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JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Fuel Filler Hoses Grand Cherokee

I am going out of my mind trying to find fuel filler hoses for my 93 Grand cherokee. I had to replace the plastic fuel tank because there were multiple dents from the previous owner which lessened the integrity of the tank. I tried to salvage the existing hoses but they were too dry rotted and needed to be cut. Now I need to find new ones and it just cant be any hose because it seems that the hoses

They probably just expanded the hose with something. If nothing else hit the junkyard and steal (not literally) one off another jeep.

Yep realized that once i looked through the haynes. Correct name is what you said fuel Filler hose part number is 5201 8801

Napa seems to have fuel hose but there is no application for them just universal hose....If you want a correct fit go to the dealer...

Quote Originally Posted by JasonStebbins Ill post pictures of mine if youre still having troubles. 15.00 from the parts store not the OEM hoses but they work and mount flawlessly. Thanks Id like to see how you got your hoses to fit on. I tried boiling them and that helped a little but not enough to make it work. I broke down and just bought a set off eBay for 90 or so. More than I wanted to pay but at least Ill get the gas take back together and can continue trouble shooting my fuel issue.

JEEP CHEROKEE ZJ V-8 Fuel Rail Connecting Hose

I have a 97 grand cherokee limited that I recently swapped in a dodge dakota 5.2 into. Aside from overlooking some differences like exhaust manifoldsmotor mounts and then after engine was in noticed the oil pan is apparently different so I had to massage the oil pan a bit to accomodate the starter... Now that it is in I have a new problem. I have a leak in the fuel rail connecting hose. It is the hose

The hose should have a connector at the other end (Lower down the firewall) if I remember correctly. Also this is the regular cherokee section where no one has a v8. Youll get better answers in the GRAND cherokee section. httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf13

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JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel Hose for a creative idiot...

Hey everyone Im trying to figure out how to handle a fuel leak in my jeep. I had been smelling what I thought was oil for a few months. When I went to the mechanics for a brake job I found out what I was smelling was not old car smell but leaking gas. (This is the idiot part of the title) We popped the hood and turned on the engine-- --and one of the rubber tubes that connects to the injector started

fuel injection hose. Not fuel line. Also the fuel is probably at around 3-4 bar it can probably still leak with a hose wrapped over it. Autozone should have fuel injection hose.

Okay just did a test with jury-rig option Wrrap rubber round it. No dice. Things Ive learned 1) Its a rigid hose which is why patch and cover options seem to be off the table. Unlike a more malleable hose the rubber on this wont shift and bend to help self-heal the breach. 2) The length of hose Im dealing with look like about 6 or 7 inches. I can see where it attaches to the next segment of hose so

Quote Originally Posted by IrishSamurai 4) This is more of a ponder than a learning but It strikes me that the fuel injection system must be timed. Which means for it to work it is relying on the fuel injection hose to be a certain length. Shorten or lengthening the hose could result in fuel being sent at the wrong time and screwing up the firing sequence. With that in mind the cut the hose and shunt

Can you take a picture of where the leak is Dont have my jeep in front of me so I dont know if this is a formed piece or just hose. The fuel injection hose that AZ sells will hold up to 100psi. The option of the metal hose spliced in is also a great recommendation. I would use a flare tool to flare the ends so that the rubber has something to grip this will also make a very good seal. I used this technique on a VW to attach the hard lines at the fire wall to the fuel rail. Worked just fine.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Fuel Leak Replacement hose

I need to find a replacement hose for the fuel line disconnect back by the fuel tank that black plastic part connect to the metal part has a crack in it and having trouble finding a replacment for it

When I redid my fuel line on my jeep I used Gates Barricade fuel injection hose and used hose clamps to attach the hose to the quick connect nipple. Very great hose and not a single leak. Nylon fuel line is very difficult to splice onto the jeep without leaks. Speaking from experience.

X2 on the hose clamps man I have been through so many fuel problems I will tell you forget tryna get direct replacements for lines like that... as long as its not the long metal fuel lines.. I would replace your problem with some fuel hoses of the right size and 2 clamps on each end of the right size and by right size i mean it should not slide on easy you want to have to work the hose on Not to small

Thanks for the pic and it helps. It would be easy enough to do away wthe quick disconnect and just use fuel injector hose winjector-type hose clamps on the line in frontbehind the t-case. But unsure about where the plastic hose looks like its crimped on the metal one at the top of that pic Is that line bigger than the 38 metal behind the T-case or is it just because its closer in the pic If its also

I crawled under the jeep and I used 38 gates barricade fuel injection hose. Perfect size for the barbs on the quick connects. Make it a simple job and keep the quick connects. Use a box cutter to cut the nylon line off the quick connect. Slide new hose over quick connects and use a hose clamp to secure it on each connection. Dont under tighten or over tighten the hose clamp. Thats the way I did it and there arent any problems.

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel filter hoses sticking

I am trying to replace my fuel filter and after removing the hose clamps I cant seem to get the hoses free form the filter. Does anyone have any tricks to loosen them up I am going to try a little choke cleaner to see if that helps. Thanks

They get a little sticky if they havent been off in a while. Usually a twisting motion will help get them off. You may want to replace the hoses while youre under there. If you do youll need a couple feet of 38 fuel injection hose. Make sure you specify fuel injection hose regular fuel hose wont stand up to the pressure for long.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Fuel Filler hose and vent hose for ZJ

I have a 96 ZJ with 4.0l Inline 6cylfuel pump went out and during the replacement I found that the fuel filler hose and the vent hose were both rotted out really bad. Ive been looking for a replacement but cant seem to find the right sizes or lengths. I ordered a set from an online retailer and it specified the part number for my model would be 1993-1996 ZJ fuel Tank Filler and Vent 52000623 When I


Trying to change my fuel filter but the stupid hose has welded itself to the filter and I cant get it off. Any tips for getting stuck hoses off

Cut them and replace them with NEW hoses and hoseclamps. That old hose is old enough to drink. Spend the 5 bux and get some new fuel line.

Quote Originally Posted by diskman_1 Cut them and replace them with NEW hoses and hoseclamps. That old hose is old enough to drink. Spend the 5 bux and get some new fuel line. want hose and clamps suitable for fuel injection. In the future wd-40 between the hose and the nipple helps.

What counts as clamps and hose suitable for fuel injection I realize thats probably a dumb question but what qualifies as suitable

fuel injection hose must withstand much higher pressures... you want hose rated SAE will be stamped on the hose along with the words fuel injection...the fuel injection clamps have a rolled shoulder. Any decent auto parts counter guy can help you out. Be aware that the hose from the tank to the filter is 38 and the short piece at the outlet of the filter is 516.


Do the rubber fuel hoses near the fuel tank (supply & return) need to be injection hose or will ordinary fuel hose work

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE How to get the fuel line connectors out of the hoses

How do you get the connectors (outlined in photo) out of the hoses Ive tried just pulling and they start to come but theres a lot of resistance and I dont want to pull too hard just in case theyre bonded to the inside of the hose somehow...

Unless Ive misunderstood that looks like a standard quick-disconnect tool for releasing spring-lock connections. That isnt what Im talking about here. As you can see in the photo the lines are already disconnected from the fuel rail (and they dont use spring-lock connections anyway). What I want is to take the connectors (outlined in red) off the end of the flexible nylon hoses so I can push new connectors

I have to work in a parking lot so I have no sources of power to boil water or use a heat gun. An alternative would be to buy the connectors already crimped onto new nylon hoses (Dorman sells these) that just need to be cut to length and connected to the metal fuel lines. Or is that more of a hassle How do the nylon hoses connect to the metal lines down at the bottom of the engine bay

Sorry you need to explain more. You need a blowtorch to removereplace the nylon fuel hose from the metal fuel line

JEEP CHEROKEE new fuel hose

didnt know whether this was techicalnon-technical so if its non-tech mods please move it. does anyone know where to buy new fuel hose for the north (windshield end) end of the bay on the rail with the quick disconnect sending hose mines leaky and its costing me about 100 a week in fuel and no auto parts stores in my town carry them and neither does rock auto and this is driving me bonkers that no one would carry something like this. I6 4.0

Quote Originally Posted by M35A2 Have you tried your LPS I know the PepBoys and Orilleys by me both carry repair kits for the fuel lines. NAPA has them too IIRC. Yeah I have and they dont carry it UGH MOM I DONT WANT A REPAIR KIT I WANT A NEW ONE I just feel like repair kits may only last so long. I mean my hose is 27 years old and it just needs to be replaced anyway because how long will gorilla glue

[IMG] [IMG] So that white crap is when fuel mixes with gorilla glue. Its holding but not sure for how long and just wanna replace the hose. I replaced the seals a while ago thinking they were busted which they were and causing the problem but nope. Not them. So the seals arent the issue its the actual hose. (I used gorilla glue because its the only glue I know that works on metal and didnt have JB weld)

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel tank vent hose

Got done with the engine swap in the xj yesterday and I have an extra vac hose. If you stand in front of your xj it is on the drivers side all the way on the firewall. There is a rubber vac hose that connects to a hard metal line. The metal line goes all the way back and disappears atop the fuel tank. Any idea where the hose connects to in the engine bay I am at a loss and cant see where it goes.

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel hose for tranny cooler line

So i have had a very annoying leak in my tranny cooler line and decided to do a quick temporary fix. I cut the hard line and spliced in some fuel hose for the time being. I tried to use oil cooler line but i could not get it over the hard line. How long do you guys think this will last I double clamped it and its holding good right now.

The cooler lines are not under much pressure at all. The pressure is all inside the tranny. I have run fuel hose for 3 years now without issue.

Quote Originally Posted by the_weirdo The cooler lines are not under much pressure at all. The pressure is all inside the tranny. I have run fuel hose for 3 years now without issue. This is good to hear. The hose that was on it from the factory was garbage and was still holding fine. The leak was from the press fitting to the hard line. I guess we will see what happens but like I said... it seems fine for now.

im running fuel hose and it works just fine.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Fuel Vapor Hose Diameter Help

My 2002 jeep Liberty just threw up the 0442 and 0445 codes ...if I recall the numbers correctly. I changed the gas cap no change. Reading some threads on hear they mentioned looking at the Vapor lines around the gas tank and under the hood for cracks. All of those look fine but tracing the lines under the car I came across these hose junctions. They both have several cracks. I taped them up as can

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Fuel Pressure Guage Test LineHose (no Schrader Valve)

My 97 ZJ doesnt have a Schrader valve on the fuel rail. Have any of yall come up with a cheap way to build a test line Ive found some of the female quick connect fuel couplers but no male ones. I really dont want to buy a 90 specialized test hose.

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel filler hose shield rusted out

Just installed my new RC shackle relocators and found the sheild that protects the fuel filler hose rusted to oblivion. Any know where I can get one. None of the local yards here hase one.

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel hose guard

I am in the process of dropping the fuel tank. When I took off the hose guard it fell into 2 pieces. It is so rusted that it just keeping falling apart. Anyone know of some place besides a junk yard where I can get one

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