over power

A San Francisco dealer said he is expecting a white one and a silver one also within a week but cannot sell them until June 6th - that is when their training on the cars is supposed to be completed. The San Francisco guy had a lot of details about the specific cars. The Seattle guy said he had no details. I checked in Clearwater Florida where I was visiting my daughter. The salesman at Lokey kia


Has anyone bought a Cold Air Intake for a kia optima yet

A CAI will not affect your warranty unless the dealership is being complete jerks about it my dealer told me I can mod all I want and they would only void the part that was modded and not the entire warranty. Look up the Mag-Moss Act of 1975 and use that as your defense if your dealer is pulling the we will void your whole warranty card. The OEM intake is basically setup to where air comes in from

KIA MAGENTIS Creative Project Optima SX - Magentis - K5

Hey all Finally broke ground on my 5 week nu Optima SX So Cal. I have designed the front facade myself and am working closely with a crew here called Garage Life - Garage Life - Automotive - South El Monte CA Facebook Here is a quick snap off my phone. Will show the process once everything in my car is completed. It is in stage 2 of 3 currently. The more questions the more I can be active on here - LOL

KIA MAGENTIS New to the Forums...some thoughts on my Optima

Hi Everyone I just started reading through the forums and figured Id post a bit. I bought a 2011 kia Optima EX Turbo (fully loaded) back in February. I absolutely LOVE the car. It was replacing my 1995 Honda I think I was about due for a new car. Haha. I figured Id post some thoughts about the car. First off obviously there was a difference in the MPG between my old car in this. I went

KIA MAGENTIS Optima audio system install and how to PIC HEACY

Hey. first post on this forum. I am also a new member at another kia forum and just discovered this one. I am doing a very detailed install how to for this car so thought I would share the thread here in hopes of maybe helping out a few more people. This is not a fancy car show type custom install. its more of a how to too greatly improve sound quality and keep a factory look and function. This will

KIA MAGENTIS Help damage done on one side door and quarter panel...

PIcture below... After just a little over 10 months old I already do some serious scratches and dents to the side of the cars door and quarter panel. It was a stupidest decision that Ive ever made. Simply put it as i was pulling out of a tight spot in the self-service car wash some ahole parked their car near the exit. So it was really narrow to try to get out instead I scratched it against the brick

redfire010... There is a black drivers side rear door here.... 2011 Left Rear Door kia OptimaBlack LX Small Ding LA546 500 Weber Bros Auto USA-PA(Annville) Request_Quote 1-800-222-2528 Request_Insurance_Quote 333miles from you. The posting says it has a small ding (minor damage) As Dr. Bob said replace the door and the rear quarter panel looks to be repairable. The rear door is an easy fix ...There

KIA MAGENTIS I GD 05 Optima runs rough after warm up

Hey All hope you guys and gals can help. Replaced my timing belt and CKP on my 05 Optima 2.4L. Everything went great took 3 tries but I finally got it fired right up. The car runs like a top. My problem is it starts up nice cold idle kicks in and it sounds good. As soon as the cold idle turns off and it steps down to normal idle it runs rough not crazy rough almost like a flutter but noticeable. Cleaned

Thank you guys both for the responses it is very appreciated. GottaCruise everything else has been replaced that you mentioned I did a complete tune-up when I did the TB. new plugs new fuel filter new air filter oil and oil filter and new serpentine belts up front. I did not replace the HT leads though I will check all hoses for vacuum leaks as I realize stolen air is a big problem. I will also check


ABS red light on delaer reset says the sensor in the passenger seat is bad. 3000 for seat. Any suggestions to bypass no safety Nazis pleaseI never travel with small children in the front 2007 Optima 4 cyl auto 146K miles aka KIWI

Yes reading about the airbags on KGIS makes me think its the airbag not ABS. From reading the operational description it looks like the airbag takes a feed from the front passenger seat sensor that detects whether the seat is occupied. I know that on my car I can push down on the passenger seat and the seatbelt warning light starts to flash as the sensor is working ok. I would be interested if the

Quote Originally Posted by stuartadair Yes reading about the airbags on KGIS makes me think its the airbag not ABS. From reading the operational description it looks like the airbag takes a feed from the front passenger seat sensor that detects whether the seat is occupied. I know that on my car I can push down on the passenger seat and the seatbelt warning light starts to flash as the sensor is working

KIA MAGENTIS I GD Newbie needs some big help Please Crank sensor

2.7 V6 2004 optima I cant locate the Cranks Position Sensor on this car. I cant find and Google threads on it or any info anywhere. Does anyone have pictures or just some good info on where this sensor is Please help. Thanks

Thanks for the help. I found the sensor today on the engine block right near the transmission housing and its almost behind the front exhaust manifold. A very tight and irritating place for it to be. I had a code P0335 and the car shut off on me all of a sudden and wouldnt start. And when I pulled the sensor today the wires were completely melted and making contact with each other on bare wire.

KIA MAGENTIS I GD What Is Suggested For Replacement

I have (3) dealer&39s around here and get a dozen answer&39s depending on which service adviser you ask. Timing belt it&39s idler pulley brg it&39s tensioner water pump and gasket spark plugs and it&39s wires fuel filter other belts trans fluid chg.....etc. We&39re over a grand here gang and climbing .......dah&33&33 WHAT does the Forum think is reasonably ness. at 60k

At 65K Miles 02 Optima I have done the trans fluid complete change for around &036230 at an Xpress Lube. Which is where I get oil changed every 3500 miles. Trans fluid was done around 55k or so. Airfilters each 20k or so. front brakes at 60k. Rears were amazingly un-worn. Have had to buy two tires so far. Soon to look and see if there is a fuel filter (as the shop manual shows) or no fuel filter (as


Hey all Finally broke ground on my 5 week nu Optima SX So Cal. I have designed the front facade myself and am working closely with a crew here called Garage Life - Garage Life - Automotive - South El Monte CA Facebook Here is a quick snap off my phone. Will show the process once everything in my car is completed. It is in stage 2 of 3 currently. The more questions the more I can be active on here - LOL

Originally Posted by itsmaca Hey all Finally broke ground on my 5 week nu Optima SX So Cal. I have designed the front facade myself and am working closely with a crew here called Garage Life - Garage Life - Automotive - South El Monte CA Facebook Here is a quick snap off my phone. Will show the process once everything in my car is completed. It is in stage 2 of 3 currently. The more questions the more I can be active on here - LOL Wow I like the front. Is that just painted black

KIA MAGENTIS I cant change the audio in my optima (basstreble etc)

Hey guys Ive looked through the manual and online but cant seem to find if I can actually change the bass treble fade left right front or back Its a 2013 SLi optima with the touch screen yet my manual has a completely different audio system pictured in it to what I have so when it tells me to press a certain button it isnt actually there. Never had a car that is this hard to change these things I might be just missing something completely obvious. Any help is very much appreciated thanks

KIA MAGENTIS 2012 Optima EX DRLs Anyone try to activate OEM DRLs

I previously had a 2011 Sorento in which I was able to run a ground wire from the DRL fuse to activate them in the US version. Has anyone tried to activate the DRLs on the 20112012 Optima EX I noticed on the schematic that there is a ground wire run from the BCM which has an IPS CONTROL MODULE on it but dont know if that module is a standard part of the BCM. Anyone have a clue The access to the BCM

If anyone is interested in having the OEM Headlight DRL Optima 2012 EX without any major wiring modifications I have successfully activated them. If you look at the Headlight wiring diagram there is a ground wire marked DRL coming from the IP Junction Bx P37 C80 -23 going to connector IP-B which is an AMP_025_24F_W 24 pin female plug. The plug is located on the bottom left side of the fuse block assembly

KIA MAGENTIS my take on 2012 with UVO

Just got back from the dealer. I went there because Ive been debating whether to pick up a 2011 with the tech package or if I should go for the 2012 with UVO. I told the salesman what I wanted to do and he was happy to leave me in the 2012 for about 45 minutes so I could play with the technology. I read the UVO manual beforehand plus I had a printout along with me so I could quickly test everything

KIA MAGENTIS Canadian Optima - photos

my dealer got his first Optima in today and I just arrived as it came off the truck. These are photos of the EX Luxury model with the Navigation system. EX Luxury features added to the EX are - 18 alloys - larger brakes - heated steering wheel - ventilated and cooled front seats - heated rear seats - power passengers seat - Xenon HID head lights - LED tail lights - mood lamp - stainless steel illuminated

the MSRP label that gets affixed to the side window after PDI is complete this dome light is above the rear seats rear ventilation which is standard on all models except the manual LX also there is rear floor ducts under the front seats

KIA MAGENTIS Help with upgrading sound system I have questions

Hello I have a 2013 kia optima sx tdi and I wanted to upgrade the sound system . I dont want to lose any of the features like the stearing wheel controls the blue tooth or the USB iPod connection so I wont mind keeping the head unit oem.. Can I just upgrade the speakers add an amplifier and a subwoofer would this be possible Please any input would be appreciated

I built a system very similar to OptimaDream. I replaced all of the factory speakers with higher end speakers. For the rear doors I used component speakers which include tweeters which I mounted on the rear deck (midbass drivers are in the doors). front dash and door speakers are both high power 2 ways. All of the in car speakers are driven by a 4x70W JVC amp mounted in the trunk. There is also a single

KIA MAGENTIS White SX Owner Checking In

Thanks again Amandanator for finding the car which kia Dealerships could not. 300 mile round trip drive later my 2011 Optima SX with premiumtech is home. Im going to try to link to some pics as Im having trouble with the gallery function on this website. Try one pic first

Hey Arctic since youve got them both together why dont you measure the difference in the door arcs Because the Optimas front doors open almost 90 degrees Im thinking the standoff to open them all the way is actually similar to that of the Firebird with its notoriously long F-body doors. As Ive been saying the Optima doors open wider than any 4-door Ive owned. See how far you have to park it from your

KIA MAGENTIS New Member New Optima

Hi all. I hope it is ok to post this in here. I dont plan on visiting any other sub-forum of this site so me posting in the New Member Area as opposed to the forum where I will be spending my time didnt make sense. I just picked up a bright silver 2011 kia Optima EX yesterday and spent most of the day today and yesterday figuring out the toys that every other car I have had did not come with. This

Quote Originally Posted by Maybekia Really really really GREAT looking car This is what I would get. Silver (from my experience) is the easiest to maintain clean look and it is quite visible comparing to mouse gray or black. Photo equipment what camera do you use and what lenses Tinting Do you REALLY trust them to put &8216max tint allowed by law&8217 In Canada it is kind of muddy it is all left to


For 119 on e-bay do you think it would be stupid to install faux fogs (theyre functional but see next sentence) I really dont want to hack my LX wiring and I do very little night driving. However I do like the way the fogs look installed. What do you think

Quote Originally Posted by cflingo Bundy71 - I just dont want to mess with my warranty at this point. You know as well as I do the dealer will find any excuse not to cover a repair. If they find I hacked into the wiring harness I dont want to take the chance. After my warranty is up then fine Ill hook them up. The airbags are always an issue for a DIY electrical mod too. eyeballface - Thank you I rarely

KIA MAGENTIS wheel stud

I have a 2011 kia Optima. When I was changing my wheels from the stocks to the after market wheels I have for the summer months one of the wheels studs broke off on the drivers side front wheel. I took car to a local garage and they said they had to take the whole hub assembly apart to replace it. i was just wondering if anyone has had to replace a stud on their optima and if so does the whole assembly need to be taken apart Or can you squeeze a new stud in some how. Thanks

I used to have this problem with a 2001 Toyota Tundra. Every time I rotated the tires I would break a stud on the right front (I even use a torque wrench). I am guessing that Toyota got a load of bad studs and did not catch it. Anyway you must remove the hub and get the old stud out. I always did the stud removeal hammer and punch. Once the old one is out you can lightly tap the new one in enough to

KIA MAGENTIS Re-Badged Luxury Wheels

In response to rogersmjs request here are pics of the stylized K badges on SX Luxury (Touring package) wheels. The third picture shows their similarity to a Mazda emblem. The last pic shows how far these badges extend beyond the lug cover - necessary since they have to be applied over the existing kia emblems which are integral with the cover. The replacement badges are exactly the same diameter. It

Those look great Thanks for the pics I was concerned about how deep they are. Now I can get those for my wheels and the steering wheel badge. Im going to have a body shop completely remove the front and rear badges and fill them.

Quote Originally Posted by FitzLA With the smart key keyless start you can program it to lock when car is shifted out of park and program it to unlock when shifted in park OR when car is turned off meaning when you press startstop button the doors unlock. I have mine programmed to lockunlock when shifting out ofinto park. And theres my preferred option Turn off auto-lockunlock completely. Use the button

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