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kia ceed complete rear ED
kia ceed complete rear ED

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KIA CEED ED removing rear light cluster

Hi Has anyone removed the rear light clusters on the SW to change the bulbs I took out the 5 securing screws which sit between the cluster and the rear hatch seal this seemed to loosen the fitting but it would not release not wanting to force it I refitted them. Is there another fitting inside the car or are the clusters held in with some type of snap on fitting thanks

Dave I was fitting my towbar (estate) and the reason was to identify the wiring cables. I though I may get access to the loom below the lights but its not possible as the there is no room for connections. The cluster just pops out it is held in place with snap on metal fixings just have to pull hard. To do all the wiring is a major pain as you have to dismantle most of the interior boot trim I placed

KIA CEED ED Kia Warranty repairs

About 6 months ago when my car was about 2.12 years old and had done around 32000 miles I had a front shock absorber and drop link replaced at no cost to me (and I was provided with a courtesy car). Now at nearly 40000 miles the other drop link needs replacing and this too is being replaced next week at no cost to me. Also I had excessive play in the clutch pedal and there was sediment in the clutch

My driver door speaker had no treble when purchased (6 month old low mileage Pro). Local kia dealer ordered the correct speaker according to VIN but it didnt fit - completely wrong depth apprently They guessed & ordered a normal ceed rear door speaker fitted a week later & alls good now. So they had to do the entire strip down & fit thing twice all under warranty

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KIA CEED ED dimming dashboard lights

Can anyone help with a question on my 2010 ceed 3 auto diesel. I recently had to have most of my dashboard removed by a kia dealer (the reason is a very long story maybe for another time) anyway after getting the car back when I turn on the front and rear lights the radio panel lights dim ( which I understand) but also the climate control lights go out completely (the climate control still works).

KIA CEED ED Kia Pro_ceed GT

Hey guys take a look at the all-new Pro_ceed GT turbo model kia Pro_ceed GT Turbo Teaser Image kia Blog 2013 kia News

Hoods are different. Doors are also different. (shape). Headlights... On top of my head but I think windshield is angled differently. I wouldnt comment the rear they are completely different from behind. I agree for the interiors. The ceed and the pro (MK1 models) were not designed by the same man.

Quote Originally Posted by Nikola Hoods are different. Doors are also different. (shape). Headlights... On top of my head but I think windshield is angled differently. I wouldnt comment the rear they are completely different from behind. I agree for the interiors. The ceed and the pro (MK1 models) were not designed by the same man. Taking your points one by one. Hoods are different. If you mean the

KIA CEED ED Not just another Pro ceed.

Hello to everyone. Im AndiI-m from Romania and I decided to present my car with all the modifications that are made by me. I bought the car in July 2008 and in March 2009 I started working on it. I started working for the audio system. I added to two subwoofers alpine type R two Alpine MRP M650 amplifiers a SinusLive amplifier for mid and high frequencies (not connected yet).Ill change the door speakers

That looks pretty slick I like how youve removed the badge on the rear. Its a much cleaner look. I love to keep people guessing what make and model my pro ceed is. Did you simply replace the rear badge with a blank one or take it out entirely or is that a custom boot doorboot handle Also I like the blacked out silver strips on the grille (same as drakeys i believe). Its definitely a look im gonna go

Hello everybody. An update Last year the car has received a few gadgets - Multimedia Unit Kenwood dnx 5240bt - 17 LCD display only for exhibitions - LED undercar just for fun and shows. 2 months ago the car went into a rebuilding process. It was a hard and meticulous process but the finished result was as expected. I try to keep the original lines with some aggressive accents. Interior -Full cross-leather (seat elements of the board dome (roof) armrest and door panels). -the front seats were modified -finally have integrated speakers in door panels -carbon look central console Exterior -front bumper rear bumper completely changed -wheels were painted matte white -car-went down by 15 mm in total - 45mm. (Suspension only) -reconfigure the exhaust on the back to fit the boxes in the new rear bumper. Im working on some small things that I want to keep secret until completion so that are some future plans. Here are some pictures Best regards Andy

KIA CEED ED Pro Ceed 3 Brakes

Can any expert tell me why my pro ceed 3 rear brake pads so not sweep entire disk surface so as to wear disk evenly After 21000 miles I now have two quite visible grooves to see. I have to admit my only experience is on diesel engine and machine tool design but I cant see why the pads should not wear the complete brake disk face.

KIA CEED ED Strange noises with new Pro_Ceed 1.4

So Ive had my new Pro_ceed 2013 now for nearly two months and done some 2000 miles just the usual city driving. Since it left the shop Ive been noticing two distinct noise issues. The car is the 1.4 petrol version with stock 16 alloy rims and Hankook summer tires. The first one is coming from the rear sound very much like a bad bearing or something. More of a droning noise. Its very noticeable even

KIA CEED ED Very bad day...

Fridays are usually good right Weekends almost here and were all in a jolly mood Mine was rather good on my sunny afternoon drive home until a car pulled out in front of me that is.... Photo 1 can you spot the carefully parked car in this woodland scene Photo 2 & 3 show the damage once wed managed to extricate my beloved CJ Basically on a twisty section of road with 40mph limit quite heavy traffic

quarter plus front bumper and that sub frame of course. Main thing is nobody was injured at all the old guy admitted liability and gave me a written statement to that effect they even stayed with me at the pub awaiting the tow truck and gave me a lift home which was nice. So Ill keep you posted on the details once I hear from body shop or insurance co. But for the moment I dont have a beautiful ceed

KIA CEED ED Installing an underseat subwoofer - query...

Im seriously considering getting an under-seat sub woofer for the pro. I dont want to install 18000W of stomach mashing sound system just want to get some reasonable bass in the car and keep the current volume level. Regarding the excellent sticky guides (audio upgrade 1 & 2) - LINKY I found Crammonds original article at ceedOnline and wanted to check something with you audio gurus... On this rear

Quote Originally Posted by Drakey Ive been lucky I had my first two servicings at NMG the 3rd & 4th at a local garage with kia parts (fraction of the cost). So far Ive had my boot re-sprayed due to a paint defect and now theyve honoured my claim of poor door fitment and Im getting my rear sections sprayed. Mention of an ECU update was mentioned for the turbo but freakzoid commented on that so Im going

KIA CEED ED New owner says hi

Just picked up my 58 reg Pro ceed 3 1.6 CRDi to say Im pleased with it is an understatement - build quality is excellent - not a mile of my old 51 reg BMW 320d and streets ahead of the 04 Saab 9-3 2.2 TiD Arc that I traded in for it which was a disaster zone of a car. Absolutely love the looks too quite rare and a real head turner in Metallic Red with really smart 17 alloys. Car also has half leather

KIA CEED ED BMW advertisement

I watched this video and yes it is a problem with BMW cars. They do skid doughnut etc as shown in video because they dont have rear wheel drive like 99% of cars on the road today. Try taking one out when there is snow and you will get your neighbours reeling over with laughter because you dont have any grip. Maybe if BMW stuck a second engine on the rear the extra weight might give the car more grip.

Quote Originally Posted by WURZEL Well in 1964 I had a Mini and minis came out in 1959. I drove to Southern Germany (Ulm) in the middle of winter (deep snow)and there were no front wheel drives In Germany then. The autobahns were clogged up with stationary cars lots of VW beetles etc Obviously not the VW Beetles they made from the mid 40s until recently. They were rear wheel drive but they were also

KIA CEED ED AlloyGator alloy wheel protectors

Has anyone used these I saw an advert in this weeks AutoExpress then checked their website. They look an excellent idea. Ive already kerbed one of the Soul alloys so was considering buying these for my new ceed. Dont know whether to choose black or silver. See website here and video here.

Today the AlloyGators saved one of my wheels. I was turning right on two lane roundabout when the person in the left lane beside me went straight across ignoring the lanes cut me up and effectively push me into the roundabout island. If I didnt move my side door and front wing would have been swiped. Anyway my rear alloy hit the curb quite severely and hard enough to give the rear end quite a bump

KIA CEED ED bit of a knocking noise

took my wife to the vets the other day well not just the wife one of our cats too and for the first time heard a strange knocking noise from under the car.i think its coming from the back but my wife thinks its from the frontseems to happen only on slightly uneven surfaces could it be a stabilser bar any ideas would be most welcome. if it is an issue with the stabliser bar and if i do have any issues with the warranty anybody have any ideas about cost cheers everyone.

AyJay I think a tuned Suzuki Gamma is the perfect definition of Squirrelly mate In this case my pro feels kinda wobbly like the rear ends shifting sideways during enthusiastic cornering but not giving away or losing traction at all. Pumping the tyres up to 34PSI all round improved the situation quite a bit but its still iffy. btw all tyres were at 37PSI when I collected the car Ok within the max recommended

Quote Originally Posted by breezo The resevoir is completely unfrozen now but when I activate the washers there is no sound from the engine compartment like there should be. The wipers still go through their 4 wipe cycle but there is no spray from the washers. It might sound like a silly question but i have had a similar fault with my windscreen wipers but when your front wipers are going throught the cycle does the rear one go too as if had been selected too


I operate a ceed 1.6 CRDI Auto and have just looked at the front tyres and I have just under 1mm before reaching the TWI mark and the speedo reading is under 13000 miles there no evedence of misalinement or overunder inflation. The car is driven 90% of the time on open roadsmotorways very rearly over 60mph and 90% on cruise control. Anyone else had this problem.

Quote Originally Posted by Luckydave My front Michelin was worn out after 19300 miles normal use I was a little surprised at this 31000km is normal tyre life on the front same as I would expect based on my observed wear at 25000km (see previous post). Correponding tyre life on the rear would be at least 60000km. Including a spare in the rotation I expect to get 50000km from the set. Most people would

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