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KIA CEED ED Oil pressure lamp

Hi guys I noticed something these days - the oil pressure lamp stays on for about a second second and a half or so when I turn on the engine. Then it goes off and never turns back on during driving. Now I cant remember if that was happening before or was it turning off instantly right after I switch the engine on. Also when i turn the key in ignition position after the majority of the lamps turn off

I would never use Fram filters utter rubbish.

KIA CEED ED Buying a Kia Ceed

Hi Im hoping to buy a 2007 kia ceed 1.4 Petrol shortly can anyone give me any tips on what to check when buying. What I normally do when buying cars is find of the service intervals for things like the fuel air & oil filters belts fluids e.t.c and check that they were are all done on time but I cant find a service interval sheet for the 1.4 ceed. Any other tips are welcome. Cheers.

KIA CEED ED fuel consumption

I operate a ceed 3 1.6 crdi auto it has now covered just over 7000 miles and in my opinion it has poor fuel consumption. I went from Cambridge to Kendal and back two drivers 90 % on the A1 and 90% on cruise control at the max speed of 60mph total mileage 506 miles and the return was 46 mpg It does 30 mpg around town. kia and Agent state thats ok. In my opinion it is not worth going diesel for the lower

I have heard in the past (although not on kia) that K&N type filters that are oiled can cause issue with the MAF sensor. The oil from the filter can stick to the MAF and cause it to give incorrect readings to the ECU giving poor running. Im not saying this is the cause but maybe worth a check Even if you have replaced the filter with a genuine one the oil from the K&N might have got where it shouldnt

Weve had both of our picantos serviced by an independent here in Coventry. (Vauhxsell Coventry). When I enquired the reception lady entered the vehicle reg into some programme that was on the computor and it came up with the complete kia service instructions with checkoff boxes. It also included a box for the paint check with a preprinted note This item may only be undertaken by a genuine kia dealer.

KIA CEED ED Work done...out of warranty.

Has anyone had any work done after failing to adhere to the servicing schedule After paying 270 for a few filters and pints of oil I have completed the last few servicing myself. My front end is knocking (again) after i changed the drop links and Ive heard many complaints about wear at the front end. If this is a mechanical issue does it still become a warranty item to be looked at even though Ive not had my servicing book stamped the last few times. Thanks in advance.

I totally agree with you AyJay....but on the otherhand twice in 40k....poor quality parts and should be replaced even if the oil and a few filters havent been replaced by kia for a huge amount of money. But i do agree its the risk i took when opting out of kia servicing. Anti roll bar bushes are causing the knocking this time.

The car mainly changes oil and filters on every service. The extra comes when you need to change brake pads and discs. Other than that is always oil and filters.

Quote Originally Posted by FrEaKZoIdE The car mainly changes oil and filters on every service. The extra comes when you need to change brake pads and discs. Other than that is always oil and filters. Quite a few differences between the even year services and the odd year services on the UK cars. The even year adds diesel filter air filter and brake fluid plus one or 2 other minor bits thats why the

KIA CEED ED Dying Kia Ceed (

Ok.... heres the problem.... Weve lost our Service book Basically the car started to judder below 2k revs holding back and nearly cutting out. No warning lights on the dash at the moment but The Amber Engine management light did come on but has gone off again. Took it into the garage we purchased the car from who have been extremely patient and helpful whilst we have tried to get duplicate invoices

A new car should be able to go 27000 km without any sort of servicing apart from topping up fluids. -Not recommended of course but does indicate that the problem isnt service-related. Our Cerato has done about 35000 km and all thats been done so far amounts to little more than 2 oil changesfilters. -Was yours 27000 km or miles Maybe 27k miles would have been pushing it Has there been any plug-in diagnostics

KIA CEED ED Reading Maintenance Schedule Table

This morning I went to my kia garage to have a regular maintenance visit scheduled at 40000 km 24 Months. To my surprise kia Manager has informed me that my visit was overdue. I claimed that my ODO reads 39990 km and my visit is 2 days earlier then last year and less then 24 months after the car purchase so according to the official schedule within due time. But the Manager claimed that my service

In the UK we dont normally get extremely cold winters and extremely hot summers. In continental Europe the temperatures are much more extreme at both ends of the scale and this can put an additional burden on filters oil suspension etc. I have seen other threads where owners complain that we in the UK are ripped of but it appears we are doing pretty well.

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