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JEEP CHEROKEE proven replacement radiators

Ive got an 01 cherokee that i have replaced 3 radiators on and now im about to do my 4th. I am currently using a Murray radiator (pn 432335) and the last one was a Murray as well. They are metal core with the plastic side reservoirs. The last one was leaking at the seam where the metal core meets the outside reservoir. I am not sure where this one is leaking as I am still investigating. Needless to

I never use radiators with plastic side reservoirs - they always end up leaking. I have never had trouble with an all metal radiator and these come with the tranny cooler hookups also. Ive had good luck ordering from in the past.

Ive not handled a BTR yet but CSF does indeed make proven solid radiators. I chose 2-core for my DD XJ because its a big improvement over the factor cooling capacity and I dont like how close to the fan the 3-core ride. One might think a 2 would have a bit better airflow through it as well. Plastic tanks not for me. Ive seen too many of them split out over a little overheat (see post below). Radiatorbarn

So does the csf radiator have a tranny hook up also this radiatorbarn place doesnt even seem to exist anymore. the reviews i read on the csf are mixed. am i missing something the cherokee is a pretty plentiful and popular vehicle i cant believe there isnt one product that is a slam dunk fix.

kewl thanks for the help. i am am just ready be be done changing these radiators. im just lucky it isnt another heater core.


..Have any of you guys bought radiators from E-Bay .. 1995 jeep Grand cherokee 4.0L.. Most are about 75.00 with free shipping.. These seem about 40.00 cheaper than 6 months ago or say last summer. .. I think Ill order me one as my ZJ has started to over heat and I see a drip at times.

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JEEP CHEROKEE What radiators will work in a 2000 Cherokee

I need to replace the radiator in my 2000 cherokee 4.0L. What year radiators will work in my cherokee Mine has the cap on the drivers side as well as the 2 transmission lines and lower radiator hose. Passenger side has the upper coolant hose. I am new to XJs so please let me know. Thanks in advance.

JEEP CHEROKEE Radiators suck need options

Im in need of a new radiator that can handle Phoenix AZ heat. I have run the 3 core csf all metalbrass before and that ended up leaking plus it didnt cool very well. Im currently running a Champion 3 core all aluminum and 2 12 years later its now leaking on me plus at highways speeds didnt cool that well. All my cooling stuffhoses etc is running good also running 3 electric fans. Im looking into running

Ill let the experts chime in but if youre having cooling issues with good aftermarket radiators I would say you need to take a look at the rest of the cooling system to make sure all the other cooling system components are working as they should.

All my other cooling system is good. Hoses sensor water pump etc Just need a new radiator since the one I have is leaking. Seeing what other options are besides the 2 radiators I have run. Thanks

rad installed in a 4.0. Very impressive but Im sure very costly. A Griffin-built Novak radiator for the XJ is 650. A standard Griffin rad for the XJ is slightly less. Those are the only all-aluminum rads for the XJ Im aware of existing anymore since American EagleChampion dont make theirs anymore. For a much more affordable option see this thread (original post and a few updates later) httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf11b...m-csf-1539851

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE lets talk radiators

as some of you know i recently fried the engine in my ZJ. i believe it happened because of the radiator i put in. on my build sheet it lists NMCP Heavy Duty Engine Cooling. before i replaced the radiator and the rest of the cooling system it NEVER ran hot. only reason i replaced it was because the tank was split and leaking. i replaced it with a spectra premium CU1394 from rock auto. i noticed now

if the radiator didnt cause my problems what did dont remember if i mentioned this but it only ran really hot when towing. the rest of the time it was fine. a little higher than id like it but in a safe zone nonetheless. and actually the first time i towed with it it still had the stock radiator and it didnt run hot at all and that was a much heavier trailer than the one i was towing when i fried the

Quote Originally Posted by eagsc7 My ZJ DID have a radiator replaced. The tranny cooler lines go to an auxilary cooler. I cant find where they would have gone into the radiator regularly. Does this mean that the shop put the wrong radiator in Currently its working ok BUT I want to dual plumb the trans cooler into an OEM Radiator. Why... More Cooling. I Fried the tranny due to overheating a couple months

JEEP CHEROKEE i keep cracking radiators. HELP

how do i stop this from happening short of dropping 167.77 for a alum one from radiator barn... i have replaced the rad. (under warranty) like 5 or so times after the 3rd i noticed one of the lower bushings was missing so i replaced that it made the rad. last longer but it is still cracking later on down the road the most recent radiator lasted a year without cracking but is leaking again... so what

also i believe this is the brand my rad. shop gave me. jeep cherokee Replacement Plastic End Tanks Radiator - 1991-1997 jeep cherokee - Replacement P1193 thanks

JEEP CHEROKEE stop leak for radiators

Can anyone tell me or explain why Bars and other stop leaks for radiators are so badIs there scientific proof that it does clog the radiator and heater coreThe reason i ask this is because several months ago i had the coolant in my radiator changed because of the sludge inside.I have this changed every year and have had the block and entire cooling system flushed.Every time the radiator develops a

I wish i had pictures of my water pump and water gallies inside my 89 cherokee head... it was so full of that stop leak crap that the water had no where to go... the po filled the system up with that stuff to keep the radiator from leaking... needless to say i had to replace the radiator water pump head all hoses and going to do the heater core in the spring when i have time to put the jeep down for a few days.

JEEP CHEROKEE Cracking radiators

so about every year i have cracked a radiator i have a factory replacement with plastic tanks and alum. center it keeps separating between the plastic and the alum. i bought it about 4 years ago locally for 140 with lifetime warranty and ihave replaced it about 6 times i think. has anyone ever cracked a CSF alum. radiator i was thinking about the 2 row CSF all aluminum for 142.50 is radiator barn the onlybest place to get it

In my saturn I got 3 bum radiators from that place I would look elsewhere. First had a leak second lost its drain plug after 10 miles and they didnt have a replacement plug 3rd came to me so bent it wouldnt fit in the car. 4th one worked so far....

Sounds like u have an issue thats damaging radiators....bad install rubbing rad mounting area tweaked etc. etc. not defective radiators thats 2 many rads in 2 short a time.

i did realize it has been more like 6 radiators i do have the rubber bushings in the lower support and i have the rubber blocks in the upper part. i modified the upper blocks a little to see if it will help i think the radiator was too compressed and had no room to move now it should have a little but not too much if that doesnt work i can just get new rubber blocks from the junkyard. if it breaks

i have cracked two stock radiators before switching to a CSF aluminum one

JEEP CHEROKEE All Alumnum Radiators on EBay for 2000 XJs

Has anyone bought one of the all aluminum radiators off of eBay Looks like you can get a 3 row for around 150 bucks. At 2 inches wide from front to back will a 3 Row fit under the top panel without hitting the fan I have my motor pulled and cant measure right now. An ATK replacement engine is in transit. Thanks Ty

I wouldnt recommend cheap aluminum radiators. I went through 2 Champion radiators and finally got a refund. Went with CSF and never looked back. Posted from outer space.

Quote Originally Posted by PhilipJ I thought Champions were supposed to be great but had all sorts of fitment issues with mine (lower trans fitting hits a support and the rad cap couldnt go on because the neck was right up against the header) and they never answered any of my e-mails. Using a 3-row CSF and Dirtbounds fan system now with no cooling issues whatsoever even on the trails in the middle of summer. My 2 radiators started leaking within 4 months. Posted from outer space.

JEEP CHEROKEE Best costom radiators

Hello every one I got a 89 XJ and I want to put a better radiator then factor plz help me guys

I had a 3 row CSF radiator from radiator barn and swapped to a 2 row CSF from the same place. The 3 row radiator does not give you better cooling than a 2 row will. The only better cooling XJ radiators than these are aluminum units from Griffin. Note that Novak sells a few selected Griffin radiators under their own brand name. Read this if you want to know what really matters in making a cooling system work well. httpwww.arrowheadradiator.com14_...utomobiles.htm

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Advice on radiators

Well the ZJ has finally started to seep coolant from the rad. It is not a huge amount YET but enough that I notice it(refill the overflow every 1-2 weeks). So before it becomes an issue(like in the middle of winter while driving to work at 5 am) I am looking to change it. I have seen a couple different ones out there including an all aluminum one. Are there any companies to stay away from or others to sway towards. Also any other tips. Thanks in advance.

Ive purchased a few from They have a 24 hour 1-800 number also. They always had a HD direct fit radiator for my applications including a 91 XJ and a 93 Ram. Ive heard good things about radiatorbarn also but have never used them.

When you can buy 3 of the Aeon radiators for the cost of 1 from the auto parts store....who gives a about the warranty

Where are you buying radiators Ebay Aeon radiator - 70 Local Autozone - 120 Local Advance - 120 use code TRT41 online with in-store pickup 80 Ten bucks more for a radiator that is local and with a lifetime warranty that doesnt require a mechanic. Ill take that any day.

JEEP CHEROKEE Are XJ radiators supose to leak or something

I recently changed my radiator in my XJ because it was leaking. I also changed all the hoses and what not. I also flushed the system too. The problem is that it will leak in the same spot as before Which is on the lower pasenger side of were the radiator sits. Is there anything else that needs to be done Are XJ radiators supose to leak

JEEP CHEROKEE How bad are the radiators with plastic tanks

How bad are they just wanted to know what you guys thought about them i have been looking at new ones and was or might be getting the one from the the one i am looking at is a 2row and is all metal anybody know who the ones they sell are made by i would go with the 3row but just cant swing it now how much cooler do the 2rows vs the 1row radiators run should i see a diffrents at all just wanted to know what you guy thought Thanks for any input

Personally Im not fond of plastic tank radiators theyre a very cheap approach to a critical componant. Wm

JEEP CHEROKEE SILLA Radiators are they good

Was wondering if anybody has used this brand ( SILLA ) of radiators before or is now they say its a top of the line replacement heavy duty with a limited lifetime warranty . i found it on think with shipping its like 120.00 its 107.58 before s&h part SILLA2335P and is it made with a plastic tank i cant find what its made out of anywhere Thanks for any help on this.

I hate radiators with plastic ends because they break often. Go to and get a full metal unit for 165 shipped. Worth every penny.

Is that what the silla brand has plastic sides i cant seem to find out what there radiators are made of i also no that 45 i diffrents isnt that much but i also need to buy a oil pan new lines from the radiator to trans (old ones are really rusty) etc. and what i have for money isnt enough to do it all but from everything evrybody is saying is to stay away from the plastic models it sounded like the silla might not be any clue Thanks

I had not heard of the brand. On Parts Bin it shows the 2335AA all aluminum for 162 the plastic 2335A (not P) is 175. Why would plastic be more beats me They are 2 core radiators limited lifetime warranties.

JEEP CHEROKEE what radiators fit my 95 xj

so i need a new radiator and my junkyard sells em for 50 bucks only problem is i gotta find one thatll fit my truck anyone know what years are compatible with my 95 4.0 or any problems i may run into switchin em out any help is greatly appreciated

Personally I wouldnt get a radiator from a junk yard unless it is obviously pretty new and I wasnt planning on keeping the vehicle very long. I think radiators are best bought new especially on a vehicle that has a barely-adequate cooling system to begin with and on which the radiator rarely lasts more than 10 years for most of us. IMO going for a used one is asking for trouble and seems like a good

Quote Originally Posted by Thegonagle Personally I wouldnt get a radiator from a junk yard unless it is obviously pretty new and I wasnt planning on keeping the vehicle very long. I think radiators are best bought new especially on a vehicle that has a barely-adequate cooling system to begin with and on which the radiator rarely lasts more than 10 years for most of us. IMO going for a used one is asking

JEEP CHEROKEE Good place for radiators.

Built TOUGH radiators Bookmark these guys in case you need a radiator in the future. Excellent build quality and terrific service.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE is all radiators the same

Ok here goes another part in my Zj. My Radiator is leaking and I already used the good stop leak stuff. it worked for about two month and now its leaking was hoping it would last til warmer weather. but no such luck so Im looking at radiators. Not the 88 dollar crap but like Silla and spectra and theirs couple others i dont want to spend more tthen 170 but would love to spend 130ish so in that price range am I just paying for the name and is there a brand you would recommend. ThanKs


i have a leak in my radiator in my 1988 XJ and i was wondering if the radiators from later years will fit or will i need one just for the renix engines. thanks mike

JEEP CHEROKEE ebay radiators

I need a new radiator. Ebay has them for about 70 shipped. Does anyone have experiance with these httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotorsjeep-...Q5fAccessories

I didnt know ebay made radiators.

JEEP CHEROKEE Ebay radiators

Has anyone ever bought one of the ebay low priced radiators If so could you tell me which dealer you went with and are you still happy with it Thanks

Ebay doesnt make radiator So NO. I have bought radiators on Ebay however. Most recently 5 years 3 pass for my ZJ Good so far.

Maybe youre going for super cheap or want all aluminum but I had been looking at radiators on Ebay- I wound up going through . I got an all-metal 3 row CSF for 168 shipped. Something to consider anyway.

Anyone else with info on the radiators purchased on ebay

You can also order the CSF radiators off Radiator Barns website and it knocks 5 off the price. Ive seen some cheaper all AL units but there were mixed reviews. I found a lot of positive feedback (and very little negative) on the CSF which is why I bought one. Yeah you can get the cheapest plasticAL radiator you can find on Ebay is your cooling system where you should be cutting corners to save a buck If it fails and it will eventually youre out that money again.

JEEP CHEROKEE Difference in GDI radiators

The Autozone website has two different GDI 3 row radiators. My question is--- what is the difference between the GDI 3 row (128) and the GDI 3 Row w optional heat buster (209) Everyone talks about getting the GDI 3 row but I havent heard anyone mention the heat buster option. Thanks for any advice--Kevin

Theyre great radiators. Im not sure about the heat buster thing though. It wasnt an option when I got mine.

JEEP CHEROKEE CSF radiators should i get it

so Im rebuilding my motor and i figured i should get a new radiator because of a very small leak. I dont want crap plastic tanks and im short on money i found this all aluminum radiator for 150. the thing Im worried about is if its low priced for a bad reason how is the quality thanks

The 3 row CSF is also visibly larger than the stock radiator. The stock radiator when provided with enough air flow can cool efficiently. If someone adds a ZJ fan clutch to their radiator it will pull more air through the radiator causing more heat to dissipate. However the fault in cherokee cooling systems IMO is the amount of airflow through the radiator as well as the already small engine compartment

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