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Here is the first TJ of the Month contest for 2012 Yall make sure to vote and bump and crawl this Dont forget about the kick prizes that will be going to the winner And lastly do NOT post until all the entries are up. Thanks

bbusch name Brian Busch user name bbusch jeep 2003 jeep Wrangler TJR I have been wheeling jeeps since I was fourteen (1993) and owned a TJ since July 1997 (97 TJ Sport). I built my first TJ starting July 1997 and have been jeepin ever since. I have been building my Rubicon since February 2003 and through all the headaches I am overall very pleased with my look and performance from my rig. I built my

JEEP WRANGLER how much would you ask for this jeep

Thanks for looking. I need technical help finding a fair price for my jeep. I want to recoup as much money as possible but also price it fairly to the buyer. I have well over 26000 invested and I bought it in December. I thought I could get by with this jeep and sold my truck. I need another truck (i have never been wo one in over 25 years) and will likely start a new cj project. I have it on ebay

View Tailgate actuator, tailgate cable, tailgate hinge for JEEP COMPASS

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ Ever hear of TJ Rescue Edition

My jeep is a Sport but no where is it display as a Sport. On the side of the jeep where it would normally say Sport Saharra X ect.. there is an emblam with a fire hat and an axe that says TJ Rescue Edition.

jeep made an Ultimate Rescue TJ for the auto show circuit Quote The jeep Wrangler Ultimate Rescue vehicle combines the go-anywhere do-anything capability of Wrangler with unique features for rescue operations in extreme locations. This jeep image vehicle is based on the 1998 production jeep Wrangler Sport and features prototype Mopar Performance Parts upgrades to a standard 4.0L Power Tech I-6 engine with five-speed manual transmission. Shown for the first time the prototype Mopar Power Tech Performance parts increase horsepower and torque by 20 percent producing 206 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of torque at 2800 rpm. The Power Tech Performance parts include a higher performance camshaft stainless steel exhaust headers lower restriction exhaust and upgrades to a computer-controlled engine management system. Other unique features on Wrangler Ultimate Rescue include custom-developed Goodyear &8220Rock Climber&8221 31 tires and Centerline &8220convo&8221 15 x 10 wheels. A tubular bumper allows the storage of 150 psi reserve air-supply tanks to inflate tires anywhere in an instant. This tubular theme is consistent throughout the vehicle with tubular exterior cage doors tailgate and equipment rack. And to stay in contact with civilization while out on rescue Wrangler Ultimate Rescue is equipped with the Mitsubishi ST111 satellite telephone system Alpine Voice Guidance Navigation System with 5.6 color monitor and Autolink&174 an overhead console produced by the Prince Corporation. The system includes monitors for critical engine functions altitude compass temperature readings and an inclinometer.

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ VJZs Daily Driver 1998 XJ Project Thread

The Story From a young age I always wanted a jeep. At the time a green on tan YJ Sahara which then progressed into a TJ Sahara of same color scheme. Over the past few years I have owned a few jeeps. One Comanche 4x4 a YJ and now two XJs. I never used to like the Cherokee. I always thought of it as a nice SUV but not my taste. That all changed when I had a guy want to trade me his 2001 Limited for my

JEEP WRANGLER Seat Covers Hard top help

Two quick questions for you all knowing jeep guys out here. First smittybilt GEAR seat covers tailgate cover. Anyone running with these and got any input looking at buying into the system however dont wanna waste my money on crap products. Second looking for a rack system for my hardtop however One of the trends I keep finding is that most rack systems have the bar frame that bolts into the windshield

aid bag tow strap axe folding shovel toiletries bag and other tools. I had the seat covers they are nice at first but the seams are sewn crappy and will come a part so I tossed them. Then I went with trek armor covers and couldnt compare them apples to oranges. I also have the overhead smittybilt console I luv it. It holds all my gear I need often like sunglasses deflators bug spray sun screen compass

JEEP CHEROKEE Dodgy Dome Lights

Hi All after lots and lots of searching on loads of forums i cant seem to find a solution to problem so maybe someone can shed some light on it for me. i have a 1996 (facelift) xj. When i open the doors the lights in the footwell come on fine. however the dome lights do not. (not sure if they should or not) i can manually switch them on by pressing them but they only work when they want to. When they

door jam switches are fine as the footwell lights all go on and off with every door and the tailgate which leads me to believe that Rob K might have hit the nail on the head with a bad connection in the tailgate or a light itself. if the light switch is faulty in rear and i by pass it untill i sourcre another. i.e put the wires together to complete the circuit Dulles - it does have the overhead compass


Not sure if this is the right forum or not. However I am in the market for a vehicle and a Wrangler is something I have always wanted. I loved my truck cause it helped out a lot with hunting (4x4) and was nice and high in the air. Before that I liked my convertible a lot cause I could just drop the top anytime. So why not combine both worlds. Anyway I have been looking at 2001-2004 Wranglers (X SE

- Increased roll bar padding on main hoop. - Rubicon introduced. - Radio updated to newer flush face style with rounded corners as found in other Chrysler products. - Redesigned steering wheel from Grand Cherokee. - Trim added to A-pillars and windshield header for safety. - New trim (above) allowed for the ability to hide the wires for the new optional electrochromic dimming mirror with compasstemp

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ Diesel XJ Expedition Rig Project

Hey guys been a while since I have been around and I have been up to alot. I joined up with a Mountain Search and Rescue unit and I am now training a air scent search dog. Driving to trainings with a big crate and all my gear every week in my honda was getting old. I have been hunting for something that will stow all my gear and pooch and still get good mileage and I finally found it. [B] I snagged

New shocks for the tailgate ordered and I got a line on some rear leafs can anyone recommend a good aftermarket mirror with a thermometer and compass

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ 01 60th any good

I am looking at a 2001 silver 60th anniversary edition tomorrow. What are the good and bad points of this model What is a very clean looking one with 100k worth All stock except front and rear posis Im looking for something as a driver that I can play in a little. Nothing extreme. Yet. Im sure in the long run it will be modded like or better than the cj.

that is as quiet as the previous 4-ply NOTE Change in drivers side window male zipper is now on window female zipper on the top previous years was vice-versa Plastic windshield trim (Interior Upper Head Impact Protection to meet 2003 federal standard) Trim on back of hardtop and vents removed (vents added to tailgate) New interior electrochromic rearview mirror with map lights temperature and compass


Ive noticed alot of threads saying how lights wont go off. But only my door courtesy lights work. Fuse is fine noticed a couple of bare wires though in the overhead console. But my visor lightfloor lightsconsole lights and tailgate light are all out. Has anyone had a similar problem The relay looks fairly newbut dont have a dmm to test it. Could the overhead console be causing all of it The tempcompass

JEEP WRANGLER Hardtop Rear Glass Keeps Popping Open

The rear window on my hardtop keeps popping open just enough to rattle when Im going down the road. The tops been on the jeep for at least a year and the problem only started about a month ago I have to stop the jeep get out open the tailgate and push the rear glass shut tight....then close the tailgate again. That fixes things for about ten minutes. Its an 04 and I didnt have this problem the previous

Quote Originally Posted by Rocky529 Its a common problem with TJs I had it.. along with many others on this forum. The glass just isnt low enough to allow the tailgate to catch the glass and keep it tight against the gasket. Thanks again should work for NASA Side bar Going to look at a compass today for the wife...yikes

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ 03 Rubicon Molle Storage

Hi Everyone I just wanted to share some storage ideas I have worked out on my TJ. The Seat backs are the Universal style from Smittybilt. They have a lace sytem which really doesnt work well. But I chose them because it was easy to attach Industrial velcro straps around the headrest. I had also sewn 3 straps on the bottom. Since these pictures were taken I have include 1 on each side in the middle

TOYOTA TACOMA Thinking of buying a Tacoma

Just wanted to make an informed decision before I unload my 2005 Power Wagon for a Tacoma. It has been nothing but trouble for me since I bought it used in Jan 2011. It is all fixed now and there is nothing that needs to be replaced so I am thinking it would be a good time to sell. Can you guys tell me if there are any Tacoma specific things that I should look for as far as being worn out broke about

Quote Originally Posted by ATriplett513 Hey keep in mind with the TRD its mostly just Bilsteins and a sticker for extra money. It isnt like a jeep where paying 5k extra for a Rubicon instead of an X (Sport) model is worth it you get about 7-8k in aftermarket parts pre-installed. Uh no not true. TRD Off-Road Extra Value Package Off-road-tuned Suspension with Bilstein Shocks Locking Rear Differential

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