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kia magentis complete engines II

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KIA MAGENTIS II Interesting Article On New Model

No current link for this article about the new Optimamagentis but thought it was worth posting here considering it brings up some differences between it and the Sonata. kia&39s all-new magentis sedan which goes on sale across Europe next spring is the latest model in the complete regeneration of kia&39s product line-up over the last four years. Created by kia design teams in Korea the US and Germany

KIA MAGENTIS I GD Clicking noise

I have a 02 Optima 2.4L. I purchased the car used with 31K miles. It now has 72K. I really like the car and think it was the best vehicle purchase I have ever made. This is the first problem I have encountered with it. There is a clicking type noise coming from under the hood. I believe it is coming from the Power Steering pump but I cant be sure. There hasnt been any performance changes and the engine

I had my car towed to the dealer yesterday. The clicking noise was the timing belt missing some teeth. Here are the results... (Drum roll).... Timing belt Balancer Crank shaft position sensor and the crank shaft position sensor blade... Total out the door bill is 681.41... Service deptartment says they can have it fixed by this afternoon. kia has to really make a better effort about letting there customers

KIA MAGENTIS II How many miles on your Optima

09 Ex V6 43000 miles. OE tires are just about done. Great car other than my 5th Infinity radio is on order right now. Im averaging 23 mpg.

The next oil change is in 2500 miles. I will take it then. There is no performance issues. Once the noise stops at about 30 seconds there is no noise at all but injectors doing their thing. There is no noise the rest of the day unless it sits for 4 hours. The oil drains to the pain and takes some time to circulate to the heads. The dealer did my oil change at 5K. Synthetic 10-20 was used. kia filter

KIA MAGENTIS II Engine clanking noise from 07 Optima

My 2007 Optima LX 2.4L engine is making a clanking noise while running. When I checked the oil level today it was low by about 1.5 quarts. Theres no check engine light. Car has 74K miles now. I purchased the car two years ago with 35K miles. I have always performed regular maintenance myself. The car had its oil control valve replaced at 55K miles. 07 Optima Engine Noise 07 Optima Engine Noise

I agree with turbonut. I have replaced about a dozen engines on kias so far. On all of them I set the subframe on 4 jackstands unhooked everything then raised the vehicle leaving the enginetranst-casesubframe on the stands. Except for the 2002-earlier Sportage 2003-2009 Sorento and 2005-earlier Rio (Im sure the Rio engine could be removed from the bottom but I removed from above). Im sure others can

KIA MAGENTIS My Optima SX Experience

Okay after owning my SX for a little while a few impressions. I sold my 2008 Infiniti M35X anticipating buying a new car. I loved the Infiniti but it was black and a total pain to keep clean. There are two truths about black cars... 1. There is nothing prettier than a clean black car and 2 there is no such thing as a clean black car. I cross-shopped a lot of cars to replace the Infiniti the new Infiniti

twisty hilly Hwy 1 in northern California (twistiest road I have ever driven in my decades of mountain driving) the paddles were a godsend to maintain a speed that my wife would tolerate while not shutting down my fun all while keeping my driving as smooth as possible since I could use the engine for speed control rather than jumping on or riding the brakes. These new automatics like Hyundaikias

KIA MAGENTIS 91 Octane Vs 95 Octane (kia-optima 2013)

Hello 91 Octane Vs 95 Octane (kia-optima 2013) 2.4 I just want to ask about the gas type dose it make a diffrence... In KSA we have two types 1- 91 Octane 0.17 per liter 2- 95 Octane 0.20 per liter which one is better for performance... Regards

Quote Originally Posted by PLP 91 vs 95 - it has to do with resistivity to premature ignition or self ignition. 91 will ignite earlier hence it is better on winter (cold start) and the car will take advantage of better combustion. 95 will ignite later and is better for high powerhigh compression engines where temperatures are much higher (turbocharged). Besides if car is prepared for 91 you will get

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