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JEEP WRANGLER Heres a list of Chrysler Acronyms

AC Air Conditioning AAT Ambient Air Temperature ABM Antilock Brake Module ABS Antilock Brake System ACT Actuator AHBM Automatic High Beam Module AMP Amplifier APM Adjustable Pedal Module APPS Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor APS Adjustable Pedals System ASD Auto Shut Down AT Automatic Transmission-Rear Wheel Drive ATC Automatic Temperature Control ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid ATX Automatic Transmission-Front

JEEP WRANGLER First time Jeep owner

Isnt she a beauty Anyone have advice on how to start taking care of her and what are some mandatory immediate things to check 2002 jeep TJ Sport 6 Cylinder 4.0 L 5-Speed Manual Overdrive 21575R15 Buying a soft top ASAP

Get rid of the LJ chrome grill insertside steps and bumper milk jugs.oh and check out the acronym list and there will be a test in 5 days. Here is a list of jeep Acronyms. It seems that there is an acronym for everything. 2wd Two Wheel Drive. 4FT Four Wheel Drive Full Time. 4LO Four Wheel Drive Low. 4PT Four Wheel Drive Part Time. 4wd Four Wheel Drive. AAL Add A Leaf. ABS Anti-lock Brake System. AC


Im putting together an Oops section and an Action section on my webpage of XJs. If you have anything really bad or really cool and dont mind me using it please let me know. At least youll have a pic posted somewhere ... Ill make ya famous

Quote Originally posted by cahurst2001 MJR what are the specs on your jeep Heres the list. Its huge and I still have more plans. 1988 jeep Wagoneer Limited 4.0L I-6 K&N air filter AW4 trans Custom exhaust system from the manifold back with a Flowmaster muffler Later style open cooling system conversion with custom overflow bottle and a 180 deg t-stat Custom Craig 3 row cored radiator with open style


Here is the first TJ of the Month contest for 2012 Yall make sure to vote and bump and crawl this Dont forget about the kick prizes that will be going to the winner And lastly do NOT post until all the entries are up. Thanks

bbusch name Brian Busch user name bbusch jeep 2003 jeep Wrangler TJR I have been wheeling jeeps since I was fourteen (1993) and owned a TJ since July 1997 (97 TJ Sport). I built my first TJ starting July 1997 and have been jeepin ever since. I have been building my Rubicon since February 2003 and through all the headaches I am overall very pleased with my look and performance from my rig. I built my


2wd Two Wheel Drive. 4FT Four Wheel Drive Full Time. 4LO Four Wheel Drive Low. 4PT Four Wheel Drive Part Time. 4wd Four Wheel Drive. AAL Add A Leaf. ABS Anti-lock Brake System. AC or AC Air Conditioning. ACC Accessory. ACM Airbag Control Module. AECM Airbag Electronic Control Module. AEV American Expedition Vehicles. A vehicle modificationconversion shop located in Montana. AMC American Motor Corporation.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE List of Commonly Used Acronyms

This list of commonly used acronyms is linked to the FAQ. Please add what you can. I would like to make it as complete as possible. 2WD - two wheel drive 4FT - four wheel drive full time 4LO - four wheel drive low 4PT - four wheel drive part time 4WD - four wheel drive AAL - add a leaf ACC - accessory ACM - airbag control module ABS - antilock braking system AECM - airbag electronic control module

JEEP CHEROKEE My new addition

I got this jeep last friday and just took pictures today. Its a 1992 Laredo with the AW4 and NP242. It has a D35 and the 4.0 156000 miles are on it right now (highway). PWPDLPM Ovehead console with compass and thermometer Jensen Accusound or something stereo. I paid 1800 for it. I still have my other Cherokee but it has no Bawlls which is why I got this. It is extremely clean but has some mechanical

JEEP CHEROKEE adding a overhead console

I recently found a site that shows how to add overhead consoles to the jeep liberty it mentioned that as long as you have keyless entry you have the electronic module needed to install a overhead console from a jeep or chrysler vehicle. I have a 2000 xj with keyless entry. Can i take a overhead console from one of these vehicles or even take one from a limited cherokee and easily install it in mine

JEEP WRANGLER III JK Jeep JK - Frequently Asked Questions

Standard acronyms used on the forum BL - Body Lift CV Joint - Constant Velocity Joint I4 - Inline engine 4 cylinder 2.5L I6 - Inline engine 6 cylinder 4.2L or 4.0L V6 - Engine used in Libery and JK - 3.7 litre V8 - Engine used in Grand Cherokees MML - Motor Mount Lift RTI - Ramp Travel Index SYE - Slip Yoke Eliminator Does the JK stand for anything - It does not mean J ust K idding as some people have

Communication With Occupant Classification Module U0154 &8208 Lost Communication With Occupant Classification Module U0155 &8208 Lost Communication With Clusterccn U0155 &8208 Lost Communication With Clusterccn (skreem) U0155 &8208 Lost Communication With Clusterccn U0155 &8208 Lost Communication With Clusterccn U0155 &8208 Lost Communication With Clusterccn U0161 &8208 Lost Communication With compass


After looking online for a good month or so looks like I finally found a good deal on a close out 2011. What would be a good price for this 2011 JKU.. This will be my first jeep so im still learning.. Tips.. Thanks.. 24-C This is the window sticker 27905 MSRP. Options 4-Wheel Disc Brakes 6 Speakers ABS brakes AMFM radio Air conditioning Brake assist CD player Cloth Bucket Seats Driver door bin Driver

JEEP WRANGLER III JK Help on configuringfinding 2012 or 2013 JKU Sport S

I have a few questions not sure if this is the right place to put them but I am interested in purchasing either a 2012 or a 2013 JKU Sport S. Some of the packages I am seeing online dont really make sense and I am willing to travel for the best match and save the most money if possible. I am mainly looking for a JKU with the 23S package this includes the following Vehicle with standard equipment 17

The 23S package is the same as the 24S but with a manual instead of a standard. I think I may have found a jeep that fits my selection but I am trying to figure out pricing. Anyone have ideas on if a dealer will credit back a Sirius radio or a hardtop when you want a softop PRICE INFORMATION MANUFACTURERS SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE OF THIS MODEL INCLUDING DEALER PREPARATION Base Price 25545 jeep WRANGLER

JEEP WRANGLER Diagnostic Trouble Codes

As stated elsewhere if you have or have access to an Accupro Programmer to correct for different size tires andor gear changes it also reads your diagnostic trouble codes. Here is what they mean jeepJKComputerDiagnosticCodes B1001 &8208 ACSWITCHREQUESTINPUTCIRCUITLOW(ATC&MTC) B1002 &8208 ACSWITCHREQUESTINPUTCIRCUITHIGH(CCN) B1016 &8208 REARDEFROSTSWITCHINPUTCIRCUITLOW(CCN) B1031 &8208 EVAPORATORFINTEMPERATURESENSORCIRCUITLOW(MTC

Communication With Occupant Classification Module U0154 &8208 Lost Communication With Occupant Classification Module U0155 &8208 Lost Communication With Clusterccn U0155 &8208 Lost Communication With Clusterccn (skreem) U0155 &8208 Lost Communication With Clusterccn U0155 &8208 Lost Communication With Clusterccn U0155 &8208 Lost Communication With Clusterccn U0161 &8208 Lost Communication With compass

JEEP CHEROKEE Ive done it again Cherokee

Ive been away for a long time but Im back. I live in the Dominican Republic where anything related to vehicles is expensive and frustrating. Ive had jeeps all of my life except for a short period of time that I foolishly bought a LR Discovery. (the vehicle from Hell) Ive never had a Cherokee though and every time I saw one tooling around it would pull a string in my soul so I knew someday Id end up

Its been a few days so heres an update. Got the AC all put back together. It blows nice and cold but its fighting a battle with that black paint I finally found the side vent windows a clock and the overhead console compass. (Did you notice the new windshield) I had to fix the wiper motor and repair all of the fluid jets on the front and rear windows. The pumps were shot and the nozzles were incredibly

JEEP WRANGLER List of essential trail gearequipment

Hey everyone With the spring coming and everyone itching to get some wheeling in I was looking to put together a list of gear you consider essential for a weekend of off-roading. What should you pack What equipment is best for recovery Tools Things you need out on the trail... Thanks everyone just got my jeep and looking to take my first full weekend trip this spring. I want to be properly prepared and think itd benefit everyone.

Ths was published in 4Wheeling Magazine a couple months ago. I liked it so much I copied it down then. Bare Necessities Duct Tape Baling wire Zip Ties WD-40 Ratchet Strap Tow Strap Gerber 4 Length Of 14 Chain Or Bigger Jug Of Water Warm Jacket First Aid Kit Snack Food. I.E. Granola Or Candy Bars Fire Extinguisher Flashlight MatchesLighter Suggestions Tool Bag Containing Screwdrivers(3 different sizes) Pliers(dikes needle nose channel locks snap ring adjustable locking grips) Hammer(ballpeen) Wrenches(standard and metric) Adjustabel Wrench Spark Plug Socket Sockets(standard and metric) Ratchet Pick Tools Test Light Prybar Jack Tire Repair Kit Electrical Tape Allen Wrenches Hacksaw Personal Stuff Toilet Paper Sunscreen Bug Spray Food And Water Extra Jackets RagsTowels Spare Parts Tie Rod Ends Heim Joints(for steering and linked suspension) Engine Belts Axelshafts U-Joints(Axelshafts and Driveshaft) Spare Tire Spare Locking Hub Or Set Of Drive Flanges Spare Bolts Fuses For Your Truck Radiator Hose Hose Clamps Electrical Crimp Kit valve Cores Lug Nuts Lubes Oil PS Fluid Brake Fluid Gas RTV Water Gear Oil WD-40 Camping Gear Warm Clothes And Rain Gear TentGood Tarp Camping Stove And Fuel Sleeping Bag Cooler Bonus Air CompressiorCO2 Tank Impact Gun And Sockets Underhood Welder Getting Unstuck Winch Winch Control Shackles Spare cable For Winch Chain(Grade 70) Snatch Block Hi-Lift Jack Pull-Pal Recovery Anchor Shovel Ax Snatch Strap Gloves Navigation Maps GPS compass Radio Cell Phone

JEEP WRANGLER G.E.A.R. seatcovers anyone have them

As the title says does anyone have a set of these in their jeep I am wondering about how well they fit in the jeep I like the idea of all the compartments and would like to see some pics of them installed

I like mine so does my son who sits in back. We keep telescopes compass knife flashlight rain coat(s) ect in them. valves for boats are great in the tool bag and I use the roll out garbage bag for ice and um soda. Also holds bungees from my spiderweb...There not really full seat covers in that there are gaps all around the edges but it does hold my back cushion in place.....My wife not so much....


SO How have YOU REVIVED your XJ I was going through a financial hard time and i needed a ride so i bought it. When I got mine first thing first i got it for 600 bux with 218xxxish miles. Needed a fair amount of work. I bought it with the following parts Alternator blower motor 2 window motors 4 Cragar soft 8s 1 wheel hub assembly 1 u joint....................all these parts were new. This is before

broken rear vent window Replaced TPS Replaced thermostat and radiator cap Replaced alternator Replaced serp. belt with Goodyear Gatorback Replaced electric fan Have a nice new trimmed front bumper in the garage waiting on new brackets Have nice grayed out Ecco wheels from the junkyard to replaced the old nasty steelies. Two of the rims have near-new Firestone Destination ATs. Installed a Gentex compass

KIA CARENS Rondo 4 vs 6 Question

Before I buy the 4 cylinder and later wish I had gotten the 6 let me ask you 4 cylinder owners a question Do any of you wish you had paid the extra 1k and gotten the 6 cylinder now that you have driven the 4 for awhile If so why I like the test drive I took in both but with only me and a salesperson they both seemed peppy. I will be filling the back up and moving a few heavy things (big TVs and my

HyundaiKia and Mitsubishi known as the world engine. It appears to be a very good engine but lacks low end torque. However this is one of the reasons it gets such great gas mileage if you keep the RPMs below 3500 or 4000. It definitely has a timing chain (and not a belt) and seems to be a well designed engine. Each company takes the engine and tweaks it to their needs but they are all similar. jeep

SUBARU XV Subaru XV review - CarsGuide

Be it an homage to Roman numerals or an acronym from the adult film industry the smallest of Subarus new SUVs is leading the brands showroom charge for 2012. Team with a new Impreza sibling the XV (once a variant within the Impreza range but now a model in its own right) has been pumped up with ground clearance and a sterner look. Weve spent time in the L six-speed manual middle child followed by a

FORD F150 Talked to BG rep today.....

Seems there is going to be a problem with crankcase venting and the EcoBoost. According to the people at BG their testing has revealed strong deposit build-up behind the intake valves and the head intake runners. I pulled the engine cover off to check the vent hoses and they were filled with oil. These are connected to the cam covers. The right (passenger) side hose connects to the intake plenum and

solutions for these problems and will make serious profit with all of these DI engines and 5000 mile oil changes. And to be honest even if you go to your local Walmart or even your local parts center and pick up cheap 5w20 or whatever grade your engine takes oil is oil. As long as you keep changing it on a regular basis you wont have many issues. Ive been running cheap Walmart 5w20 dino oil in a jeep

LINCOLN Brake Booster Removal

Anybody got any advice on removing the brake booster from a 62 lincoln I am not a contortionist and from what I can see im going to have to pull the dash is this true

the cable guide over it redlines my WTF-o-meter. Every time I run into something like this on the Lincoln I find myself falling in love just a little bit more with CAD because no way would I find such an afterthought design for maintainability of a critical system on a modern car (unless its a Chrysler of course because only a gaggle of retards could design and virtualize the Dodge Caliberjeep

Example offers of car parts jeep compass valve

  • JEEP COMPASS 2.4 BGA Seal Set, valve stem, 07 00 - Stockport,United Kingdom (32.95 GBP)
  • JEEP COMPASS 2.4 BGA Seal Set, valve stem, 07 00 - Stockport,United Kingdom (32.95 GBP)
  • JEEP COMPASS 2.0 BGA Seal Set, valve stem, 07 00 - Stockport,United Kingdom (65.95 GBP)
  • JEEP COMPASS 2.0 BGA Seal Set, valve stem, 07 00 - Stockport,United Kingdom (65.95 GBP)

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