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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Transfer case linkage broken NV231

Hi all 2005 jeep liberty 4wd 4dr NV231 (I believe). Slight lift kit (skyjacker) installed. can anyone give me a name of the piece or even point me in the direction to finding it The linkage looks like there was a ball joint there to the shifter bracket on the transfer case is broken. The cable from the 4wd shifter terminates in a hoop and the shifting bracket on the transfer case looks like a balljoint

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Linkage question about Part Time lights and operation.

I posted this on the TJ thread before I realized where I was. Hope someone here can help me. Can you say I bought a 2002 liberty two days ago and that night I noticed the Part Time light is on when the selector is in 2WD. Then when I shift up into Part Time the Full time light comes on and when I put it into 4WD Full Time the lights go off. When I put it in the Neutral position the 4LO light comes

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2004 KJ Liberty Shifting Problems

After a long drive this weekend I noticed that my automatic transmission was not shifting correctly. (I have a 2004 KJ liberty V6 3.7L 4x4 - 90K) It is like it gets stuck in park and will only move into drive after a few tries and it really sticks. It is sometimes hard to shift back into park too. I havent noticed any odd noises or anything and the transmission fluid levels are fine. Any ideas on what

Quote Originally Posted by sandalgal After a long drive this weekend I noticed that my automatic transmission was not shifting correctly. (I have a 2004 KJ liberty V6 3.7L 4x4 - 90K) It is like it gets stuck in park and will only move into drive after a few tries and it really sticks. It is sometimes hard to shift back into park too. I havent noticed any odd noises or anything and the transmission

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 03 Liberty wont shift out of 4x4

She live about 500 miles away so trying to figure out from afar. She says the lever goes into 4 wheel drive and all works fine but wont shift out. She had a friend get under the vehicle and tap on something while she shifted it out. I take all that to mean a linkage issue. Probably rusty She hasnt used 4 wheel drive for over a year so I am guessing just needs some lube. Anyboby have this issue or know if there is much linkage under there or an internal issue Thanks

You may have to get it inside and have some one tap the transfer case while you try and move the shifter have you lubed the linkages lately Be careful the cables have plastic ends and can break when was the last time you had the transfer case fluid changed Is it a select-trac or a command-trac

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Noisevibration in shift console

Hi My 2003 jeep decided to make a new sound today. Its appears to be coming from under the shift or maybe inside the shift itself. I noticed it at first because of the vibration but as I came to a stop there was a definate ticking or knocking sound that slowed as my car slowed...increased as I accelarated. At Idle or in neutral-revving the engine nothing happens. Its coming from under the console.

I have had this same problem with my wifes liberty for the last year. We are possibly trading it in and Im trying to decide if I should try to fix it myself pay someone to fix it or take the hit on the trade-in value and let someone else fix it. It rattles at slower speeds (even just idling along) but becomes more of a vibration and higher speeds. Once you come to a complete stop the noise is gone.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE T-Case Shifter Needs Adjustment (pops out of 4lo)

Please can someone describe how to go about adjusting the t-case shifter linkage Or direct me to a thread where it has been discussed before.

1 badxj has a selectrac NP242 with 5 speed manual. Inspect the bushingscable slack Here is one link I found (try searches) NP242 jeep liberty adjustments & bushings. LOST jeepS &bull View topic - Transfer case linkage coming loose


When the weather turned bad I shifted from 2H to 4WD. Now I can only shift between full-time and part-time. Is there some trick to shifting back to 2H Or do I need service

here you go Quote Originally Posted by madrabbitt When a selec-trac is stuck in a specific gear (usually full time hi) get a flat stretch of road (dirt or a loose surface like gravel is better) drive forward with the wheels perfectly straight at like 5-10 mph and pull the handle smoothly back with a little bit of leftward pressure so you dont pull it back to neutral. when its fully against the stop

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2005 kj transfer case wont shift

Hi there Im new to this forum but was hoping to get some input for a problem i am having. I have a 2005 jeep liberty sport I bought it 1 year ago used with around 30k on it. I tried to make a habit of engaging 4wd every month or so to keep things moving but with the arrival of our new daughter 3 months ago i forgot. Yesterday i tried to engage 4wd and the transfer case will not shift the shift lever

I unhooked the linkage and the shift lever and cable move freely so the problem is in the transfer case. Any ideas

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Hard to shift into park from drive

Today my liberty started being harder to shift from drive to park. Its the same no matter what gear the jeep is in. It shifts from park to drive just fine. Any ideas on what the problem is Any help is appreciated.

Only other thing I can think of is to check your linkageand shifter for wearor just needs lubrication.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Jeep liberty 4x4 conversion

I had recently gotten a liberty sport from my mom. I used to have a jeep cherokee 4x4 with a fair amount of offroad mods lifts and such. Till Sumone T-boned me and the insurance company totaled it. Unfortunately no 4x4 ( but I hear the libertys are easy to fit with 4x4 and im not afraid to take on such a task. Here comes the hard part I have a 2.4l power tech motor instead of the V6 3.7 I believe with

Quote Originally Posted by toy2g Regarding the KJ 4x4 conversion. I linger on here from time to time because I am on again off again jeep owner. A couple years ago I gave my wifes liberty to my father-in-law and last week he passed away and the KJ is back. In the last several years I have had an 06 unlimited 04 Rubicon 79 CJ5 04 KJ sport 4x4 and the 03 KJ Sport 2wd. I am going to make this thing 4x4

Quote Originally Posted by tjkj2002 Well 1st there is no speedo cablethere also is no shift motor as its mechanical linkageif you have the 45RFE trans(can if a 03 or you may have the 42RLE) you need a different trans output shaftno spindle nutsand no need for the instrument cluster also as all KJ clusters have the 4wd lights.You need the sensor for the t-case and install a new wiring harness(from a

JEEP WRANGLER 4wd shifter problem

I have an 87 yj 4.2 inline 6 5spd. Im having trouble with my 4wd. Well not trouble but this question needs clarification. During normal driving my 4wd shift lever shakes. It shakes like a regular shifter in neutral. Even easier than that. It wobbles with every bump that I hit. Ive also noticed that Its a REAL pain to pull into 4hi or 4lo. When I finally get it engaged everything works like its supposed

HI As said above the shift linkage mounting bolts and the linkage adjustment bolt may need attention. Also check the transfer case shift lever the one that the linkage rod attaches to. Make sure the nut is tight. In my experience with my YJ the shift linkaage is never smooth or precise. It is stiff and cranky. Compared to my liberty the YJs linkage feels crude. But once in gear it stays there. I think it is the nature of the beast. And the 4WD indicator is accurate. Sparky

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2002 Jeep Liberty Multiple Questions

Just got my hands on it on saturday. have been driving it for a few days and now i have questions. There are multiple topics so here goes -Factory Alarm i have a sticker on the driver window that says automatic theft protection (ATP) this is the factory system correct occasionally when i put the key in the door to unlock it the alarm goes off...if i lock the door then unlock again with the key the

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2004 jeep liberty 2wd to 4wd disconnect problem

Hello everyone I am new here and wondering if anyone here has 4wd to 2wd disconnect problem like my jeep. year 2004 jeep liberty limited (trail rated ) engine 3.7 l with automatic transmission transfer case selectable between 2wd - part time 4wd and full time 4wd. mileage 140000 km problem when shifting from 2wd to 4wd full time it works fine. to move back from 4wd to 2wd it does not want to disengage

Quote Originally Posted by mannig yes I did that.. out in reverse and backed up work a few times. today I was driving in 4wd mode (couldnt get to 2 wd drive since yesterday) I felt a shift change as I was taking off from a traffic light . I can tell that the 4wd switch off and it is now off. so I am thinking transfer case shifting mechanism thoughts thanks Well I guess start at the simplest possible

Quote Originally Posted by mannig thanks .. I will check the linkage. I might try diff. modifier You have normal linkage to the caseits internally inside the case where the funky shifter is.No need for friction modifier either as there is no clutches inside the 242.

Quote Originally Posted by tjkj2002 You have normal linkage to the caseits internally inside the case where the funky shifter is.No need for friction modifier either as there is no clutches inside the 242. thanks for the info. yeah friction modifier was the last hope but probably not going to fix it . I saw a cable like an emergency cable connecting to shifter from under the car . there is no adjustment.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Working out the bugs nees some advice

Hey guys I bought an 03 KJ 4wd Limited with 185k miles. The plastic end on the radiator cracked a couple days ago. That one was more then likely my fault. I didnt have it but a couple days and I never checked to see how the coolantwater mixture was. The temperature dropped to the mid 20s and the next day I noticed a small puddle after driving and saw the crack on the plastic end cap behind the flap.

Ok so it is indeed the rear upper arm. The balljoint and bushings are bad. Is the replacement from JBA as good as the mopar unit Also I came across another problem. Well at least I think its a problem. I decided to take the jeep into the field and engage the 4wd system. I have no clue which case I have but it has 2wd 4 full time 4 part time neutral and low. The t-case position sensor seems to be ok.

As for the upper arm Ill be replacing mine also and going with the Mopar. Cant comment on the JBA but my original lasted this long so Ill stick with it. The TCase shifter issue is likely worn linkage end. I dont believe they can be adjusted at all. At the TCase check the point where the cable attaches to the case lever. The bushing went on mine but you can get a replacement. Your symptoms sound alot


Hello fellow jeepers This is my first post on your board. GREAT SITE Came across it in a web search for jeep infohelp. I have a question. I have a 2003 jeep liberty Sport with the 3.7L 4x4. It doesnt see any trail off-roading but it does see seasonal (wintersnow) all wheel drive use. Over the holidays last month I engaged the 4wd HI at about 15 mph while going up a hill as I have several times the

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Ignition Key problemstranny in park

2007 jeep liberty Limited 3.7L 4x4. I cannot turn the ignition key to LOCK unless I smack the shift lever hard with the heel of my hand (forward) after putting it in park. My jeep Technician says that the cable linkage is adjusted to specification. Anyone have a suggestion that might solve the problem or send him in the right direction Thanks..............eddielee


Ok so bad weather today in the east coast. Put my 03 Libby into 4wd high and all is good. Had a place where i need 4wd low so i shifted it in and no problem. Now when i go back to normal 2wd my PART TIME light comes on. When i shift it into 4wd high the light goes off even though i am in 4wd. what happened why is my light coming on when im in normal 2wd but goes off in 4wd

Quote Originally Posted by chaser Isnt that goofy I looked on the forum for exactly that problem and there it is. Happened to mine last week going down a mud road west of Del Rio. So its good to see that its only a sensor. I was worried it was not coming out of 4X4 when I shifted back to 2 wheel high. Question does the drive shaft between the transfer case and the front differential turn all the time

spin anytime the vehicle is moving as there is no way to disconnect it from the road wheels. What is did was simple I had my wife drive slowly while I watched the both 4-high and 2-high. Because I feared the light problem was telling me I was not disengaging. I swear Ive had a 4X4 that disengaged the front drive shaft when not in 4X4. Ive had different setups on a GMC Yukon jeep

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Could it be the clutch

I drive an 05 liberty with a 6 speed manual transmission. Last night on my way home I turned down my road threw it in 3rd and.....nothing. Its almost as though it didnt catch so I tried again. Same thing. Theres no grinding. The engine just revs when I hit the gas. Could it be the clutch Maybe something in the rear end Any help would be very much appreciated.

Im no expert on libertys I just bought an 05 myself. But I can tell you this much might help. 1 If your shifter feels different like sloppy or light like its not really doing anything your connection between your shifter and trans has broken called the shifter linkage generally. 2 When running can you put the shifter into gear without pressing the clutch If its going into the gear location does it

First off thank you for responding and welcome to the forum Im new to the forum myself and I really hope you enjoy it Im glad you mentioned something about the shifter linkage. Thats more than likely it and havent thought about it before but it makes sense. It is RWD and I can shift without using the clutch but only when the rpm is right. I never made a habit of it though because something about it

shifting with no clutch I wouldnt do. To clarify I meant after it broke could you do it. Process of elimination. Loss of power wouldnt have anything to do with the linkage breaking unless it was sloppy enough at first to go into a higher gear than intended then finally broke completely ending up in neutral. Had it broke when in gear and no matter what you always had that gear it would have isolated

With the car off and someplace silent shift between gears. You should be able to hear it actually shifting. Or have someone look underneat while you are shifting and see if the linkage is moving. Takes 1 second. I highly doubt its the rear end youd hear the driveshaft turning and a buttload of grinding if something was wrong back there.

JEEP WRANGLER I YJ Liberty 3.8 in a YJ

HI All A friend at work asked me if I had ever heard of anyone who had put a 3.8L liberty engine in a YJ. I never have. But it seems like it could be a good idea. Have any of you ever heard of it If yes how did it work out If not why not Sparky

HI Ive been thinking (always dangerous) a little about this conversion. If Im not mistaken the liberty uses a NV3550 transmission and a 231 transfer case. Well the 3550 YJ version is exactly the same length as the stock AX 15 used in the YJ. I know this because I currently replacing my AX 15 with an NV 3550. And the YJ uses the NP231 transfer case same as the liberty. So in the best of all worlds the

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE [Help] Transmission problem

i posted this over at and thought it would be a good idea to post it up here as well Hi guys so i just finished dealing with the Valve cover gasket replacement and i need help with yet another issue. I have an 03 jeep liberty with the 42rle transmission and when i come to a stop sign and try to accelerate the jeep does not move but you can hear it accelerate. i need to put the jeep in neutral

In my limited understanding Im leaning towards the linkage. Ive come across a few similar threads and it seems there is a common issue with the liberty shift linkage needing adjustments. Just my 2 cents.

thanks man. it should be an easy adjustment rite do i need to crawl up under the jeep and adjust some linkage there or should it be on the inside by the shifter if you can direct me towards any post that had a diy would be great. thanks

alright so its cold and im putting off getting under the jeep until its nice. question what exactly am i looking for i found a few posts on the wrangler side and its the linkage going from the shifter to the transmission and its connected by some cheap plastic nipple that is prone to breaking. is that it


my wifes xj is in the shop. some one ran into the side of it. anyway... for a rental while the xj is in the shop we have an 06 liberty. my problem is when i pull the t case lever back into 4 hi nothing happens just drives normally not even a dummy light. 4 lo doesnt light anything up or lower my drive gearing but does make some odd clicking sounds when i try to put it into nuetral it doesnt go into

Quote Originally Posted by BIG REED my wifes xj is in the shop. some one ran into the side of it. anyway... for a rental while the xj is in the shop we have an 06 liberty. my problem is when i pull the t case lever back into 4 hi nothing happens just drives normally not even a dummy light. 4 lo doesnt light anything up or lower my drive gearing but does make some odd clicking sounds when i try to put

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE need help please

what could be wrong with my 4x4 shifter in my 06 liberty i went out today snow on the road went to put it in 4x4 and my shifter just moves freely like it aint conected to anything. dont know if the linkage came undone or a cable broke or what. anyone have any ideas

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Cant get jeep to engage into gear

So my 2002 jeep has the secondary shifter to engage into four wheel drive. It hasnt been working properly so Ive just chosen to drive without it since the winter hasnt been bad. However it engaged the other evening but when I got up the following morning I started the jeep and went to shift into drive but went nowhere. The dash no longer displays if Im in park reverse etc. Trying to engage the 4 wheel

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 07 - 3.7L - 4x4 Sport - Transfer Case light reversedclickin

I had my girlfriend cleaning the center console car off and in park and she pulled the Transfercase shifter from 2hi to 4hi to clean up underneath and around it.... I didnt realize it backing out of space and turning I felt it and heard the normal winding sound and realized I was in 4hi but no light was on..... I shifted back to 2hi and the part time light came on I drove to a bigger parking lot right

You might want to try adjusting your linkage. The full time shift position on my wife 99 XJ would cause the transfer case to shift into the part time position. After adjusting the linkage it would pick up the the proper range. My 93 XJ which has an NP231 used to pop out of high and low range when Id be trying to climb up over things. Adjusting the linkage corrected this too. If youre running into a

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Squealing noise on front end

I just picked up my liberty Sport last week and the third day it started a squealing or high-pitched whistle at 20-30 kmh - very annoying. At first it sounds like brake pads but that was not the case. I found that the speedometer cable was scraping against the front-wheel drive shaft. A plastic clip that was supposed to hold it away from the drive shaft had either come loose or was never attached in

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 05 Liberty Popping out of first gear

Hey all I have an 05 with 3.7 6sp manual 120000 Miles. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had a problem with it popping out of first gear when taking off slow (ie pulling out of a parking spot or going through a drive through.) Ive noticed its starting to happen a little more and more. Kinda scares ya a little when youre not expecting it. First time it happend was when I was in a drive through

Quote Originally Posted by dmblair Hey all I have an 05 with 3.7 6sp manual 120000 Miles. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had a problem with it popping out of first gear when taking off slow (ie pulling out of a parking spot or going through a drive through.) Ive noticed its starting to happen a little more and more. Kinda scares ya a little when youre not expecting it. First time it happend

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Has anyone replaced a clutch on their liberty themselves

Hi all The Clutch in my 05 liberty Renegade as starting to catch really high so it is almost time to replace it. My question is has anyone done this work themselves at home without a lift Mind you the renegade has full skids aswell. Ive replaced plenty of clutches in my driveway myself before but never on a 4x4 with a transfercase and the skidplates. Or would it be worth it to bring it to a shop and

I dont beleive the skid plates are bearing any weight from the trannyt-case. I do think the crossmember is. Never done it myself... Im pretty sure you can unbolt the skids then support the t-case with a jack (jackstand) and unbolt it from the crossmember. Then unbolt it from the tranny and pull it off etc etc Dont forget to disconnect the t-case shifter linkages and wiring harness(es).


Hi All. I got into the jeep today and the 4 wheel drive lever was moving very easy. No resistance when moving to lever from 2WD to 4 WD to Neutral. The 4 wheel drive lights are not coming on and its no engaging. Any ideas

First post - welcome to JF Have not had this problem on the KJ but have had the exact problem on the TJ. The rod had came off the transfer case shifter linkage - with a little help from a vice grip I was able to reseat the rod into the linkage and all was good. Would be worth a check.

Thanks. Ya I got underneath the jeep today and looked at the shift linkage to the transfer case lever. They werent connected. Looked at some other forums and they stated it was a small plastic piece that holds them together and it breaks. Its about a 0.75cent piece. Now just need to find a dealer that has one in stock.


Alright...I have been reading so many threads lately about 4x4 issues. Either they are getting stuck in 4 wheel drive or unable to go in to 4 wheel drive. But either way I wanted to offer some advice. As a person who has lived in a household with a dozen jeeps I feel like I can speak on our behalf as to how and when to use the 4x4 system in the jeep. First and foremost regardless of whether you have

Yes I agree with everything said. I have had 4wd vehicles all my life also. With the selec-trac you can shift it and it will seamlessly go into full time on the fly. Going in a straight line take your foot off the gas and then shift it and it will seamlessly go in. Of course you shouldnt be going very fast anyway if you need 4wd. I do use mine all the time so maybe my linkage and t-case are broken


whew hew just picked up a 2006 dark kakhi sport for my wife. it has 3.7l and the six speed manual trans. and 14 miles on it. we love it so far. couple of questions. 1)while climbing under it the tag on the transfer case says nv 241. i was under the impression that the only command track avalaible was the nv 231 but on the jeep build site they offer two command tracks a normal and an hd my sales person

the NV241 is the HD version of the 231 that is used in some dodge vehicles utilizing the same 2.72 low reduction it is not to be mistaken for the 241J (the rubicon rock-track 41 case) The NV231 and 241 are part time transfer cases with a low-range gear system. They have three operating ranges plus a Neutral position. The low range (4L) position provides a gear reduction ratio of 2.721 for increased


Just what the title says. Ever since I bought the CRD in Sept. its always had a difficult time shifting into AWD mode. Last few days have been rain slick so I used the 4Full for a couple days. Seems now when I shift back to 2wd it gets stuck in 4hi. 4AWD works better than ever but now gets stuck in 4hi when going back to 2wd. Even grabed a wrench and forced the linkage as far back as possible and still


Hi Folks I have a manual transmission and cannot get it to switch from 4wd PT to 4wd FT I have tried the 2 releases of the accellator and that doesnt do it. Is the manual switch different to automatic

I think that I understand the problem and as others have said if its manual (5-speed or 6 speed) you have 2wd (normal) and 4 hi and 4 lo. The 4 hi is shift on the fly but the 4 lo is meant for crawling and will not shift in unless you are stopped. But my mom had a problem with her cherokee shifting into even 4hi and it turned out that the linkages needed greasing.... I dont know if that was the case but thats what she told me the dealer told her the problem was. Hope this helps. -Mark

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Selec-trac wont move

My neighbors 89 Cherokees transfer case is stuck in 2WD. The shift handle wont move more then 12 (the play in the linkage I assume) I know this is a KJ forum but a transfer case is a transfer case. My thoughts are that the linkage is rusted but I havent actually given it a check yet. Anyone have a similar problem Thanks


Hello all Im new here obviously wish I had known about this forum sooner. My wife has an 02 liberty Limited very nice she loves it. It has never given us any problem whatsoever but with this last snow storm it has me a little worried about the 4WD. I put in 116 hours in my plow truck last week and havent had the time to look at it or even what to look at with it. I do all my own maintenance and repairs

My KJ also has Selec-Trac (full-time and part-time) and Ive never had a problem with it not shifting into four-wheel. Do you know when the fluid in the TC was last changed Ive heard if its low it could cause issues with it engaging Plus if you havent changed fluids lately do so as I change mine every 30k. Also check that the shifter is tight and that no bolts are missing on the linkage.


Okay... I hope someone can help me. Ive got an 06 automatic tranny with 85k miles and a 231 transfer case. We got some snow around here today... first time this year. It was starting to get pretty slick so I put it in 4HI. I really dont use the 4WD much at all... just a few snowy days per year. No prob... goes in really smooth. Then I noticed that it wouldnt go back into 2WD. I tried everything...

Crawl up under there and grab the shift linkage on the t-case and try to shift it yourself.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2002 command to select trac swap

Does anyone have any experiance with this Is it just a matter of swaping tcase and linkageshifter Or does the computerwiring need to be changed It is a 2002 3.7 ltd Auto and I want to put select trac in it. Thanks

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