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JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator matching

i was assuming that radiators from 84-01 were all the same im in the maket for a new one and i want the best one for the cheapest which one of these would you suggest and whats the difference in how many cores jeep WAGONEER XJ 1987 1988 1989 1990 4.0 L6 radiator eBay Motors (item 200469658401 end time Nov-02-10 172850 PDT) jeep WAGONEER XJ 87 88 89 90 4.0 L6 radiator NIB NEW eBay Motors (item 320528290049

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Tiny Radiator crack

I noticed when i was poking around under the hood while she was running that i have a TINY TINY crack on the radiator where the upper hose comes in on the passenger side. Can i do anything to stop this (JB plastic weld) Or something besides replacing the whole radiator It doesnt leak out too bad at all... It is the Original radiator... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated... Going to keep a gallon

I replaced the radiator a few times in my jeep Grand cherokee with 4.0L. If you have lots of patience its not that hard. Raise your jeep with either car ramps or jack stands. Make sure that it is safe to 1) Remove the front bumpergrille. You will need an electric drill to remove the plastic rivets. You will need to buy new plastic rivets from Harbor Freight Tools (if you dont have plastic rivet gun

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JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Radiator opinions... Please take a look.

I am in the middle of revamping my cooling system after a water pump failure. Need some opinions on what replacement radiator to order maybe some of you have used the CSF one. Here are the two I am looking at. Speedy Car Parts - Auto Parts and Accessories Catalog - radiator - CSF 1993 jeep Grand cherokee jeep Grand cherokee CSF radiator - 1993-1997 jeep Grand cherokee - CSF CSF2632 jeep Grand cherokee

JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator trouble & cluncking noise too - 1995 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L

Hi All I have a 1995 jeep cherokee 4.0L - Manual Transmission My hose connecting to my radiator cap broke off last night. Seems the nipple protruding out snapped off. This is the hose connecting from the coolant container. So Ive already been advised I gotta replace the radiator. Its been 7 years since I did this last. So far Its been suggested to get an all metal radiator to help prevent this type

JEEP CHEROKEE cherokee radiator problem

I have an 89 cherokee with the 4 ltr engine that has the remote tank rather than a normal cap on the radiator. Ive gone thru two tanks in the last year one cracked and the cap on the second one will not seal. When it gets hot it slips a thread and the engine overheats. Ive been told that more recent cherokees have a cap on the radiator itself but nobody seems to know if it will fit my jeep. It looks

Take some time and check out the Tech sticky at the top of the forum. To save you a few clicks here are the links to write-ups on converting from closed to open cooling. www.geocities.comchmwatsonFAQsjeepradconv_overflow-bottle.html httpwww.olypen.comcraighrad.htm www.madxj.comMADXJtechnicaltechnicalfilesJTopenSystemSwitchOpenSystemSwitch.htm EDIT A minute late--he he.

JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator Leak which radiator stop leak - Need help

My radiator is leaking on the drivers side - along the edge where it turns to plastic. Should I try stop leak or just buy a new radiator Im in Canada right now and this site has three options listed 1999 jeep cherokee SE 4.0 L6 - radiator - BUY 1999 jeep cherokee SE 4.0 L6 - radiator The cheapest one says that it fits postal vehicles I guess that is no good for me Which of the other two options should

Stop leak causes more problems 99% of the time than it fixes.... I cannot count the of engines and cooling systems ive torn into and seen stop leak gobbed up and stopping up things it shouldnt be. Here are some threads on the CSF radiator. httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf11b...sf-gdi-785886 Aluminum radiator for XJ - BEWARE - jeep cherokee Forum

JEEP CHEROKEE 1998 Cherokee cooling issues- Looking for the best bang for buck radiator

My 1998 cherokee 4.0 automatic overheats for a few reasons i kno. One is the electric fan doensnt work and also the clutch fan has no shroud. But thats not as bad as the fact the radiator leaks. Ive ordered the new fan and shroud but i want to get a quality radiator that will keep my temps under 200. I have a 180 thermostat i just installed so i dont see any reason the motor will go over 200 in any

JEEP CHEROKEE Need Help Buying radiator. advice appreciated.

Hey there cherokee community Ive been having one of the worst weeks in my life. Earlier this week my purebred Husky of eight years Clyde passed away. A day later my cherokee overheated and the cause of the problem was the radiator. Apparently there was a coolant leakage along with some damaged fins. Replacing the radiator is the only option and Ive decided to buy one online. Ive been scammed too many

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Radiator inlet neck broken

Hi all used these forums for some quick fixes on my jeep. I just took my jeep for an oil change yesterday and after getting it back I noticed my AC was not working properly (It would blow cold for a bit then be warm) as I parked it my check gauges light came up I heard a pop and steam and Antifreeze started leaking out. When I popped the hood the actual neck of the inlet broke off the radiator. From

I have a 2000 jeep Grand cherokee 4.0L. I replaced the radiator by myself last week. It wasnt that hard. Are you good with wrench If so you can do that. Youll need Torx tools to loosen some of torx-head screws. For the first time it would take you about 4 to 6 hours. I had to remove the radiator TWICE because I didnt tighten the fittings to the new radiator in the first place. For the 2nd time of removal

JEEP CHEROKEE Mystery radiator leak on 98 Cherokee...only in Winter

I have a strange issue that occurs mainly in the Winter with my jeep cherokee (6 cylinder). I noticed coolant dripping on the ground about a year ago and had the radiator checked. It appears that the leak is coming from the slight left front side of the jeep.....when facing the front of the jeep. Strangly enough 2 pressure tests over the past year show the radiator is strong however I still have to

JEEP CHEROKEE whats the best way to flush out my radiator in my 2001 xj cherokee

what is the best way to fully flush out my radiator to remove all of the old coolant from the engine block and heater system

Just finished using the PRESTONE Super radiator Flush (2-bottles for 12-quarts and above) in our 2001 jeep cherokee. Took a long time to get system emptied -- running clear with distilled water -- (jeep radiator tank [2001] is plastic with lousy plastic draincock assembly difficult to get to without a sidewinder ratchet went and bought one as book says to remove entire front grille assembly) -- added

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ Ok guys. Im having a radiator problem and i really need your help....&128532

Ok a friend of mine installed a new radiator into my 2002 jeep grand cherokee laredo 6cylinder 4.0l 44. Now underneath car i know there are those thin silver little metal pipes that run from the middle of the car from where seems to be the transmission all the way to the front of the radiator. Now here is my firt dilemma. What are those 2 thin pipes called and are they the same thing. Of not can u

JEEP CHEROKEE Transmission cooling and Radiator

I have a 1988 cherokee Sport with the 4.0L and a 5 spd transmission. The radiator in this jeep has sprung a leak so it needs to be replaced. I picked up a radiator from Kragen yesterday however this new radiator has as viewed from the front of the jeep two fittings on the right side of the radiator that my stock radiator does not have. They appear to be transmission cooling lines. The stock radiator

JEEP CHEROKEE HELP with radiator cap overflow

Greetings folks. This morning me and my wife jumped in her 2001 jeep cherokee sport and about 3 mins after I started it the radiator cap spewed out rusty looking coolant. So we took my truck grabbed a new radiator cap and radiator fluid and went home. I removed the lower radiator hose and flushed the system the best I could. I also noticed the overflow tank was bone dry. I replaced the lower hose and

JEEP CHEROKEE I have a jeep 96 cherokee country radiator

I have a jeep 96 cherokee country radiator. I replace the radiator last year because it had a hole in it. Will it has a hole in it again in the some spot. And spot leak made it worse. I need ideas

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ Radiator Change 1995 4.0 Cherokee County

So I had to get a new radiator for my brothers 1995 jeep cherokee Country because the old one was leaking. Im kind of regretting not having the old one fixed as this one has been a PITA to install. Anyway Ive pretty much figured everything except one small problem. This post is what holds the actual radiator to that long metal topcover thingy. Anyways I cant seem to remember what nut goes over this

JEEP CHEROKEE Rust in my radiator

Hi guys Im just a guy who can change his own oil and Id value your opinion on a matter. As far as I can remember the 1998 jeep cherokee Ive owned has had rusty radiator water and I didnt know to pay it any mind. It also developed a leak in the radiator shortly after I took ownership of it which I patched with some of that aftermarket sealer stuff (something Ill never do again--I learned my lesson).

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ XJ Cherokee overheats at idle after replacing headradiatorwater pumpetc.

Hi all My wife and I have a 96 jeep cherokee with the 4.0L motor. Long story short we took it on a long road trip last summer and overheated it waiting in line at Canadian customs. Since then its had a rough idle with a sporadic misfire. It had low compression on 2 and a wet compression test and the dollar bill in the tailpipe trick suggested a burned valve. Over our spring break we decided to fix

JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator Followup Questions (after searching)

Hey Everyone I just wanted to follow up with some questions I had after doing some searches... My radiator is shot (leaking) and it is time to replace it. I am going to upgrade to a 3 core metal. In my searches I notice CSF 3-Core radiators mentioned... what does CSF stand for Is this the one sells It just says 3-core metal (not CSF). Also.. Ive seen some say that the radiator they

JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator cap leaking coolant

Hey Im new to this forum and my first time on any forum .... i did post this same thread on the jeep fourm but not the cherokee fourm....well any ways I have a 94 cherokee its lifted with rims tires and gears also lockers front and back.... But my problem is while Im driving on the road regular its okay and takes me any where with no problems but ONLY when Im on the sand and pounding it full throttle

JEEP CHEROKEE Best Replacement Radiator for 2000 Cherokee

Need to know the best replacement radiator for a 2000 jeep cherokee Sport 4.0 L 6V. Perferably something that is a direct fit. There are radiators that have an transmission oil cooler do I need that


I know alot of you have been down this road but even with 3 Xjs this is a first for me. The 99 is seeping around the tank edge and the 01 flat out let go at the same spot. Both are the seemingly crappy plastic tank units. So whos replacement radiator have you used and how good or bad was it

With 3 XJs and nearly 900 jeepForum posts you still made another cherokee radiator thread Oh well. Plastic tanks really arent necessarily that crappy (lots of third party manufacturers cut corners making them though) but usually people are too committed to hating them that I dont even bother trying to change their minds anymore. I would have liked an OEM style rad myself but it seemed impossible to

JEEP CHEROKEE radiatorfail

So i was installing some fog lights the other day and noticed a radiator leak on the passenger side. It seems to be signficant enough for me to go ahead and replace it before weather starts getting warmer. Will it be okay for me to just drain the fluid from the radiator and not from the block and do the radiator swap. Fluid has been changed regularly and looks good. Also any brands of radiator i should

Posted by awkrueger If youre looking for a good replacement radiator check out Built Tough radiator. Heard alot of good things about them. Thats where Ill be getting my replacement. seems legit but im looking for a rad to fit a 95 XJ auto trans. read this product description httpbtr-radiator.comPartsListing.aspx BTR Part 1193-3MT Flat Rate Shipping 25.00 Name 1991-1997 jeep

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ Replacing my radiator...2000 XJ

Hi All Im in the middle of replacing the radiator on my 2000 jeep cherokee XJ. Just thought Id drop a few tips to anyone else out there who is thinking about or in the middle of their replacement and having a hell of a time..... 1. The diagnosis mine was leaking from the passenger side. Intermittently. I suspected the drain plug. I took off the front grill and light cover. Reached in and loosened the

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Stalling before and more frequently after changing radiator

Introduction Hi I want to introduce myself before I ask for any help. My name is mike Ive been browsing these forums intermittently since about the middle of January this year while Ive been looking for a good deal on a Wrangler but I seem to have grown fond of my ZJ recently after realizing how cold Wranglers are in the winter. I currently have a 1996 jeep Grand cherokee Laredo(Straight 6) that is

JEEP CHEROKEE Need a Radiator After Car Overheated. Need Advice

Hello everyone. First of all I hope Ive posted this in the correct section. Forgive me If I havent. Im ok with it being moved to its correct forum section if need be. Anyways I own a 91 jeep cherokee. This car has been great to me since I purchased it used from a buddy just over a year ago. Its fulfilled its job quite well while sparing me any headache. However just yesterday my car overheated on me.

Hey all Im new to this forum but I have used for a long time for some great information. After 200000 miles on my 2000 cherokee Classic I found that I had a warped head due to overheating problems. Also the local radiator shop replaced my radiator when it finally died with a cheap plastic-endcapped radiator. Since then the temp runs hot (215) on hot days and the fan runs a lot - I run

Quote Originally Posted by BonesMahoney Hey all Im new to this forum but I have used for a long time for some great information. After 200000 miles on my 2000 cherokee Classic I found that I had a warped head due to overheating problems. Also the local radiator shop replaced my radiator when it finally died with a cheap plastic-endcapped radiator. Since then the temp runs hot (215) on

JEEP CHEROKEE 96 XJ Radiator trouble

Greetings For the past year I have been driving a stock 96 XJ I inherited from my parents and you guys on this forum have been an AWESOME resource when I ran into trouble (first with the NSS switch then with a dead battery and starter). So I figure I come back here and beg for more help on my latest problem with the 96 XJ.. Last night when I pulled into my garage and shut off the ignition I see steam

Last friday night I was driving my daughter to the skating and I noticed a smoke coming from the hood and thought oh great. So my boyfriend pulled over to check to see what it was and it looked like it was coming from under the jeep around the muffler. well we checked the radiator and it was full. then When we got home it smoked again. we checked and found that the radiator was leaking from underneath

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1992 XJ Cherokee OEM radiator

Does anyone know the best place to get a stock radiator for a 1992 XJ cherokee with a 4.0l L6 It is the Laredo edition and I need some engine cooling parts also. Thanks You can also use the later (91 and newer) version (Part 2671 or any 91 radiator) if change your cooling system to the open system used in 91 and newer XJs. This is easy and just requires the correct recovery bottle and some new hoses. httpdpgoffroad.comproductscsf-h...ngler-97-06-2

What stock radiator do you think you might want ... The 1row basic ... or the 2row max cool option .... or the copperbrass one they offered for the hot middle east sales market FWIW ... A 2row all metal is a good allrounder ... whether you go copperbrass or aluminium - depends on which faerie tales and sales marketing stories you like the best. Quote Originally Posted by djb383 ...... Chryslerjeep

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ Radiator Question

I have a 1988 jeep cherokee with the 4.0 in it and here is my question Ok so about several weeks ago I blew a hole the plastic reservoirfill for the radiator. I went and go a new one and it worked fine for quite a while. But today I shut off my jeep and all I here is antifreeze spraying everywhere under my hood. So I popped the hood and of course steam was everywhere. So my dad(mechanic) took a look

JEEP CHEROKEE What radiator

I got a 94 XJ sport and like all other xjs it overheats but latly its been real bad and creepin up to the red zone evrytime. So i flushed the radiator and got a new t-stat but nothing. So I am going to buy a new radiator cause the one i have now is in bad shape and wanted to know which ones are the good ones and which are the bad to get. Thanxs in advance.

Quote Originally Posted by muddyjeepguy85 I got a 94 XJ sport and like all other xjs it overheats but latly its been real bad and creepin up to the red zone evrytime. So i flushed the radiator and got a new t-stat but nothing. So I am going to buy a new radiator cause the one i have now is in bad shape and wanted to know which ones are the good ones and which are the bad to get. Thanxs in advance.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE coolant low in radiator but overflow tank is normalfull

We had our engine replaced last Nov due to a blown head gasket. In Jan I replaced the radiator due to a leak. Since then though we are still losing coolant The overflow tank is filled to the full mark but when I pop the radiator cap it is low. 1) NO heater core leak. (replaced heater core and blend doors a year ago). 2) I have checked that the overflow tank hose is not plugged 3) I have filled the

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE MOVED Need radiator help sad Jeep owner

I need a hand some ideas before I divorce my jeep for good. I have a 2004 Grand cherokee with a myriad of electrical problems and now I have a radiator leaking fluid at highway speed. Luckily it is cold in Michigan so it didnt really start to overheat but it was steaming pretty good and is definitely not keeping the coolant antifreeze in the radiator. The cap looks pretty dry so I dont think it is


So I made a thread the other day about losing coolant. Must have a slow leak coming from the radiator. Came out the other morning and saw a small puddle of coolant sitting under the front nose Is there a write up on how to install a radiator Is it very difficult How much coolant will I need after I get the new one on and after burping the system While doing a radiator should I replace any parts while

not hard to do drain radiator remove plate across top of radiatorheadlights. remove trans lines remove hoses. you can remove clutch fan or just push fan shroud towards engine and then pull radiator out. if you can wait a few days to save cause they are expensive at part store order a new one off ebay for 90 shipped or i have a good used one cheap. 93 94 95 96 97 98 jeep GRAND cherokee 4.0 L6 radiator

JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator Barn Radiator

Has anyone ever ordered a rad from They have what looks to be a nice 3 core with brass tanks. 3 ROW HEAVY DUTY ALL METAL REPLACEMENT Specifications Core Size 31 X 11-14 X 1-1316 Inlet Header 11-14 X 2-516 Outlet Header 11-14 X 2-516 Inlet Connection 1-14 RIGHT Outlet Connection 1-12 LEFT Transmission Oil Cooler 7-12 Engine Oil Cooler NONE Mounting TOP CRADLEBOTTOM PIN Notes THREE ROW

JEEP CHEROKEE Replacing lower radiator hose

Noticed little coolant leakage the other day from the lower radiator hose. Im pretty handy with fixing stuff but before digging in I want to make sure Ive got everything down. First drain the coolant out of the radiator. Does anyone know how large of a bucket Ill need to drain into Secondly pop off the two quick connects. Replace hose. Refill radiator with new coolant. My question with that is what

JEEP CHEROKEE No heat - gunk in radiator

OK so I am a bit new to this but I have a 2001 cherokee Sport 4x4 4.0L straight 6 with just under 100K on it. Looks like its never had a flush and the heat doesnt work now I need it - much gunk in the radiator and the antifreeze looks like.... well its gross Tried to drain it but though the petcock turns nothing comes out and anyone who owns one of these will tell you there arent too many other places

flush n fill - let them deal with the pain of properly draining it but Im worried theyll tell me its so badly gunked that x y and z need replacing for a grand total of 1000 - cant afford this right now...... So anyone Help Thanks Andy I manage a quick lube (oil change joint). We do a lot of coolant exchanges this time of year and we see a lot of people that have your same problem. Take your jeep

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Replacing PWM radiator fan relay

2003 jeep grand cherokee laredo 4.0L last week got stuck in traffic running the AC and overheated boiled coolant out everywhere. Long story short the radiator fan wasnt coming on. Turned out to be fortunately the PWM relay behind the passenger side headlamp bumper. Figured Id share my experience maybe itll help someone. I had searched for fixes here and came up with scattered results. I also have

JEEP CHEROKEE Help Road Trip Radiator Problems

hey gys im at a hotel in connecticut right now and my jeep is half way home at a service station sitting.. it is overheating real bad my radiator has more than half the fins missing.. i am going to swap outand put in a new radiator tomorrow but dont have any tools.. so i am going to buy whateecr toools i need even though i have thousands of dollars worth at home.. anyway i have changed out a radiator

JEEP CHEROKEE Will A Radiator From A 1988 Fit In A 98 Jeep Cherokee

Title says it all will a radiator bought for a 1988 cherokee fit in a 98 jeep cherokee.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE II WJ 2000 wj v8 4.7l radiatorair problems

Hey guys I am having a problem with a few things I am aware of the crack in the radiator. I do not know much about cars. I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee V8 4.7L. Here is whats wrong 1.) radiator is leaking coolant from the very front center. At first the leaking wasnt too bad. I had to refill the coolant after about a week. 2.) Blower motor was not working. (replaced the BM resistor which fixed it)


I have a 1994 cherokee SE with the 2.5 4cyl. I need a new radiator and was looking to get one at a junk yard i am selling this jeep cause i just bought a newer cherokee. My question is what models and years radiator will fit this one I figured any 4cyl cherokee or any wrangler with the same engine. Does anyone know

JEEP CHEROKEE How to remove lower radiator hose 1999 XJ

I need to replace my lower radiator hose. The hose still has the factory type hose clamp (the type that must be squeezed together to be removed). The darn tabbs that need squeezed together are pointing straight up so that I cannot get any of my pliers on the tabs so I cant get it off. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get it off Is there a special tool for this or am I literally hosed

I replaced the rad on my 2000 the summer of 2007 I thought the clamp on the bottom of the water pump was a little tough but the channel locks saved the day keep working at it. I thought disconnecting the automatic transmission line from the radiator was the long pole in the tent for that job. My Pontiac Montana minivan was much worse than the jeep for hose replacement had to remove the coolant overflow

JEEP CHEROKEE 3core radiator benefits

Hey guys I need a new radiator and was looking at my options. has a decent deal for 3 core radiators. My other option is just to put stock radiator in it. Now my question is what are the benefits of a 3 core radiator Its mostly DD Im also changing out water pump and pretty much whole cooling system. Im guessing now would be the best time to install a trans cooler too.. Thanks in advance

I got a 1999 jeep cherokee that has a replacement radiator from a junkyard . . . I discovered that after I bought the jeep. Would it be beneficial to install a 3-Core in my jeep For a while I thought I had a blown head gasket in my jeep cherokee but then I found the yellow market on the radiator that indicated that it came from a junkyard . . . so yeah . . . -Grantsjeep

JEEP CHEROKEE New Radiator Questions

So I got my system pressure tested today and found out that the radiator is leaking out of the passenger side. Started looking around at different threads and have a few questions... 1) Is it worth it to spend a little extra and get a 3 core (some might say heavy duty) over a 2 core I live in Colorado and do mostly mountain trails. 2) Does anyone have any suggestions on a good radiator I would like

I pressured tested mine a little while ago my radiator is also leaking on the passenger side. Id say its definitely worth it for the 3 core there not that much more expensive and the 4.0 does tend to be a warm running motor as in anything that you could do to keep your jeep running at the appropiate temp longerwhile under load or on the trail you should do it. Theres not alot of space under the hood


I own a jeep cherokee 4ltr 6 cylinder 1990 .I have a little problem. The radiator of the car is damaged.Indeed on the back side where the fan is located you can see some minor damageand the radiator is wet at that spot. It needs to be replaced but according to our local workshop also the ac unit needs to be replaced because radiator and ac is one complet unit. Im not a technician ore

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE II WJ 1999 grand cherokee radiator

Im was looking for a new radiator for my 99 grand cherokee limited 4.0. I came across one that confused me maybe someone here can clarify. This one says 1999-2004 jeep GRAND cherokee 4.0L L6 ENGINE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION WITHOUT EOC WITH TOC 12 it may be something dumb but what is a EOC or TOC 12 and how do i find out which one i need

Example offers of car parts jeep cherokee radiator

  • JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator 609881 2.5 ltr 01/1991 - 01/1997 - United Kingdom (76.21 GBP)
  • JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator 61001 2.5 ltr 01/1994 - 01/1997 - United Kingdom (135.90 GBP)
  • JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator 609901 5.2 ltr 01/1993 - 01/1998 - United Kingdom (99.30 GBP)
  • JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator 609881 2.5 ltr 01/1997 - 03/2001 - United Kingdom (76.21 GBP)
  • JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator 60997 2.5 ltr 01/1991 - 01/1997 - United Kingdom (252.70 GBP)
  • JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator 609901 5.2 ltr 01/1993 - 01/1998 - United Kingdom (99.30 GBP)
  • JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator 609881 2.5 ltr 01/1984 - 12/1986 - United Kingdom (76.21 GBP)

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