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JEEP CHEROKEE Steering Gear Box Swap

I had adjusted my steering gear box as much as I possibly could. Still loose and leaking from seal around pittman armmain gear. Picked one up from Autozone. Yes I know.... Checked it carefully and it looked well done. Looked basically new. I know its the insides and not the outside. It looked well done however. Ive seen sloppy cheap rebuilt parts. This one did not look like the kind of crappy rebuilds

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Low speed hum in steering column

2013 Grand cherokee Laredo w 17000 miles problem w low speed hum and vibration in steering column between 20-30 mph. Factory OEM tires at normal pressure no noticeable prob w alignment. Below 20 mph and above 30 mph no problems. Same condition driving in auto or shifting through the gears with tiptronic (sp) in any gear. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help.

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JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Need Help Stranded in The Mountains No lights or any steering column controls.

I have a 2000 GC lmtd 4.7L. I have been up in Mammoth CA snowboarding over this weekend. Last night went to leave after we check out of our room. We loaded all the bags and gear into the jeep and I drove around to the front office to give them the room key and pay the bill. jeep was running and working fine lights and wipers working. We pull out of the Motel 6 on Main street then drive over to McDonalds

Quote Originally Posted by Umbrella Well hopefully what you got back is enough to allow you to limp it home where you can look at it properly. Getting part of it back by cleaning the ground a little would send me back to it with a piece of sandpaper crimpers wire end and a nut driver though. Good luck. Update Got in last night around 430. Got the GC unloaded clothes and other gear was thrown in the

Quote Originally Posted by Stonerriflefan4 Update Got in last night around 430. Got the GC unloaded clothes and other gear was thrown in the living room and I took a nap until about 7pm. It was very windy here in town gusts blowing up to 40mph. I decided not to mess with it last night. This morning before work I decided to get out my tools and really dig into the center console to get a better look

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Steering Gearbox misery

I could really use some advice on an ongoing issue Ive been having with the steering gearbox in my 1998 GC Limited. I bought it used about 4 years ago and have been having trouble with the gearbox ever since. To make a long story short I had some generally sloppy steering soon after buying my GC and have replaced most of the worn front end components. Eventually my mechanic traced the problem to the

I believe all aftermarket steering boxes will be rebuilds. It wouldnt shock me if a jeep dealership could source a new box but you wouldnt want to know how much it would cost. My guess is most dealerships would provide a rebuild. I went through this a lot with my 99 XJ. There are two adjustments that need to be done to get a steering box in spec. The first is the worm thrust preload adjustment. This

JEEP CHEROKEE 96 grand cherokee steering column disassembly

I have an electrical issue. None of the gauges work or windows unless I hit a big bump or turn the ignition key all the way back while in gear. So my best guess is a ground issue in the steering column or ignition. Im a young blonde chick so getting a mechanic to listen to me is somewhat impossible. I have an extra vehicle now so I can try to find my problem. However I have no idea how to take off

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ How To Rebuild Your Saginaw ZJ Steering Gear

This is the second part to my Saginaw 800 series steering gear rebuild how to. With information on rebuilding the Saginaw steering gear being very vague incomplete and hard to find. Im hoping this how to will aid the backyard mechanic with the proper tools to successfully service their Saginaw steering gear. To aid in the assembly you will see I fashioned a board that attached to the mount holes of

Quote Originally Posted by coralman Wil do smokey. When I can Im going to pull one from the jy. There is a limited 4wv8 that is very clean and looks like it was garage kept. I hope I can get it out before it goes to the crusher. Just a heads up im not 100% certain of this but its well worth it to keep an eye out for i know some of the 96 limited has Speed Proportional steering not real certain about

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE II WJ Does the 98 5.9L have a locking steering column

This seems like a question which should have an obvious answer but without jacking up the front end due to breaking a slew of bones about 12 years back I dont quite have the strength to more the wheel more than about 12 a turn either way. Be careful...the really fun hobbies can kill you if you do them wrong. Still the rush up until this point is totally worth the risk. Does the 5.9L have a locking

Every ZJ made has a locking column. Put the key in and turning the ignition one notch towards the ON position to release the steering. Dont forget that when towing a ZJ must be in Park with the transfer case in Neutral. The oil pump for the transmission is on the input so if you spin the output with the engine turned off the overdrive housing and gears will not be getting oiled and will grenade rather quickly. Putting it in Park stops all transmission movement.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Steering gear question need help

Im in the middle of doing a gear pump and HP line and have a question for you people who have replaced your steering gear. Im using a cardone reman gear and want to know if it was put in the neutral position when they were done re building it. I noticed the pitman arm shaft is keyed four ways which is really dumb because it can be put on four different ways. How can I know if the new steering gear is in the neutral position before install

OK. Make sure the wheelssteering wheel are straight To check for the center position and be certain you will have to remove the pitman arm from the drag link I used a 4 lb mini sledge w pickle fork to get it to separate. The pitman arm is keyed four ways meaning it can be put on the gear four different ways. With the old gear still installed After I removed the draglink joint from the P arm I used

JEEP CHEROKEE Changed steering gear box now what

I changed the steering gear box yesterday ran the old fluid out and replaced it got the air out of the system but now my power steering pump whines and is ruff when i turn the wheel do you think my power steering pump is shot

Quote Originally Posted by 01xjmn I havent pulled it apart yet but any ideas what it could be are the bearings in there Also after i did the gear box my steering wheel is now at like a 45 degree angle not sure how that happed cuz i put the pitman arm on the same way and the shaft only goes on one way You have to adjust your drag link to compensate for steering box manufacturing tolerances. The squeaking

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Rebuilt steering gear issues

Rebuilt my steering gear about 1.5 months ago. Started leaking bad Friday afternoon. Rebuilt it again Friday nightsat morning checking for any errors. None found. Reinstalled and leak-checked good. Checked again this morning and same leak. So my question....what would cause the pitman arm shaft to go a lil sideways pushing the seals in on one side and leak All adjustments are perfect. Only hiccup I

Quote Originally Posted by Afdude88 Well I took it apart again and found the problem. The outermost seal on the output shaft was torn. Couldnt even tell until you pushed on it. Not sure how it happened exactly but I am glad i found the problem. Now I dont have to shell out cash that I dont really have for a new unit. Pitman arm shaft seal kit will be in tomorrow and installed. 1993 Grand cherokee Limited 4.0L AW-4 At the point where it connects to the steering column Or at piman arm

Quote Originally Posted by OverlandZJ At the point where it connects to the steering column Or at piman arm Pitman arm 1993 Grand cherokee Limited 4.0L AW-4

JEEP CHEROKEE 1997 Cherokee SE Steering Column Shaft

Looks like Ill be addressing and changing mine. One of the u-joints is getting sloppy. Anyone done this job I have the blow-up of the parts in my jeep parts manual thing. Looks to be straight foward but wanted to ask as well.

I pulled knee panels off dash so could see the entire shaft. Checked both ends u-joints and the two bolts that hold the clamps tight on the splined shafts. No problems. No looseness. Did have a piece of what looked like the boot that covers where the shaft pieces are welded together that go to the smaller square shaft from the larger one near the firewall stuck in the firewall hole. Maybe it was making

JEEP CHEROKEE collapsible steering column

where does the column collapse when it collapses

I always thought the intent was to put a couple u-joints in the steering shaft and offset the steering wheel so that you dont have a straight line from wheel to steering gear... that way in an accident your shaft can move without it interfering with any part of your body. steering wheel crumple zones are for Volvos.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE clunking noise in steering column

Hello guys back again hoping for some more help with this 5.9 the love I had for it at first has been slowly fading but anyway when I am turning and going over slight grade changes in the road I hear a type of clunking coming from what sounds like the steering column any one else had this or heard of anything regarding this issue Also after installing the new exhaust last night which sounds great

I have a bit of a clickknock but ive determined its coming from my steering gear box I have a used replacment ive just been a bit lazy lol.

JEEP CHEROKEE Steering column smoke

Well yesterday driving home. i noticed smoke coming out of the steering column. n now its time to replace that. should i replace the whole wiring harness or just the part thatss bad.

Hey my jeep did that too I had to leave it up north get a ride home and go back up the next day with a trailer and bring it home (70 bucks in gas later) did you try to use any of your wipers or anything It might be the ign switch(like mine) I had my daylighters running though it oh and when i would shift out of any gear but drive the starter would come one It was wierd

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE II WJ steering gear box for WJ

Went to get an alignment done today and the shop is telling me that i need a new steering gear box how can i check if they are saying the truth and how difficult is it to install a new one. Found this one is it a good price httpwww.autopartswarehouse.comsk...A1278414.html

Been wondering myself how to tell if the box is bad or not. Just dont have one to compare it too. Sicne my PS pump had to be replaced for seizing up over christmas it just doent feel right. Seems at least to me too stiff and it wont track back to center when turning. Have to do taht myself. is this normal Feels like there is a bit of play in it as well and it wanders some which makes it feel dicey

JEEP WRANGLER Steering Column Question

Hey - Im new here - and new to the jeep world. I just bought a 91 YJ. It was this guys project and I think he ran out of time or money - but anyway I bought it to finish up. Its got a built up 360 in it from an 85 Grand Wagoneer. It has a spring over almost done on it (the welds are not good so I need to get them finished up). Ive put a HEI distributor in it (and replaced the cam gear). Ive got to

JEEP CHEROKEE 96 up Auto trans gear control Montana Fab

I installed this transmission controlleroverride in my jeep last year. I havent seen a writeup for it here so Im going to post a copy of my install thread for anyone who is interested. As anyone who wheels a cherokee very much has found Second gear is useless due to the way the TCU works. While the 95-down jeeps can use anything from a simple switch to a full custom shifter to manually control the

and looks a little more complex then the average 1-2 switch. As I understand it a wired switch is usually 6 wires(3in 3 out) on a DPDT switch. This rotary switch appears to be a Quad poleTriple Throw. It also has 10 wires coming out of the base of the board. Its also lighted and dim-able with the dash lights(might explain a few of those wires) I was a little surprised when I tore into the jeep.

JEEP WRANGLER Steering Column Issue.

I have a steering column issue on the jeep I just picked up and the gears inside slip and its hard to cut off and start the jeep. Its on a 1990 YJ is there any diffrent steering columns that are interchangeable like cherokee or something Just curious if not im going to complete my push start system

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Leather Steering Wheel Peeling

I have the Liberty Freedom Edition with the leather wrapped steering wheel. Its got the black leather on top and bottom and cream leather on the sides... Well the cream leather was getting a little dark so I just got some water and a soft towel and cleaned some of the dirt off of it. In the process the top layer of the leather pealed off and it looks like hell now. Unfortunately Im at 36500 miles and

Quote Originally Posted by jeep03kj I have the Liberty Freedom Edition with the leather wrapped steering wheel. Its got the black leather on top and bottom and cream leather on the sides... Well the cream leather was getting a little dark so I just got some water and a soft towel and cleaned some of the dirt off of it. In the process the top layer of the leather pealed off and it looks like hell now.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE What is the proper amount of travel in the steering box

I was just doing some work on the 97 GC Laredo and doing the usual look over of everything i decided to check for any u-joint play on the steering column output its is fine but i did notice some considerable amount of travel play in the steering box before the the pitman arm will move. The travel if i can put it in a measure of distance is this the steering wheel is in the straight forward position

resistance is felt and the pitman arm moves the steering linkages i visually verified this by hand turning the shaft after the steering column u-joint and looking at the pitman arm also. Is this normal play is the steering box out of adjustment or just wearing out. Thank you for any advice This How To applies to the Saginaw Power steering Box. I believe this box was installed on all Full-Size jeeps

JEEP CHEROKEE Power Steering Woes.

Well I am installing my new JCR bumper soon. Unfortunatly I two of the bolts broke off in the steering box. I thought my old steering sucked so for 140 I got a remanufactured box. First got it on and it was LOUD. I got all of the air out of the system and not it sounds much better. 1. There seems to be some slop still would a rmfg. box have the adjustment loosened all the way 2. There is now a hissing

I was flipping through my comanche shop manual for TPS adjustment procedure when I happened upon something that addresses your item 2 in your list. From the jeep Informations Service on Power steering gear Noise Certain 1986-1987 Comanche trucks may have a groaning sound hissing or whistling noise through the steering column. A redesigned intermediate steering shaft (between the steering column and

JEEP CHEROKEE steering problem

I have a stock 1992 jeep cherokee Sport 4x4 with 164000 miles and when I am driving down the interstate at roughly 70 mph and hit a good size bump it has uncontollable seizures and continues until I get down to about 10 or 15 mph. I have replaced the stabilizer shock the steering shaft between the column abd gearbox. I have checked the pitman arm(some play) the tie rod ends(normal wear) bushings foe

Quote Originally Posted by cherokee1992 I have a stock 1992 jeep cherokee Sport 4x4 with 164000 miles and when I am driving down the interstate at roughly 70 mph and hit a good size bump it has uncontollable seizures and continues until I get down to about 10 or 15 mph. I have replaced the stabilizer shock the steering shaft between the column abd gearbox. I have checked the pitman arm(some play) the

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Power Steering clicking noise when the steering wheel is turned fully left or right.

Usually when I turn the wheel to the left or right limit I can hear the pump strain but that is the extent of the noise. Lately if the steering wheel is turned to its limits either left or right I get a continuous clicking noise until I back the wheel off slightly. This has started in the last week. I havent changed anything or hit anything. Any ideas what might be going on and what I should look at replacing Thanks in advance for the help

POWER steering SYSTEM steering NOISE There is some noise in all power steering systems. One of the most common is a hissing sound evident at a standstillparking or when the steering is at the end of its travel. Hiss is a high frequency noise similar to that of a water tap being closed slowly. The noise is present in all valves that have a high velocity fluid passing through an orifice. There is no

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Steering Box Adjustments - Fix your Floppy Steering

I have been wanting to do this now for a while. I have had crazy handling on my jeep very scary. Just some background and things to check first 1. I found a lot of play in my trackbar bushings. So I purchased KOR durometer bushings that tightened things up a bit. 2. I installed KORs steering brace didnt notice a difference but it minimized a clunk noise I had when turning my steering wheel. 3. Replaced

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE II WJ 1998 Grand Cherokee Steering box. Help

I have a 1998 Grand cherokee Limited with the 5.2L V8. The steering box leaks like a funnel. A family member replaced the seal in the bottom of it where the Pitman arm connects but it still leaks like crazy. I have to fill the power steering fluid every 4 days or it will run dry. I am tired of it leaking all over my driveway and Garage so I just want to replace it and the Pump as I think it is leaking

Remove the air box and shroud over the stub shaft of the steering box and you have access to the whole shootin match Stub shaft mating with the steering column is a no brainer just make certain you tie off the steering wheel at its center of travel to minimize the risk of damaging the clock spring. Remove the pitman arm with the steering box out of the jeep a lot easier to get at it and use the required

JEEP CHEROKEE Steering shaft replacement parts and how to

So i think i found out whats been causing my loose steering wheel on my 1998 xj sport. I had the steering box out to swap back in mine which i still may end up doing the durango conversion but im not sure yet. If the junkyard has one for around 50 ill probably do it. But with the box out i was able to wiggle the shaft. The lower U joints are solid but it seems like the upper area has some play. Not

The intermediate shaft is pretty easy to replace. Did you take a close look at it On a 97-01 the intermediate shaft telescopes easily so you dont have to loosen or remove the steering gear as on earlier XJs. With the steering wheel straight ahead remove the lock bolt at the coupler to the steering gear input stub shaft. Youll need to rotate the steering wheel 180 degrees to get access to the lock bolt

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Major Steering Problem...Hoping someone can save me a major headache

Hey guys Im trying to diagnose horrible play i have in my 95 5.2 zj. It is completely stock suspension & steering. steering almost felt as if the wheel would move about two to three inches left or right before actually catching and steering. It never pulled to one side or shook just a major delay when attempting to turn left or right. Last week serpentine belt fell off I limped it home. Once I popped

Heres the instructions if interested. steering gear Replacement REMOVAL 1.Place the front wheels in the straight ahead position with the steering wheel centered. 2.Remove and cap the pressure and return hoses from the steering gear. 3.Remove the column coupler shaft from the gear. 4.Remove pitman arm from gear with Puller C-4150A or equivalent. 5.Remove the steering gear retaining bolts and nuts. Remove

JEEP CHEROKEE Weird Noise maybe steering box

Hey guys im sure some of ayll know my jeep sheila well ever since i got her there is a weird noise which sounds like its coming from right in front of the the steering column so i automatically assumed- steering box. The noise is a loud rattle like gears rubbing on missing gears and only made when i begin a left turn adn once i steer out of the turn it goes away. Any advice All opinions would help. am i right about it being the steering box and this is sheila....

JEEP CHEROKEE Leaky D30 tube sealsloose steeringwonky ABS (1990 Limited)

Ok so Ive been having some issues with my XJ which seem like they may or may not be related but Id like to solve them all in one go because its going to be a real hassle for me to get the jeep up on jackstands anywhere flat. First off its had kind of loose steering since I got it. That is you have to move the steering wheel a bit before it actually starts moving the wheels it looks like theres a fair

The loose tilt steering column sounds like the typical GM Saginaw (thats what you have in your XJ) 4 loose torx screws way down in the column. Internet search loose tilt steering column and you will see all kinds of links to helpful information on is a common problem. You will need a steering wheel puller (DONT pound on the column) a lock plate compresser tool and a pivot pin removal tool.

JEEP CHEROKEE Loose steering wheel

I know it sounds weird but my steering wheel is very loose. I have a tilt wheel and the colum seems to have become veryvery loose. Can it be tightened up

A couple of questions....and some info. Is the column loose between the dash area and the wheel or is it loose all the way down to the firewall There is a steel bracket up under the dash that has two bolts which hold the column up onto the steel structure under the dash. Those can be checked pretty easily.(and tightened) What I suspect though is that your tilt-wheel hardware is loose or worn. To access

JEEP CHEROKEE Odd Steering Fluid Leak in 87 Cherokee

I was replacing my front shocks this morning. I got in the jeep started it and cut the wheel all the way to the left so I could have access to the passenger side shock. I took it all the way to the max and then cut the motor off. When I got out and started working under the jeep I noticed that there was power steering fluid coming out of the lower end of the steering box I dont know what the term is

steering gear terminology the input shaft to the steering gear is connected to the steering column and is rotated when you turn the steering wheel. This shaft inside the steering box is properly called the WORM SHAFT. the output shaft to the steering gear is connected to the steering linkage that goes to the front wheels. This is done by an arm that is bolted to the end of the shaft that will swing

JEEP CHEROKEE steering shaft replacement

anyone know the procedure for replacing the intermediate steering shaft (from gearbox to steering column between u-joints) it is on a 93 cherokee w ps. i can see that there is one bolt on each end of the shaft that clamps it around the shafts at each end but once i loosen those the shaft will not come off. i can slide it about a cm but that wont get it all the way off. any advice

JEEP CHEROKEE Power steering whine inside

99xj- when i turn my steering wheel there is a slight noise inside the steering column It sounds like a vacuum leak. If I turn fast it is louder. Is there anything in the column that would cause this Vacuum or is there a greasable something in there It is possible Im just crazy i dont hear very well. Somethings going on. I have also noticed the steering wheel doesnt want to return by itself. It has

JEEP CHEROKEE bad steering rack

just picked up an 89 laredo and it needs alignment bad. however the steering is really sloppy too.. seems to click on occassion when turning leftright. the steering wheel probably has 3-4 inches of play before grabbing.. if it is the steering rack where can i get one cheapp

Your XJ does not have rack and pinion steering. It uses recirculating ball steering gear which employs a steering gear box and a linkage. Before declaring the gear toast check ALL the linkage for loosewornbent parts. Also check the SHAFT from the steering column into the steering gearbox.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ Power Steering 4.0 speed proportional How do I tell

Dont ignore problems folks. My PS pulley is shot -- question is should I replace the whole pump while Im at it. Just need to know how I can tell if I have the special speed prop steering or not. The non stuff is like half the price. Also if I do have the SPS can I eliminate remove it and just run a normal pump

Also if you had SPS your steering gear would have to be retrofitted with the correct Spool valve as steering gears with SPS have a different cut on it and if left as is without the correct power steering pump would give you undesirable and unsafe steering characteristics. Theres 4 critical components to the SPS the motionspeed sensor in the steering column the control module the power steering pump

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Loose steering wheel

I have a 95 ZJ and recently Ive noticed the steering seems very loose. As I am driving the front wheels and steering wheel dont seem in line. I can actually shake the steering wheel while driving and there is no effect on the wheels. Ive concluded that it is not the steering gear box because if it were my power steering fluid would be leaking. No leaks. No odd sounds when Im turning either. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Quote Originally Posted by shad366 I have a 95 ZJ and recently Ive noticed the steering seems very loose. As I am driving the front wheels and steering wheel dont seem in line. I can actually shake the steering wheel while driving and there is no effect on the wheels. Ive concluded that it is not the steering gear box because if it were my power steering fluid would be leaking. No leaks. No odd sounds

JEEP CHEROKEE power steering V-belt disconnected

Maybe someone who knows about power steering from the XJ V-belt days can respond to this power steeringbox question Can I drive my XJ for a couple of days (50 miles in the bush) with the power steering pump V-belt disconnected without damaging the steering box or something in the pump It has a toy diesel engine that why this situation is strange. So it is manual steering for now and I can deal with

Top off the fluid whether your belt is hooked up or not but as far as driving it manually I dont think the gear box will have an issue popeye but your steering column might you now are going to be twisting a lot harder on it and may eventually cause something to break manual steering cars of the day were built with manual steering in mind the components on a power steering vehicle were built with that


I need some help guys I need this fixed within the next couple of days Some of you may have seen my last post about my steering issues. The steering box itself is leaking and for the past week or so I have been running on manual steering (all the fluid bled out wouldnt hold any). The PS pump itself still works I tested that today. What im having trouble with is this 1 I cannot figure out where to disconnect

There should be a coupler where the input shaft comes into the steering gear box. There is a cross-bolt that attaches that coupler to the splines on the shaft and a groove on the shaft into which the cross-bolt slides. You must REMOVE the coupler attaching bolt and then slide the splined input shaft off the coupler on the steering column shaft. The pitman arm on the output shaft of the steering gear

JEEP CHEROKEE hard steering fix

After my steering got difficult I bought new a new pump and a new gear neither fixed the problem. Then a local tech told me to take the shaft that goes from the column to the pump off and heat the ujoints with a torch (warm but not RED) then quench them in oil. Did it and the joints loosened up and now my steering is fine. Need a used pump and gear in good shape check the for sale forum

JEEP CHEROKEE Factory skid plates and gearing

I am looking at some parts on craigslist and I came across a 1999 jeep cherokee somebody is parting out. It is a 4.0 auto which leads me to believe it has 3.55 gears. Now the guy I talked to has a suspicion that it might have 3.73. He heard somewhere that xjs with the factory skid plate package (gas tank t-case and front) sometimes came with 3.73 gear ratio from the factory. Im guessing if it does

Quote Originally Posted by CJ7-Tim No need for that just e-mail Chrysler and ask for a build sheet. The build sheet will list all the options installed on your jeep. i had did that last night Dear Paul Thank you for contacting the jeep Customer Assistance Center. We are pleased to provide vehicle build information per your request. According to our records

JEEP CHEROKEE steering wheel play

newbie alert I just finished searching the tech faq and cant seem to find any info.....Anyway I took my 98 xj 4x4 sport to brake-masters (a reputable shop) to find out why I have so much play on the steering. This is pretty much what he wrote down steering stabilizer 69 drag link 160 tie rods (es 3094) 69 out rods 61 x 2 All together with labor and a 50 computerized alignment he quoted me 550. I found

The stabilizer in NO WAY controls or limits the amount of playlash in the steering. Its sole purpose is to limit steering wheel kickback when encountering bumps in the road surface on beam axle designs. (Yes it will also dampen shimmyvibration but in a properly balance and aligned system these should not be present. Again its primary purpose is to limit steering wheel kick-back.) If you have lash in

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Steering upgrade

still have stock everything as far as steering goes it just feels lose and i can feel every bump which annoys me i have even replaced the steering stabilizer i wanna upgrade to something better i was looking at the IRO over the knuckle kit but it said that you cant run stock tires i through my stocks on every once in awhile for long trip so this causes concernin so here are my questions 1 is this stock

I recommend properly diagnosing the problem before throwing money at a new steering system that might not solve the problem. There is a whole range of issues that could cause loose steering besides the steering linkage itself. For example Alignment is off Tire imbalance Worn steering gear Worn u-joint in steering column Worn suspension bushings Any combination Lastly it sounds like you might be describing

JEEP CHEROKEE 95 XJ Country Steering Problems any input works

I own a 95 cherokee Country I4.0L that has a lot of play in the steering. Im not sure if its the steering gear box or the tie rods or something else.... Is there anything I can do to test my gearbox or other components to narrow pin point the problem Does your gearbox struggle to turn your wheels when your jeep is not moving Brian

Get a buddy and have him sit behind the wheel engine off. Have him turn the steering wheel side to side just enough until it gets hard to turn (and thus loads the steering linkage.) While he is doing this you climb under the XJ and inspectobserve each joint in the steering linkage. You will be looking for relative motion between two portions of the linkage--there should be none. (When one part of the


I am about to begin the removal and installation of my steering shaft. It looks easy enough but I want to ask in advance if there is a trick to getting it off and on the gearbox and column. Or do I have to remove the gearbox to get the shaft out. The FSM only has a diagram but doesnt discuss the specifics about removing the shaft itself. Thanks

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE No heat on passenger side - blend door gears

Ive got a 2011 Grand cherokee just yesterday heat stopped blowing out of the passenger side vents while heat still came out of the drivers side. Im suspecting its the actuator (hopefully) does anyone know how to access or where to access this part in these jeeps I really would rather not have to take it to the dealer for an 18 part. See attachment looks like its near the cabin filter is this even the right one for the passenger side Thanks in advance.

i finally decided to try and fix my issue so i ordered the gear and took pics of how it went in case it can be of any help to anyone out there. im not sure how to embed the pics so ill just describe and you can scroll down to check the pic. i took off the panels under the steering column the center console and the side by the drivers side in order to see the actuator which controls the temperature

JEEP CHEROKEE Another steering box question...

After careful use of the search feature... I am here. Is there a step-by-step DIY for R&R the steering box on my 1995 cherokee SE 4.0 4x4 Mine is done -- leaks like a bear no trick-fluids work. Nothing. Needs an autozone replacement but I need some info on how to do the job. Anyplace you can guide me would be helpful. Thanks Pete P.S. on the AutoZone parts list it shows Alignment Camber Tool Alignment

steering gear (Power steering) ------ 3 bolts hold it to the frame rail. 2 lines to remove and connect to the new box. 1 bolt to remove the steering column from the back of the steering box. pretty simple job

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