jeep cherokee rear bodywork parts

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jeep cherokee rear bodywork parts XJ
jeep cherokee rear bodywork parts XJ

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Hey guys. I thought Id go ahead and post some details of an XJ build I started this week. I recently picked up a couple more XJs and Ive decided to put one of these together for my wife as a daily driver. Its going to be fairly stock with many creature comforts but nothing hardcore. Heres the plan Victim 1 (the builder) Redsilver 1992 cherokee Laredo (power windows and locks tilt full gauges full console

JEEP CHEROKEE Jeep build- up thread (pics)

..or I should propably say tear down. Hmmh.. just cant say anything else than that every time you start working on a car no matter what brand or model it always ends up to be something completely different than what you originally thought itd be. I bought my XJ about two months ago drove it for a while as stock and decided Ill need a lift and some other upgrades. No worries - order the lift and the

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ Another Daily Driver XJ Build (98 Classic)

Im not even sure where to start this thread... I purchased my parents old XJ (I say old... 280000 miles) on my last deployment because my WK keeps getting bigger. The XJ had a very hard life before my parents bought it last year. It was in multiple accidents and had been neglected. Ive decided to restore it and build my idea of what the XJ should of become in its last years from the factory. So lets

JEEP CHEROKEE Time to beef things up - - a build thread of sorts

Table of Contents page 1 Intro T&T (now Treks) frame stiffeners and belly pan REs Rubicon Gray paint matching page 2 TMR front frame stiffeners page 3 new exhaust page 4 exhaust sound clip T&T Y-Link suspension - flex testing page 5 beginning of door removal page 6 door hinge modification page 7 2x6 rocker replacements page 8 page 9 rocker completion shortening doors 1.75 page 10 page 11 page 12

JEEP CHEROKEE Just bought an 00 XJ runs like crap

Hi Everyone Im not new to the XJ world as ive owned 3 before this. I had a 91 94 and 94. Anyways on to the one i just bought. Its a 2000 jeep cherokee Sport 4x4 4.0L with 170k miles on it. It just had the radiator replaced along with the hoses and thermostat aswell as new tires put on. The previous owner mentioned that he had a constant over heating problem. I had the jeep towed to my house and will

All i have to say now is holy ... ive never seen so much gunk and sludge in my life as in this thing There were signs of coolant in 3 cylinders but in 6 there was a noticable amount. i checked under a uv light. See pics here PICTURESl Im trying to figure out what to do next. I have access to a jeep for parts its a 96 though. It has the 0630 head on it whereas this 00 has the 0331 which was known to

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ Pay it Foward... Unique XJ Pics... 1 yr Membership

Well since Gman_VIMB was nice enough to front the bill for mine I figured the right thing to do would be to pass it on. Well I looked around at some peoples threadprofiles and am having a hard time deciding who to give it to. So heres the rules... MUST BE AN XJ or MJ sorry. MUST BE YOURS Must be uniquely different like a v8 swap full length axles leaf front hydrualic steering. Those kinds of things. And must be a decent picture (No cell phone pics) Ill pick a winner on Feb 15th. Good luck

probably the most unique thing about mine is the fact that almost all the parts are homebuilt. i built the front bumper rear bumper rock rails spare tire mount longarm 4-link bumpstops tracbaraxle mount and some misc mountsbrackets. i also did the bodywork and paint. and the fact that its a MJ that gets wheeled makes it somehwat unique.

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