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JEEP WRANGLER Dorman replacement exaust manifold on a 2.5 problem

I have a 97 2.5 tj. I am replacing the exaust manifold due to the old one cracking. I ordered a dorman from my parts house and when I went to put it on the exaust dump is 12 inch off where my old one was. also there seems to be a bit of interfearance with the motor mount as well I can lift it up and get it to fit but it is right on the edge of the bolt holes. I havent tried the intake in conjunction

JEEP CHEROKEE Engine bogs when water is sprayed at intake manifold

At the U-wash the other day I was hosing down my engine while it was running. I noticed that when I sprayed the area where the intake manifold meets the head the engine bogged down a bit. So I have a few questions Whats the most likely loose bolts bad gasket or bad manifold Also whats the best way to go about unbolting it Im assuming the exhaust would be a bad thing to get pb-blaster on... Anything else I should be doing while Ive got it all unbolted Junkyard upgrades maybe

Quote Originally Posted by keepishop Yeah Ive had an exhaust leak since I got the jeep but I havent found it yet. I think Im missing a bolt on the exhaust manifold but it might be an alignment pin. Dont overlook a crack in the manifold. That is very very common. I have put 3 exhaust manifolds on my 91. I have a dorman on it now. At least I can do it fast now. My last manifold crack shot hot gas on

JEEP CHEROKEE APN or Dorman exhaust manifold

Guys I want to replace my exhaust manifold on my 1998 XJ with 200K (Im doing motor mounts as well) and am torn between using a dorman or an APN. I dont off road much but I like squeezing all the power I can out of the jeep for the interstate... Anyhow here are the pics APN dorman

APN worked for me but I did have to do a fair bit of adjusting to get it to fit in with the intake manifold.

well i am putting on the APN a 99 intake manifold (i have an 98 xj) and dodge neon injectors at the same time. ill let you guys know if i can pop a wheelie when i get done with it -)

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Exhaust ManifoldHeader Replacement

I have a cracked header right under the intake on my 96 4.0 ZJ. Have been looking at different replacements and heard sometimes the bellows will crack on the newer OEM styles but maybe this is just for the cheapest ones Looked at APN headers and read where sometimes they need altered or the intake ground down to get them to fit. Dont really want to go the route of buying something which may not fit.

While you have the header removed take a look at your freeze plugs. if you see any seeping or rust now would be a good time to replace them. Its pretty easy to do...and they are only like 1 each for steel....more for brass. Unless of course you want to pull the intake and exhaust again in the future... BTW I bought the dorman with the flex joints 2 months ago and so far so good.

Yeah Zee I also went with the dorman header. Tonight I loosened the flange bolts turned the exhaustdown pipe a little put a piece of 58 plywood between the panexhaust and torqued the bolts down. So Im good to go on that one and also have about 12 clearance. I almost ran out and bought a new NTK O2 sensor today but want to try a couple other things first. Used propane all around the vacuum linesintake

JEEP WRANGLER manifold questions

I need to replace my exhaust manifold gasket but have little to no knowledge of how to do so....all i know is where its located and i have the new gasket....any tips or pointers that anyone might have or does anyone know what all is involved with doing this (like what all has to be removed) Thanks in advance for the help

Ok so I just went through the work of replacing my cracked exhause manifold. Here are a few things I learned along the way. The cracked manifold can be welded. It is not advised and you will not find a welder who will guarantee the the fix for any period of time. I would only recomend welding it if you have the ability to do so and need the jeep back on the road quickly. I skipped this step as my jeep

JEEP WRANGLER Cracked exh manifold on 2.5L

Fellas In the 108K miles I dont think the exhaust manifold has ever been off of my 2.5L. But for the past couple of weeks it has developed a sound like a cracked exhaust manifold. It is louder when first started and quiets down a bit once warmed up leading me to think it is a crack that expands and closes the gap once warmed up. However Ive crawled all over that dang manifold with a flashlight and

any way such as threaded in or maybe splined (like an axle lug) or do they just push in thru smooth holes Mine are very corroded and need to be replaced and so I am trying to figure out if I need to twist them out press them out at the vise or just smack them with a BFH If anyone can share their experienced advice Id appreciate it Update Ok I think I located the replacement manifold bolts from dorman.

Quote Originally Posted by J-Quad Update Ok I think I located the replacement manifold bolts from dorman. Based on what dorman says the bolts ARE indeed splined (like a wheel lug bolt) and should be pressed out. Part 03127. 7 two bolts with nuts. For everyones information I will also replace the O-ring located at the bottom of each of the four fuel injector nozzles where they push into the intake

JEEP WRANGLER Headermanifold for 2.5-help

Hey all- so I did my exhaust stem to stern about 18 months ago. Used aftermarket OEM header and stock exhaust. Fast forward and the manifold is driving me nuts. It has the not-needed port for a sensor on another like vehicle with the dummy plate-I had forgot about it until I did a vac test on my exhaust today to track down leak-the plate was leaking. I tightened it up but it still has some noise meaning

heating and cooling cooling and expanding being so close to the block. I installed a flex pipe on the down pipe louvers and better donut and still lost the header. Painting the header voids warranty. Coating or wrapping voids warranty. I bought the header brand new in the box off eBay and banks would not accept that since I did not have an official recipt. So I cut my losses and went back with a dorman

worked itself out of the bushing This was due to forgetting to re-correct the angle after mods... I just recently discovered a rattle on my skid plate pass side towards the front of the vehicle and the metal hanger was completely out of the rubber isolator. So I am getting that fixed along with my addition of another hangar for the downpipe that also has a rubber isolator in the strap. For the dorman

JEEP WRANGLER Fuel Injector causing cracked manifold

A local jeep mechanic mentioned to me that the cuase of manifold cracks on my 98 TJ is because the fuel injector is incorrectly sized I saw some forums on using neon injectors instead. Has anyone heard of this causing the manifold cracks

Quote Originally Posted by reggie77 Maybe I worded that wrong. Anywooo...he recomended me to replace my intake and exhaust manifold then fuel injectors to a bigger size. He said that this shud get rid of ongoing exhaust manifold cracks. Is he just trying to make money off me He can probably tell I dont know much about jeeps. No I wasnt laughing at you or how you worded it. I was laughing at the guys

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 4.0L Running Warm After New Manifold

I replaced my exhaust manifold on Friday with a dorman brand with the flex pipes on the sides. The whole process went smooth took about four hours or so. Took a good 45 minutes thoroughly cleaning the intake manifold and scraping the old gasketgunk off the intake and block. I even shop-vacd all the ports in case any debris fell inside. Used a Felpro gasket and torqued down the bolts to the proper specs

JEEP WRANGLER I YJ Changing my exhaust manifold this weekend... What else do I need

I have the manifold gasket for it and some bolts Ill probably change the VC gasket while Im in there since its leaking too. What size bolts do I need for the exhaust manifold I want to replace them while Im tearing it out.

Quote Originally Posted by AnonymousD We dont have a NAPA in my area. Who else would have them I called OReileys and talked to a buddy who works there and he said they dont have them. And the o-rings are a dealership item. And is the gasket for the intake and the exahsut man one gasket Autozone & OReileys both carry dorman products. Its part 03408. And yeah like UZI4U grade 8 stuff. Its overkill

JEEP WRANGLER Exhaust Manifold Question - Leaking

Hey all Ive noticed I have a pretty good exhaust leak. As I looked closer it looks like Im missing an entire bolt My question to you folks familiar with the 2.5 is is there supposed to be a bolt or stud here Any help is appreciated. Pictures The first is the front of the engine. It shows where the bolt is close and far. The third and fourth show the rear (closest to the firewall) and show the hole.

The bolt kit you need is dorman or Help 03408 any local parts store.It will take care of the exhaust and intake bolts since they are one in the same. Oh and go in from the top its alot less trouble.

Quote Originally Posted by YJGEEWA The bolt kit you need is dorman or Help 03408 any local parts store.It will take care of the exhaust and intake bolts since they are one in the same. Oh and go in from the top its alot less trouble. Thanks a lot I called Napa and they have it. Hopefully I will have this guy installed later. Thanks again for the help

Quote Originally Posted by YJGEEWA The bolt kit you need is dorman or Help 03408 any local parts store.It will take care of the exhaust and intake bolts since they are one in the same. Oh and go in from the top its alot less trouble. Just in case anyone else ever needs it the Napa PN is 600-3243. Just picked it up.

JEEP WRANGLER I YJ Need Help - 90 4.2L Intake Problems

Hey guys I need some help (and a break from this nightmare vehicle). Im working on a 1990 YJ with the 4.2L and Carter BBD and no matter what I try I can not get the intake manifold to seal to the cylinder head. Massive vacuum leaks and no ability to idle. Heres some quick history. Owner bought it in 2002 never ran right. Paid a few mechanics to fix it and they replaced the Cylinder head and installed

Thanks for the replies noltz and tslroper. Yea i found the dorman exhaust manifold for 160ish bucks and it comes with a new gasket set. I just for the life of me cant figure out what is up with this. It should be sealed especially after the silicon job. And when I say I snugged the bolts it was tight enough to squeeze some silicon out which should have taken up any and all imperfections...well...I guess I best take it apart again...sigh.


If weather permits going to pull a cylinder head (35) today to rebuild for the 4.0. Done alot of research the past week. Looked at a ton of pics and here is what I know so far. I kinda want to upgrade the head abitnothing radical but I do have some questions. Originally mopar offered oversized valve stems if the guides were worn. A .003 and a .015 version. These are very scarce and so far Ive only

new manifold style. Today if the backbone permits I will mockup the WJ manifold and apn header to one of the heads I have pulled just to get an idea of how that stuff meshes together. If I dont like the looks of it I may abandon that course altogether and go back with stock stuff. Even after doing this I wont know if the apn has clearance issues with the engine mounts till the stuff is on the jeep

JEEP WRANGLER What is this connector

jeep wont start thought it might be because the Crankshaft sensor went out. When I went to take a look I noticed this connector has a cut wire... So before I swap anything Im trying to figure out what this is. 97 Wrangler Sport 4.0L Manual

Quote Originally Posted by Necko2529 Speaking of replacement parts whats the general consensus on dorman parts. I see at most parts stores that they have damn near every replacement part for most vehicles. I know theres difference between OEM parts and OEM style parts. If Mopar were to completely drop a replacement part from production would you buy dorman or someone elses OEM style replacement I have

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE How much is this jeep worth

I am trying to look past the fact that it is purple. Besides that it is in pretty rough shape. The paint has about all peeled off the hood. Some one has spray painted the bottom black and its all peeling off too. Lots of interior work and new tires. It has a V8 with 154000 miles and a tow package and is 4x4. It just needs so much work. Another thing is the girl is hot appears single and is about my

Girls cost money.... ... .. no offense. I love em.. but they do cost money.... On that note. I would focus on the jeep price. How much is it worth to you How much is it going to cost to fix up I just purchased a 1998 GC 5.9 limited for 2350 here in Vegas. Has a bad plenum gasket broken rear passenger doors has a slight odor outside paint is great except for paint chips on the doors. I knew when I bought

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE II WJ 1998 Limited 5.9 questions - new owner

Im the owner of a 152000 mile 1998 Stone White jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.9 edition. I picked it up for 2350.00 plus the price of a new battery. I knew when I was buying this jeep it was going to have some problems. Now diagnosing them is my issue. I would like to have this jeep fully operational by the end of July. On the drive home I noticed it had a sort of rattling tin sound on acceleration.

auto parts stores will only have a 180 which is fine. To learn about 5.9s go here httpwww.kevinsoffroad.comtechart...coupgrade.html Read through all of Scott Muellers articles on the 5.9 at Kevins Offroad website he is a jedi on these vehicles. Especially read through the mods on his own 5.9. Another good article on the 5.9 httpwww.oldcarmemories.comcontentview15114 Good luck its one of the best jeeps

Quote Originally Posted by ahuf I was a little hesitant when I bought this jeep. Like I originally said I knew there were problems. I would love to get the original rims back. However I know the PO doesnt have them. I could spend 120 bucks per rim at rockauto but Ill pass. If I can find a deal say 60 per then Ill think about it. As for thinking what other 5.9 parts are taken well thats soon to be discovered.


Im thinking of changing my OE YJ exhaust with a header to get a bit more performance out of I got some free time hahaha . I was thinking of getting the APN until I ran across this ATP header. It looks like its the same design but a bit cheaper. Also ATP seems to make OE exhaust manifolds for the jeep that Rock auto carries so that would make me think that their quality might not be so bad

since it didnt indicate that on the gasket and I had a feeling that I previously installed it wrong. This how I had it before And this is how I installed it with this side facing the manifold and away from the head. Notice how on this side the metal rings look bigger and to me it seems to match the shape of the exhaust manifold holes. I hope its correct One thing that annoyed me though was the dorman

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ 1998 TJ wont start

So I am helping a friend out and found a 98 TJ with 6 cylinder and automatic for a great price. This is for her 16yr old daughter. It needed a transmission so I put a recently rebuilt one in (32RH). Once I got load on the jeep found out that the header was cracked. Bought a new one and put that in (dorman from advanceautoparts with lifetime warranty). Finished all that and everything appeared fine.

JEEP CHEROKEE Some easy fixes

Vehicle back fired through intake manifold check engine light came on got EVAP Codes P0442 P0455 P1494. Found vacuum hose off of intake manifold near the corner of the Airfilter housing. Fix dorman part number 47092 from Auto Zone. Cost 1.09. Cut trim to fix Vacuum Elbow. Cruise Control not working. HVAC dash vents default to defrost. Traced vacuum hose to vacuum ball in right front corner of bumper.

JEEP WRANGLER Sealing the valve cover breathers

I notice that the valve cover breathers on all my TJs have leaked and have a lot of free motion which makes them leak oil and collect dirt. Im sure dirt also enters through these spots as well. The best thing I can think of is having an aluminum cover and welding a breather pipe on it which would certainly not leak. Have you guys came up with any solutions for the stock cover

the rear has a small valve to limit air flow for your EVAP system. If it was me and what I did replaced all 4 parts (2 rubber grommets and the 2 PCV elbow pieces) when I did my valve cover gasket. I also got my parts from the local dealer I didn&8217t want to use the dorman ones form advanced auto the dorman ones are different form the Mopar ones. If you put the wrong PCV in the rear your jeep

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Timing Cover Coolant Leak (Parts)

Alright so Im not super mechanically inclined but I wouldnt say Im mechanically challenged either... Heres the deal... Ive definitely got a coolant leak coming from the gasket area. Im not 100% sure if its the gasket or the cover its self (97 ZJ it very well could be the cover corroding as well asor the gasket). Correct me in If wrong (about anything said) but there is no way to know which it is until

and they were all Timken seals and the mount brand was anchor which is the same auto zone carried and the same part number and I paid 20 some bucks for it through rockauto and the same exact mount from auto zone was 50 some bucks. Im searching for that bypass tube right now and am having a hell of a time finding it. I am almost positive that when I bought mine years ago from Auto Zone it was a dorman

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ Freeze Plug Repair - What else should I do

Looks like Im going to have to yank the intake and exhaust manifolds on my 98 (I6 auto) to replace the freeze plugs. Wondering a) if theres anyway to avoid this pain and b) assuming I have to do that is there anything else I should consider doing while it is disassembled (different intake exhaust) Tom

The dorman manifold should be a direct fit to the flange on your downpipe. Suggest buying the Felpro headerintake gasket for about 10 instead of the thin one which comes with the dorman header. I also replaced the freeze-out plugs on the drivers side of the engine while replacing the cracked OE headermanifold.

JEEP WRANGLER possible cracked flywheel..

i have about 67000 miles on the jeep only putting about 12000 on myself. i have been hearing a faint ticking noise. it happens especially when under load. happens at idle as well and under normal driving. does not sound like knocking although i ran a tank of 89 grade instead of 87. the clutchpressure plate are considerably worn (some clutch slippage limited pedal range etc). all u joints and driveshafts

have any gasket on it. i replaced both with a one piece fel-pro gasket. also one of the three bolts attaching the exhaust manifold to engine were broken. it just fell off. half is still snapped off inside the block but im assuming this is what caused some of the exhaust leak (along with lack of a gasket). i now need to find the right replacement bolt but have had a lot of trouble locating one. dorman

JEEP CHEROKEE 3rd freeze plug blown out

I am really contemplating pushing this jeep off a cliff. Ive been stranded 3 times now due to different plugs just blowing out of their holes. I bought the dorman kit when we did the rebuild because the idiots that pieced the rebuild kit together didnt add enough. I took a caliper and measured them all and they all came out to 2.001-2.006 just to be sure. Is my water pump to strong or are these just

JEEP CHEROKEE Exhaust Header Replacement (wpics)

My header cracked so I ordered a this one from the Automotive Parts Network. I picked this one cause Ive heard a lot of good reviews on the forum. Apparently its made of high quality steel (321 I think) and its a lot cheaper than some of the other brand names like Borla. I ordered it last Saturday evening and got it Thursday morning. They only have one shipping option but at least they let me track

some of the wires in the harness just above the intake manifold. That let the CPS ground and killed the engine. Thankfully the engine did not die till I got to the destination. Taped up the wires and wrapped the harness in some metalfiberglass insulating tape. That held up for another 2500 miles or so till I could get back to CO. So after installing 2 headers in less than 4 years I installed a dorman

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ Just bout a 98 ZJ and have some problems.

Okay so Ill try to keep it short. On Saturday the 25th I bout a 98 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 with the 4.0. It has a few problems I need some help with. Im new to jeeps and to 4x4s this will be my first one that runs. So a list of what I know to be wrong with it right now. Steering box has excessive play and will not center properly. Head lights are shot. (Drives side is yellow and leaks. Passengers

Quote Originally Posted by Badmunky Runs great but will some times bog about 1 min after you start it. Will back fire threw intake if you gas on it when it bogs. But it runs great has good power idles good and starts right up. No idea why its doing this Its getting crap fuel mileage. 13.4mpg. Header is cracked. Not sure what to replace it with. Why dose the motor want to die some times about a min after its started when under light load I have never had a car do this that ran fine and had no other problems. I would start with fresh NTK O2 sensors after replacing the manifold. Some have had good luck with the dorman.

Okay so Ill try to keep it short. On Saturday the 25th I bout a 98 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 with the 4.0. It has a few problems I need some help with. Im new to jeeps and to 4x4s this will be my first one that runs. So a list of what I know to be wrong with it right now. Steering box has excessive play and will not center properly. Check the ball joints tie rod ends and track bar. Get an alignment.

No idea why its doing this Sounds like a bad catalytic converter. It has a new Converter and Muffler on it. I suspect the last owner was trying to fix the same problem. Its getting crap fuel mileage. 13.4mpg. Thats pretty common for city driving. It is I thought I would see around 16mpg in the city and 20 or so highway. Header is cracked. Not sure what to replace it with. Replaced mine with a dorman

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Exhaust header studnut question

I have to pull my intake and header again to fix an intake leak. When I last had them off I replaced the two outer studs with new ones from the dorman manifold hardware kit. When I bolted everything back up I used the new flange nuts supplied in the kit in place of the original stud nuts but because they were flanged I didnt bother putting the cone washers back on. Was that a mistake or does it not

JEEP CHEROKEE New headers advice

Hi Im a 17 year old high school kid and I have a 99 jeep Cherokee sport. Looking to put a new header on and Im just wondering if anyone has any advice on what I should get Are the headers worth it Anything I should be aware of

an APN header. The price isnt much more than a stock replacement and Ive never seen anyone have anything negative to say about them. Some guys say that the APN header doesnt fit under the 99 intake manifold without a TINY bit of grinding on one of the runners and some say it fits just fine. I guess youd just have to be prepared to grind a little bit if you happen to be one of the former. dorman

an APN header. The price isnt much more than a stock replacement and Ive never seen anyone have anything negative to say about them. Some guys say that the APN header doesnt fit under the 99 intake manifold without a TINY bit of grinding on one of the runners and some say it fits just fine. I guess youd just have to be prepared to grind a little bit if you happen to be one of the former. dorman

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 4.0l Headers With Flex Joints

Like many 4.0 owners I have a cracked exhaust manifold at the collector and with my tax check in hand its time to replace it. Id like to put a set of headers on I really would. But for the life of me I cant find a brand that incorporates flex joints like the improved OEMEBaydorman manifolds. Because of this it seems like theyre all prone to cracking within a year. Even if I got an APN with the lifetime

JEEP CHEROKEE Porting the cylinder head.

Can someone who has had the head of a pre-99 model 4.0 ported for a 99 intake tell me how many hours it took the machine shop to do the work I have a 97 Cherokee with the 4.0L and I have gotten my hands on an intake from a 99 and ordered a new dorman exhaust manifold since I have the usual exhaust leak. Ive called around to a number of machine shops and finally found one that will work on the head. The porting is charged at 95hr and I want to know how much Im looking at.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE The Stroker Build Has Begun...

The 4.0 in my ZJ is so sickly its embarrassing. It only has 180000 miles however its had an extremely rough life and its to the point where the blow by is so bad I cant keep the oil from coming out of the dipstick tube. I thought about it for quite awhile. I could spend a few hundred bucks on a junkyard motor and keep it going. But thats no fun So then came the first piece of the puzzle a complete

JEEP WILLYS 1947 cj2a 350 V8SM465Dana18 swap

Ok so i am doing a Chevy 350 v8 swap into my 47 cj2a it will have the sm465 adapted to the dana 18 transcase. I have the motor being machined right now and the tranny is already in the shop so its too late for any other motor or tranny to go into it. I know that I have to remove the tube crossmember in the engine bay cut the firewall for the distributer 6 inches back make a transmission hump and box

for adapters you get what you pay for. novak is the best. i have a 95 chevy 2 bolt truck block .030 over balanced 02big comp hydraulic lifter cam G M performance vortec iron heads 1.6 comp roller tip rockers edelbrock performer intake howell tbi kitMSD small base electronic dist. and 8.5mm wires E3 plugs dorman repop 375hp 327 cast iron 2 12 manifolds hand made 2 12 head pipes to flowmaster y pipe

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