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JEEP COMPASS I Heated Seats Compass and Cruise not working...

Hey guys just bought a 2002 KR Super Crew 4x4 yesterday. The guy told me that he heard that these had a problem with the sunroof seal getting dirt in them and not sealing properly. Thus letting water in and dripping down the pillar (inside) and shorting out some grounds screws and it makes the heated seats compass and cruise all not work. The compass doesnt light up at nor do the seats and the cruise

JEEP COMPASS I Add powered Rear View mirror with Compass

anyone know any way to add this option to an SL FWD or any easy to install aftermarket options thanks

I purchased the one for the Altima (Nissan part no 999L1-UT000) and installed it in our 2010 Rogue. The mirror itself fit perfectly but had to modify the harness that came with it since it only had two wires (one ground and one for power). A little jumper cable a the back of the connector itself was spliting the power for the compassdimming system. I cut that jumper wire and connected it directly to

View Sunroof motor for JEEP COMPASS


I have a 2002 Screw with a sunroof and I have the small overhead compass. Because I have the ETC (elec. temp control) I only get the direction in which I am heading and not the Temperature. Is there any way I can also get the temp displayed on my overhead Thanks

JEEP COMPASS I Temp. gauge and Compass 01 SCREW

I asked this questions some time ago with little help going to give it another try.. The compass and Temp readout in the overhead is not working. no display what so ever.. the map lights and sunroof work fine.. Didnt notice any fuses blown Any thoughts or suggestions as to what could be wrong Thanks

I have the same problem in my 01 SCREW. My overhead lights and sunroof work fine so no bad fuses. Im thinking a bulb in the display is out but havent taken it apart yet. I dont know if I really want to go that route really... time is a valued commodity to me. Quote Originally Posted by 4play2008 just go to the wrekers What is wrekers Is that car talk for junk yard We have a couple junkyards that are

JEEP CHEROKEE Aftermarket TempCompass

Anybody know of any halfway decent compassthermometer guages that are aftermarket All the other cars in the family have one except mine and ive gotten used to them over the years. I would kind like to have one that is digital and somewhat smaller so it can fit above my CB but not too expensive. If yall have any reccomendations id be obliged

Quote Originally Posted by sahsxj That would be nice but I really dont want one. Now if there was a way to cut just the triptempcompass part out of an overhead console that would be awesome but i dont need all the bins and sunglass holders. Ive seen Cherokees with the bins and holders cut out of it when the dealer added a sunroof. The console pretty much ended where the display ended. You could consider that but its up to you.

JEEP COMPASS I thermocompass

is it possible to install a compthermo from one xj to one that doesnt or is there something computer related if i can i would dash mount it i miss the temp outside

my 95 blue xj wrotted frame has one but i really dont want to rip it apart since i need it for partsstorage for my 95 5 speed lol but that one have a sunroof so no digital temp

JEEP COMPASS I Install of EC Compass Mirror

I purchased part number H501SFj000 and went to install it in my 2013 crosstrek limited and I could not find a open slot toplug compass unit into the light assembly harness. There should be an open slot but I think it is being used my my blue tooth mic. Does anyone have any experience with this jaime

Just out of curiosity I had a look for the plug in an Australian XV-S model today. With the sunroof mechanism and associated wiring for the mike map lights etc I can say for sure that that the spare wiring plug for the mirror is not in my vehicle that I could see I was not going to pull the entire roof lining down to be 100% sure but I did think about it though just for a second.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Headliner Replacement Specifically Sunroofs

Has anyone ever replaced the headliner on the sunroof cover Sure would suck to have really pretty nice new headliner and a filthy old sunroof cover. How would I go about removing that Would I have to take out the glass

Ok awesome. Do you have any other tips you can share with me Things you think I might find useful Also how did you remove your console which has the thermometer and compass and MPG screen

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Jeep liberty interior lights

Just curious if any body knew how to replace the front interiormaps lights in a 2002 jeep liberty. I already replace the ones in the back but now im trying to figure out how to take off the cover to replace the lights. If any one could tell me or point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

above the headliner (Fig. 14). (3) Pull the reading lamp away from the headliner far enough to disconnect the body wire harness connector. (4) If the vehicle is equipped with an optional power sunroof disconnect the body wire harness connector for the sunroof switch. (5) Remove the reading lamp from the mounting hole in the headliner. INSTALLATION If the vehicle is equipped with an optional compass

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE May buy 2004 Liberty 3.7 4WD 5spd

Hello. Im looking at used cars to buy for college and came across a 2004 jeep Liberty with the 3.7L five speed manual and 4wd. I havent been so convinced Id get it yet but I figure I should ask some questions before I dismiss it 98000 miles for 7990 or so. I drove it thought it was pretty nice although is some transmission (differential) whine to be expected while accelerating Its not over-bearing

Mine has a temperaturecompass display near the sunroof. Also I think mine has Steering Wheel audio controls but I dont use them because I am not using the factory audio.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE might buy a 2008

I own 2 XJs and never liked the looks of the Liberty until the 08s came out. Now Im thinking about buying one. I havent really looked at one up close and cant tell from photos if they come with front recovery points. If not has anyone put a class 3 hitch up there Off road vehicles are useless unless you have sufficient recovery points. Also do stereos these days come with a USB port or is that an option

JEEP CHEROKEE New Guy Introduction

Hello Im new to the board and new to the world of jeeps. Just bought a 1998 Cherokee with 116000 miles on it in pretty good shape. I just took it on about a 600 mile road trip over Thanksgiving and Im thinking were gonna have a long and happy relationship. Im very pleased with the comfort and power that this big 4 liter engine has coupled with the 4spd () transmission and that very solid ride. Havent

Wow this is a high-traffic board. NEAT lots of good info flyin around here for sure. First I have a question for you - are you a police officer Just going off the LEO tag just curious. Nope not a police officer. I hadnt thought about how LEO might look like Law Enforcement Officer... but Im just plain old civilian jeep pilot. The issue you were having is probably with the Neutral Safety Switch

JEEP CHEROKEE March 2006 COM Stocker Class vote here

Entry 1 96cherokeeclass 84 wagoneer 4X4 - 5spd (skull shifter w LED eyes) - rattle can camo - Flowmaster high flow cat - homebrew lightbar 2 6 lights - crate 2.8L w around 80K miles - herculiner cargo area - 2 bottle cap openers mounted on each rear quarter panel Entry 2 Offroadman83 91 jeep cherokee limited auto tranny 4.0 with around 130000 dana 30 dana 35 with stock 3.55s Has black leather interior

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Sun roof questions.

I cant post up pictures yet. but im in need of some answers. i have a 1997 tsi grand cherokee but when i look up the sun roof switch online i see its in the compasstemp display and its a toggle switch. httpwww.ebay.comitm96-98-jeep-G...cbc0b4&vxpmtr Problem is mines is not there . mines is actually green led buttons next to the drivers visor.. and they read close open vent. Also mines is not cable

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Gauges stopped working... help

Hi Been a long time just got back into the jeep world again. Having an issue and hoping someone might be able to advise. I am in a ZJ now not an XJ but this question is pretty 12v basic. Happened on the way to work so I havent had time to mess around or surf the forums 1997 Grand Cherokee Limited Couldnt get the stock stereo to accept a CD all the way so I was using.a box knife to shove on the CD.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Gobble Gobble Motherf.....WHAP

This is what happens when your wife hits a turkey doing 70. She imbeds the leg in your windshield throw the rest of it on the highway and sprays glass and turkey bits all through your jeep. Fortunately she wasnt hurt and my 11 mo old was with me at home It was a big azz bird it had a 1 spur on it. Just got the estimate back 3700 and a week to fix at the local dealer Thank goodness for 0 comprehensive coverage

Just an update finally got the jeep back Saturday Looks pretty good and other than the compass not working it appears the dealer got everything right lol. No dash squeaks and the sunroof doesnt appear to be leaking (had to paint the roof). They missed a few blood spots on the dash (very hard to see) and they may have nicked the leather wheel but I always expect worse than that anytime someone other than me touches my cars.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2005 Diesel Libby questions - goodbadugly

Ok guys PLEASE forgive me if this has been done to death. But I MAY have just sold my XJ. And IF the deal goes through this week I gotta move fast for a replacement. Confession Im not really a wheeler. My jeeps do pavement queen duty (familygrocery getter) ski trip duty foul weather duty and tow a small boat. Im SERIOUSLY looking at the Scoobie-Doo Baja and the new compass. But a part of me always

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2004 EVIC computer in a 2006 Renny

My Renny has a Low Tire Pressure Warning System. Will a 2004 EVIC give a faulty message and are there any other quirks to be aware of installing this item In other words will everything else work correctly Mike

than beige anyways. It appears that Im going to need a plastic retainer to hold the EVIC to my roof after I enlarge the opening in the headliner. I wasnt aware of that and it didnt mention that piece of advice in the thread... Installing an OTIS . A great write-up none-the-less but now I may have to procure that damn additional retainer with limited time. (My son is driving cross country in the jeep

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Water leak front passenger side

Hi I was playing with my kid the other day and eventually we got to the jeep. He sat in the chair (front passenger) I sat on the floor. All of the sudden I feel my getting wet WTF So I found out that the floor cover was soaked. Today I finally got some time to vacuum it out. Carpet still has some water in it but I think I got most of it out (a good quart). I did some research about the leaks problems

Any idea what the cause of this leak could be Water beads up under the temperaturecompass screen console in a 1999 jeep Grand Cherokee and drips down below. Additionally the passenger side floor is frequently soaked. Are these two separate leaks or one There is a sunroof. Thanks.

JEEP CHEROKEE Ahh Finally My first Jeep

Finally when it seemed like I would never sell my Harley and be able to pursue the purchase of my first XJ everything started to fall into place. I have been on this forum for a few months and have been learning and asking alot of questions about the XJs. I sold my bike last week and had been searching for a jeep since before that. Today I am happy to say that I am a first time jeep owner. I ended

Quote Originally Posted by b16gsr welcome to the silverstone club. just got mine all done Thanks guys. I really like your Xj. I commented on it a time or two. It might be a while before I can get the lift and tires on. Just as soon as I can get my hands on some greenbacks. Mine seems to have everything except leather and a sunroofmoonroof and not sure if it has the compass built into it either. I will


Whats up yall i got a jeep cherokee lardeo 4x4 i see alot of jeep cherokees but i have only seen like one other laredo EVER not even in my town and i was wonderin what makes the Laredo Edition any different from the other ones... Oh yeah does anyone know a good website where i can order some good mods or ground effects for my 89 jeep cherokee Laredo cuz all i can find stuff for is like either grand

I have a 91 Larado Power locks power windows sunroof overhead console with temp and compass. Lots of chrome also and grey colored flares and lower cladding. Its about loaded except no leather seats.

JEEP CHEROKEE Overhead Console

What do yall think of my overhead console from a 2000ish chevy silverado in my Cherokee

hmmm that is a bit too long for my XJ as the sunroof will be in the way but my 96 Ram had a nice compasstemp pod that was shorter. Im gonna start shopping nice work

JEEP CHEROKEE so i just got an overhead console

so i just won a overhead console and trip display for a 97 and newer xj on ebay for 41 bucks. I couldnt believe it every one ive see has sold for over 200 dollars lately. Im so stoked.

I looked into a wj and a zj one. As both are very common and are pretty cheap on ebay. However they wont function properly because both the zj and wj use different variations of the chrysler CCD bus then the xj. So you could get it to light up and maybe have a compass But the other functions would be inop. Now for the part that will probably make you guys cry a bit. I have one of those post factory

NISSAN Avoiding the Purchase of a Rogue

My wife wants to replace her sedan with a wagon-type vehicle and she was attracted to the new 2008 Nissan Rogue. She likes the style and the fact that it is so carlike (shes never owned a truck-based SUV). We took several test drives in the rogue at several different dealers which helped her overcome her uneasy feeling of sitting higher up than in a regular car. We also had some difficulty locating

the CRV looks like a mini van. Ive looked at all the SUVs and the fun to drive factorstyleprice and mileage the Rogue has it all i looked at the Hyundai TucsonKia Sportage and the KiaHyundai looks dated and cheap lookingmitsu outlander has a cheap and crappy interior and crappy mileageSuzuki grand vitara doesnt have any room insidegets crappy mileage and has a hideous rear door like the Rav4. jeep

SUBARU XV Subaru XV review - CarsGuide

Be it an homage to Roman numerals or an acronym from the adult film industry the smallest of Subarus new SUVs is leading the brands showroom charge for 2012. Team with a new Impreza sibling the XV (once a variant within the Impreza range but now a model in its own right) has been pumped up with ground clearance and a sterner look. Weve spent time in the L six-speed manual middle child followed by a

KIA CARENS Help me Decide

Im sure everyone here loves their Rondo so I dont know how impartial you all will be I will be getting a car this week and looked at a 2012 Rondo with only 36000 kms. It had the options I wanted sunroof and bluetooth. I am also considering a jeep compass. It has more options like a NAVI touch screen but is also about 5000 more. Im having a hell of a time making a decision. Im also curious if the new

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