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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Seat belt malfunction on new KK Serious safety issue

Theres something about pulling on seat belts to test their stopping speed that I like. Tonight I tried pulling at the driver seat belt on my new jeep liberty. I pulled then a little faster then a bit faster then nearly as fast as I could and it still didnt lock. I finally pulled with all my speed and the belt locked. But something is off. Theres no way a seat belt should lock at a minimum of that kind

Hi No defect the air bag module will set off a tensioner should you ever have a impact and need the belt looked up that fast. Regards Merlin

Quote Originally Posted by jebus_jeep The new seat belts pre-tension and lock is based on deceleration and not from how fast you pull on it. It is entirely based on the rate of negative acceleration so the only real way for you to test this is to drive your truck into a wall This is not a seat belt malfunction as they are the most thoroughly tested components on your entire vehicle. They work Are you saying my jeep has electronic seat belt tensioners that will activate under hard braking

Quote Originally Posted by libertyHopeful Are you saying my jeep has electronic seat belt tensioners that will activate under hard braking Explosive actually. I worked for chrysler in a transportation subsidy and our seat belt tensioners always had to be shipped under haz-mat regulations in the explosive category. If the airbag sensor were to be tripped an explosive charge would be set off in the tensioner

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Jeep liberty kj 3.7l v6 cam belt tentsioner and belt replacement.

Hope somebody can help. I am looking for the part numbers for a replacement cam or timing belt tentsioner and the belt itself. Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by streetglideok Only one issue the v6 doesnt have a timing belt. He would have figured it out. Also it has two tensioners and they are unique to each side. If you have an earlier liberty you might consider pulling the passenger head and having the intake seats replaced. 2 is known to drop. You will be so far into the engine replacing the chain that all you have left to do for the head is the 10 bolts the exhast manifold and the cam sensor.

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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 66000 and Falling Apart

My jeep seems to be falling apart all of a sudden and I need some perspective on this. I have a 2005 3.7L 2 x 4 jeep liberty Sport with 65781 miles on it that I bought new. Like clock work Ive had regular scheduled maintenance done on it only at jeep dealers (different ones depending on where I was living at the time) and have driven it gently (normal use no off roading). Aside from having the steering

the speedometer problem is a common one for stock-hight libertys as the wires rub on a poorly (factory) placed brake line. As for the seatbelts Come on this the only car Ive ever had with a failure of this kind. Age may have something to do with it but a poorly built car is a poorly built car and will always leave you screwed no matter how much preventive maintenance you do. When I worked at a GMjeep

JEEP WRANGLER Liberty Steering Wheel radio Controls on a X

So I want to take the steering Wheel Radio controls to and move them to my TJ. The tj looks to have the same blanks on the underside of the steering wheel that the liberty has. What do you think would need to be done to make this work..New clockspring Wire harness

I have also noticed that the steering wheel on my TJ has the cutouts for audio controls that my wifes KJ has (nice feature). I copied the below out of an 03 KJ SM. Note that it warns you about the airbag I guess then it would depend on if the TJs wiring harness is also setup to connect the remote radio switch Did jeep use the same harness in the TJ and KJ Let me see if I can find out if the part numbers

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Jeep liberty interior lights

Just curious if any body knew how to replace the front interiormaps lights in a 2002 jeep liberty. I already replace the ones in the back but now im trying to figure out how to take off the cover to replace the lights. If any one could tell me or point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

From the FSM first remove the reading lamp unit and then the bulbs from that unit. This first section is on removing and reinstalling the unit the info on changing the bulbs will follow. Jeff (1) Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable. (2) Using a trim stick or another suitable wide flat-bladed tool gently pry between the flange around the edge of the reading lamp housing and the headliner

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE When it Rains it Pours...

Well here we go... lol 2006 KJ Sport 4x4 MFR Date 0106 62085 Miles Stock almost everything. I crushed the stock muffler a LONG while back 2008ish (Parked on top of a rock by accident) so its got some generic POS Magnaflow knockoff on there that makes horrible grunting noises. K&N Stock Replacement Filter. Cut out front of airbox behind headlight assembly for more air and wrapped the intake tube with


Daughter ran 2005 jeep liberty sport with 3.7 engine hot until it shutdown . Head gasket blown. Have drained all water out of engine and taken valve cover off. Ready to remove heads . Can someone explain to me how to remove timing chain so i can pull the head off

Determine which head is compromised by doing a compression check. The passenger head is notorious for dropping valve seats especially 2 intake. Remove the air filter coolant reservoir intake manifold valve cover etc.and flipped the Ac compressor out of the way. Remove the oil filler and the AC compressor mounting bolt. This gives access to the upper timing chain tensioner bolts that must be removed

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2007 Headlight wiring problem

My friends 2007 liberty 4 cylinder driver side headlight went out. It was replaced but still did not work. Mechanic says it is the fusebox and has to be replaced for 800. Can that be correct Is there an easier fix

Heres some info from the 2007 KJ Service Manual DIAGNOSIS AND TESTING - LAMPSLIGHTING - EXTERIOR WARNING To avoid serious or fatal injury on vehicles equipped with airbags disable the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) before attempting any steering wheel steering column airbag seat belt tensioner impact sensor or instrument panel component diagnosis or service. Disconnect and isolate the battery

KIA SORENTO II XM Kia Sorento Test Drive - Thoughts and Questions

My fiance and I test drove a used Kia Sorento today and I thought I would share our thoughts and a few general questions we had. First off she just graduated college and will be a Teacher this upcoming school year so I am wanting to get her a newnewer vehicle and we have been shopping the last month or so. I hadnt considered the Sorento mainly due to not liking the look in pictures. But I decided to

2. Diesels cost more to maintain (Urea injection systems fuelair separators particulate filters timing belts (At least with VW diesels) fuel injectors... 3. Even if you accepted these (Of which I would because I am a huge diesel fan) youre only going to find these in expensive European vehicles (VW Tourareg Mercedes ML350 CDI BMW x5d) or in used Dodge vehicles (07 & 08 Grand Cherokee CDI jeep

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