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kia ceed ignition switch key ED
kia ceed ignition switch key ED

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KIA CEED ED ignition light

hi i have just purchased a kia pro ceed 3 1.6 cdri 2010 great car but i have one queiry when you turn the ignition off or remove the key should the interior light come on for a few seconds mine does not if it does is there any settings or switches to rectify this or its back to the dealer to be sorted . thanks sean.

Hi Sean When you remove the keys the maplight should light up trying moving the switch on the light (it may take you a few minutes as it did me to realise where thel ight is located and the minorly different workings in the switch to some of the other cars I have had)

hi guys phoned my kia dealer he checked 4 cars including 3 same make as mine one kia pro ceed 4 and said the light does not come on when switching ignition off or taking keys out i would have thought he would have known without checking. no big deal anyway.

KIA CEED ED Broken key anyone

Ive not posted for a while but am still living the dream. Today my ignition key decided to fall apart. The blade bit has come adrift from the flip out bit and a small chunk of metal where the small roll pin goes through to hold it all together has broken off. It was a bit of fun turning the blade in the ignition with a pair of pliers and holding the other bit up to the lock to get the immobiliser to

It may be a couple of weeks before I can get near a dealer as there arent any sort of local. As regards the immobiliser its a proximity thing. The fob just has to be near the ignition switch and when the engine starts it can be taken away. It just requires two hands and a pair of pliers to get it started when the key breaks. Will keep you posted. Chris

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KIA CEED ED Auto lock doors not unlocking

Hi all. my ceed will lock all the doors as normal when you start to drive off but when you come to a stop she will not unlock as the manual states.she has always done this since i bought her so Im not sure if this is due to manual override or if its a fault.has this happened to anyone else and dose anyone.the warrenty is no longer valid as the preveuis owner dident keep up the services.any help is greatly appriecated. 08 ceed ls 1.6 CRDI estate.

off but when you come to a stop she will not unlock as the manual states.she has always done this since i bought her so Im not sure if this is due to manual override or if its a fault.has this happened to anyone else and dose anyone.the warrenty is no longer valid as the preveuis owner dident keep up the services.any help is greatly appriecated. 08 ceed ls 1.6 CRDI estate. No not a fault. A kia

KIA CEED ED random radio issue

Hi So all was working well until the other day. ceed 3 SW 2009. The radio doesnt work If I pull out and replace the fuse then the radio works fine If I insert the key turn ignition on the radio still works. If I turn the radio off remove the key and reinsert key the radio no longer works No matter what I do the radio will not come on. That is until I pull the fuse and re insert it. Then it works fine

KIA CEED ED Parking Lights

Hi. iam new to the site so hello to all I have a kia ceed 1.6 hatchback and I cannot find how to leave the parking lights on whilst I leave the vehicle to go into a news agents on a dark morning can anybody tell me how to do this I have read the manual but cant find anything in it to say how to do this many thanks York

Hi Dragan posted this to me and hooray it worked hope it does for you mate Hello York and welcome. When you pull over next to your news stand shut the engine take your keys out of ignition and THEN turn the light switch on to activate parking lights. If you do that with your keys still in ignition taking keys out will cancel your action due to the kia automatic lights shut down system designed to protect your battery if you forget to turn the lights off.

KIA CEED ED Wiring diagrams Ceed 07

Im gonna install a button startstop keyless go system on my kia ceed crdi 07 tomorrow. I could need thise wiring diagrams ignition Park lightfoot brakeside door switch12v Main alarm system unit Central locking Engine cut off circuit A relay will be installed troug this Anyone can help me Never found a post on this


hi ive got a 2009 kia ceed 1.4 isg gasoline. I have a problem with the EPS light which is about the assisted steering wheel electronic system and ABS parking sensors. The EPS light is supposed tho switched off seconds later after car key ignition. But it stills on. I think that a simple RESET will fixed it. My question is how to do the reset. I think that just need to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes and left one door open. Does anybody can confirm this Thanks


I have noticed that a number of traffic light sets around here have had their cycle time increased quite a bit. Three of them are on my way to work and take 1 12 minutes to cycle back to green. When tidying a drawer I came across the brochure from when I was considering buying the ceed. I browsed through and noticed their I.S.G. (inteligent stop and go). Modestly considering myself fairly intelligent

KIA CEED ED Immobilizer problem

Hi all I have owned from new a ceed that I bought in 2010 from the kia dealer in Warrington Cheshire. It is a 1.4 petrol engine. The car developed a fault last week in that it had difficulty in starting. The problem got progressively worse and within 3 days the car had completely died. I called my breakdown service who came out and immediately said that it was the immobilizer unit that had packed up.

Got the car back today apparently the fault was a faulty switch that is inside the ignition barrel where the key inserts. The switch was not recognizing the key and was acting as though the engine was already running. How true this final comment is I dont know but it fired up first time on both occasions that I started the car this afternoon. Surely the diagnostic software should have pin pointed this fault originally instead of the dealer stating that the immobilizer unit was the fault. Hope the problem has been solved once and for all. If anyone should have the starting problems with their ceed that I have suffered then insist on a check of this switch as well as the immobilizer.

KIA CEED ED sidelights stay on after using AUTO headlights

Have a 6month old ceed3 (old model) and only started to use the lights on the Auto setting. Works fine but when I switch off engine the sidelights stay on and I need to manually cancel them. What is the point of having an AUTO light setting if I have to switch off each time. Gone back to manually switching on and off. Is it me missing something here

Quote Originally Posted by dubster Question Do they stay on even after opening door My sides stay on until unless I open drivers door as I found out when turning ign on after getting into passenger door recently. Got out & locked it but noticed lights were still on had to unlock & manually turn off. At last I have it sorted. I put a parking disc over the sensor in the window. I was sat in car with

KIA CEED ED Oil pressure lamp

Hi guys I noticed something these days - the oil pressure lamp stays on for about a second second and a half or so when I turn on the engine. Then it goes off and never turns back on during driving. Now I cant remember if that was happening before or was it turning off instantly right after I switch the engine on. Also when i turn the key in ignition position after the majority of the lamps turn off

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