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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE cam shaft position sensor

Hi Guys.. I was hoping you could give some advice here. Three weeks ago started getting the check engine light. Turned out to be the cam position sensor. I barely understand what a cam does.. take it to the shop they replace the sensor minus 100 deductible. My questions is the car now has a slight engine burble.. for lack of a better word. It used to run very smooth you couldnt even tell the car was

I dont have much info on a cam sensor but cant hurt to just go to the dealer and show them exactly what is happening and tell them exactly what you said in your post. Whats the worst that could happen

If you are running the defrost or AC it could be the compresssor kicking on. Turn all the cabin controls off and see if it still does the same thing. My XJ does that when the AC compressor starts.

How many miles are on it When did you have the last service done Could be worn spark plugs.

Thx. Ill check what you mentioned regarding cabing climate controls.. although its winter So i only turn on the heat. The last major service was done at 35k I belive. Im now at 42 I havent taken it to the dealer yet I wasnt sure if there was a charge jsut to diagnose. With that damn dealer.. Im sure there is

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Cam Crank & Throttle Position Sensors . . car dead

Help . . I have been driving my 03 liberty 4x4 for quite a while with this code P0442 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (small leak). I did replace the gas cap but that didnt change anything. My car has been running perfectly. Today it just died. I was able to restart it but it died immediately. Had it towed to a local place and they told me it is still throwing the P0442 code plus

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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Changing the Throttle Position Sensor 2004 Liberty

Hello My daughters 2004 liberty 3.7 2WD It will run fine for a week then CEL comes on and then jeep starts missing and stumbling. Then the CEL will go off and all is fine until next time. Had her take it to Autozone to check code while the CEL is on it is throwing the code for the TPS. Had her pick up a new TPS I was going to change it but needed to know if it is just a simple swap. Or are there any settings that need to be completed Thanks for any advice.

To remove The Throttle position sensor (TPS) is mounted to the throttle body. (1) Disconnect TPS electrical connector. (2) Remove 2 TPS mounting screws. (3) Remove TPS. To Replace The throttle shaft end of the throttle body slides into a socket in the TPS. The TPS must be installed so that it can be rotated a few degrees. (If sensor will not rotate install sensor with throttle shaft on other side of

Thanks Bob The TPS must be installed so that it can be rotated a few degrees. Do I check this by placing the TPS onto the housing without the screws and twist to assure there is movement (If sensor will not rotate install sensor with throttle shaft on other side of socket tangs). This means to turn the TPS around

It sounds like you have the right ideas in both cases. I havent done one of these but it looks like the shaft is offset. It does sound like you either get things lined up right or 180 out.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Few Problems Im Trying to Diagnose...

Any insight would be helpful.. I just purchased a 2003 jeep liberty Sport 3.7L to get me through the winters here in Omaha NE. For the first week she ran fine I had my mechanic check it out before buying and he claimed the only thing he saw wrong was very small leak in the power steering hose and the rear transmission pan that he claimed did not need immediate attention. After about a week the quirks

1. could the throttle delaystalling be a throttle position sensor problem When mine went out on my tj it stalled at lights had a delayed acceleration and it did this for a while before the service engine light came on. 2. As for the sound he is hearing when putting the jeep in gear couldnt that just be the pattented Chrysler groan that all of the minivanslibertys make when putting them in gear. I have

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Please helpJeep Liberty will not start.

jeep drove fine all day. It will not start back up. sensory Key light on the dash is on again. I have had this jeep five years never had a problem. I have had my ignition change out and new key programmed. I have had new PCM put in. It drives for about three days before the problem happens. The truck just turns over. Probaly tomorrow It will start up. I was wondering does anyone know what else will

it will not give me any codes...truck started and drove up into the driveway...i start it every starts right up...but if i drive it it may not start.... I think its the Crank shaft position idles rough....whats ur idea on that

Quote Originally Posted by lildeebone it will not give me any codes...truck started and drove up into the driveway...i start it every starts right up...but if i drive it it may not start.... I think its the Crank shaft position idles rough....whats ur idea on that Could be crank sensor or camshaft you have a clean fuel filter Saw on another site ( a similar problem that was fixed by replacing the Throttle position sensor (TPS)...may be worth a try.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 02 Jeep liberty misfire

I know that this topic has been brought up before But I am wandering if there is a real answer. My liberty misfires 6 cyl and CEL blinks car runs real rough If I turn jeep off and then back on it runs fine.Problem happens sometimes 2 times per day and then not again for a week or so. I have changed the plugs and 6 coil 02 liberty 3.7L 89000 miles. I am afraid my wife will drive it and not restart it and fry the convertor or the motor.

My wife was getting a Cyl 3 misfire code. I changed all of the plugs with NGK G Power Platnium and replaced the 3 coil. They were all heavily carboned so I also went with new NTK O2 sensors which were also caked up with carbon. I seafoamed the engine before the plugs and cleaned the throttle body. Gas mileage is abysmal (15-17mpg) still. Now I get a random misfire code. Since it was the original battery


Hi Guys Im in Scotland and new to the forum. Ive got a 2006 2.8 crd with 42000 miles on the clock. Have had the abs basesp and slippery car sign on for several weeks now. Not all the time but most of it. After a 20 mile or so run and after being parked for about an hour the lights will sometimes go out and stay out when you re-start sometimes they come back on again. Theres no real pattern. Ive done

it apart once hooked in. I checked the tyre pressures and they are all the same and correct pressure. The tyres are the same size albeit the 2 fronts were Goodridge and the two rear were Goodyear. I swapped the tyres diagonally and got code C1027 (erratic performance) this time instead of C102A (comparative performance). Although after another reset and short drive Im back to C102A again. The jeeps

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE liberty keeps stalling when driving

last friday while the wife was driving about 25mph she said the car sounded funny she noticed the RPMs jump all over the place and the engine cut out. had it towed to a local repair shop who diagnosed the problem to be the IAC valvemotor. 291 later it was running again. fast forward to today same thing happens when she was driving. this time after letting it sit 5 minutes she was able to restart it

My crank sensor went out and it was doing the same thing. Oh the cam shaft position sensor went out a few days later while driving with the crank sensor out and got worse. Fixed both and was good as new

Quote Originally Posted by Budke My crank sensor went out and it was doing the same thing. Oh the cam shaft position sensor went out a few days later while driving with the crank sensor out and got worse. Fixed both and was good as new Coincidence

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE jeep very hard to start.. violent idle

hello.. so my 2002 jeep liberty has been running strong for 120k miles until earlier this week. it will turn over just fine but it does not start. battery is good and so is the alternator. i can eventually get it started by pumping the gas pedal.. not sure why.. but once its running it idles violently and only when i hold it at 1k rpms. the engine light kicks on during this process and a very pungent

thanks for the reply rich. i did a diagonistic test on the fuel injection system. basically took each wire harness that connects the the injectors and plugged an iode (light) to see if there was current being passed from the PCM. before this i actually replaced the fuel injector as i thought that would be the problem. each fuel injector had current from the PCM as indicated from the blinking light. i dont know how reliable the codes that are being thrown right now are as I have had several different codes that seem to come and go. i had a code for the crank shaft position sensor ( replaced the sensor ) which didnt lead to a fix. the only code that has been consistent through this process after several resets is the p0201. i have already checked the asd relay switched it with another that i knew was working. i have replaced the fuel injector. i pulled the injector out of the engine and tested it to see if it was actually spraying and it worked. i dont know how to test the pcm to see if that is working.. any suggestions one thing i noticed today when changing all the spark plugs is that all of them were completely black except for cylinder 2. the spark plug in cylinder 2 was coated in fuel and was clean.. no black carbon build up at all. i had tested all the coils and each had shown a spark with the plug in so this was baffling to me. also today i got a new code from which i find hard to believe but i will have to look into it. p1297 No Change in MAP From Start to Run. could these symptoms be bad gasoline we just filled up the jeep the day before this happened. any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2003 KJ Transmission issue

Hi new member and poster. My topic is related to my wifes KJ (3.7L auto 112k miles). Im hoping for some guidance from you all. I had a local mechanic replace the trans fluid but since it had been over 40k miles since last change he suggested to drop the pan and replace the filter instead of the full flush (not to shock the tranny with all new fluid). Driving it home was no problem no slippage everything

Quote Originally Posted by Rubes Thanks Rich...Ill give it a try. Ive been running it lighter than normal. No punching...havent gotten it higher than 55MPH (I have a 45 mile round trip daily lots of stop and go some stretches of 55mph) Heres the analysisdiagnosis from the dealer - CVIs WHEN BROUGHT IN LR 46 OD 126 UD 75 24 58 - AFTER QUICKLEARN LR 48 OD 135 UD 48 24 49 - AFTER TEST DRIVE LR 48 OD

JEEP CHEROKEE Replaced Liberty

Just replaced my 2002 liberty with a 1996 Cherokee and its nice to drive a proper jeep again. The liberty just wasnt the same and bugged me from day one. What can be considered a reasonable lifespan for the Cherokee Mine has 184 000km on it and seems to be in good shape. There is a bit of vibration around 120kmh which is not from the tyres Thanks

Welcome to the XJ side I think you could reasonably expect to (almost) double the current reading on your odometer. Is yours an automaticmanual transmission Do you have four-wheel drive Keep an eye out for rust on the bottom though especially above the exhaust piping & beneath the rear seatsbench . . . moisture pools nicely right where the rear bench is bolted to the floor. If it ever begins to run


What are the disadvantages and advantages of the 2 transfercases and i have the 231 now but have a friend that has a 242 in his xj that he wrecked and told me i can take the tcase if i want before he starts parting it out. so would i be able to pull the 231 and put the 242 in without any major mods

The Novak Guide to the New Process New Venture Gear 242 Transfer Case The jeep NP242 transfer case was introduced in the 1987 model year as a replacement for the NP228. The 242 premiered in the XJ Cherokee Wagoneer and MJ Commache as the SelecTrac option. It was used in the 1991-1998 ZJ Grand Cherokee. The 242 persisted throughout the full run of XJ Cherokees and continued on in the 2002 KJ liberty.

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ tranny swap

Ive done some searching and reading on here and the basic consensus seems to be that any automanual swap in a jeep is a major PITA and is not worth the effort. I understand most jeep 5spds are pretty weak and the cherokee auto is bombproof. However 5spd cherokees are fairly rare which makes them cool but also makes them hard to find. 6cyl auto cherokees on the other hand are very easy to find. Are

I was told for my swap (updating an 88 Comanche to 95 computer) to get the whole wiring harnes and that it had to be from a manual. The manual doesnt use a computer for the transmission like the autos. Plus you would need the EMC for a manual. Yeah it starts to add up. I would say 150-300 for the wiring harness(es) and 75-100 for the EMC. YOu might do better on E-Bay. I source mine from Daveys jeeps


ok so when ive been driving my car just dies while im idling (which happens to be in the middle of busy streets). got it pushed off to the side try to start it nothing...after a few minutes it starts up...when a couple place came out and my car wont start same thing after a few min it starts to work (thought it was over heating so i replaced the thermostat. next day driving down the highways car starts

Mine had almost the same symptoms. Turned out to be the Crank shaft position sensor. The wifes liberty Same symptoms same fix.

KIA SORENTO II XM Vehicle Complaint to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

I just reported my rought idle issue to NHTSA site. This is where you can complaint about your vehicle issues so that they can gather the complaint from auto owners to investigate any safety concernsissues. NHTSA Complaint Site

deployment of the drivers frontal airbag that airbag will not deploy increasing the drivers risk of injury. Remedy General Motors will notify owners and dealers will replace the steering wheel airbag coil free of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule. Owners may contact General Motors at 1-800-521-7300. Chrysler is recalling certain model year 2002 and 2003 jeep

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