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JEEP CHEROKEE Gurgling sound coming from box near fuel tank

First of all I am the proud new owmer of a 1998 4x4 cherokee. My previous truck was a 1996 4x2 cherokee you all of your posts made me make the jump to 4x4. My 98 has a box near the fuel tank that has what appears to be fuel and vent lines leading to the tank and engine bay. Sometimes at idle and when the motor is off I hear a gurgling sound coming from the fuel tank area. I found a TSB 14-06-98 that

4x4. My 98 has a box near the fuel tank that has what appears to be fuel and vent lines leading to the tank and engine bay. Sometimes at idle and when the motor is off I hear a gurgling sound coming from the fuel tank area. I found a TSB 14-06-98 that seems to relate to it but I didnt want to pay the 25 to read it unless I had to. I was wondering if any of you have come across the problem. The jeep

Quote Originally Posted by GottaBejeep Are you talking about the box you see if you look underneath the jeep behind the rear quarter panel That is just a shield to protect the lines you mentioned that run from the filler to the tank. Does the gurgling occur shortly after filling the tank or when it is near full Both my 97 and 98 do that gurgling and sometimes a little knocking. Basically the fuel is

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel Tank Problem

Well I purchased my used 91 cherokee yesterday and took her home and detailed it. The light had been on for the gas tank for a little while so after i drove her around a little bit I took her to get some gas. She took in 19.89 gallons not that big of a deal she was probably just empty. I then added a bottle of STP super concentrated fuel injector cleaner. I then took her on some very light trails.

I dont see how it would be possble to puncture my fuel tank when it has what looks like a stock skid plate underneath it. Its plastic but I assume that it would work to block sharp things. Like i said I did some light trailing so light I probably didnt need 4wd but i was testing out the fulltime 4wd. So I am thinking that the gasket is broken or something at the top of the front of the tank. The jeep

Or if as you say you are questioning your fuel pump anyway you could simply replace the pumpsending unit assembly and be done with it. Youll be dropping the tank anyway so if you have the cash do it right. Check out Select jeep-1991-cherokee Laredo-4.0L-fuelAir-fuelPump- Electric. Airtex Part E7072S is the full assembly unit for your jeep I believe.

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JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Fuel Pump Works After Pounding Gas Tank Accompanied by weird noise

Hey All just want to confirm my assumptions with the community before I drop 280.00 on a new fuel pump. My jeep 94 Grand cherokee Limited 4.0 6cyl. For a few weeks engine sputters at idle misses or completely loses engine power on hills. Finally a day ago it just completely stalled out in the driveway and would not turn over after cranking. I was hoping it was an easy fuel Filter replacement but after

JEEP CHEROKEE 99 XJ Fuel tank capacity mod

I replaced my fuel tank last week and while I had it down I thought I would try to up the capacity in my fuel tank as some have done to older cherokees like this Although my tank is a little different and plastic it still worked pretty much the same as the older mod. I bought a piece of blow-by hose (the same size as my vent line) which was already bent into


My girlfriends 1992 jeep cherokee has a noise coming from the fuel tank. When we go over bumps we hear something hitting the side of the fuel tank. If I rock the car from side to side there is definitely something sloshing around in there that doesnt sound Kosher. I dont think anyone was devious enough to throw something down the tank so Im assuming something has come loose from the fuel pumpsending

JEEP CHEROKEE maple syrup in fuel tank

I just bought a 89 jeep cherokee laredo 4.0L 6-cyl 4x4. The person I bought the jeep from had a boyfriend who put maple syrup in the fuel tank. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I can rectify this problem. I plan on dropping the tank and cleaning it. I will also replace the fuel injectors fuel pump fuel filter fuel lines etc. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. This is my

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE IV WK2 2012 Grand Cherokee - Fuel mileage and how many kms to a tank

Hey all My wife and I are planning on getting rid of our 2008 jeep Commander 5.7L Hemi for a 2012 Grand cherokee with the 3.6L Pentastar. I am looking for real life scenarios on fuel consumption not the non realistic claims that manufacturers make. How many kms or miles are you getting to the tank Highway and City driving average...not the...I got 1000kms to tank once I know its going to be

JEEP CHEROKEE In tank fuel pump issues 01 Cherokee

Any one have any thoughts we have an 01 jeep cherokee with fuel pump issues. Had a fuel pump failure replaced the complete tank module & pump ran well for a few days than suddenly stopped no pump run when you key ignition replaced that module with a complete new unit still no pump run or start up. the two units that were used are Spectra after market units. Anyone have any thoughts or advice at this point.

JEEP CHEROKEE Does anybody know if a pre-1991 fuel tank will fit a 94 grand cherokee

a buddies cousin needs a new gas tank in his 1994ish grand cherokee and i have 3 parts 1988 jeep cherokees. I know for a fact that they design is different but the mounts look very similar. will the fuel lines and such be compatable thanks


Good Morning I have a 1996 jeep cherokee Sport 4.0L 5speed manual trans. I filled up the fuel tanks the other day and found that the seam in the middle of the tank is leaking. Is there a plastic replacement tank for my jeep if so where could I purchase it I am also interested in do just a small 2-3 inch lift what are good spring sets A friend of mine suggested a set of rears from a Chevy S-10. Thanks in advance Chester

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ xj fuel tank sending unit

I have 2 xjs and i have come to find that I cant buy a sending unit for the fuel tank. I need one for my 1994 cherokee sport but the local parts stores cant get one and neither can the Dodgejeep dealer. I also have an 88 xj with a throttle body 4 cyl which DOESNT need one but i cant get one for it either. I know that I could scout around at the junkyard for one but I want to avoid that if possible

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel tank sizes Im confused

i get about 250 miles a tank of gas my owners manual says that a 13.5 tank was standard but the 20 was optional. well i filled my tank up today cuz i let it drop all the way till the little indicator came on and it stopped filling up at 13.9 gallons... now i dont believe that my light would come on if i have 6.1 gallons left. im confused and i wouldnt really care but if i have the 13.5 im getting pretty

According to the 1989 jeep cherokeeWagoneer owners manual page 27 Low fuel Warning Light - Glows when approximately 2 U.S. gal.1.6 Imp. gal.7.6L remain in the fuel tank.

Quote Originally Posted by Wagoneer-1989 According to the 1989 jeep cherokeeWagoneer owners manual page 27 Low fuel Warning Light - Glows when approximately 2 U.S. gal.1.6 Imp. gal.7.6L remain in the fuel tank. Mechanical float gauges are subject to significant variability especially if they have ever been removedreplaced.

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel tank recall

I have a 87 cherokee should I be worried about my gas tank

hang as far below the bumper and the XJ has leaf springs and rear-shackle mounts that will take most the impact of an under-riding vehicle. Even on Grand cherokees (ZJWJ) and Libertys (KJ) the issue is blown out of proportion. The standards the NHTSA was applying didnt take effect until 2008 (after these vehicles were produced) the crashes in question involved high-energy impacts (like a stopped jeep

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ 97 ZJ fuel tank about to fall off - undriveable

I came out of a building late this afternoon and as I approached my 1997 ZJ from the rear I noticed the fuel tank hanging down with its left rear (passenger side) corner about 3 inches from the pavement. Both fuel tank straps had broken near the rear of the vehicle. There is no skid plate. It was dark so a friend parked his car with the headlights on so we could see a bit better and determine whether

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Fuel tank vent better filling by trimming inside tank Any pics from inside tank

Ive known for a long time now that some Wranglers (YJs) came with a looong vent tube in the tank to reduce the volume of gas you can put into the tank. Im not sure what piece of legislation would have made that seem a good idea but people have been trimming the vent pipe inside the tank for years to get an extra 5 gals in their tanks httpwww.4x4wire.comjeeptechfuel15to20gal I have only tonight learned

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE replacing fuel tank & intake aluminium manifold LPG

Hi all I am new to board. Actually a friend of mine just got jeep Liberty 4x2 3.7l 2003. I have few question. His car has this type of fuel tank httpwww.autosafetyexpert.comAssetsImagesdefect_fueltankjeep_fueltank.jpg Is there a way to install this fuel tank to my understanding this should be 2008 model cars Any other alternatives he is

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel tank leaks but only when full

Hi all Apologies if this has been answered previously. I did a search and couldnt find a satisfactory answer though. Im a complete newbie and all I know about my 2000 cherokee SE is where I need to insert the ignition key so I can go places -)) While going places this past weekend I discovered that fuel starts dripping from the tank when I fill it up. The dripping doesnt start until the tank is full

JEEP CHEROKEE Where to get a fuel tank grommet

Do you guys know where I can get a fuel tank grommet I need the one that the ventelation on the tank plugs into. I have an 88 fuel injected tank on my jeep and I was having a fuel leak when my gas tank was full and when I drove on bumpy roads. I dropped the tank to tonight and it looks like it had been leaking around that grommet on the top of the tank. I pulled the grommet out and I guess I pinched

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel Pump Tank Issues Urgent

I decided that this week I would do a maintenance standown. Changing all the fluids (diffsoil t-case but not tranny) replacing all 4 brakes (drums and rotors too) new valve cover and oil pan gaskets (with a RMS job included) obvious oil air filter and spark plug replacements on my 90 XJ with 175000 miles on it. This may seem dumb or excessive but I bought it in November for 750 bucks and I was waiting

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Fuel tank skid plate rusting away

So the fuel tank skid plate on my jeep is pretty much done. I can push my fingers through parts of the metal and that big plate on it is falling off. Yay rust... Id like to fix it but this jeep isnt doing any off-roading so I imagine I dont need this much protection around the fuel tank. What do I need to do to make this vehicle safe on the road again (ie Gas tank doesnt fall off while Im driving and

JEEP CHEROKEE Will a 91 fuel tank fit on an 85

I am in the process of swaping a 3.4 60 degree V6 in to my 85 cherokee in place of the 2.8 60 degree engine. I am planing on sticking with the SFI fuel injection system that was used on the engine so I am going to need to set up a different fuel set up to run. So I am thinking I can swap tanks for a newer cherokee tank. From the stickies it looks like 91 and up 4.0L were MPI set ups so I assume that

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ Yes you can change the fuel pump on a 1990 Cherokee without droping the tank...BUT

OK someone here mentioned that it could be done and since I felt there was still more gas in the tank than I wanted to deal with I decided to try it. Hammering off the retaining ring that holds the pump into the tank was pretty easy even for such a cramped space. Getting the old pump out was a bit tight but with a bit of moving around that wasnt so bad either. Once pump bracket and all was out remove

I have had my fuel pump out so many times that I could probably swap one out with my eyes closed (I have probably had the sending unit out 8 times). I did find that in the HELP section of Oreillys they have fuel tank gaskets for the sending unit. They dont have one that lists jeep on it but they have one that will work. It is listed as being for GM and Ford and the part number is 55812. It comes with

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Why Does GC Die with Low Fuel Level in Tank

My son has a 98 GC with small V8 that has died on him several times when the gas level indicated on gauge is around or just under 18th tank. The fuel warning light has never come on. The jeep starts again after this happens and it typically does not repeat. He thinks it may be more likely when the vehicle is cold. He is experimenting by keeping fuel above that level to see if it repeats but I am wondering

Thanks for all the ideas. Too bad this is not common enough to have an obvious cause I like the overheating fuel pump theory and the clogged filter theory It has high miles filter has probably never been changed so could be a factor If it happens again maybe time to just drop the tank and replace the pump and filter. I did that on an older cherokee was a pain but not so difficult to cause crazy labor

JEEP CHEROKEE Larger fuel tank

I have an 88 cherokee Limited that I am going to be preemptively replacing the fuel pump since it has 192K. Better to do it now. While I am in there I wanted to do a procedure I have seen several times on different website about increasing the capicity of the tank. This XJ supposedly has the 20 gal tank but the previous owner nor myself have ever been able to get more than 16ish gallons into it even

JEEP CHEROKEE fuel tank only accepts 18gal

The other day i ran out of gas on the freeway lucky me i had some friends to help me push it to the nearest gas station. I topped it off even held the trigger till it clicked did it twice. The fuel tank only accepted 18.3 gallons. What is with my fuel tank I thought XJ has 20gal tanks..

tank is actually a 23 gallon. 2. Your being ripped off by a gas station. Theres a thread floating around about modifying (trimming) your vent tube to get the tank to accept more fuel. How do you know that wasnt done by a PO for any of the guys claiming 20 gallons. Quote Originally Posted by donthelegend So you are telling me that my tank is exactly 20 gallons no more no less. Exactly 20 gallons jeep

OK went and looked up the gas tank mods were talking about here is the mod that is done on pre 97 tanks that are metal httpjeep-xj.infoHowtofueltank.htm That added 5.5 gallons of capacity to a 20 gallon tank. Here is a thread from someone claiming to have done something similar on the plastic tanks httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf119...ty-mod-536022 Also some discussion in there from other people who claim

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE fuel tank skid plate

Any advise on the best way to replace the fuel tank skid on a 2001 laredo I found one in a junk jard and need to know any tips for getting it out IE supporting or tieing up fuel tank while you remove the plate. If I have to let the tank down what do I need to disconnect before dropping it Thanks

The fuel tank sits in the skid and has 2 straps that go over the tank and hold it into the skid. Skid is bolted to bottom of jeep. Run the tank to almost empty. Makes it easier (lighter). Use a floor jack under the center of the skid to hold tank up while you undo the bolts. Depending on where you live presoak bolts with PB blaster or simular. remove bolts. lower tank slowly checking hoses and elec

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Can I use a 95 gas tank and fuel filter on 96

Got a 1996 Grand cherokee Laredo and need a fuel pump too expensive to buy new but found a junk yard one so can I just install the 1995 tank and pump Seems the in-tank fuel pump is only made for one particular year like my 96. Also on NAPAs parts site I found a Bosch fuel pump for 94 dollars that says will work yet it looks nothing at all like the fuel pump I have. Anyone else use the Bosch fuel pump

JEEP CHEROKEE Need Help Fuel Leak from Tank

I have had a vapor leak from the top of my gas tank for quite some time now just yesterday I filled the tank just to see how bad it would leak fuel and sure enough it created a consistant drip so i drove around until the level in the tank droped. Has anyone ever dropped the tank on a cherokee who could tell me what I will be getting into. 98 cherokee sport

JEEP CHEROKEE The Wonders of My Fuel Tank

Ive had my 99 Classic for over five years now. One problem it has always had is a inaccurate fuel gauge. I know this is a common issue with XJs and MJs. Ive owned quite a few and never really had an accurate reading on the gas situation. This jeep however likes to die on quick left turns when the gauge is close to empty. That would make sense but there is usually at least three to four gallons left

JEEP CHEROKEE fuel tank upgrade

I have a 88 4door xj that the fuel pump went bad and i removed the fuel tank its an offroad only thing and the tank has met quite a few rocks. instead of finding a new pump and tank to meet the same fate i want to put a smaller tank or fuel cell in the cargo area behind the backseat. i run into problems being the jeep is fuel injected to my options for a pump and tank. any ideas that are on a budget

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE fuel tank question

I have a 96 zj v8 that i need to remove the fuel tank from and i tried to put my siphon hose down the fuel neck to siphon the fuel and i couldnt get the hose to reach the fuel. The tank is full. Is there an anti siphon screen in the filler neck or at the tank opening The hose I was using was plenty long enough so thats not an issue. This jeep does have a tank skidplate. Hows the best way to defuel this tank

JEEP CHEROKEE Help Where to buy fuel tank and sending unit...2.5 not 4.0

Im been giving the new project a once over and my fuel tank has had it. My fuel sending unit all seems to have dissintigrated with the tank and I think its the cause of my gas guage not working. fuel sending unit I cant seem to find anything that specifically tells me its for the 2.5. My mechanic tells me hes checked and its on backorder from jeep. I wondered if a YJ 2.5 unit would work but I dont


Vehicle 88 cherokee Limited with the 20 gallon tank. Since Ive owned it Ive never been able to put more than 16ish gallons in even when on fumes.(For the intelligence challenged its just a figure of speech). I would sit there for about another 10 min and nurse the last 3 gallons in even just so I wasnt topping off at 12-13 gallons each time. I did the fuel tank mod that I was referred to which had

Quote Originally Posted by FSTRDNU Vehicle 88 cherokee Limited with the 20 gallon tank. Since Ive owned it Ive never been able to put more than 16ish gallons in even when on fumes.(For the intelligence challenged its just a figure of speech). I would sit there for about another 10 min and nurse the last 3 gallons in even just so I wasnt topping off at 12-13 gallons each time. I did the fuel tank mod

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Fuel tank pressurevacuum issue

I have done some searching as to what may be causing my fueltank to vent like crazy when I remove the gascap to fill-up. Several threads mentioned possible problems with roll-overpurge valve and others alluded to the evap canister but the threads were left hanging without answeres. Anyone have this problem and know what the solution is Bad gas cap or plugged evap canister If the evap canister has a

cap I traced the line from the charcoal canister to the fuel tank looking for problems. The vapor line runs along the drivers inner fender then back down the firewall to the frame I noticed in various places there are rubber sections and the one at the back of the firewall was rotted in two. After seeing that it didnt make sense that pressure was building but as I traced the vapor line under the jeep

JEEP CHEROKEE fuel tank gremlins PLEASE HELP

I have no idea what is going on here but this will be my fourth fuel tank on my 91 jeep xj in the past 10 months the first I just assumed was old and replaced it with a new one then two weeks later it starts leaking too. I got under there again and started looking for problems after some inspection I saw my drivers side tank strap bolt looked short . After ordering new bolts straps and a new tank

JEEP CHEROKEE fuel tank removal

hey.. the fuel tank on my 1991 cherokee is all rusted on the bottom and I have developed a pretty decent leak. I am debating whether or not to attempt removing the tank myself. As far as I know there are 2 fuel lines 2 hoses going to the filler and an electrical connection. Once I remove the lines hoses connection I just have to loosen the straps enought to drop the tank right any help is appreciated...thanks

JEEP CHEROKEE Having trouble emptying gas tank for fuel pump change out

Im getting pretty frustrated. I need to change out my fuel pump (its dead) and have an almost full tank of gas. I have a hand pump but cant get the hose down into the tank. Is there something I need to do or is there another way to drain all that gas out of the tank Thanks guys

Quote Originally Posted by 99Greenmachine I was assuming that you run it till its near 14 tank or less. Why would you fill up your gas if you know youre getting ready to work on the fuel system If I had KNOWN my fuel pump was going bad I would NOT have filled the darn tank. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but.... Its like this...the cherokee was running great on my way to work. When I went to start it to go fuel pump.

JEEP CHEROKEE fuel tank questions (replacement)

Today after the jeep was sitting for a while it just started pouring out fuel recently when 4wheeling i hit the tank and smashed in a bit so Im probably gonna have to swap it anyways my question is what tanks will be compatible the one i have is a 13.5 gallon for a carb when searching it looks like different sending units or something between the efi and carb if i do need a new tank several places

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel tank lowering tips and Ebay fuel pumpfilter Qs

Hey everyone I think its about time to replace my fuel filter because my XJ is experiencing long startups and runs crappy when the fuel level gets around 14 tank or less. And my fuel gauge has never worked right ever since I bought the XJ 4 years ago so I am going to replace the sending unit as well (OBDII code confirms this). And since my XJ has 141K miles I figured it wouldnt hurt to replace the

I do know that some of the 97 cherokees do have a fuel sending unit recall. Mine never worked right either. Check with the steallership to see if your s might be one of them too. Also search the stickies I believe there is something in there about it. I changed my fuel pump in the parking lot of the barracks at Ft. Sill all by myself in about 2 hours with crappy hand tools and about half a tank of


Im on the hunt for a WJ fuel tank skid-plate. Mine is so badly rusted that most of it just fell off today while driving and dragged under the jeep. After much research it is apparent that the skid-plate is what actually holds up the gas tank so I need a replacement quickly before the rest decides to give way. Dealer and online prices are well over 500 and from what I am reading it seems that the dealer

Quote Originally Posted by Colton5419 I have the 2004 WJ apparently for this year they did away with the 0.040 thin tank brushguard and only sold jeeps equipped with the thicker 0.125 metal due to the negative publicity that the WJ was at serious risk for fireleaking fuel upon a rear end collision. According to (Part 52100376AG) Ill have to try to contact locals whether personally owned

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ Disassembly of 96 XJ in-tank fuel pressure regulator

Has anyone taken one of these things apart and if so how did you go about it I pulled the fuel pump module on mine and found it was one big mass of rusty looking goo and Im presently trying to see if I can salvage any of it since I havent been able to locate a replacement. The jeep sat for about 4 years with half a tank of gas in it before I bought it recently. The pump was toast so I bought a new

JEEP CHEROKEE 86 Comanche fuel tank sender interchange

I have an 86 Comanche with the carb 2.8 V6 in need of a fuel sender. The gauge does not rise above 14 tank no matter how much gas you put in. I was wondering if any other sending units may interchange or be made to work with some minor mods. Could it be possible to use a Renix cherokee unit replacing the in-tank pump with a section of fuel line. Any ideas would be great as there is no easy source for a new one. Cheers Mike

JEEP CHEROKEE Replacement gas tankfuel pumpfilter

So I need to drop the gas tank in my 2000 xj to smoke my evaporative system since a new gas cap did not resolve my evap leak. While Im in there I would like to replace the fuel pump fuel filter and (depending on the price) the tank too. I just installed a rebuilt engine so having a new clean tank sounds like a good idea. Can I get these parts from the dealership If not what are some quality replacements Do they sell tanks with the pump and filter ready to go

Wondering why you think the tank needs to come out for a smoke test Wondering why the tank would need replacing unless it is leaking If the tank has sediments they can be flushed out or wiped out with a clean cloth. The 97-01 fuel filter is not routinely replaced and will be fine unless testing shows it is clogged. Buy a genuine jeep fuel pump assembly or a Bosch. AirTex fuel pumps suck and you will regret buying one.

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