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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Dealer P0302 code spark plugs...

My daughters 04 liberty threw a P0302 (misfire in the 2 cylinder) code in early June. I replaced all six spark plugs and the coil pack for the 2 cylinder then cleared the code and the liberty ran great without the check engine light reoccuring... until last week. Same code so I thought it may be an injector (fuel) problem or perhaps something more serious. The Mrs. decided to phone a friend (her brother

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Change Spark Plugs on an 02-07 Jeep Liberty KJ

YouTube - How To CHANGE spark plugS 02-07 jeep liberty 3.7L EDIT Thanks for the props but I found this on YouTube. There are four KJ videos. Just do a search for satchelmcqueenvideo .

Quote Originally Posted by libertyOrDeath this is a single platinum whatever that means I think they were 3.00 each Id asked for the pricier Bosch somethings but they were out. Are these good to go with Those plugs will work great in your jeep I am the tech manager at Autolite. The very best choice and also the longest lasting plugs would be the Autolite XP Iridium fine wire plugs. The single platinums

Quote Originally Posted by waywardtravel If I recall correctly the autolite book I saw recommended the copper over the platinum or iridium for the 3.7 in a 2006 KJ. It had the numbers for all but had an Astrick for recommending the coppers Some other jeeps were recommended platinums The book may have been old. What exactly does the export only on Panama Autolite plug box mean. I know the caps were

Quote Originally Posted by motorking The reason we show copper first is because chrysler is cheap and they install copper from the factory they are the only ones who do this. You are way better off using a single platinum or iridium alloy spark plug in your jeep. The export plugs Those are stuff we sell outside the company that some shady character is importing back to the usa. Keep in mind that if

This is just my 2 cents worth Ive tired about every spark plug out their for my 2006 jeep liberty 3.7L Limted. My mileage really sucked & I have a very heavy foot as well. Had a friend tell me about 2 months ago that the 2006 libertys came out with Autolite 5224 spark plugs installed at the factory. I said no way they came out with Champion spark plugs installed. To make a very long story short I decided

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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 02 liberty 4cyl. 2.4l spark plug location Pics are great

Hey jeep family cyber mechanics I have been diagnosing a few current problems with my liberty. I am throwing an engine code with the help of some other members I have decided to switch out my spark plugs and start solving the issue from their. Correct me if I am wrong but this should correct a cylinder misfire in cylinder 4 correct That being the case I have no idea where my plugs are I assume there

The 2.4 gasser uses one coil pack and 4 spark plug wires.Just follow the plug wires to the spark plugs. Dont forget to change the plug wires also when changing the plugs.If there is any oil in the spark plug tubes(oil will be on the wire boots) you need to chnage the valve cover gasket and tube sealscommon misfire cause in those types of engines.

Quote Originally Posted by lildube4226 I see the four coils and I can pull them off after I pop the coils off where do I go from here There is only one coil on the 2.4 gas engine.From that one coil are 4 spark plug wires.Follow the wires to the valve coverpull the plug wires up out of the valve cover and the tubes is where the spark plugs are.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 02 Liberty Best Spark Plugs

I have a 2002 jeep liberty 3.7 Havent changed the spark plugs in 4-5 years and want to do so now. Which are the best plugs to use I am thinking of Bosch Iridium plugs. Is there a a better alternative Are the stock MOPAR OEM plugs just as good Thanks

I know I didnt just hear someone say bosch and spark plugs in the same sentence on a jeep site. Yeah Jbarthol called it some of us would be on here to say do not use bosch anything that screws into the engine. Even euro trash is going to other brands. NGK coppers are the exact OE plug and most KJs have the part number on the emissions sticker even. Some dont like NGKs and use Champions. The 4.7L(sister

Quote Originally Posted by tjkj2002 Being you have a 02 also might want to recheck what you wrote as far as gap goes. And its 15lbs-ftnot 20. Page 8I-3 of the 2002 Daimler Chrysler liberty Service Manual states 20 ft. lbs. of torque for the 3.7L engine and 15 ft. lbs. for the 2.4L engine. It also states 0.042 in. for the spark plug gap. My local jeep dealers Service Dept. said 0.044 in. is the correct gap for the plugs.

Quote Originally Posted by Garnet02Sport Page 8I-3 of the 2002 Daimler Chrysler liberty Service Manual states 20 ft. lbs. of torque for the 3.7L engine and 15 ft. lbs. for the 2.4L engine. It also states 0.042 in. for the spark plug gap. My local jeep dealers Service Dept. said 0.044 in. is the correct gap for the plugs. And typically there is a note to see the emission sticker for vehicle specific

I have a 2006 liberty Limited. I used Bosch Platinum 4308 for 55K miles without any issue averaging 17 to 20 MPG combined cityhighway. I reside in Missouri and have to use ethanol blended gas which reduces mileage. After reading this forum I went with Autolite XP5224 Iridium&8217s. The jeep runs great. I have pulled my 3500 boat on this first tank of gas so no clue as to the mileage. I just want the


I just picked up my first jeep and have been running some startd maintance on it. I was going to change the spark plugs but notice that there are fuel line running to it. This is new to me is there anything special process that needs to be done when changing them out 03 liberty

Note The 2003 is a KJ liberty. Doing the plugs cold yourself is fairly easy. Most use Autolites but I chose to use the stock NGK as listed on the under the hood sticker the gap is also listed there. Tool wise I used a 12 extension had 6 and 3 also available with swivel compressed air can anti-seize and die-electric grease. I did remove the air inlet hose to the throttle body from air filter as well as hang the coolant expansion tank on firewall up out of the way of passenger side rear spark plug. On the anti-seize I used just a very light sniff of it on a few threads to make it easier for removal next time. I did not over tighten them just until you felt the plug seat. (just a bit less than 14 turn) I would normally check the gap of each plug before install as well. I replace them every 25k miles. Here is a video that kinda funny but it shows the removal process you can just put the die-electric grease on the out side bottom of the coil pack. YouTube - How To CHANGE spark plugS 02-07 jeep liberty 3.7L

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Bosch platinum spark plugs

Hey everyone I just signed up and have a little worry. I recently got a second hand 03 Renegade KJ and replaced the spark plugs... but the guy at auto parts store gave me 6 Bosch Platinum Iridium new plugs. They have been in for about 4500 miles and it runs great. But everyone says to use copper plugs only. Will I run into any problems due to my plugs Thanks everyone

I have to call BS on the miss fires and an issues I have a 2005 liberty 3.7L and I have nearly 70k on the plugs and they are the Platinum plugs (plus 4) and I had NO ISSUES outside of the Dealership telling me those are not made for the engine. My answer back is - Why are you telling me this for so you can have me in for tuneups more often Sorry I change my own plugs and a stick with what works and at 170k on the jeep and runs just fine with no issues. Mark

on the miss fires and an issues I have a 2005 liberty 3.7L and I have nearly 70k on the plugs and they are the Platinum plugs (plus 4) and I had NO ISSUES outside of the Dealership telling me those are not made for the engine. My answer back is - Why are you telling me this for so you can have me in for tuneups more often Sorry I change my own plugs and a stick with what works and at 170k on the jeep

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Spark plug for KJ Liberty Sport 2005 2.4

Hi I would like to change the spark plug for my jeep liberty 2005 Sport 2.4 but I dont know which brand and how many should I buy. Ill appreciate any suggestion. Regards.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Spark Plug replacement challenge.....

Bare in mind that I havent done an engine tune-up since 1996 that was the last time I did a full tune-up on my 1985 Toyota 4X4 pickup that ended life getting rear ended and totaled in October of 1997. I replaced that truck with a 97 F-150 that came with 100000 mile plugs and since I only clocked about 35000 miles on it before trading it in on an 02 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 pickup there was no reason for

Quote Originally Posted by libertyTC On all Aluminum heads anti-seize is required. No its not.With it you can easily over torque the spark plugs as the torque is given for dry threads. Right from the FSMdoes not mention any use of anti-seize for either the 2.4 or the 3.7. Quote INSTALLATION 2.4L CAUTION spark plug tightening on the 2.4L is torque critical. The plugs are equipped with tapered seats.


Im curious as to what brand type of spark plugs fellow liberty owners are installing and at what milage interval they are being changed at. THANKS

The jeep liberty Maintenance Schedule contained within the FSM as well as the Owners Manual clearly state the spark plugs are to be changed at 30K miles. The manual i have says only NGK plugs of a specified number as well. The reason they want you to use NGK is for the copper core. Some confuse that to mean it is also a copper electrode but it is the core of all NGK plugs that is copper. I believe

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Best replacement spark plug

What is the best replacement spark plug for a 2004 jeep liberty v6 3.7 I am long over due for changing them and wanted to use some NGK Iridiums but when I went to autozone they said none fit my liberty. I could have sworn Ive heard people on this forum saying they used them anyone have a part number

Quote Originally Posted by 04liberty4x4 What is the best replacement spark plug for a 2004 jeep liberty v6 3.7 I am long over due for changing them and wanted to use some NGK Iridiums but when I went to autozone they said none fit my liberty. I could have sworn Ive heard people on this forum saying they used them anyone have a part number I used NGK platinum on my 07 and they work great. I have used them before on another vehicle and they lasted forever.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Where are the spark plugs

Hi. I just bought an 02 jeep liberty. I have no idea where to find the spark plugs does anyone know Ive been getting 15 mpg I thought they would do much better than that but so far this sucks So I thought Id start with putting in new plugs. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Yount

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 3.7 spark plug change

I just had my liberty in for its 50000 km service. The dealership recommended changing the plugs. For 200.00 plus tax Obviously I can do this myself for a whole lot less. Is there anything special that I should be aware of when changing plugs on this engine Any infospecs that anyone knows of would be very much appreciated.

I have changed spark plugs about a dozen times in my liberty and I have used anti sieze lube every time. I have been buying my plugs from my jeep dealer for 2.00 each. Never had any trouble.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE New spark plugs but still rough and stalling..

Hi Im totally new to this forum and from the UK so think my jeep is a liberty KJ Here its a jeep Cherokee - 3.7V6 2002 Ltd Edition with an LPG conversion. (in case Im wrong) My Problems is. A few weeks ago it started bucking really badly I would pull over turn the engine off and on again and it would be fine eventually it got to the stage where turning the engine off and on again wouldnt work and would

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Replacement Spark plugs 2005 KJ Liberty

So I want to replace my stock spark plugs to get a good horsepower boost as well as better fuel economy. Im debating whether to get E3s or NGKs Ive heard good things about both. The main thing Im looking for out of spark plugs is a horsepower boost. Any tips on which brand to get Also...Under my hood it says that the gap size of my plugs are 0.040 but NGK only sells 0.044 for my liberty. Can I replace a 0.040 plug with a 0.044 Thanks

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE When to change spark plugs on 07 jeep liberty

When do people recommend changing the spark plugs in a liberty I know the manual says 30000 but I wanted to see when other liberty owners have changed theirs. Thanks

ive pulled plugs out of some of those 100k mile vehicles at 60K and they looked more like ceramic glow plugs at that point spark plugs are a prime example of declining return on investment you put in a new plug and every time it fires heats up cools down it degrades they dont magically peter out at 30k 60k 100k.. or whatever they slowly degrade. So slowly that most drivers never notice it until they

This guy gives a good explanation on how to change them He shows where the hidden spark plugs are I hate how jeep doesnt want you to know about the plug behind the steering wheel

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Stock spark plugs 05 3.7L

Hey guysgals I was snooping around my 2005 liberty looking for cheap power and decided to check the spark plugs. To my surprise I found that it had Bosch Platinum 2 plugs. The liberty only has 41000 miles on it (and Ive only had it a week) and the plugs looked good. Are these factory plugs or have they been changed The previouse owner did some light modding to it such as K&N custom stereo and mud terrains. Thanks.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE pulled a strange looking spark plug

Hi there Ive got a 2002 liberty Limited 3.7L with 225000km on it. Been a great truck not too many problems Im the second owner and Ive had it since 06. Changed my plugs today and one of the ones I pulled looked really strange hard to believe but it ran smooth aside from an occasional slight shudder when idling. Has anyone encountered this before Im quite certain it didnt break off in the cylinder as

and those irdium plugs dont have the correct resistance and you see the result. If youre right and they are in fact the wrong plugs which plugs should I be running And wouldnt all six plugs be the same in that case The last plugs were replaced by mechanic so I had no idea which ones went in. This time I called the auto parts store my machine shop has an account with and asked for plugs for a 02 liberty


I changed the plugs today with 31000 miles on the odometer and the plugs were worn severely. Although easy to change I spent at least an hour cleaning the plugs wells and Id like to use a plug that can last longer like a platinum or iridium plug. Ive been told by the dealer that only the factory copper core plugs should be used and the platinum or iridium plug can cause misfire and coil damage. Is

The cost difference when I ran the numbers was surprising... after 14K I thought Id check the plugs as I was feeling and hearing a slight miss... they were worn rounded had nearly an extra .020 gap due to wear. After using platinum for 20 year s on my other vehicles and getting an easy 90K on them without any visible signs of wear I tried to buy platinum for my V6 liberty (2002) - Bosch at that time

I called NGK and they recommend that the jeep liberty (v-6) stick with the (OEM) plug (V-power). The OEM plug has a coppor center electrode (ALL NGK plugs do) but it also has a copper ground electrode. The plat and the iridium one does not. Note Direct quote They are options and they should work ok but for best performance stick with the v-power (OEM) plug.


I plan to ride out the stock spark plugs until 35 or 40k miles -------- but I still wanted to know what any of you think about Boschs Platinum 4 spark plugs. I know they can improve acceleration engine performance MPG--------- but are they really that much better than stock copper

Hi liberty V6... I dont think the Bosch Platinum 4 plugs are a good choice for jeeps. Platinum just lasts way longer than a conventional plug but robs you off horsepower mielage etc. They typically last 100000 miles but are a lot more money.. In the end its the same as buying copper plugs for a lot cheaper and changing them every 30 or so... The best conductor of electricity is SILVER.. It is not platinum...


Ive got an 05 with the 3.7L and was wondering if Im going to have to remove anything (intake coolant system parts etc.) to get at all the plugs when I change them out. Thanks

spark plug scocket with 2 extension universal in the middle and a 6 extension to the rachet will save you having to diconnect anything to get to the back plug. The NKGs work well in the liberty.


Hello to all. I have been looking at Bosch Platinum IR Fusion plugs for my 2004 jeep liberty. I have talked to multiple people that are very happy with the performance of this plug but I read that the 3.7l should have a copper core plug. I was wondering if any of you guys have used this plug in your 3.7l or would recommend not using this plug. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Jason

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE replaced spark plugs now i got check engine

after i replaced the plugs from stock NGK to bosch platinum 2 i started the engine and check engine started blinking come to find out i forgot to plug in 3 plug in when i fixed that problem i re-started the libby and sounded fine and took it for a test drive and it ran strong BUT the check engine stayed on it wasnt blinking like it did But it just stayed on . so what does this mean can anyone help me out please

Quote Originally Posted by jeep_on The only trick to changing plugs is to use the right ones. If you own a jeep please use Champion plugs. You will have alot less problems with them. The KJ uses Champion 344 RC9YC plugs. They are 1.50 each at any auto parts store and you can get them looked up under either of the part numbers Ive listed. The GAP for these plugs and your KJ is .035 i thought the oem plugs for liberty is NGK maybe im wrong...


My 2003 liberty Sport has just over 30000 miles on it. Its time to change the spark plugs and Im wondering which plugs to buy. Any suggestions

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 05 Liberty Spark plug and coil change

Its about that time to change the plugs again on my liberty. I am planning to swap out my old plugs which are Bosch 2 with the factory NGK Platinum plugs. I was also thinking would it be a good idea to replace the coils this time around Also is there an easier way of replacing the back to plugs on the passenger side besides killing my knuckles on the coolant reservoir My liberty has 197k and it does

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE what are the best spark plugs for the KJ

I was wondering what are the best spark plugs for the KJ. Not cheap ones I am talking what are the best. Currently I have Bosch Iridium Fusion but I heard NGKs are good. Anything that will improve performance and reliability a little bit.

Quote Originally Posted by jeepkj617 Until a spark plug can change the structure of electrons or the directions of the spin on the electrons then all the spark is doing is igniting the gas. Which is mostly octane [CH3(CH2)6CH3] and other organic compounds and simply requires a boost in energy to ignite the reaction. In theory the different plugs of course can have different resistance which could change

the hotter spark the copper plugs give but you are wrong on everything else.Your ignition system is set up with the resistance of copper core plugs built inchange that resistance(platinum plugs) and you throw the PCM in a loop and it tries to compensate which always ends up in either misfiresburnt coilsbad mpgsgenerally running very rough and extremely shortened plug life (seen platinums in jeeps

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 5 spark plug misfire

3.7L V6 on 04 liberty. Changed out spark plugs and swapped around coil towers. Still claims on 5. Light comes on and goes off intermittenly. Been reading and could it be the O2 sensor Any help is greatly appreciated.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Spark plug with broken hex head

Good evening I am changing out the spark plugs in my KJ and found that one of them apparently has a missing hex. Previous owner or used car company probably did this cant imagine it coming from factory this way. Anyone have any advice on how to get it out of there The spark plug is whole otherwise. Kind of short on money and would rather not take it to a auto-repair place if I can help it. jeep runs

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  • JEEP Liberty 3.7 4x4 210BHP 01-07 BOSCH Yttrium Super Plus Spark Plug +32 - United Kingdom (2.05 GBP)
  • Bosch Super 4 Spark Plug JEEP Liberty 3.7 00-07 - United Kingdom (5.02 GBP)
  • JEEP CHEROKEE 3.7 i V-6 24V (LIBERTY) Denso OEM Spark Plug/s, 09/01- - United Kingdom (3.58 GBP)

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