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JEEP WRANGLER II TJ Jeep TJ Drivers Seat Foam Repair

Thought some of the TJ owners would be interested the seat repair I did this weekend and might consider doing the same to theirs. After a small amount of research I didnt find any similar walkthrough online. My TJs drivers seat foam has been getting uglier and uglier. There is a tear in the cloth in a common spot where drivers would slide over to get in and out of the seat. The foam on the bolster

very nicely done my driver seat is in worse condition than yours was. i may have to try this.

wow looks awesome. mine has gotten pretty bad recently and this looks like a great idea. Ill have to try this sometime. wonder where Ill find the replacement foam.

JEEP CHEROKEE OEM replacement seat foam

Anyone know if there is a part number to buy just the lower portion of an XJ seat foam I have my entire interior apart and just took the seat covers off to wash them and noticed how smashed up and beat looking the seat foam is on the drivers side only I could obviously look for a JY seat but it wont be new and how do I know what its reallly like till I spend 2 hours getting it all apart they are different

Just to bring up the past again I got a set of WJ seats because I wanted the headrests for a back seat project Im going to do and decided to gut the lowers also notice that they are using the exact same seat pan metal framing as the xj seats but that they are taller by like 2 inches...the drivers lower was wrecked but I took the foam from the passenger side and with minor cutting was able to stuff

JEEP WRANGLER Seat foam replacement

The drivers seat foam in my 02 needs to be replaced the covers are still in good shape though. Has anyone here ever done this before it does not seem that it would be very difficult Also anywhere online that I could get the replacement foam Ive searched everywhere and all I come up with are seat covers and full seat replacements. thanks

i wouldnt mind knowing that seats look new for a 97 and would love new foam for the drivers seat..

JEEP WRANGLER Seat Foam Replacement

yup... the cushion on my driver seat is in bad shape... planning to carve a new one... anyone has done this... any tipstricks... what kind of foam to buy to be close to the oem... Ive been looking around for automotive foam or even a place where to buy the original one... suggestions thanks Miko

I cheated. I took some extra memory foam from a 2 pad that I cut for my mattress and put it on top of the seat. Then installed a seat cover that I was using over that. Its pretty comfy now. I just did the bottom though not the back but it helps a lot. Whenever I happen to sit in my passenger seat now I realize how uncomfortable it is compared to the drivers.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ ZJ Limited Drivers Heated Seat Not Working

Hi guys as I approach winter I more desperately hope that one day when I flick the switch for my drivers heated seat that it will magically work but to no avail Has anybody here had a problem with theirs and possible a solution The passenger seat one works just fine and then light works for both but nothing happens for the drivers one. Is there any way to replace the heating element only (where would

Its a common problem and a pain to fix. It involves taking to top off the seat and digging the filament out of the seat foam and re-soldering the wire. I am not going to fix mine but then again I rarely use the seat heater over here. Do a search either on here or google for a write up about the fix. Here is one. I dont think you need to take the seat out like he did though but you get the idea. httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf13h...iteup-1148835

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ Lifted ZJ drivers seat wore out

Ive got a 3.5 inch lift and ive worn out the drivers left buttock (for lack of a better word) seat getting in and out what mods or seats would you guys sugest

Any auto apholstery shop can replace the foam and skin( fabric or leather) for a couple hundred bucks or sometimes even less.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ Durango Seats in a ZJ- Install w Pics

Due to a portly PO and POs wife both the front seats in my 96 Unlimited were broken. The drivers seat especially- a broken seat frame where it bolted to the electric seat track and a broken brace on the back frame. Previous repairs held for a little while but the metal was so fatigued the welds were the strongest part of the seat and the metal around the weld kept tearing out. With 220k the seat definitely

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ ZJ Heated Memory Seat install into Laredo (writeup)

It seems this information has not been clearly posted before. So here are the diagrams showing how to wire up properly the ZJ heated memory power seats when putting them into a Laredo. The connectors and wiring for the seats (C329 for drivers C335 for passengers) are not installed in the Laredo models with non-power seats. So you have to run your own. drivers seat Connector pin-out 1 - Red 14 gauge

my mirrors got a little flaky. The memory functionality is activated when that switch is plugged in and it will try and move your mirrors. You can get around this temporarily (if you are the only driver) by setting your mirrors where you want them then setting both memory 1 and 2 to that position. Adding the mirror motors I pulled the motors off my housing (without taking the housings off the jeep)

JEEP CHEROKEE 97-01 How to strip and clean seats (lots of pics)

as requested here is a write up on how to remove your seats strip the cloth off and wash the cloth in the washer I will try and be as detailed as I can be. First you need a 97-01 XJ mine happens to be a 99. Remove the front bolts holding the seat secure Two (2) 12 bolts I use a deep socket to give the ratchet some clearance from the seat you can achieve the same clearance with a regular socket and

horrible little rings de-ring the seat just from the frame you can de-ring it from the foam in the next few steps you can see on my seat they went overboard with the rings back here... the side that has the recliner is held on by this clip the two ends just clip into the frame you can reach back and try to pinch the pieces together so it pops out easy i was able to do that with my passenger seat drivers

JEEP WRANGLER New seats with better lumbar support

My factory seats are killing my back. Ive read lots of searched info on swapping junkyard seats. Plenty of info on which seats mate up to the factory risers and bolt holes but not much on how each type of seat feels in a rough-riding YJ. For those that have swapped seats do the new seats feel better to you than your old factory YJ seats How about lumbar support Flip side of the coin Im seriously considering

Took seats out of a 02 olds Alero 4 door. VERY easy to swap in. Remove all olds sliders unclip the upholstery from the pan pull the foam out of the bottom and the 4 holes nearly line up with the stock jeep mounts. Had to open the holes with a drill a little bit some washers and new nuts all the way around and done. The drivers has a manual lumbar knob and is very comfy and the seats are narrow enough

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ raising front seat 2 inches

Just bought an 03 x no tilt and the seat was too low for my gf. So for all you people that are 5 2 or around that and are having trouble in your tj this is the ticket. Basically I took out the drivers seat. Went to my local metal fabricator had him cut out of solid aluminum 2 x 3 chunks of metal. I though that after I probrably could have used one solid piece for the front and for the back. So this

Quote Originally Posted by JSB jeep paultyler Im with you. Im 66 and wish I could lower an inch or two myself. I put in the seat brackets that gain you an extra 4 inches for my LJ but now when I sit up straight and hit a semi-decent bump I hit my head on the roll bar. So now if I want to stretch out and have legroom I have to also tilt the seat back and look like a gangster. When I bought replacement

Quote Originally Posted by paultyler When I bought replacement Bestop seats (big mistake...they SUCK) I realized that they lifted me a good 2 inches. Another set I tried actually made my thighs rub the bottom of the steering wheel. Ultimately I had to take the new Bestop drivers seat to a upholstery shop and have them remove 2 inches of seat foam. It hurt comfort but allowed me to get close to the stock seat height. Are their sliders that lower the seat rather than raise it When I bought my Corbeau seats with the Corbeau brackets they were WAY too high for my taste and Im only 62. I cut about 2 out of the brackets and rewelded them then removed the sliders completely and bolted the seats directly to the brackets to lower them another 34 or so. That made them just right. Obviously this wont work if you have to adjust your seats but Im the only person who drives my jeep so it didnt matter.


Does anyone know if you can take the front seats in a 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo non power and switch them from the frame and switch sides I am the only one usually using the jeep so the seats are in great shape except the drivers seat is getting a soft feel to it. foam is I suspect getting broken down. it would be perfect on the side my 100 pound wife sits on about once a month. I did search the site and read every seat question on the switch and never found an answer that was just YES or NO.

JEEP WRANGLER Need help - vinyl seat repair

Hi all - I need some help... My drivers seat is beginning to wear and is on the verge of ripping along a couple of seams on the bottom cushion. The vinyl is cracked almg the seam and showing the fabric backing of the material underneath but has not completely separated yet. What is the best way to repair vinyl seats while not spending a bunch of before the rip goes all the way through & needs to be totally replaced or covered Thanks in advance for you help

I also took mine to an upholstery shop. I think I spent close to 150 but they replace the foam in the lower seat and put new vinyl on the side bolster and the middle part. The middle of mine has a pattern to it that they were able to match perfectly. The passanger and rear seats in mine were fine - just the drivers seat was messed up. Same thing as above - the repair cost me what good seat covers for the entire jeep would cost.


Where to start I have a 98 limited with heated leather seats but the drivers side heater does not work. Leather is COLD in the winter so.... Any ideas as to the cause solution

Usually the culprit is the heating element has been stretched and broke had the same thing happen with both passenger and drivers seats was an easy fix. to get at the element go under the front of the seat and remove the 2 steel clips on the plastic seat cover retainer. Unfasten the 3 screws on the seat control bezel (2 on the side and one on the back side). Carefully unplug the seat cover retainer

Quote Originally Posted by Smokey1r Usually the culprit is the heating element has been stretched and broke had the same thing happen with both passenger and drivers seats was an easy fix. to get at the element go under the front of the seat and remove the 2 steel clips on the plastic seat cover retainer. Unfasten the 3 screws on the seat control bezel (2 on the side and one on the back side). Carefully

JEEP WRANGLER Lookin for input on new seats

Im done with these stock ones with the springs rusted right out of the bottom. There junk and torn all up in my 97. So I want fresh Dont mind spending for right set but not going nuts. its my fun DD and I dont want to have to crawl in and be in a lambo type seat (I know its nice but no thanks for the jeep). I dont plan on a harness setup in future. I like the stock replacement style ones. Ill post

x 2 558 Adapter brackets- 55 x 2 110 Total 668 Or if you went with the PRP roadster seat total would be 600. P.S. the PRP seats are suspension seats cant get any more comfortable than that. You can also customize color and material. They also have replacement covers. Yea that I noticed about all seats. Sucks doesnt it Thanks for heads up though Quote Originally Posted by Benderff A set of daily drivers

JEEP CHEROKEE WRITE UP Heated Seat Install (Existing Seats)

Going through Michigan winters without heated seats sucks. I looked into getting some Grand leather seats with the heat elements already installed. But after finding this kit. httpwww.fyurl.comrr.phpsitewww...Q5fAccessories It was more cost effective to install these for a more factory look. The kit includes everything you need including a two position LED switch and fuseholder. The tools i used were

JEEP WRANGLER DeadHard Drivers Seat

The padding in my drivers seat is dead. Feels hard no cushion left to speak of. The hardware back and upholstery are good so Im trying to avoid replacing the whole seat. Any suggestions on good ways to padrefreshadd cushion to restore a comfortable (for a jeep anyway) ride

Its actually not too hard. Take out the seat first you need to check that the springs underneath arent shot. They should all be arched upwards no saggers. Remove the seat covers. Get some foam. Get an electric bread knife and Carve some of the foam off the top of the seat. Replace with a piece of new foam cut to fit. Replace cover. You might want to experiment to get the fimness you want (but that

JEEP CHEROKEE bomz racing seats.

My jeep is still a dd and my seats are broke.. are these seats comfortable

I just bought a pair of these from a friend that had them in his 78 CJ build. He didnt like the grey with black but said theyre really comfortable which Ill second. For not being a more expensive brand name racing seat they are pretty comfortable. Memory foam sides that arent Crap. Recliner is a plus. I was actually just browsing the forum to see if anyone had installed a set and how they removed their stock YJ seats. Its a decent enough day here in Western Pa to knock this little project out as I do my own installs in the garage. Ha Plus my drivers side seat had been stuck in the reclined position since I bought the jeep four years ago....and I cannot take it anymore

JEEP WRANGLER Doors rattling seat squeaking top whistling

Having some sound issues.. I know its a jeep and they are generally not real nice daily drivers but I know I should be able to silence it a bit considering its still a fairly new vehicle. On my 2003 TJ the doors rattle around when Im on the road and off-road of course too (although I dont notice it when off-roading). Its much worse on the drivers side. The problem is the door seals I believe.. theyre

JEEP WRANGLER III JK Replacement Seats in my JK 2Dr

Im looking to replace my stock (at least front) seats. What are the best options Im looking to spend 500

The previous owner must have been a pretty big boy because where he slid in and out of the drivers seat the foam side support for the bottom part of the seat is broken off and Im just sick of the vinyl. All of my trucks and jeeps have had vinyl and its time for something new.

JEEP CHEROKEE Heated Seats dont work.

My drivers heated seat in my 2000 Ltd. stopped working. When I press the button to turn the heater element on the indicator light just flashes on and off a few times and goes off. The heater element never comes on. My passenger one works fine. I checked the connection under the seat and its fine and I looked at the switch but it doesnt have anything visibly wrong with it. Any ideas

Heating element is burnt open if the switch light is flashing. No cannot switch heating elements from passenger to drivers seat because the element is sewed into the seat cover. You can repair the burnt element if you are handy with a soldering iron. -Remove the side-cover where the power seat switches are. -Unhook the j-trim plastic in front of the seat and the plastic strip with Christmas tree plugs

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Drivers seat broke... what to do

My drivers seat started acting like a rocking chair the other day. I checked underneath the seat and the front left bolt underneath the seat sheared through the rail. Are there bolt in replacements available Or do I need to try a junkyard because this doesnt look like an easy fix. It was power black leather heated and with memory.

Yep Ive had it happen to my drivers seat as well. It was the same bolt that you described. Here is what I did to fix it (from memory)... 1. Unplug the electrical connections from beneath the seat. 2. Remove the fasteners holding the seat track to the floor. 3. Remove the seat assembly and take to a suitable work area. 4. Remove the seat back from the seat. I -think- it was two torx screws. You dont

JEEP CHEROKEE Anyone ever taken their fabric seatcovers off

Not that my seatcovers are dirty but rather dusty. Ive vacuumed until my arms fall off but notice when I get in a lot of dust particles come flying into the air. My clothes arent doing it so Im thinking maybe I need to simply wash the covers.. Its not really obvious how they come off I had thought about getting one of the leather seat kits from ebay instead but would still require removal.. anyone

I wanted to get those but the BF said no ) Id be interested in this too... xjnick did you have to replace any hog rings or anything Just wondering... most seat covers Ive ever removed had hog rings somewhere. I didnt have to replace anything every thing was in good shape still the only thing i did besides cleaning the seat covers was i switched the seat foams from my passenger seat onto my drivers

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE IV WK2 2014 Grand Cherokee add padding to seat

Hey guys. Love my GC limited. However I find my drivers seat very hard and uncomfortable. Id like to add some softer foam to the seat under the leather of course. Has anyone ever done this Appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Quote Originally Posted by atc1989 Hey guys. Love my GC limited. However I find my drivers seat very hard and uncomfortable. Id like to add some softer foam to the seat under the leather of course. Has anyone ever done this Appreciate any advice. Thanks. Couldnt agree more. I use a gel foam cushion but wish they would have put a little more padding in the seats of a 40k vehicle. seats in my VW Jetta are better.

JEEP WRANGLER Hope to be buying suspension seats by this summer advice would be appreciated

My Rubicon seats are just plain uncomfortable for extended tripstrails and they definitely dont hold onto my butt very well when the trail gets difficult. Im leaning towards Corbeau Baja JP seats for several reasons including cost. My biggest question has to do with their lack of an adjustable seatback angle. For those of you running fixed suspension seats like that do you regret not having paid more

Does anyone make a replacement seat foam kit for TJ seats My passenger side seat is in great shape but the outside edge of the drivers seat is shot from sliding inout. The covers look good. If I could just replace my drivers side seat bottom I would be happy.

Quote Originally Posted by MikeGordon Does anyone make a replacement seat foam kit for TJ seats My passenger side seat is in great shape but the outside edge of the drivers seat is shot from sliding inout. The covers look good. If I could just replace my drivers side seat bottom I would be happy. Im thinking you could take that seat to an upholstery shop and have it fixed for fairly cheap.

JEEP CHEROKEE TALL GUY MOD Lowered seat brackets

WOW Much better. My head was almost touching the headliner (And it DID hit it on a few trails.) So I cut 1 12 out of the seat brackets braced them with angle iron and welded them back up. WHAT A DIFFERENCE I am actually COMFORTABLE in my jeep now and I DONT LOOK LIKE A GORILLA DRIVING A BICYCLE ANYMORE 1) Unbolt seat tracks (13 mm deep well) from seat. 2) Get some 1 12 wide masking tape carefully place

Im 65. I did something similar to my YJ but it was a but easier. I took off the drivers seat took it to an upholstery shop and had them remove 1 12 inches of foam from the seat. It was a Bestop seat so there was about 4 inches of foam in it. That lowered me down to where I wanted


Does anyone recommend new seats for my wj I was thinking corbeau sport seats any one know what seats are interchangeable between jeeps or my different makes.

I just had the drivers side seat fixed. The metal wasnt broken but the foam was all torn up. There was a place not far from my house that fixed all the foam and added more lumbar support for me. Only charged me a little over a 100. It is like a brand new seat.

JEEP CHEROKEE original style seat covers and carpets

Does anyone sell original factory style seat covers the kind where you remove the old worn out one and replace with a new one attach with hog rings etc. I tried looking online but dont see anything like this.

I have no idea either and Ive looked before. My WHOLE interior is like new. Everything except for the drivers seat...its black and its supposed to be tan. My foam is worn in it too. Im really looking to a source of foams and covers Guess I could pull some from a junk yard... but finding ones like new may be a problem. Ill have to check it out

JEEP WRANGLER OEM or After market Seats

I have had enough of the the stock seats on my 2002 TJ Sport. I am ready to replace them but am trying to decide whether or not to buy some Stock seats from an 03-06 TJ or to go with some after market(best top). Any recommendations thanks

quickly though so it hasnt been a problem for me. The seat foam is a bit more firm than the stock seats but I like it that way. Some people have had issues with other aftermarket seats mounting too tall for comfort but Ive found these to not be a problem in that respect. Using the Smittybilt seat brackets Id say these have me sitting about an inch higher than the stock seats. One benefit is the drivers


I have a set of Best Top high back bucket seats in my YJ. They are fantastic seats. The only problem is that they set up higher than the stock seats. The steering wheel is closer to my legs now. Has anyone else had this problem Are their brackets that will lower the seats

Fantastic Give it a few weeks. They suck. Youll see. YOu would be better off returning them now before all of the problems arise. Yes they are way too high. My thighs actually hit the steering wheel. I took my drivers seat to a local upholstry shop and had them cut out two inches of foam. That was the best fix I could think of. Quote Originally Posted by ElvisV04290 I thought someone said on here a

JEEP CHEROKEE 93 Cherokee seats

I have a 93 Cherokee. The drivers seat foam is collapsed and very uncomfortable. I tried to switch seats but I cant remove the seats from the tracks. I know I have to keep the frames in the same place. Has anyone done this before Thanks Rich


I have a 97 and the driver seat is not fairing to well. the left bolster is pretty much non-existent. I bought new foam to carve out a new lower seat foam piece but that is not working out to well. So what after market seats are good BUT will not break the bank

Ive just had my seat out to replace the lower cable in my seat. I cut a couple of strips of workshop foam mat then sliced them into a wedge along the length and stuffed them above the bolster in my drivers seat. Didnt even need to remove the cover completely to do it. The side bolster is nice and firm now.

You might consider seeing out an upholstery shop. My drivers seat was the same was - vinyl almost non existant and the foam was destroyed. The shop I found here fixed it up and it looked brand new for 200. My passenger and rear seats were in perfect condition. Now if my passenger seat was messed up then I would probably have replaced both.

JEEP CHEROKEE Seat rebuild help needed

My 2000 Cherokee drivers seat is in need of a rebuild. Does anyone know of a good place to get a stock type replacement cover as well as the foam to make it feel like new again I have been checking out the salvage yards and have yet to find one that is in better shape than mine. Someone told me the Grand Cherokee seats are a direct swap but to me the tracks look different. Thanks for the help Mike

JEEP CHEROKEE Good Replacement Seats

Im not sure if this whole question is technical but here goes My seat has been shifting back and forth lately when Im accelerating and breaking so its definitely time for a new one. Now I wanted to get an opinion of what would be considered a good seat replacement seeing as how theres a million different kinds out there. I prefer a fixed back like the Mastercraft seats but dont want to drop 500 for

Quote Originally Posted by Topgun514 I am in the process of making my old brackets mountweld onto new WJ seats. SO COMFY. Potential cool write up for the rear ones working too This I need to see. I have a drivers side seat that has a side blowout and the seam in the middle is pulling apart. Not to mention the foam is shot and it is 12 as comfortable as the passenger side. If only I could find a set.

JEEP WRANGLER Anyone have Rugged Ridge Sport Seats

Looking for opinions. Im thinking i might pick up a couple today. httpwww.quadratec.comproducts24215_1XX_PG.htm

hmmmm about half good and half bad on the reviews on those seats from J.C. although i didnt read the whole thread. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on these rugged ridge seats. Figured ill give them a try. they certainly look nice and they do at least have a one year warranty. I especially like this part of their description Made of soft dense packed foam that is wrapped in premium leather-like vinyl for long lasting durability in even the most extreme off-road excursions. Well see I bought a new drivers side riser too

JEEP CHEROKEE Good Factory Replacement Cherokee Seats

Hey all and good day. I dont feel like searching through pages of garbage but im sure its been covered before. Im looking for a cheap alternative to front seats in my 94 Cherokee Sport. I am a fairly big boy and no matter how hard i try my front seat keeps leaning back like its starting to recline on its own then about once i week i have to get in my back seat and shoulder the seat back up. Does anyone

My drivers seat is smoked too... typical XJ side blow out as well as starting to come apart. Sadly there are no junkyards here with anything I can use. Too bad you arent near me OP there was a 1992 with low miles that was getting scrapped. It was a LTD with full leather and they were almost mint. Rears were probably sat in 20 times same with the passenger side. He was going to sell them to me for 60.00...but

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ Factory 2006 rubicon seats

how much do a pair of these go for

Well nothing wrong but the rubi ones are definitely nicer. There is a bit of foam padding thats starting to fall out the back of the drivers seat.

JEEP WRANGLER Water on floor pan behind passenger seat

I am fairly new to the jeep community just bought my first 02 Wrangler Sport in May. I live in Michigan so I put the hardtop back on a a couple months ago. A couple weeks ago while I was giving the carpet 1 last cleaning before winter I noticed the carpet was damp behind the passenger seat. I pulled the floor mat and figured it would dry out. Well...I went out tonight and found a puddle of water behind

suggestions I went out this morning and looked at it. The passenger side seems to have good contact between the top and the tub I could not find where any water had run down the inside of the tub...still dust on the tub. Out of curiousity I tightened all 6 of the bolts holding the hard top on and I could give all of them 14-12 of a turn. would this be enough to let water in When I tightened the drivers

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE II WJ 99 Grand Cherokee how frequent are evaporator failures (blend & recirc doors bad)

99 Grand Cherokee with 95k miles. Needs the blend & recirc repair. Search found some members recommending heater core and AC evaporator replacement at same time. Would you replace evaporator on a working AC How common are evaporator failures on these vehicles Anything else besides the heater core and evaporator that would be hard to get to later Thanks

OK just got done doing the evap and heater core replacement. Couple things... First if you are having doubts because of the complexity of the job then you have read the WJjeeps write up. Fear not.. Seems harder than it is. Trick one... Have a friend handy for at least two 30 minute periods of the job. Second. You dont need to drop the steering wheel. Leave it attached to the dash. Makes the dash a

Quote Originally Posted by dunno513 OK just got done doing the evap and heater core replacement. Couple things... First if you are having doubts because of the complexity of the job then you have read the WJjeeps write up. Fear not.. Seems harder than it is. Trick one... Have a friend handy for at least two 30 minute periods of the job. Second. You dont need to drop the steering wheel. Leave it attached

JEEP WRANGLER Sound Bar Wires Concealed Inside Roll Bar Tutorial

The other day I took off all my foam roll bar covers and foam panels underneath them because I like the look better its just simpler. With the speaker and dome light wires running up and across the outside of the roll bars it takes away from the clean bars. To solve this problem I re-ran the wires through the bars themselves. Quote Originally Posted by Deacon Hey would you mind sharing some pictures

JEEP WILLYS 2000 miles of nervous nirvana....

I have this crazy idea that I am going to drive my flat fender from Durango Colorado to Missoula Montana go on a four day spring snow-wheeling adventure with some friends and then drive back home. Oh yeah in late May. I am planning on taking a two lane highway route north to avoid the interstates and allow myself to slow down a bit. The happy speed on the flat fender is about 50mph. I will have 3 full

so I cant be picky I guess. All the food for the camping sections of the trip will go in here as a sort simple cold kitchen box. I will probably have to space the cooler up above the little shock mount pocket on the floor. I think that is about a 3 area. I need to fill that up with something useful that I dont need to get at all the time......and something light since its on the back of the jeep.

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