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jeep cherokee sport 1999 stock
jeep cherokee sport 1999 stock

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JEEP CHEROKEE Stock 1999 Cherokee Sport - Grizzly edition

Hi All I know that this question has been asked in the past but I have to ask again just to be sure I just bought a 1999 jeep cherokee sport and I want to know if I can fit BFG All Terrain tires in a 30x9.5 15R with no lift - totally stock. I also want to know what difference it would make (for fit) if any if I put these tires on the stock rims or buy a set of aftermarket 15x8 rims with a 114mm offset (I think thats the proper offset). Thank you for your help and replies. Jack.

JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 XJ Sport. New stock remote. How to program

I finally got the remote from the car guy I bought my 99 XJ sport from. I dont think its the original one but its the hourglass one and says jeep sooo. I picked up a new battery for the remote now I need to re-program it. Is it something I can do myself Or is it a dealer only procedure I found a few how-tos on the net but they refer to the IR model and not the 99. Anyone wanna share the how-to so I can use this remote Thanks

Dealer only for the 99.

have this problem as well. when i bought my 99 xj last summer the previous owner mentioned that occasionally the keyless remote would work. well it never seemed to until recently and would only unlock if i was standing my the left rear door. seemed weird... i had tried replacing the battery a few times to see if that did anything but i never got anything. where are the wireelectronics on the jeep

remote receiver is in the front dome light.

On aftermarket systems you cycle the ignition 5 times and then leave in the on position. Hit the lock on each remote you want programed. Then turn off the ignition and it should work. I doubt this will work for you being its factory but its worth a try.

JEEP CHEROKEE Is a 2 lift noticable from a Stock Jeep Cherokee Sport

I have a 1999 jeep cherokee sport and it is at stock height. It sits really low for me and i also want to be able to put bigger wheels and tires on. I have been looking at lift kits and most kits for a 3 lift and up start at about 300 and way up and labor will probably double that. I found a 2 lift kit that includes spacers in the front and shackles in the back. The kit is about 90. From what i Hear

I Hope This Helps I Bought the tires figuring theyd fit but had to get the Lift kit for all of them. I believe that there is a big difference.. 1999 2dr with 2 and 31s (Black) 1993 4dr with 2 and 31s (White) 1998 2dr with 2 and 31s (Purple) (rolled and totaled) The 1998 before lift with stock 22575r15 tires After 2 Lift with 31x10.50r15LT The 1999 before lift with 23575r15 tires After 2 Lift with 31x10.50r15LT

JEEP CHEROKEE DurfXJ 1999 AX15 Sport Build

I decided to make a build thread to document my jeep. 1999 sport Forest Green Pearl Luggage Rack and Running Boards 4.0 AX-15 231 DANA 30 Chrysler 8.25 Power Windows Bought the jeep on March 7th 2009 with 100783 miles on it. I noticed a small leak in front of the Transfer Case first order of business was Plugs Wires Cap Rotor Oil for trans and Transfer Case. I started with 8090w lucas gear oil with

the best part about those running boards is that the support square stock has rusted off completely the end caps are the only part that is attached i mean the fiberglass may flex to the ground. but my wife would like some type of step when it gets lifted. Im looking for something. rock guard with a step maybe.

Friday Night 1.5 ShackleSpacer Lift Installed on stock shocks I will post pics later but the rear was easier than the front. and the rear was not fun. couple quick tips stack shackles are small and look weak. I had so much corrosion built up inside the bushing that the bolt would not go through past the threads the easy fix was to cut the head off the bolt with a angle grinder and that sped every thing

section. included shocks coils and new leaf packs (shipping leaf packs is too expensive to make it worth while. 64 each side) went to take off the the stock leaf packs and realized how rusted the forward spring mount is. If I would have put more torque on the bolt my breaker bar(with super special 3 jack handle extension) or the rusted bolt head would have snapped like every other bolt under my jeep.

Time for Pics my wife and I with shacklespacer lift the trail the made me want new shocks and a larger lift and bent up my stock crossmember and punctured my rocker panel. Rustys 1 drop crossmember rear sway bar mounts turned into rear shock mounts. Muffler shop welding not great but cheap and quick rear spring pack with stock main leaf and OME CS035RB leaf pack. provided 3.5 lift with 1.5 shackle

JEEP CHEROKEE my 1999 cherokee sport

Finally got my jeep after several months of waiting. here it is. And to be honest with you all I like my white grill frame. It didnt have a stereo when i got it so i picked this up at Walmart. Pioneer DEH-11E plans for it are a 3 Rough Country lift. Cragar Soft 8s and 31 tires. pretty much your average offroad xj.

awesome man i was just as happy when i got my 1999 cherokee sport Have fun you can do a lot stock. It only gets better

Quote Originally Posted by TwiggyWizard awesome man i was just as happy when i got my 1999 cherokee sport Have fun you can do a lot stock. It only gets better i know i just went out with it tonight for the first time and climbed some steep gas lines. fun fun. but im excited when i can get my upgrades for it.

JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 Cherokee Sport Breaks - upgrade

Hi My 1 complaint with my jeep is the breaks. They really feel underrated for the weight of the vehicle. I never feel like Im going to stop when I want to Ive had someone look at them and they said theyre fine - no grinding or other problems. So... what can I do to upgrade my breaks Do others have the same issue Thanks

Well your brakes can be working fine but the fact of the matter is that the stock brakes suck The discdrum combo may work for chugging around in the mud but on the street Ill agree completely with you that even an empty jeep has poor braking. If you have to hard stop from 85 mph down to 0 with a passenger and some luggage youll suddenly realize exactly what brake fade is during that last 10mph to 0

Im running Powerstop front rotors and love them. Those and some Wagner Thermo-quiet pads and they stop on a dime (well 10x better than stock anyway) with 0 fade.

JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 Cherokee Classic vs. Sport...

Hey fellows this is my first post here. Two weeks ago I became the steward of a 1999 jeep cherokee Classic (45K 4.0L I6 automatic white). I have a few questions that I was hoping for some help answering since I cant seem to find the answers on the internet myself. 1. What is the difference between the cherokee Classic and the sport models other than the obvious lack of nice black trim on the Classic.

Congrats on the jeep and welcome to the board 1. Mostly trim. The classics also come with different wheels I think. Similar 5 spoke design but alloy instead of steel Some might have 16 wheels as opposed to the stock 15x7s on the sport. Not 100% sure on this... 2. Yes larger tires can affect fuel efficiency but usually its not tires alone that account for the difference. A lift (being higher up in the

JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 Sport- Temporary DD

I bought this XJ in October of 2011 with the intention of DDing it while I built my ZJ some more. Ended up buying it from a friend for 1750 with 130k on it. Its a 1999 sport 4.0AW4231 bone stock. Since Ive purchased it I sold my ZJ which got partially parted out and was a donor for a good chunk of CTEunuchs factory 5 speed ZJ build. Since everyone likes pictures And my previous ZJs. Green was 4.5 RE

Quote Originally Posted by squashman702 I keep forgetting that 1999 is arguably the best year for these jeeps. The sad part of your post is that I have almost everything sitting around to slap that together. I put the following away for my next build -Warn winch -Full ZJ Clayton LA kit with belly skid and 8.8 truss -T&T ZJ stiffeners -Dana 30 chromo shafts ruffstuff cover IRO C gussets and almost alloys

Quote Originally Posted by VegasGT I can understand that. No matter how right you do it they still make the best DDs when they are pretty much stock. Agreed plus the temptation to wheel this after wheeling something a lot bigger isnt nearly as bad.

JEEP CHEROKEE Stock 99 XJ Sport need lift suggestionshelp

New guy here. Ive read through the site a little and I have visited the XJ lift setups thread stickied above but I need a little more help than that offers. Ok heres the story. As the title said I have a stock 1999 XJ sport 4x4 and I want to improve the looks beef it up and add a little more off-road capability. That said I might be doing a little off-roading but no serious stuff. This is my daily

JEEP CHEROKEE Stock 98 Sport...33s

Okay I am thinking about buying a stock 98 sport with 117K on it. I will be selling my 95YJ but am thinking about using the rims and tires from the YJ to save some money for the XJ. I have been doing some research and know it takes a lot to fit 33x12.5 on an XJ. I am hoping I can make enough money from the sale of the Yj to do this. I have read that 33s with stock gearing is not the best set up but

I have a 1999 with a 4.5 RE lift and 33x12.5 bf mt and i think stock gearing. Bought jeep done and owner never said anything bout the gearing. But up here at 5800 ft i have no problem going on the highway at 70-75 and my mpg on my last take was 16. Not to bad i suposse for most of it being in town but I am easy on it.

JEEP CHEROKEE Common Problems with 1999 Cherokee Sport

Looks like a great forum I am looking at buying a 1999 jeep cherokee sport with the 4.0L. My question is What are some common problemsspecific things I should be looking for with this model year The jeep runs and drives good no abnormal engine noises. One thing that i found was some sedimentmud when I reached my finger down in the radiator. I also noticed that the coolant looked fairly dirty. I was

Quote Originally Posted by thooogy Theres a TSB for the 99s (and 98s) about an electrical glitch. Sometimes the airbag light comes on and the tach & spedo both drop to zero. Other gauges work. It can last a few seconds or an hour or more. Sometimes tapping on the plastic (or hitting a bump) will get it to come back. I am SO RELIEVED to find this thread. Im not new to the Forum (I own a 90 YJ) but I

JEEP CHEROKEE Need Help- 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4WD

hey everyone i am looking into getting my first car and I want to get a jeep and I have found this one and want to know if this jeep is good or bad and what you like and dont like about it and where can I get parts.

I am hopping to get it I am a boy scout and I am working on my eagle scout project and when I finish it my dad is going to buy me a car and I am almost done my project so. Would a 2 lift kit be a good start for that jeep and could I still keep the stock tires and rimes on it

Looks like a pretty good deal to me as long as everything is mechanically correct on it. The 2 lift is where most of us started and the stock wheels and tires will be fine with that.

does anyone have a pic of a jeep with stock tires and rims with a 2 lift on it

JEEP CHEROKEE Stock number of speakers in 1999 Cherokee(4-door)

A friend of mine has the exact same year and model(sport) cherokee as me but his came standard with 4 speakers(2 front 2 rear obviously) while mine only had 2. any particular reason and how hard would it be to get speakers installed when theres no place for them

JEEP CHEROKEE Largest tire size for stock 2001 Cherokee Sport

I just bought 2001 4 x 4 cherokee sport to use when kitesurfing the Texas coast. I cant seem to get a straight awnser on tire size. What is the largest tire I can run without a lift or wheel cutout. Any suggestion on a tire and size for fine soft windblown sand TY

I second the 2357515s. I run BFG ATs in this size on a stock 1999 and they fit perfectly.

JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 Sport ac problem

Boy is it HOT in Alabama My sweet little sport has a recurring ac problem. It seems to work well when sitting still. It has worked for 45 minutes at idle and for almost that long when moving. It fails only when moving. Any ideas on what could be wrong Last summer I had the system evacuated and refilled. Still did the same thing. When it blows cold it blows COLD.

Not sure if this is your issue or not but if you have a bone stock 99 A.C. system you have a suspect low pressure switch . There is a technical service bulletin from jeep on this. TSB 24-13-99 This TSB does cover your 99. In summary the evaporator freezes up and wont work again until it thaws out. Replacing the low pressure cycling switch with a REDESIGNED one from a jeep dealer is the fix. I had to

JEEP CHEROKEE Tires 1999 Cherokee sport

Ok well i am sure this has been posted i have searched and yet not to have a straight anwser. I am buying my first jeep cherokee sport its a 1999 i need to put tires on it. I have heard that 30s fit with no rubbing but i also heard that they rub. I want to get 30s but not really sure if it is goingto work. I am looking at the GS-A only becuse i used to work at a goodyear dealer and i can get a deal. But should i get the 30s let me know thanks mike

Just stick with the stock wheels or something with the same backspacing (5.25) or they will probably rub the fenders at flex.

I have 30x9.50 Wrangler GSAs on my stock 01 XJ. Im running 15x8 Ravine wheels off a 2004 Wrangler. No issues with rubbing but the most flexing I do is climbing curbs to park at work. I say go for it if you dont plan on wheeling it (at least with stock suspension).


I purchased this thing summer of 09 but joined this forum recently and just got the chance to get some new pictures. Here we go First off we have cell phone pics from when i bought it Uploaded with Obviously minor front end damage but the vehicle had 55000 miles on it got it for 2800 if it lasts me 5 years ill be happy. Didnt take long for those wheels to start looking crappy so heres

yeah and for all you guys out there maybe thinking about doing something with the doorpads they dont come apart haha. You have to tape it all off its all like melted plastic together it was pretty infuriating. Thanks stevieboy and mn4wheeler Im going to repaint the black part black so it looks even better and do the drivers side which is still stock haha

JEEP CHEROKEE Just Bought 1997 Cherokee Sport 5-Speed

Today I just picked up a 1997 jeep cherokee sport 5-Speed. 2nd owner owned it for the last 9 years and got married moved (to my home town ironically) and had to sell because of his family plus his wife cant drive stick. I was told this morning from a co-worker driving home from a site visit. On my lunch i checked it out. Very clean forest green cherokee sport 5 speed. No body or frame rust anywhere

JEEP CHEROKEE March 2006 COM Stocker Class vote here

Entry 1 96cherokeeclass 84 wagoneer 4X4 - 5spd (skull shifter w LED eyes) - rattle can camo - Flowmaster high flow cat - homebrew lightbar 2 6 lights - crate 2.8L w around 80K miles - herculiner cargo area - 2 bottle cap openers mounted on each rear quarter panel Entry 2 Offroadman83 91 jeep cherokee limited auto tranny 4.0 with around 130000 dana 30 dana 35 with stock 3.55s Has black leather interior

JEEP CHEROKEE November 2006 C.O.M. Stocker Class vote here

Entry 1 Reelrebel18 1993 jeep xj sport 4 door 4.0HO-AW4-NP231-C8.25(27)-D30 Suspension- 2 rustys offroad front coils 2.5 rustys offroad rear full length AAL Gabriel Ultra shocks JKS quicker discos Rear swaybar delete BFG AT KO 23575R15 EngineDrivetrain- K&N drop in Electric Fan Overide CSF HD 3 core radiator Optima red top ArmorRecovery- Rear valley class 3 front drawtite class 3 Warn t-case skid 48

JEEP CHEROKEE December C.O.M. Stocker Class vote here

Entry 1 homerscj7 1998 XJ sport 4.0 AW4 231 D30 Corp 8.25 Rubicon Express 2 BB w Add-A-Leaf 30 x 9.50 Cooper STTs Mopar Gas Tank Skid & TC Skid Custom 4x4 Tow Hooks & Brackets 4XDr D30 Diff Guard Endless Mtn Fab Rear Bumper w 2 Receiver Custom Rock Rails (new not pictured) Custom Intake w K&N cone Hella 530 Fogs Uniden CB The usual tools & recovery gear Entry 2 2000sportjeep 2000 cherokee sport

Entry 4 Darrin T. My Boys and along with our Church Youth Group have been working on a 1992 cherokee turning it into a Off RoadDune Buggy. This is a fun low budget project for all of us to work on and It has been a success so far. We started with a 1992 jeep cherokee Limited 4.0 HO LeatherLoaded and a little beat up but that didnt matter. 151K miles. Here is what we invested so far 100.00 Purchase

JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 Cherokee Which brake rotors do I buy

I have a 1999 cherokee sport with the 4.0 liter in-line 6 cylinder engine automatic transmission power brakes and Command-Trac 4WD. I need to buy 2 new rotors for the front brakes. I was told that they are the cast-iron type (not composite). I have a choice of buying rotors from the jeep dealership...OR...buying after-market ones from an independent garage or auto parts store. I have been told by some

Quote Originally Posted by adreed24 I have a 1999 cherokee sport with the 4.0 liter in-line 6 cylinder engine automatic transmission power brakes and Command-Trac 4WD. I need to buy 2 new rotors for the front brakes. I was told that they are the cast-iron type (not composite). I have a choice of buying rotors from the jeep dealership...OR...buying after-market ones from an independent garage or auto

JEEP CHEROKEE 99 Cherokee Sport Brake rotor issue

I have a 1999 jeep cherokee sport. Bought new rotors and after putting them on the front wheels wouldnt turn. I checked the sizes and the stock rotors are 12 (roughly) smaller in diameter. Auto Zone and a blevy of other places cannot help me. Maybe someone here has a part number or knows what they should be The stock rotors given as replacements were 3115s (305mm) the old rotors appear to be 265-275mm.

JEEP CHEROKEE August 2007 C.O.M. Stocker Class vote here

This month there were a lot of entries that were not accepted because they were not submitted within the rules. Either the pics were too big or you sent attachments instead of valid URLs and you are not paying members. If yours did not get accepted it was one of these reasons. Entry 1 rocketman121 1987 cherokee Laredo 4.0 4x4 5 speed 135k miles 3.07 gears 2 Budget boost 31 BFG All Terrains on 15x8

JEEP CHEROKEE Tires on Stock Wheels

Ok i have a question.....i own a 1999 jeep cherokee 2 dr sport its all stock now i want to put a 3 lift on it and i need bigger tires but dont wanna spend money on rims because theyre not needed. So right now i know i want a 31 inch tire but i dont know the exact size......can anyone help me out it would be a big help

JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 Cherokee parts needed.

I just picked up a 170k mile 1999 cherokee sport for 3000. NO RUST at all. (Bone stock. Gonna stay that way or pretty close. Winter rig.) For now someone deleted the ac compressor. All of the stuff is there for AC just no compressor. They installed an idler pulley in its place. Looks OEM so Im sure the idler was cheaper than a new compressor. Does anyone out there have a good compressor that they pulled

JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 Cherokee Will Not Start

1999 cherokee sport All stock And Auto Trans. Will Not Start Cranks Strong Yet The Amp And Fuel Gauge Do Not Work When Key Is Turned In The On Position. The Rest Of The Cluster Does Respond When Key Is on. Except For Regular Maintanance I Have Never Had A Problem Of This Magnitude. Checked All Fuses They Are All Ok. Any Ideas Any Suggestions Will Be Appreciated. Thanks.

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1999 XJ build thread

jeep WAS SOLD August 2011. This build is continued by somebody else. This thread has been started by me to record my progress as i continue to purchase parts and modify parts for my XJ. Starting out it is a 99 sport currently 101600 miles and is bone stock. As i progress i will update with pics. This thread is for your entertainment as much as it is my own. Nothing super hardcore just a DD that will

JEEP CHEROKEE Stock Cherokee Wheels fit Comanche

I have a chance to buy 4 stock wheels off a 1999 cherokee sport. Will they fit my 89 Comanche I know the older cherokee bolt patterns are the same just not positive about later models. Dan

JEEP CHEROKEE Cherokee stock specs

Introduction This page will detail the stock specs of the jeep cherokee (XJ) which was produced between 1984 - 2001 in the United States. That is a remarkable 18 year lifespan in which 2884172 jeep cherokees rolled off the assembly line Originally designed and built by AMC Chrysler continued the same design when they bought AMC in 1987. Anyways the cherokee was the icon of compact SUVs which led to

Common Design All XJs were built as a Unibody design with the body and frame rails tied together as one piece as opposed to a body on frame design. All XJs have solid axles front and rear. The suspension is coilsleaf springs. All XJs came with discdrums brakes. Dimensions (small differences may occur depending on optional equipment or trim level) wheelbase 101.4 overall length 165.3 - 168.8 overall width 67.9 - 70.5 track 58 height 64 height with roof rack 66.8 ground clearance (from differentials) 7.3 - 8.3 approach angle 37.6 - 38 departure angle 31 - 32.1 breakover angle 21 - 21.9 curb weight 2wd 2891 lbs - 2993 lbs curb weight 4wd 3057 lbs - 3386 lbs cargo capacity 71.0 cu ft. Body The body comes in both 2-door and 4-door styles with a rear hatch (liftgate). In 94 side-impact beams were added in the doors and roof was strengthened. The 3rd brakelight was added to the top of the liftgate. In 96 the body structure was strengthened some although it was not noticeable in appearance. In 97 the body (and interior) was redesigned to freshen it up a bit. Most noticeably it gave the body smoother lines by changing the bumpers flares and moldings. The front fender was trimmed just below the headlights and replaced with plastic bumper endcaps that wrap around to the wheel well. The liftgate was also changed from fiberglass to sheet metal in this year. The windshield washer bottle was also moved to the inside of the drivers side front fender. Engines 2.5L I4 carburated - 105 hp 5000 rpm 132 ft lb torque 2800 rpm - used in 84-85 models 2.5L I4 TBI (fuel injected) - 117 hp 5000 rpm 135 ftlb 3500 rpm - used in 86 and updated in 87-90 to 121hp 2.5L I4 MPI (multi-port injection) - 130 hp 5250 rpm 139 ft lb 3250 rpm - used in 91-00 GM 2.8L V6 - 115 hp 4800 rpm 145 ft lb 2400 rpm - used in 84-86 Renault 2.1L 4cyl. Turbo Diesel - 85 hp 3750 rpm 132 ft lb 2750 rpm - used in 85-87 Italian VM 2.5L Turbo Diesel - 140 hp 236 ft lb torque - used in overseas XJs 4.0L I6 EFI Power Tech - 177 hp 4750 rpm 220 ft lb 4000 rpm - used 87-90 4.0L I6 MPI Power Tech HO (High Output) - 190 hp 4750 rpm 220 ft lb 4000 rpm - used in 91-95 and updated in 96-01 to 225 ft lb torque 3000 rpm ( 00-01 models use a distributorless ignition system) Transmissions Manual Transmissions T4 & T5 - 4 & 5 speed manual - manufactured by Borg Warner - used 84-86 with 2.5L I4 and 2.8L V6 engines BA105 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by Peugot - used only up to 89 AX5 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by Aisin - used with 2.8L V6 and 87 with 2.5L I4 AX15 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by Aisin - used with 4.0L I6 engines NV3550 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by New Venture - used in 00-01 in SE models with 4.0L I6 engines Automatic Transmissions Torqueflight 904 - 3 speed automatic - used 84-86 with 2.8L V6 and 2.5L I4 engines 30RH - 3 speed automatic - used with 2.5L I4 engine 94-00 AW4 - 4 speed automatic electronically controlled - manufactured by Aisin - used from 87-01 (87-91 models include a PowerComfort button that adjusts the shift points) Transfer Cases The transfer cases used are all chain driven with aluminum housings. NP stands for New Process which is the brand if you will. The newer ones are NV instead which stands for New Venture. It is the same transfer case just a different name. NP207 - Command-Trac part-time only - 2.611 ratio low range - used 84-87 NP231 - Command-Trac part-time only - 2.721 ratio low range - shift pattern 2H - 4H - N - 4L - used 87-01 NP228NP229 - Selec-Trac - 4Hi(full-time) - N - 4Lo (part-time) - used 84-87 NP242 - Selec-Trac part-time OR full-time - 2.721 ratio low range - shift pattern 2wd - 4part-time - 4full-time - N - 4LO - used 87-01 Driveshafts Front Driveshaft - On 84-87 XJs (NP207 t-case) the front shaft is a GKN style shaft. On 87-01 XJs (NP231242 t-case) the front is a double cardan two-piece driveshaft with a CV joint at the transfer case end. Rear Driveshaft - The rear is a one-piece shaft with standard u-joints at both ends. The slip yoke is located on the output shaft of the transfer case. On 84-95 models the yoke slides in and out of the transfer case and is lubricated by the ATF fluid internally. On 96-01 due to a design change the slip yoke is external (does not slide in and out of the transfer case). This slip yoke is covered with a rubber boot. Axles Front Axles Dana 30 high pinion - reverse cut - 27 spline 1.16 diameter shafts 7.13 ring gear - used 84-99 (some axles through 91 are vacuum disconnect 92 are non-disconnect 89-95 with ABS have 5-297x u-joints all 95 have 5-297x u-joints all others have 5-260x u-joints) Dana 30 low pinion - standard cut - 27 spline 1.16 diameter shafts 7.13 ring gear 5-297x u-joints - used 00-01 Rear Axles (Note on Dana 35 axles sometimes referred to as Dana 35C - The C does not stand for c-clip. It stands for custom meaning it came from Dana unfinished.) (Note on 8.25 axles - none of these axles were used on XJs with ABS brakes. If you have ABS you have the Dana 35. Without ABS you could have either axle. 8.25 axles are c-clip) Dana 35 non c-clip - 27 spline 1.18 diameter shafts 7.58 ring gear 2.62 axle tube - used 84-89 Dana 35 c-clip - 27 spline 1.18 diameter shafts 7.58 ring gear 2.62 axle tube - used 90-01 Chrysler 8.25 - 27 spline 1.17 diameter shafts 8.25 ring gear 3 axle tube - used 91-96 Chrysler 8.25 - 29 spline 1.21 diameter shafts 8.25 ring gear 3 axle tube - used 97-01 Dana 44 non c-clip - 30 spline 1.31 diameter shafts 8.5 ring gear 2.75 axle tube - used 87-89 on some(not all) XJs equipped with towing package. Gearing 3.07 - used with 4.0L engine manual transmission 3.31 - only available on older (pre87) 2 door XJs with Fuel Economy package 3.55 - used with 4.0L engine automatic transmission 3.73 - found in some XJs with the towing package 4.10 - used with 2.5L engine usually and older XJs with the Off-Highway Vehicle package. 4.56 - rare but can be found on some older ( 89 ) models with 2.5L engine and auto transmission Cooling Systems Open style - any normal cooling system used today. Opposite of closed style described below. Closed style - has no radiator cap and utilizes a pressure bottle. This style cooling system was used in 87-90 XJs. Airbags Drivers side airbag (mechanical) was added in 95 . Passenger side airbag was added in 97 . Airbags changed from mechanical to electronic in this year also. Production Numbers of XJs built in given year 84 - 93326 85 - 120328 86 - 107225 87 - 139295 88 - 187136 89 - 207216 90 - 151230 91 - 151578 92 - 137826 93 - 144961 94 - 123391 95 - 120234 96 - 286463 97 - 258958 98 - 182845 99 - 186116 00 - 165590 (Freedom Edition - 2821) 01 - 120454 Total 2884172 Trim Levels 84 - Base Wagoneer Pioneer Chief 85 - Base Wagoneer Pioneer Chief Laredo 86 - Base Wagoneer Pioneer Chief Laredo 87 - Base Wagoneer Pioneer Chief Laredo Limited 88 - Base Wagoneer Pioneer Chief Laredo Limited sport 89 - Base Wagoneer Pioneer Chief Laredo Limited sport 90 - Base Wagoneer Pioneer Chief Laredo Limited sport 91 - Base Briarwood Chief Laredo Limited sport 92 - Base Briarwood Chief Laredo Limited sport 93 - Base sport Country 94 - SE sport Country 95 - SE sport Country 96 - SE sport Country Classic 97 - SE sport Country 98 - SE sport Classic Limited 99 - SE sport Classic Limited 00 - SE sport Classic Limited Freedom 01 - sport Limited 60th Anniversary Edition Other resources Factory Service Manuals or by calling 1-800-890-4038 (US) 1-800-387-1143 (Canada) DaimlerChrysler E-Fiche Service Parts Catalog 1981 - 1996 DaimlerChrysler E-Fiche Service Parts Catalog 1997 - 1999 DaimlerChrysler E-Fiche Service Parts Catalog 2000 (links to these online catalogs are no longer valid and have been removed. If anyone knows a correct URL please PM me) Special Thanks to these guys who supplied information for this page brcomputer TroyBoyM glenzx ageofzeppelin balloo93 MJR zappa UK Amethyst joeldavid cbremer 91XJLimited SV1CEC jeep4 White-Knight Scs748 and BBjeepXJ89

JEEP CHEROKEE C.O.M. April Stocker Class vote here

Entry 1 silverxj2001 3 Rustys BB (Spacer w94 ZJ springs shackle wblock) 30x9.5 Futura Dakota ATs Rancho RS5000 front shocks rear 96ZJ shocks Trimmed fenders Pre-runner bumper wlighting Cobra CBPA with 4 antenna Exhaust Intake T-body spacer Phat system dawg... Entry 2 XJ-Ken 2000 XJ sport 4.0L Auto NP231 2 Rocky Road Outfitters BB No rear swaybarquick discos 30x9.50 BFG ATs on stock wheels Custom 4x4

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1999 XJ Needs new suspension

Just bought a stock sport. Nice shape other than the rear undercarriage parts need replacement due to New England salt. The game plan is to eventually have a 3-3.5 lift running a tire size or 2 up over stock. Id love to buy the whole lift kit as one but dont have the cash for it. What I do need is new shackles and leaf springs. The shackles are scary to look at and the springs are slightly Z-shaped

JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 4 liter engine knock when wet

I have a stock 1999 cherekee sport auto 4x4 85000 well cared for miles. I noticed a knock in the engine after I went thru a car wash. I made sure that the oil pressure and level were good. I reviewed the fan shroud to be sure it was not vibrating and made sure the splash sheild was not falling off. I went from o to 60hard as possible did not hear a harder knock and then a short ride on the high way.

JEEP CHEROKEE stock rim width

my buddy is about to buy a new set of tires for his 1999 XJ sport (bone stock). I convinced him that now would be a good time to get into a lift since he is going to buy tire. what is the stock rim width and back spacing could he put 31x10.50s on a stock rim with that right amount of lift or is the back spacing going to cause problems. i told him that he might need to pick up a set of wagon wheels. if he needs to change the back spacing what would he need to buy thanks

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