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JEEP WRANGLER I Finally Got A Mygig


Quote Originally Posted by mramella MyGigs are definitely hitting the dealerships... A dealership here in St. Louis MO has a 4 door Rubi with a MyGig. Go to and find dealerships in zip code 63141. Click on the first dealership you see called Reuthers Chrysler jeep then look at the Wrangler Unlimited inventory. Way down at the bottom youll see a Rubi for 35205 (ouch) with a MyGig. Be sure to

JEEP WRANGLER with or wo MyGig...that is the question I went to two local jeep dealers today to get prices and use that to my advantage as far as getting the best price. Here is what Im looking for 4 Dr. Sahara Black 18 Wheels Tow Package MyGig Dual Top Group FR Floor Mats Dealer 1 told me MyGig is scheduled to be produced heavily starting in mid-march. I was told that if I were to get one without the mygig it would still take about 5-6 weeks

right now but no one has been able to produce any proof of this. Id say while its not outside the realm of possibilities 6-8 weeks is extremely optimistic. If youre confident in your negotiation skills how about getting one of those dealers to swap in a MyGig at cost (or cost minus take-off of your radio) once they do become available. This is a screen shot of a dealers stock (Reuthers Chrysler jeep

JEEP WRANGLER budget boost question

I want to get a budget boost. I have a dana44 rear axle 15x8 wheels and 31x10.5 tires. Is there anything else I would need to upgrade to get a budget boost Also what is the biggest tire size I could go with on those wheels

Quote Originally Posted by Dravintoad Im assuming youre talkng about just spacers and shocks. That would be fine for a couple of inches. Whats the backspacing on your wheels If you plan on going to a 33 tire you may want to throw in a 1 body lift as well. This will give you more clearance and keep your tires from rubbing. Tell us a little more of your plans for the jeep Well I def dont want any rubbing.

JEEP WRANGLER My specs from the factory-if anyone wants to help me

I emailed jeep and they sent me this list of parts that the jeep came with. I know that there are a couple of things different. It now has 31s not 30s. And Im not sure what painted bumper means. It looks like all the other black ones to me lol (minus milk jugs). Anyway would someone care to look at my list and point out what is good and what is bad. I would really appreciate it. It will mostly be a

JEEP WRANGLER Build Sheet Discrepancies...........

Ok so a couple of days ago I saw a thread where a member said check your build sheet and provided the link so I decided to check it out even though I bought it brand new. Going through the list they are many things I didnt get meaning we never had them. I have a Rubicon Unlimited which we ordered and waited for 6 months to get. I listed the items below that we DID NOT GET but it makes me question these

Box JLNP GPS Navigation JPBP Power Locks JPYP Pwr windows Front 1-Touch Down KESS STRIPEBADGEMOLDINGCOLOR K5GS STRIPEBADGEMOLDINGCOLOR LHES Rear Dome wOnOff Switch Lamp LMAS Halogen Headlamps LNJS Fog Lamps LPSS CHMSL Lamp LSAP Security Alarm MBAS Painted Front Bumper MB5S Black Rear Bumper MFRS Black Front Frame Overlay MFTS Body Color Grille MRKS Tubular Side Steps MT2S Trail Rated Badge MVCS jeep

JEEP WRANGLER JKI build thread

JKI or (JK Islander) build thread. Hi my name is Kyle and I am new to the Wrangler world but not new to the jeep world. You can see my build thread for my ZJ in my signature. So this is me and my new jeep the day I got it And here is my build sheet on it B7 Cloth Seats wIslander Logo -DD Dk Slate GrayMed Slate Gray ACAP Islander Package AJP Power Convenience Group APAS Monotone Paint BAES 140 Amp Alternator

JEEP WRANGLER I YJ purchasing a used 05 rubicon what should i look for

Im going to go take a look at a used rubicon today at a dealership. is there anything i should look for telling signs of potential major issues down the trail also should i be concerned that the vehicle looks to have some sort of front end damage again what are some signs i should look for that would tell a harrowing tale of disaster in the near future this is the vehicle in question with front end

GlassGCDSDeep Tint Sunscreen windowsGCFSFull Metal Doors wRoll-up windows GTVSSwing-Away MirrorsHAASAir ConditioningI34SRoute 34 - UP Westfield TX JAYSInstrument Cluster wTachJCDS100 MPH Primary SpeedometerJHASVar Intermittent Windshield Wipers JJFSSingle Low Note HornJJJS12V Auxiliary Power OutletJKASLocking Glove Box KCRSDARK SILVER METALLIC - Badge - RubiKWRSDARK SILVER Metallic - Badge - jeepK5SSEXTERIOR

JEEP WRANGLER New bumper installed

Finally got a couple of spare hours today so I went and installed the new Rugged Ridge bumper I bought from CSEOffroad. Went smoothly looks SO MUCH BETTER

Front 1-Touch Down KCXS STRIPEBADGEMOLDINGCOLOR K3XS STRIPEBADGEMOLDINGCOLOR LABS Tire Pressure Monitoring Warning LP LAXS Front Passenger Seat Belt Alert LMAS Halogen Headlamps LNJS Fog Lamps LPSS CHMSL Lamp LSAP Security Alarm MBAS Painted Front Bumper MB5S Black Rear Bumper MEFS Black Diamond Plate Sill Guards MFRS Black Front Frame Overlay MFTS Body Color Grille MT2S Trail Rated Badge MVCS jeep

JEEP WRANGLER Is this what you guys got when requesting a build sheet

So I emailed Chrysler Canada through the link suggested on the jeep website to get a build sheet for my TJ. This was their response We have received your recent email and appreciate your interest in a 2003 jeep TJ. Your request for the build sheet of your vehicle is not available to us. In order for us to accommodate your request we may provide you with specific component information. The following

JEEP WRANGLER III JK Help on configuringfinding 2012 or 2013 JKU Sport S

I have a few questions not sure if this is the right place to put them but I am interested in purchasing either a 2012 or a 2013 JKU Sport S. Some of the packages I am seeing online dont really make sense and I am willing to travel for the best match and save the most money if possible. I am mainly looking for a JKU with the 23S package this includes the following Vehicle with standard equipment 17

The 23S package is the same as the 24S but with a manual instead of a standard. I think I may have found a jeep that fits my selection but I am trying to figure out pricing. Anyone have ideas on if a dealer will credit back a Sirius radio or a hardtop when you want a softop PRICE INFORMATION MANUFACTURERS SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE OF THIS MODEL INCLUDING DEALER PREPARATION Base Price 25545 jeep WRANGLER

JEEP WRANGLER III JK Stock JK Specifications

Great link here about TJs models and specs...any thing similar on this forum for JKs

Badge KESS RADIANT SILVER Wrangler Unlimited K3XS BLACK Accent Color Fender Flares LABS Tire Pressure Monitoring Warning LP LAXS Front Passenger Seat Belt Alert LHES Rear Dome wOnOff Switch Lamp LMAS Halogen Headlamps LNJS Fog Lamps LPSS CHMSL Lamp MBAS Black Front Bumper MB5S Black Rear Bumper MEFS Rock Rails MFRS Black Front Frame Overlay MFTS Body Color Grille MT2S Trail Rated Badge MVCS jeep


A while back there was a link to getting a build sheet for our wranglers if anyone can post the link here so i can send my vin number and get a paper build sheet that would be great. Thank you.

DHNS - Command-Trac Part Time 4WD system DJJS - Dana 30186MM Front Axle DMES - 3.73 Axle Ratio DRKS - Dana 44226MM Rear Axle DSAS - Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle ERH - 4.0L Power Tech I-6 Engine GBBS - Tinted Windshield Glass GCBS - Front Door Tinted Glass GCDS - Deep Tint Sunscreen windows GCFS - Full Metal Doors wRoll-up windows GFAP - Rear window Defroster GNNP - Auto Dim Mirror wLampscompassTemp

JEEP WRANGLER just got the build sheet

Great news for me Just got my build sheet and I have the D44 in the rear P5 Cloth High-Back Bucket Seats -DV Dark Slate Gray AACS Convenience Group I AAS Tire & Wheel Group - 30 ADCS Convenience Group AEM Dual Top Group APAS Monotone Paint A81P 4.0L Eng (ERH)4Spd AT 42RLE (DG6) BAUS 117 Amp Alternator BCDS 500 Amp Maintenance Free Battery BGAS Power Front DiscRear Drum Brakes CADS High Back Bucket

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